Sunday, 12 October 2014

On The Road To Cardiff To See My Baby ♡

The exciting few days that I'd mentioned in my previous blog was that I was actually heading down to Cardiff to see my lovely boyfriend Sam! I managed to finish work at 6.30pm which worked out very well in my favour as I was frantically trying to find the coach station in Victoria. I finally got onto the bus about 10 minutes before it actually left! Cutting it close my friends, cutting it close....I'd actually missed the coach station to my right and instead went to another random area that I don't even know what it was used for although there were still buses leaving from it.

Now I've never used the Mega Bus company before and I have to say as a first time customer, I was pretty impressed. Not so impressed when at the beginning of the journey, some guy had gone to the toilet and done a massive stinker that wafted out into the bus. Pleasant.

But in terms of the quality of service provided (considering it cost me a bargain of £11 for a return) I'd happily recommend it to anyone. The bus was clean, air-conditioned and spacious. Apparently the Mega Bus Gold service is meant to be a step up from the regular service which does cost a little extra but has more facilities/benefits. Sam (my boyfriend) is booked on this when he comes down so I'll be sure to ask him of his experience on the Gold option. I've booked the Mega Bus also for when I got the Aberystwyth as again it's only £11 when it would normally be a staggering £48 for a return. It's a hell of a saving!

Being the fantastic girlfriend I am, I kindly (or should I say stupidly) said yes to bringing down Sam's xbox with me. As soon as I stepped out of the house I immediately regretted the decision but seeing his face light up at the thought of having his xbox in Cardiff made me happy so I did the decent thing and struggled getting three big bags on and off the trains/tubes etc. When I got off by the University of Cardiff's Union, I got instantly nostalgic thinking of my university freshers. SAD TIMES BECAUSE NOW I'M A BORING GRADUATE...:(

Sam messaged me where to head to and finally after FIVE WEEKS of not seeing him I half ran/walked into his arms(because of the heavy bags). Considering we literally spent every day of university together, five weeks apart is so painful, so it was so good to see him!
Cardiff is beautiful and his private halls are just like what it was in Aberystwyth so when I woke up this morning, I felt like I was back at university...Again sad times...

Now apologies for the lateness of this blog as I have been successfully trying to post blogs up before the end of the day but this one I'm actually writing the next day so I will try and catch it up over the next couple of days.

Night y'all ♡

Natalie-Ann x

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