Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Becoming A Vlogger

I am beyond excited to begin vlogging and to create videos that will hopefully be watched and enjoyed by many of my family and friends! I've wanted to vlog for a while but with university, I just couldn't find the time. If you're reading this and you've never met me, I'm in my final year of university at Aberystwyth. I'm studying for a BA (Joint Honours) in Drama and Theatre/Performance Studies. I've really enjoyed my time at university and it's taught me so much life experience that I wouldn't have got or gained so quickly if I didn't go to university. 

Now that university is nearly over (sad times), I'm so excited to finally get started with this. As I'm writing this, I've uploaded two videos, granted not as great in quality because I'm using my MacBook Pro but it's already received a lot of positive feedback from my friends on other social-networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I'm hopefully going to invest in a better quality camera not only to record my videos but to make a few daily vlogs and see how that pans out for me. I was inspired to vlog after watching lots of other YouTubers and seeing how much fun they were having from doing challenges, talking about their favourite products or just showing their viewers what they get up to in their daily life.
Macbook Pro
I'm really excited to make videos about topics that really interest me, not just videos about beauty and fashion but also about topics that have been part of my life experience. Such as starting a new job, university etc. I'm obviously going down the career path of acting so I'd like to centre most of my vlogs and blogs around my experience going into this industry. Hopefully within the next couple of months, I shall be getting into the routine of posting up daily vlogs every Monday & Friday. The Monday vlogs will be focusing on aspects of my life, what I've been up to that week, anything that's happened in the news and also make-up/hair tutorials! Friday vlogs will focus more on challenges with my friends, clothes and beauty hauls, book reviews etc. Obviously this is a lot to take on and I don't expect that it will go to plan but I'm aiming at the very least to get one video up per week.

Hopefully this is enough to wet your appetite as they say, don't forget to watch my channel now by clicking on the link below:

If you enjoy my videos then please make sure you Subscribe to my channel. This will allow you to see all my videos and get updated when I upload new ones. I'm also actively looking for ways to improve both my videos and my blog posts so if you have any advice please do contact me via my 'Get In Touch' page. I'm eagerly awaiting your opinions!

I think I've probably covered as much as I can with this first blog and I hope you've enjoyed reading it. I will try to make these blogs as interesting as possible, so as not to bore you silly.

Check out my YouTube Channel! Click here.


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  1. Well done! I suggest that you look into a high quality webcam first, and play around with lighting effects so your features stand out more on the camera.



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