Monday, 6 October 2014

Lazy Sundays And Catch Ups!

I slept in till 12 today and boy did I feel refreshed! I set my alarm for 10.30am, as I'd planned to do a lot of with my day off. I'd compiled a huge list of things to do, in relation to my acting and other general stuff like washing and tidying but when I woke up at 10.30am, I still felt sleepy. I'm loving having my Sundays off, it's just a feel good day knowing I don't have to really do much! Sundays should be a day of rest and relaxation in my eyes...

So as I woke up at lunch time, I skipped brekkie and had some Covent Garden 'Roasted Tomato' soup which was delish. I love this brand of soup at the moment as it's got so much more flavour and thickness to it than soups like Heinz. I know I sound totally sad talking about soups but I LOVE THEM!

I decided that I'd have a big tidy of my room and not just a hoover round but I cleaned out all my draws down the side of my bed as they were so unorganised. I put on a load of washing and even polished around a bit! I also decided to clean my make-up brushes as they were due a good clean. For those of you who use make-up brushes, it is ideal to wash them as often as possible and I use two bowls of lukewarm water with one containing mixed in shampoo. All's you have to do is wash off any residue from the make-up brush and then wash it in the shampoo. Finish by washing out the shampoo and hey presto you have clean make-up brushes. Who knew?!

Look at them all nice and clean!

Later this evening, I had my friend Sarah stop over and we had a lovely catch up as we hadn't seen each other in weeks! Sarah's the sort of friend who even if we didn't see each other for months on end, as soon as we meet up, it's as if it were only yesterday since we saw one another, much like my best friend Evie from my hometown. So I cooked us a nice meal, forgetting that Sarah was a veggie so she just had the veg, which was ok as she had eaten before she arrived. We ended up watching 'The Family' which I had mixed thoughts of. I thought it was alright but it didn't seem to have as much action as I thought it would. 

Look at us in our PJs <3

I'm surprised I've managed to write this before the morning but I kinda want to try and write every blog before I go bed to sort of round off the day! Anyways I'm sleepy and have an interview in the morning! Will let you know how it goes,


Natalie-Ann x

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