Saturday, 13 September 2014

Spontaneous Park Outing And New Book!


Sorry for the delay on this one but I've had quite an eventful day considering it's been my day off! So first off I got up early as I had to be at my meeting/audition in Highbury and Islington this morning. I didn't exactly know where it was so I (like many times before) left the house with plenty and I mean PLENTY of time to spare in case I got lost or confused in my surroundings. Which I did obviously! The meeting/audition with the agency in question went really well! They seemed really impressed with my monologue as well which I had learnt surprisingly quickly. Perhaps my brain is turning into a super brain where it's now soaking scripts up like a sponge! Here's hoping anyway.

Then in the afternoon, I had to pick up a bag on behalf of my other half which meant a stop off at Billy Elliot, but because I had an hour so to spare until the pick up (this sounds dodgy, like its some sort of dodgy deal but it was just a bag with my boyfriends stuff in!). So I decided to sit in the park afterwards, after successfully tracking it on my google maps. I honestly don't know what I'd do without my phone, literally gets me from A to B at the moment. The park was beautiful, I think it was Grovesner Park and there were loads of people about enjoying the sun that surprisingly showed itself today!


Finally, my boyfriend arrived for the weekend and I'm now perfectly content! Ooh also before I forgot there was also two guys on my way back from Highbury and Islington who started playing on the Underground, they were fantastic and made me smile. I love music on the undergrounds, there's just something so raw and fresh about it!

And also because you're all obviously wondering..Natalie where's this next vlog you were promising us? Never fear, its nearly finished and I shall be uploading it on Sunday.

Finally, I'm still bunged up with a cold so now my Sammy will get my germs! HA!

G'night little ones,

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