Monday, 23 June 2014

I Love Jeremy Kyle

Okay guys,

So I am watching this ONLY because there's nothing better on but that doesn't mean I don't ADORE this show. I mean who goes on this show? Why would you want to air out your dirty laundry on national and now international television (now there's The Jeremy Kyle USA). Now that version is crazy because Americans in general are crackers!
Jeremy Kyle
The stories on Jeremy Kyle are just too funny here are some of my favourite examples:

'I slept with several people in the same month, are you the daddy?'
'Did my stepdad steal £4000 from my bedroom drawers?'
'Did you cheat on me while I was pregnant? DNA RESULTS!'

Like seriously? What is wrong with this country! Sort your problems out off the television instead of embarrassing yourself!

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Writing Reviews

Good day friends,

So I decided that I would look into a few websites that encourages you to write reviews about anything that may be of interest to you. I want to carry on with my writing even though I've finished at university. I feel that to become a better writer, you have to continue practising. After all, practice makes perfect!
writer meme
I love writing and I admit I don't do enough of it. It's certainly very therapeutic and I'd encourage as many people to write. When I was younger, I used to write short stories and even wrote the first chapter to an autobiography (I haven't got a clue where that is now!). 

 I loved creating characters and wrote mainly for the genre of crime/thriller. I've been trying to get back into my reading too and as my favourite genre is crime/thriller, I've been trawling the bookstores for the bestsellers. This brings me to the subject of reviews..

I love trying out products, especially since starting my YouTube Channel have I enjoyed talking about my purchases that I've brought, not just for my own satisfaction but to everyone who watches my videos. I've looked for these review sites and found the follow:
  • Ciao 
  • Review Stream
  • Epinions
  • Dooyoo
  • Shvoong
  • Vivatic
Over the next few months I am going to schedule in my diary to write at least one review a week. This i'm sure will be easy because I am know following the Beyonce Knowles way of life. If that woman only has 24 hours every day/7 days a week/12 months in a year etc like the rest of us, then surely I can do this! This Friday I'll be posting up a new Vlog about 25 things that I'll want to do over summer. A bit like a bucket list...but for just this summer! I was inspired to do this by Alfie aka PointlessBlog. It's a fantastic idea that again I think as many people should do! Get out there, do something different! Maybe something you've never done before. For me, it'll be writing these reviews!
Beyonce logo
Be imaginative and create the stories that have been formulating in your head! You never know who may be reading them!

Wish me luck,

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

How To Get A Beach Body In 30 Days?

Hey fellow blog lovers!
30 day exercise list
So I've recently started a 30 day beach body challenge, which as you can see from the photo has tons of exercises to get stuck into. Most of them, I admit, I've never even heard of and have had to look up on the internet! Good start.

Anyway after the first couple of days I'm surprised to feel the results already. My tummy is probably the biggest victim of the exercises as a lot of it is concentrated on the core strength so I could definitely feel it this morning when doing the the 200 yes...TWO FREAKING HUNDRED CRUNCHS! My belly now feels as if it's been punched two hundred times. I should take a before and after photograph to see the difference! Will make sure I put that up for you guys!
Anyway apologises for not putting any blogs up recently on here, however I will be doing it for the next few days as I am lacking one Macbook at the moment so I can't upload any videos which is killing me!

See you guys soon,

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Trip To London!


If you can't tell from the capitalised letters then let me tell you...I am so excited to go to London for the weekend!
London Skyline
Since I'm moving down there after graduation, I do need to squeeze in a couple of trips to try and find my feet in this stupidly big city. It's a far away cry from the bubble that is Aberystwyth anyway. I think after living in Aberystwyth with the occasional trip to home in the holidays, I'm going to find it difficult to adjust to such a big city! Also there's the small snag of I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING WITH MY LIFE. There is so much that I want to do and I haven't got a clue where to start. My two biggest to do's are to...
  1. Go travelling; perhaps backpacking/inter-railing round various countries 
  2.  Go to drama school...
'But Natalie...', I hear you cry, '...that costs a lot of pennies.' I know, god I know. So I'm gonna have to sort my life out and starting finding acting jobs that will pay me instead of doing it for free. 

Saying that, there really should be more money pumped into the arts. There are so many great productions where actors and backstage crew aren't paid (mostly AmDrams I know) but still, we should get paid! We put in as much hard graft as someone working a part-time/full-time job, although no audience member sees every rehearsal, every blood, sweat and tear etc. I realise I'm rambling so I'll get back on topic. 
Blah blah blah
Whenever I visited London when I was younger, I would always get butterflies in my tummy because let's be honest, London is a daunting place for a young and aspiring actress. You can literally smell the competition in the air. Some of the biggest and most successful people live here. It's hard not to be scared, but still as I sit here on the train, I get the same feeling. Perhaps it's because I know after this trip, the next one will probably be in a car with my mum and dad with a boot full of my belongings. AHHH SCARY!

I'm also so happy that I haven't got a lot on this month which means I can get back into my reading and what better way than to start with my Lisa Gardner's The Killing Hour
The Killing Hour book
Oooo exciting! For a few of my jealous musical-loving friends reading this, I am also going to see In the Heights, a Latino American musical that will hopefully hit the West End soon!

Ooh and obviously this trip is also see my boyfriend. Not the least bit excited about that at all...(;

See y'all soon,

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