Friday, 28 November 2014

Another Wonderful Day Of Popcorn.

So I started my weekend of promotional work at the Christmas Fair in the Bluewater Shopping Centre. I was working for the same company that I'd worked for at the BBC Good Food Show, Popcorn Kitchen. I'm honestly really enjoying selling this brand, it's just such a fun products that all ages love to eat and I cannot help but smile because of how festive the Bluewater Shopping Centre looks!
Look how beautiful I arranged the stall!

I love the variety that I've been getting with promotional work so far. I love meeting new people and networking, it's just so much fun! As most of you will have known, today was Black Friday. A day that is known more to America but has found it's way onto British soil. Most importantly, this event has turned a lot of British folk totally barmy. There's tons of vines (videos) going round on Facebook of crazy ass people fighting over televisions, clothes etc. Now in a way I like the idea of Black Friday and I appreciate why so many people go out and buy a heck load of stuff, but times are tough and you have to take advantage of a bargain but physically trying to drag out a television out of another person's hands of who has fallen onto the floor? A little too much for me I think.

However, with this event there wasn't any of these scenes taking place. As the event started it got crazily busy but completely died down by 2pm. I'm expecting tomorrow and Sunday to be the big ones. After all, I heard they sold 20,000 tickets for this fair and I'd have said there was only a few thousand today. Oh pray for me.

I'm keeping this one quite short because I'm feeling ill. I need to start dosing myself up so I'm feeling better for panto which is starting soon and I need to get my rest. This blog was actually meant to have been done by around 8pm but myself and Sean were being shocked and entertained by Dexter. Not a person but the actual television series. I'd definitely recommend this show to anyone though, it's dark, funny and has surprising twists and turns throughout the episodes.


All my love,

Natalie-Ann x

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Grimm Tales & Hostess With The Mostess.

This past couple of days have been full on and when I mean full on...I mean full on. I don't actually know how I've been functioning and neither do the people around me. I'm doing so much at the moment that it's ridiculous but you know what? I'm loving every second of it. Life is way too short to be doing the dismal 9-5 day job, stuck doing the same thing day in and day out. Why not do like I do? Get up at 7.30am, do split shifts and get back at midnight! It's literally the bees knees. I joke, it's actually exhausting but it's freaking awesome.

So to give you a bit of a low down of what I've been assigned onto recently, I've as you know, been busily and frantically applying to as many promotional agencies as humanly possible. I'm starting to slowly build up a network of agencies that are e-mailing two or three times a day with incoming jobs and as soon as January hits, I'll be on this shiz like a ton of bricks. I'm going to use my time wisely during the panto run and take advantage of some of the spare time I have, looking up on all things promotional and I also want to have a good look at investing into a showreel and a voicereel. Ideally, I'd like to have both of them done by the end of January. Adventurous? Yes? Possible? HELL NO, but I'm going to give a damn good try! I realise I'm going a little off topic at the moment and I promise I will get back to the point of this blog, but I'm super excited for A. Fifty Shades of Grey coming out in February...I mean who isn't? and B. I CANNOT wait to get my head shots done on Monday. This has been an agonising wait for both me and the photographer to be available and I love her work on actors head shots so I refused to look for anyone else! I am like a little kid at christmas and can hardly contain my excitement of what will happen on Monday. 

RIGHT, back to the main theme of this blog. I have been currently working as a bar tender on this immersive theatre experience based on Phillip Pullman's Grimm Tales. The theatre experience is called Grimm Tales...obviously. It's at The Bargehouse in the Waterloo area if anyone's interested in going and I guarantee just from the building and design, it looks freaking amazing. The experience of working behind a bar where theatre is going on around you is just...well I'm in my element really. I'm hoping that I can perhaps rub elbows with some of the creative team of the company and see about potentially getting an audition for the next production they may or may not put on! If you want to see it I'll make sure I leave a link below. Plus I'd be serving your drinks so what's not to like about that?!

Secondly, I did some more work for Twist (one of the promotional agencies I'm with) for the BMW car firm. It was a fantastic experience and I realise at this early stage in my promotional experience, I'm learning a lot of new things that will hopefully entail more and more promotional work within the new year. Here's hoping anyway! Again I'll put the links below for Twist and BMW just because I want to promote and give credit where credit's due.

Overall, these past couple of days have been challenging but at the same time, I could do this again and again and again. Oh wait, yes I am this weekend. Silly me!

Au Revoir,

Natalie-Ann x

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

So Much To Do And So Little Time.

