Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Travelling To Aber And A Light Night.

Jesus, I'm not meant to be a student anymore.

So I apologise for the lateness of this blog, I know I promised to write this one before I went out, but unfortunately alcohol got in the way! Yesterday we got up at 9am after spending the previous night staying up till 2.30am skyping Maria. This was obviously a mistake. We were meant to leave for 10am yesterday morning but that didn't happen. We actually left at 12pm. Oops! The problem is when you don't have any time constraints like having to get the train or the bus, you don't feel the need to rush.

The trip down was full of musical sing-a-longs which will definitely feature in one of the 2/3 vlogs that will be going up this Sunday and Monday. That's right, you're gonna be getting two videos this weekend. Don't say I don't spoil you guys! It was really nice just to relax and spend some quality girl time with Hannah and eventually Maria when we picked her up. Maria owns four dogs who came bounding out with Maria when we came up the drive. So cute! We did attempt to take one of the dogs with us, Izzy but she escaped out of her seatbelt :/ We stopped off in the town and said a quick hello to Maria's mum. Maria's mum is so sweet and she made us the most delicious cakes, including some shortbread fingers that were dipped each end with chocolate. They were so yunmy that I had a to have a couple with my tea at Maria's house.

\We finally got to lovely but slightly rainy Aberystwyth at about 6pm and didn't waste any time starting on the champagne (yes we're graduates so we only drink champagne now obviously. It's definitely not alcohol left over from Maria's 21st....) And it was very eventful. A certain Miss Hannah went home early and myself and Ellybelly (Elliott) helped her to bed. We then like the typical students or for me, a graduate, went back out again! I stupidly said yes to seeing Ellybelly speak in a lecture at 10am the next morning last night, which I don't regret at all! Really proud of him, he did a year placement so he didn't graduate with me this year but it does give me an excuse to come back to Aber next July to see him graduate! Elliott is so lucky to have managed to secure a permanent job when he leaves university but as most of our mutual friends know, Elliot has his moments. Sometimes he says things that don't make any sense and other times he'll say something along the lines of this:

'Industrial placements are so beneficial because you save money. This year I don't have to worry about going out and not having any money. The third years in the year below me who didn't do an industrial placement are broke. I'm like haha you guys have no money? I do! Haha.'

Oh Ellybelly you are so on point and down with the first years...

Today is the fresher's fayre where basically all the societies within the university, have a stand and try to attract Fresher's to join their society. We're really hoping that this year, there's plenty of Freshers or else the society may be in trouble. We have Curtain Call's first social tonight, which is very exciting. They have their first official one the week after but I won't be here. Sad times... Maybe I should do blogs the morning after than trying to do them late at night when I get in. What do you think?

Anyway, gotta go!

Natalie-Ann  x

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Filming, Late Night Train Journey And Almost Food Poisoning!

Yesterday was so freaking awesome, but sooooooo long!

So I began my day not at 6.30am when I set my alarm to get up to be in time for my shoot but I woke up at 8.30! I was meant to be there for 9am....

So I called my casting director who reassurred me that they were running late and to just get there when I could, so I rushed to get ready and was out the door within 15 minutes. No breakfast for me that morning! However when I reached my station, there were delays on both lines and my train even ended up leaving on the opposite side of the station, which confused me to no end! So actually, I would have been late to my casting regardless, which lifted a bit of guilt off my shoulders...

The filming was very long, they'd actually started at 8am but I didn't finish until about 7.30pm as they needed me for an extra scene AND to do the V/O (voice-over) for the script so they could use it as a guideline when editing, which was super fun. I met some lovely people on the set and I'll be sure to add them all on Facebook to keep networking with these folks! There was a lot of waiting about which gave me the opportunity to really get into my book (which by the way is almost finished). We stopped off in Costa when we had an hour's break and I got myself a Caramel Latte Cooler, it was nice but not as good as the Caramel Frappuccino that StarBucks does.

I decided that I would travel down to Hannah's after the shoot the night before, but didn't realise I'd be staying so late, did that stop me? OH NO! I got back in just before 9pm and made myself some food. Here's where the almost food poisoning came in...

