Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Filming, Late Night Train Journey And Almost Food Poisoning!

Yesterday was so freaking awesome, but sooooooo long!

So I began my day not at 6.30am when I set my alarm to get up to be in time for my shoot but I woke up at 8.30! I was meant to be there for 9am....

So I called my casting director who reassurred me that they were running late and to just get there when I could, so I rushed to get ready and was out the door within 15 minutes. No breakfast for me that morning! However when I reached my station, there were delays on both lines and my train even ended up leaving on the opposite side of the station, which confused me to no end! So actually, I would have been late to my casting regardless, which lifted a bit of guilt off my shoulders...

The filming was very long, they'd actually started at 8am but I didn't finish until about 7.30pm as they needed me for an extra scene AND to do the V/O (voice-over) for the script so they could use it as a guideline when editing, which was super fun. I met some lovely people on the set and I'll be sure to add them all on Facebook to keep networking with these folks! There was a lot of waiting about which gave me the opportunity to really get into my book (which by the way is almost finished). We stopped off in Costa when we had an hour's break and I got myself a Caramel Latte Cooler, it was nice but not as good as the Caramel Frappuccino that StarBucks does.

I decided that I would travel down to Hannah's after the shoot the night before, but didn't realise I'd be staying so late, did that stop me? OH NO! I got back in just before 9pm and made myself some food. Here's where the almost food poisoning came in...

So I thawed some meatballs in cold water (out of the fridge) with a plate covered over them the night before. I then cooked them last night for a good 25-30 minutes, which was more than what was needed and I ate all 12. Now I immediately regretted this only as I thought to myself beforehand, maybe I shouldn't eat these. They tasted so god damn good though! Anyway I felt a little queasy late last night when I finally got to Hannah's gone midnight and I still feel I little peekish today but I think I narrowly avoided the dreaded poisoning. Imagine if i did? That would not be a good start to our Aberystwyth excursion!

SO I hope everyone has a good day and look out for today's blog which will definitely be done before we go out on the town tonight, I promise.

Lots of cyber love!

Natalie-Ann x

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