Jeez next time I tell you I'm going to do three interviews in day, politely remind me to remember today. I don't think I've ever been so busy and had to cram in as much stuff in so little time. I had three interviews today and the first one was for Metro Hospitality. I've bolded and underlined Metro Hospitality because stupid old me went and got the entirely wrong agency and ended up going to somewhere completely out of the way and I had to rush back to London Bridge to get to the interview. Luckily, they were still interviewing other people so there was no harm done there! I managed to impress them and I am now on their books which hopefully means more regular work coming in over the new year. First interview of the day = successful.

So it was Hannah's birthday a few days ago and unfortunately I was otherwise engaged, spending the weekend with Sam's family in Bristol. Therefore, I missed out on celebrating her actual birthday. So instead I'd organised a belated birthday day out. This over the past couple of weeks has turned into a half a day out due to all of these interviews coming in at once. Luckily my best friend Hannah is completely understanding and was totally laid back when I told her I was running late to my next interview. *Warning, when having multiple interviews per day, allow up to 3 hours in between.*

The next interview was for a promotional job, giving out Martial Arts Lessons. Now this sounded like fun and when the guy explained to me the sort of wage I could be earning, I was more than happy to accept going in for a training day to see if I have what it takes to make the cut. Let's just say I could in a effect be earning hundreds of £s each week for a short amount of time! Second interview of the day = successful.

I finally met up with Hannah after having agreed to meet with her before the second interview and we headed to Oxford Street. I then briefly separated from her, dropping her off at The Loop. This was so I could pick up the pandora charm that myself, Sam and Maria had all chipped in together for!


Turns out she loved it! Obviously. The Loop was amazing for a first time experience. I'd pre-booked it the night before and this place is a cafe/restaurant/bar! Literally an all in one type of thing. The food was delicious and the layout of the place was beautiful. If anyone's ever in the Oxford Street area then keep an eye out for this place. It's certainly one to visit! The final interview of the day came at 6.30pm this evening where I had a test photo shoot to be a stock image/promotional model. The shoot I feel went well even though it was very brief but I'm uncertain as the casting director said he'd be in touch. Final interview of the day = uncertain.

Overall, it's been a really busy day so I kicked off my shoes and watched an episode of Dexter with Sean my housemate. It's safe to say that we're now both addicted to this series!

Tomorrow is going to be a walk in the park compared to today. So much for day's off being lazy days!

Natalie-Ann x

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Not Been Blogging For A While.

I realised this morning that it's been almost a week since I last wrote a blog and I apologise for that as I know some of you like reading my blogs. I just haven't had the time or motivation to write a blog since (even my youtube video will be going up later than usual). I'm currently writing this using my macbook on my lap as the table that I'm typing on is way too slippery and would cause an unfortunate accident. I am travelling on the 6.30AM MegaBus GOLD service to London this morning having spent a wonderful weekend in with my other half which I'll explain later on in this blog. I decided to get this morning one just because getting home last night would have cost me double the amount and I also didn't want to be rushing to get back to Cardiff in time for my bus. I'm going to do the usual back-tracking and run you through my day to day occurrences up until this very moment. Here goes nothing!

Wednesday 19th November

After spending a wonderful evening with my best friend Hannah, I woke up this morning early, to make it for an interview just outside Euston Station. It was for a FoH/Bar Staff job which would provide me with a much needed extra income in the evenings. A lot of things will be changing in the New Year hopefully so I need to be securing a lot of promotional work like this for the next couple of months. My personal aim is to fill January and February up as much as possible with work. This is both promotional and casting wise. I'm determined to work hard and have been doing so for the past several years of my life. A lot of my friends would agree with this comment but being down in London gives me more of an incentive to work even harder than I have before and I will not stop until I'm satisfied in where I want to be. Wow that got all deep and meaningful waaaaaaaaayyyy to quickly. Anyway the interview went really well. So well, that he basically offered me the first opening shift tomorrow starting at 7pm which I was over the moon with. I know having both my day job, this evening job and panto within the next couple of weeks is going to be tough but I'm thinking that it will all pay off in the long run. I got myself a celebratory coffee in Starbucks which has now gone all Christmassy.

Woooooo, the red Starbucks cups have returned and I am so excited! I ended up getting a Gingerbread latte which is my absolute favourite and my go to drink when the Christmas range of coffee flavours comes out and it didn't let me down! A new job and a festive latte all in one day?! I don't know how this week's going to get any better.

Thursday 20th November

No work today! Well actually I did have work but this type of work never feels like work. I managed to secure myself a successful skype audition last week for a dental film shoot today. It was SO much fun. If my mum had been there I think she would have collapsed with excitement. I've found with a lot of London studios like this one, they look super dodgy from the outside but as soon as you walk in they're modern, stylish and not one bit creepy. 

