Friday, 17 October 2014

Slugs, Lettuce and Alcohol.

I FAILED GO SOBER! ): I'm sorry. I will be donating some money towards the cause as an apology for failing to go without alcohol for a month. I must admit that going without alcohol is hard but I've done it before, so I'm annoyed that I fell of the wagon. No worries though as I'm sure I'll be able to do it at some point next year! Probably next October and I'm determined to raise lots of money for it!

It was another average day at work today but sadly one of our girls, Hannah is leaving to travel...basically all over Europe before going back to her homeland of Australia. I'm honestly going to miss this girl because she's just one of the loveliest girls you'll ever meet. She has a warm personality and a laid back attitude to life that I just respect and admire so much! I hope Hannah if you're reading this that you see great things and that your future is full of fabulous opportunities! Please note that I'm also very jealous of you travelling. Guys, I really want to go travelling at some point. I have to do it before I settle down as I think it's just an important thing to discover the world around you, not just what's outside your door but outside your country! I'd like to go back packing around Europe if possible firstly and then later on set my sights to travel around America!

(Photo will be inserted here tomorrow of the two of us at her leaving drinks) UPDATE: I never got a photo...:/

We went to the Slug and Lettuce for drinks afterwards, which was organised pretty much last minute and we had such a lovely time just chatting about anything and everything and drinking all the cocktails (sorry Go Sober :/). The Slug and Lettuce is such a lovely bar/restaurant that I recommend you visit if you happen to be in the Waterloo area at any point in your life. It's a fantastic place that offers cheap booze and tasty looking food, that I haven't tried as of yet but will do soon! I also realised the other day that it was part of a chain so there are various Slug and Lettuces all over London and I'm guessing maybe in the bigger cities within the UK! I don't know whether it's a global thing or not.

Me and my college Nick were later joined by my boyfriend, Sam who had come from Cardiff to stay for the weekend. Tomorrow we'll be spending the day lazing around before going for a meal and celebratory drinks for Hannah's last shift. We'll also hopefully be meeting up with Sam's boss from Kenny Wax which should be fun as I didn't really get to see him when we went for the Top Hat launch party. There were just too many people!


Natalie-Ann x

The Slug and Lettuce
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