Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Conker Season And Forgotten Memories

UpYourVloggers, you cannot imagine the excitement I experienced when my eyes met a conker on the floor this morning.

It was something like 'No freaking way, it's a conker'. Obviously to those around me at the point, thought I was crazy, but it's a conker guys?!

So for some reason these were the absolute craze when I was at school. Every year that they'd come into season, myself and my brother would hound our parents to take us to the local park to seek out the strongest, most appealing conkers for our month long battle at school. I'm not lying when I say that mostly everyone at school had a conker ready to fight any opponent willing to take them on. And what was crazy was the amount of time people would spend trying to make them stronger. Apparently some of the methods were soaking it in vinegar (don't know how that would work) and plastering it with as much of the parents/siblings nail varnish as possible. This was definitely something that I did, I can only apologise to my mum for using all of her nail varnish.
Something actually hilarious happened just before I picked the conker up and I wished I'd caught it on camera. Basically a man was jogging along with his poor dog trying to keep up, when all of a sudden they both went opposite ways between a lamp post. At this point, what happened was in slow motion as I fully expected it to happen. Unfortunately the sheer force whipped the dog around the lamppost and got the dog tangled up, obviously I shouldn't laugh but it was very funny to see :)

Anyway, thinking that I would be writing another blog post that would have no real theme has actually turned out to have an adventurous morning! Also in other news, the casting job I went for, thinking I'd done rubbish, has actually given me a call back.


Laters lovelies


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