I worked with some lovely people and played a patient within this e-learning video. I may as well just go out and say what my character had as you may well see it in the near future. SOOOOO my character has a cold sore which at first my character mistakes for Herpes. HA! And who said acting wasn't a glamorous profession. I felt I played the character very well and perfected the line 'What?! You're kidding right? I've herpes in my mouth?' I tell you what if I ever managed to make it and have a documentary about how I went from here to success then I hope to god that they don't find this little gem. I love castings, especially when they do your hair and make-up. I love feeling pampered so whenever there is an opportunity to get it done, I don't need to be asked twice! They had also bought ALL the Pret food which was free for us to consume so I wasted no time in wolfing down some food when I finished the shoot. I said my goodbyes and left at around 1ish which was very much earlier than I expected to finish. I was grateful because I had to get to Primark to shop for an all black outfit for my promotional work this evening. I managed to get the whole sha-bang for £24 which included a top, trousers and shoes combo. Very impressed! So the luckiest thing also happened to me today, I was walking out of Primark when a girl stopped me in the street. She said she was working at Toni and Guy and her hair model had just dropped out and that I would be doing her a massive favour by coming into the academy and getting my hair cut for free. In my head this was the process...

Toni & Guy.... YES.
Free hair cut which I haven't had in several months...YES

Again, I didn't need to be asked twice so followed her into the Academy which was just AMAZING and had my hair washed, cut and blow-dried. It looked amazing and if I ever have the opportunity to hire my own hair stylist to do my hair every day, I'm going straight to Toni and Guy and grabbing the girl who cut my hair. I believe her name was Millie. If anyone needs a free haircut and lives in London then let me know as she's after hair models! This evening I had my first shift at the Grimm Tales immersive theatre experience. It was all very new to me because it was promotional work but it was so much fun and a doddle to do. I love serving behind a bar so the combination of bar work and working in a theatrical environment is perfect. This day has been the best and make sure you check out the links below this blog for information on what I've mentioned.

Friday 21st November

This morning I had my eagerly anticipated fitting appointment with a fitting agency called Gap Presents. It was a bizarre experience as it just required me to fill in a form and get measured. I was hoping that the measurements would please the woman and it did. Another successful casting which should in this case, bring me regular weekly work at a very, VERY reasonable rate. I booked my bus for 3pm to travel to Cardiff to see Sam. I could have got an earlier one at 2pm which I did actually make it for but I thought at the time that if my fitting had overrun then I'd be in trouble! The journey there was long and I would advise no one to travel via bus during the Friday afternoon as we got stuck in rush-hour traffic and didn't make it to Cardiff until 45 minutes later than our original ETA. However, Sam was waiting for me at the bus stop which made it all worth while. 

What a couple of cutie pies!

We then had a much deserved Subway and ended up watching Fawlty Towers of all programmes. What a timeless classic though eh?!

Saturday 22nd November

'So I'll be there...putting on my top hat, tying up my white tie, brushing off my tails.'

So myself and Sam were stopping in his Auntie's gorgeous house in Bristol and where we were going to be spending the evening watching what was going to surely be a fantastic performance of TopHat. I should know as I saw it when it started off it's tour in London! The whole of Sam's family were there and we go some time in the afternoon to go shopping at The Mall which was so much fun and I definitely spent money that I hadn't got on lipsticks that I definitely needed! I got a lovely one from Topshop called Black Widow and two others from H&M.

From left to right is the Burgandy/Wild Thing and Red/Downtown both from H&M and then Black Widow from Topshop. Links will be below. TopHat ended up being amazing and was lovely to see it in the Hippodrome as I'm pretty sure I had never been before.

Sunday 23rd November

After a lovely week and weekend and a knackering one at that, we stayed at Sam's Aunties until we got our train back at 3pm and enjoyed some lovely home-made soup for lunch. After getting back, we managed to meet up with Sam's friends Ollie and Erin and enjoyed a giggle and a lovely Pizza to finish off the evening. We left sooner rather than later as we had to get enough sleep to be up at 5am to get my 6.30am Megabus journey.

Today (24th November)

So I'm up to date with the nearly whole week of not blogging which again I apologise for and I applaud you if you've actually read through the entirety of this blog. It's definitely appreciated. I've got a hard month coming up due to working every day and then throwing myself straight into panto but I'm ready and excited to get back onto stage for a change. I'm also feeling a little sick so I'm going to have a power nap to rest my eyes and perk myself up a little.

Have a glorious day!