So I thawed some meatballs in cold water (out of the fridge) with a plate covered over them the night before. I then cooked them last night for a good 25-30 minutes, which was more than what was needed and I ate all 12. Now I immediately regretted this only as I thought to myself beforehand, maybe I shouldn't eat these. They tasted so god damn good though! Anyway I felt a little queasy late last night when I finally got to Hannah's gone midnight and I still feel I little peekish today but I think I narrowly avoided the dreaded poisoning. Imagine if i did? That would not be a good start to our Aberystwyth excursion!

SO I hope everyone has a good day and look out for today's blog which will definitely be done before we go out on the town tonight, I promise.

Lots of cyber love!

Natalie-Ann x

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Watching YouTubers And Lots Of Baking!

I LOVE SUNDAYS! On another note, I don't understand why I write these blogs at midnight. I really need to keep check of the time more!

So I think this is the first Sunday of many that I'm getting off from work as I'm now only working 4 days a week and I LOVE IT! Sunday is the day of rest and shouldn't be for working. No no..

It was just so lovely today to relax and finally do some baking! I made some bread the other day but it failed, as it always does with bread *sob*. So today, I tried some vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing and I played around with some bits and bobs to go on top. I also made some cinnamon scones! YES CINNAMON! They actually taste really good. However, there was more than one reason for baking today and that was to take some down with me to Aberystwyth, mainly for the road trip to Aberystwyth because I doubt they'll be any left by the time we get there!


I also made a delicious and very big cous cous salad with garlic and avocado which I'm sure the girls (Hannah and Maria) will wolf down over the next couple of days. I'm getting really excited about going to Aberystwyth now because I'm going to see everyone that I've so dearly missed over summer and you guys will get to see it all too via my YouTube Channel! I'm close to posting my newest video also but it's taken hours to load so I'm gonna pop this up now and I'll put the video link up onto here as soon as it's finished! I also spent the evening watching a load of YouTubers and catching up on my daily favourites both Zoella and Tanya Burr. Love these girls so much! Such an inspiration.

But now I need to go bed as I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow! Make sure you have a read!

Natalie-Ann x

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

New Beginnings And Running Two Miles!


I was meant to write this blog last night but myself and Sean (my housemate) ended up drinking wine, chocolate and watching Paranormal Activity 3. We then went for a run which, my god it was hard work! By the time we started it was half past midnight and I felt a little tipsy. This made the run to begin with slightly easier as I felt indestructible but towards the end my body was saying 'Ok Natalie, you've had you're fun now I'm done!'. 

My legs went super heavy but I only had a 2 minute stop to walk a fraction of the way so I'm really happy with what I achieved. I'm still keeping up with my 1.6ltr water challenge and plan on going for another run this afternoon. Look at me being all dedicated! The only downside to all this is that I'm getting minor stomach aches which are probably due to all the bad junk in my body being flushed out. Pleasant I know but at least I know it's working!

So yesterday again was pretty uneventful because I had work again! However I received some awesome news from my brother Ashley who is now 18. Jeez how time does fly! So recently he's been working in a charity shop to gain some experience in working and having a job for the first time. Hats off to my brother for doing this as it's a selfless and hard job to do. But yesterday, Ashley received a response back from an interview he had at Alton Towers the other day and guess what? HE GOT THE JOB! I'm so proud of my baby brother for achieving this, particularly as he only had the interview the other day, so they must of liked him. 

I've helpfully pointed out that now he'll be earning money, he now owes me quite a few birthday presents as I'm long overdue on them. If Ashley is reading this then I'd love to get the following,

1. A puppy.
2. A beautiful house in central London.
3. A vintage car of some sort.
4. A wardrobe full of designer clothes and shoes.
5. A closet full of make-up and hair products

I think this is suitable wouldn't you agree? Only joking! What I'd really like is some LUSH products (hint hint, nudge nudge). If he's still reading, LUSH is online or there is a Lush store up our local high street in Hanley. Just sayin'

Lush Wishlist
My wish list Ashley is a Fizz Tank or two with some bath bombs ;)
But presents aside, Ashley well done for achieving you're first paid job. It will be such a good feeling having some money coming in that you've earnt yourself. Plus you won't have bills or rent to pay so you'll be rolling in the money. All the more reason to splurge on your sister!

