Sunday, 5 October 2014

Danz Anyx And A Surprise Visit To SeaLife Aquarium!

So my fellow housemate, Sean is part of a band called Danz Anyx and I finally got to see them perform last night at The Albany. The pub was beautiful inside and the gig took place in a large room towards the back of the pub. Hannah managed to join me and so was stopping over at ours and even Sean's dad and friend made a visit especially to come and see him and the band perform. Both his dad and his friend live in the south of France so what a trek!

Their music was fantastic and I loved the guitarist's riffs and the insane drumming which resulted quite early on in the gig, a broken drum stick! The whole band were really good and if you have a moment do check them out on Facebook. I believe this is their page/profile, They're definitely worth a listen and the majority of their music is written by themselves!

After getting back from the gig, we all snuggled up on the sofa and watched about half of Paranormal Activity 3 before most of us dozed off and I had work in the morning. Plus I think we were a little freaked out by the film so wanted to cut it short.

Today however, has been the most surreal and perfect day ever. Work was considerably long but about half way through the day we were told Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton were coming to the Aquarium...


I know right? Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton actually came into the Aquarium. THE AQUARIUM OF ALL PLACES! I got a glance at Tim Burton on one of the photos he had at the photo capture point at the beginning which was weird enough but here come's the best part. About half an hour later after his arrival, Helena comes striding onto the sales floor. You should of seen my face, it was of shock and delight as I unsuccessfully tried to get the attention of my colleagues further on down the sales floor. She was dressed in this big gothic dress with black, doc martin styled, chunky heeled shoes. She literally looked how you would expect her to look in Harry Potter and only this woman would be able to pull off such an outfit. It was so weird! She is one of my favourites actresses and she was standing within a few meters of me. My blood ran cold, I was overcome with shock and just watched her leave to join her husband who was within the Aquarium. OH MY FREAKING LORD! Then about 45 minutes later they finally appeared back on the sales floor and one of my colleagues, Will, managed to bag a photo of them both! 

Will, you are so lucky if you are reading this blog! I was going to join for the selfie but I was completely swamped with customers (sob sob).

Finally on my way back to the station, I heard this guy playing something on his guitar and it made me stop in my tracks because what I heard him singing sounded familiar and it was in fact 'Falling Slowly' from Once the Musical. He sung it really nicely but I think he was still part way through learning it. I've tried to upload it on here but unfortunately the file is too big. Nevermind!

What a treat of a day I've had. Until tomorrow guys!

Natalie-Ann x

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