Monday, 22 September 2014

Watching YouTubers And Lots Of Baking!

I LOVE SUNDAYS! On another note, I don't understand why I write these blogs at midnight. I really need to keep check of the time more!

So I think this is the first Sunday of many that I'm getting off from work as I'm now only working 4 days a week and I LOVE IT! Sunday is the day of rest and shouldn't be for working. No no..

It was just so lovely today to relax and finally do some baking! I made some bread the other day but it failed, as it always does with bread *sob*. So today, I tried some vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing and I played around with some bits and bobs to go on top. I also made some cinnamon scones! YES CINNAMON! They actually taste really good. However, there was more than one reason for baking today and that was to take some down with me to Aberystwyth, mainly for the road trip to Aberystwyth because I doubt they'll be any left by the time we get there!


I also made a delicious and very big cous cous salad with garlic and avocado which I'm sure the girls (Hannah and Maria) will wolf down over the next couple of days. I'm getting really excited about going to Aberystwyth now because I'm going to see everyone that I've so dearly missed over summer and you guys will get to see it all too via my YouTube Channel! I'm close to posting my newest video also but it's taken hours to load so I'm gonna pop this up now and I'll put the video link up onto here as soon as it's finished! I also spent the evening watching a load of YouTubers and catching up on my daily favourites both Zoella and Tanya Burr. Love these girls so much! Such an inspiration.

But now I need to go bed as I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow! Make sure you have a read!

Natalie-Ann x

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