So I'm definitely going to upload another blog later to let you know what I've been up to today. So make sure you look out for that one later. On another note please make sure you follow my blog on here, I think you can find it on the right hand side of the page labelled Google+ Followers. Also don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I'm now on 145 subscribers and rising and I've been getting a lot of love at the moment from people who are really enjoying my videos and watch them every week which I love so thank you so much!

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Friday, 19 September 2014

A Pretty Uneventful Day....

Just to warn you this is probably going to be a short and boring one.
Alarm Clock
The morning started off with a panic. Last night, I luckily checked what time I was meant to be in work as I thought it was 10am but it was actually 11am. Unfortunately I stayed up rather late so when I woke up this morning at 7am. I snoozed my alarm for the wrong time and woke up an hour and a bit later at 8.11am, meaning I had 20 minutes to eat breakfast and get ready. I didn't get chance to have my morning coffee so I was lagging on the train. Considering I've only been a fan of coffee for the past 2 years, it's surprisingly quick how addicted you can become to it, as I need it in the morning to function!
Smile in a coffee
I started my healthy eating this week but also my 1.6ltr water challenge. For the next month or so I'm going to be drinking the recommended amount needed to stay hydrated as an aid to help me stop snacking and to slim down. But in addition to this, it should also flush my body of the toxins and all the bad stuff. I'm trying to steer clear of any junk food and sticking to mostly salads and soups. Hopefully I should start to see results within the month! (Here's hoping...)
Toilet Cartoon
ALL the toilet trips!
In other news this cold is slowly shifting and it seems a lot of people are getting it at the moment! My plans for this evening are to edit my lovely video for my YouTube channel this Sunday. A helpful hint is that it involves of combination of objects. Helpful I know :)

Anyway I will leave you all the have a wonderful evening. Relax and unwind because it's the weekend and be happy in the knowledge that I'll be working tomorrow..YAWN!

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Late Night Audition Rehearsing & Emotions

Hey friends!

I literally don't know what is wrong with me at the moment. I am so emotional it's ridiculous! I was skyping my family this evening, talking about London and organising what's going down when my parents come to London for their 25th anniversary. N'awwwh!

Now if you've every been to London or live in London, then you'll know or soon come to realise that it's very expensive living here. I've been fortunate to get a great place at a very cheap rate but I am panicking constantly about money. I don't know whether anyone else ever experiences this but I do have a psychological issue when it comes to money. I'm constantly worried about the fact that I'm going to run out of money even though I'm going to be fine. I don't know whether this is something I should actually look up on because sometimes it does dictate some of the choices I made on a day to day basis, sometimes for good but then sometimes for bad. I don't mean to put a downer on this blog but I'm sort of using this blog as a way of getting everything out onto the page and if you have any advice on the topic then let me know!

So the past few nights have been rather unproductive (if that's even a word) as I've been playing on GTA 5. 
Grand Theft Auto
Yes, I play on games consoles. However, it's starting to waste away my hours in the evening which I really need to focus on applying for castings and do other things like watching YouTubers.... I've also got another audition tomorrow so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into that one too! I've been hastily trying to learn the script for tomorrow. It's nothing major, just a few lines but it's all down to comical timing so practice makes perfect.

Anyways I hope you're all having a wonderful week and look out for my next Vlog which will be up this Sunday. Will give you a hint in tomorrow's blog!

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Healthy Food And Saying Goodbye

UGH this is going to be an emotional one.

So after a wonderful weekend with the boyfriend, I finally saw him off this morning. I didn't get emotional or upset until the moment he was about to get off the train. Sam is heading off to the Royal Welsh School of Music and Drama to do a Masters in Stage and Event Management (proud girlfriend moment) and I am so happy that he is finally following the right career path for him, with something that he has a natural talent for. But as I watched him get off the train, I couldn't help but want to be selfish and force him to STAY!!!

Obviously that's not what I did but instead we said our goodbyes and departed. The sad and most uncomfortable thing about this is that I don't know when we'll see each other. Hopefully it will be soon but the feeling I'm getting at the moment is being in limbo, not quite knowing when I'll see him again is horrible! Ok, I think I better shift onto a different topic of conversation before I get all emotional and start embarrassing myself...

