Thursday, 19 June 2014

How To Get A Beach Body In 30 Days?

Hey fellow blog lovers!
30 day exercise list
So I've recently started a 30 day beach body challenge, which as you can see from the photo has tons of exercises to get stuck into. Most of them, I admit, I've never even heard of and have had to look up on the internet! Good start.

Anyway after the first couple of days I'm surprised to feel the results already. My tummy is probably the biggest victim of the exercises as a lot of it is concentrated on the core strength so I could definitely feel it this morning when doing the the 200 yes...TWO FREAKING HUNDRED CRUNCHS! My belly now feels as if it's been punched two hundred times. I should take a before and after photograph to see the difference! Will make sure I put that up for you guys!
Anyway apologises for not putting any blogs up recently on here, however I will be doing it for the next few days as I am lacking one Macbook at the moment so I can't upload any videos which is killing me!

See you guys soon,

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