Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fame Rehearsal - Opening Night of Noises Off!

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Sorry that I didn't post anything yesterday, I was meant to but I forgot to finish the blog I was writing so I scrapped it and thought I'd combine it with today's blog. YAY!
Fame The Musical Logo
So yesterday, we began the intensive week for Fame, which is a musical I'm in at the end of May in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre! We've always had an intensive week a month or so before the show as it gives us a chance to solidify everything that we've done and iron out any problems that may be troubling us as cast members. It was so lovely to see my Curtain Call family after coming back from the Easter Hols!

After rehearsals, I had another dress run for Noises Off! We open the show tonight which from the face I'm pulling in the photo above, shows that I am very excited. It's been a challenging two months for both the cast, crew and production team to put on such a complex show but hopefully we've pulled it off!

For all of my fellow cast members, break a leg!

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