Last night we had the most delicious meal we'd possibly ever made....STIRFRY! It was so yummy and we had made enough for both my lunch and dinner today. Results all round, I'd say. If you'd like to have a go at the recipe we used:

Stirfry Vegetable Mix
Egg Fried Noodles
x2 Cloves of Garlic
1 Onion
A handful of chopped mint
Chinese Smoking BBQ Stirfry Sauce

Stirfry is pretty simple to make up but if you require some advice then cook the sausages first with the garlic and onions as the sausages take the longest to cook. Then add the rest in according to how long each one takes and hey presto you have deliciousness on a plate!

Lastly join me in giving a big shout out to my little brother Alfie who celebrated his 11th birthday on Monday. I LOVE YOU DUDE!

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Weekend Full Of Frights!


Hey there blogging lovers,

Sorry for the slightly loud and bold opening to my blog but I have had the most frightful weekend ever. I'm actually being really over the top because it wasn't that frightful but it was full of jumps, tears and cursing.

So Sam (my boyfriend for those who don't know him) has been down for the weekend and is sadly leaving me tomorrow and I actually don't know when I'm going to see him again.....OH NO! Anyway, we've had a lovely weekend, however there was one slight blip in the system when I woke up yesterday morning. So I do my morning routine of walking downstairs, boiling the kettle and heating up some porridge. Wash and change and then eat and drink my breakfast upstairs. So before I left the house, I was rooting through my bag to check that I had everything...

You know when you get a sudden cold feeling wash over you like when something happens to you that perhaps is bad or in this case when you lose something?

Yeah well that happened to me on that seemingly wonderful and uneventful morning...


You cannot imagine my face when I realised it wasn't there. Pure horror. I was frantically searching all over my room for the card and I couldn't find it. Luckily because Sam was here I was able to use his for my journey to and from work, which was a brief shift as I left early after still feeling very ill! Stupid cold. Anyway after getting back from work and having a brief cry, I rang up to cancel my card. Ladies and gentleman here comes the best bit. We found the card IMMEDIATELY after I'd cancelled the card. Where, do you ask?
Oyster Card


It couldn't really have been any closer to where I actually was sitting at that exact moment with Sam right next to be. That's when the floods of tears came and my boyfriend handily pointed out that I was getting too worked up over a piece of plastic. Granted, it was a stupid thing to cry over but I think I was more frustrated at myself for not looking for it! 

Anyway it's all sorted  now, we walked to the local station to pick up a new card and transferred everything over! Let's forget it ever happened before I go and remind myself of my stupidity and throw myself out of a window. (Joking of course)

The Conjouring
The other part of my frightful weekend was watching this bad boy of a movie (see above). OMFG was this film scary. Films that include children, toy dolls and that are based on ACTUAL EVENTS freak me the hell out. 

From an actor's point of view, the film itself was well directed in terms of the horror aspect but I think some of the acting was a little hammed up. I think the problem with horror films is there's a fine line when performing in a horror role. Play it up just enough and it will be very convincing but if it's over the top and too dramatic, it'll be rubbish. 

I think this film did a reasonably good job though with it's cast, it had one of my favourite actors in it (Patrick Wilson) so I was happy!

Anyway that rounds off my weekend! Will be sad to see off Sammy tomorrow so will let you know how that went!

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Spontaneous Park Outing And New Book!


Sorry for the delay on this one but I've had quite an eventful day considering it's been my day off! So first off I got up early as I had to be at my meeting/audition in Highbury and Islington this morning. I didn't exactly know where it was so I (like many times before) left the house with plenty and I mean PLENTY of time to spare in case I got lost or confused in my surroundings. Which I did obviously! The meeting/audition with the agency in question went really well! They seemed really impressed with my monologue as well which I had learnt surprisingly quickly. Perhaps my brain is turning into a super brain where it's now soaking scripts up like a sponge! Here's hoping anyway.

Then in the afternoon, I had to pick up a bag on behalf of my other half which meant a stop off at Billy Elliot, but because I had an hour so to spare until the pick up (this sounds dodgy, like its some sort of dodgy deal but it was just a bag with my boyfriends stuff in!). So I decided to sit in the park afterwards, after successfully tracking it on my google maps. I honestly don't know what I'd do without my phone, literally gets me from A to B at the moment. The park was beautiful, I think it was Grovesner Park and there were loads of people about enjoying the sun that surprisingly showed itself today!


Finally, my boyfriend arrived for the weekend and I'm now perfectly content! Ooh also before I forgot there was also two guys on my way back from Highbury and Islington who started playing on the Underground, they were fantastic and made me smile. I love music on the undergrounds, there's just something so raw and fresh about it!

And also because you're all obviously wondering..Natalie where's this next vlog you were promising us? Never fear, its nearly finished and I shall be uploading it on Sunday.

Finally, I'm still bunged up with a cold so now my Sammy will get my germs! HA!

G'night little ones,

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bowling, Sore Throats And Auditions!

Hello people of the Internet!

So yesterday evening after work, I went bowling with my work crew as a send off for Mia who's going over to university soon. ): It makes me so jealous as I want to go back to 1st year where I didn't have a care in the world and I got a student loan every term! Anyway bowling was super fun and as always going out with the sealife crew was a right laugh! These people are just the kindest people you'll ever meet and the work nights out so far have been awesome!


Sadly though this morning I woke up with a tickly sore throat. These types of sore throat are the worst because I couldn't get back to sleep! So thankfully this morning I brought two of the best remedies and shall be getting a Griff Mix later on when I get in from work. For those of you who don't know what a Griff Mix is, I'll explain. It's made up of four components:




Mixed with boiling hot water, this mixture is a godsend for your throat. I'd recommend it to those who have colds or just generally want to look after their voices (voice over artists, singers etc). It really works!

Anyway I really need to sign off here as I have to learn my audition monologue tomorrow with an acting agency. It's about suicide, a very happy and delightful script that I'm sure they'll's hoping I don't drive them to it!

Many thank yous beautiful people,


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Conker Season And Forgotten Memories

UpYourVloggers, you cannot imagine the excitement I experienced when my eyes met a conker on the floor this morning.

It was something like 'No freaking way, it's a conker'. Obviously to those around me at the point, thought I was crazy, but it's a conker guys?!

So for some reason these were the absolute craze when I was at school. Every year that they'd come into season, myself and my brother would hound our parents to take us to the local park to seek out the strongest, most appealing conkers for our month long battle at school. I'm not lying when I say that mostly everyone at school had a conker ready to fight any opponent willing to take them on. And what was crazy was the amount of time people would spend trying to make them stronger. Apparently some of the methods were soaking it in vinegar (don't know how that would work) and plastering it with as much of the parents/siblings nail varnish as possible. This was definitely something that I did, I can only apologise to my mum for using all of her nail varnish.
Something actually hilarious happened just before I picked the conker up and I wished I'd caught it on camera. Basically a man was jogging along with his poor dog trying to keep up, when all of a sudden they both went opposite ways between a lamp post. At this point, what happened was in slow motion as I fully expected it to happen. Unfortunately the sheer force whipped the dog around the lamppost and got the dog tangled up, obviously I shouldn't laugh but it was very funny to see :)

Anyway, thinking that I would be writing another blog post that would have no real theme has actually turned out to have an adventurous morning! Also in other news, the casting job I went for, thinking I'd done rubbish, has actually given me a call back.


Laters lovelies


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New Scarf and Apologies

Well hello there UpYourVloggers!

Hope you are enjoying the last of the sunshine as we approach Autumn/Winter. I realise that I haven't blogged on my site for ages but if you've been listening to my vlogs on my YouTube Channel, you'll understand that I have been super busy with settling into London, applying for castings and just generally living...

So in order to make it up to you guys, I've decided to commit to blogging on here every day till the end of the week. I don't actually know what I'm going to blog about because I'm working every day till the weekend so it could be crazily boring or something amazing could happen (let's hope for the latter!).
Summer is nearly over and I can already feel the cool chill of winter coming but never fear I was given a new scarf from my Auntie May which will aid me in the transition from summer to autumn and into winter. I'm not a winter girl as I hate being cold but what I do like, is wearing thick winter wear, such as wooly jumpers and thick scarves.

Anyway, time to sign off now as I'm walking into work.

See you tomorrow!

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