Natalie-Ann x

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Unlucky For Some And A Spontaneous Dinner Date.

You know when people say bad luck always comes in threes. Well that was what today was for me except I had the unluckiest morning which was made up by the rest of the day. The first of these bad luck moments came when I had just woken up. When you wake up but you're still half awake and you check your phone and then sort of doze off. Well I sort of did that and then ended up whacking the top of my eye on the bedside table. I'm not exaggerating when I thought I'd given myself concussion. It was probably hyped up considering there would have been no one else to help me in my state. I was literally doing a Peter Griffiths pose but instead of my knee that was hurt, it was my eye. See below picture for reference of episode.

If you don't understand this reference or haven't watched Family Guy, watch it! You're missing out on the best cartoon sitcom ever. 

So after I severely injured myself on the bedside table, I got myself ready for work with an already marked eye and a lump forming where I'd hit it. I waited outside my usual bus stop and suddenly a fel a drop fall onto my right hand side. I looked up and there it was. A pigeon perched on top of the lamppost with it's butt out. I looked down in horror to see BIRD CRAP ON MY BAG. Stupid pigeon. If only that pigeon was a little closer I would have swung my bag at the disease infested thing.

Then I was late for work (the third of the three bad things). This was my fault for reading the rota wrong so what I thought was going to be a day that would only get better, had started off surprisingly worse. ANYWAY, a few more bad things happened but I'm over it! Why? Because I got to see my because I got to have a spontaneous dinner date with my lovely friend Hannah! We went to Pizza Express and I used my Natwest Taste Card which got me 25% off the bill. RESULT!

Look at this beautiful woman! So proud of what she's achieved so far!

We shared lots of laughter and spontaneous get togethers are always better than planned ones. Plus this was kind of a celebration for her new job but I'm sure we'll celebrate again soon!

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Natalie-Ann x

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Promotional Weekend And No Rest For The Wicked.

I'm wondering to myself when I last had a day off and it's not got to be that long ago but this weekend, even though it's been super fun, it's also been hard work. I've been getting up for 6am every morning and not getting back in till 9pm. My shifts have been 9am-7pm so you can see that a few hours of that are travelling to and from the location. This is the problem with living out so far away but if I want the work then I'm going to have to do the travelling. But seriously, I had such an awesome time doing this promotional work and it definitely paid off. The same company have asked me back to do another of their shows which I've obviously said yes to. I also was asked for my details off two other people on separate stalls who want me to work for them on their next upcoming events so that means even more work coming in! I'm starting to also know what real stress is as I'd now say I'm getting around 10-15 emails a day regarding promotional work, potential casting work etc that I may want to be put forward for and I love it. I like being busy, I hate being out of work or having days off, although sometimes I do need them just to recharge my batteries and have a social life.

If you haven't read my last blog, I worked for Popcorn Kitchen, a fantastic independent company ran by a lovely woman who I met called Clare and her husband. The popcorn is so good and if anyone wants to check it out, I'll once again provide the links to all their social media. Here's a few snaps of their products on offer this Christmas.

How cute are the designs and the cute little stockings?! Beautiful.

So yeah, I'm exhausted and today I went back to work at SeaLife and I have another two days until I'm off for the weekend. Well I say off but on Thursday I'm doing a dental film shoot and I got the call sheet for that today which is exciting. 11.30am start and finishes around 4/5pm which isn't too bad and the pay is alright for it. I was meant to have my headshots re-booked for this day but unfortunately this takes priority. I NEED to get these headshots done by the end of this month just in case pantomime asks for photos for the programme. I really want new ones to be shown on it so I need to get these done by the end of the month. On a side note, I had what I think is a burst blood vessel in my right eye which at first I just thought was tired eyes but no it's a burst blood vessel which I really hope goes by Thursday! On Friday I have a fitting test to be a fit model and I'm very excited for that. If I were accepted then it would be easy, flexible work at £20 an hour. Who wouldn't want this type of work?!

So overall, for what started off as worrying about not having much money this month, December is going to be a nice little earner, perhaps I'll have enough to fork out for a showreel, voicereel AND a new camera. Optimistic? Yes.

Need to put my foot down and keep applying for things!

Night all,

Natalie-Ann x

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Getting The Early Train And Popcorn Kitchen!

Jeez Louise I am EXHAUSTED! 

Today was super awesome, but just way too long. I got up at 6.00am to get ready for the train at 7.17. Sean catches the same one so we got to spend some quality laughing time on the train together towards London Bridge. We parted ways and I headed onto Waterloo where I was to get a train to Clapham Junction. Now I got up extra early to get an earlier train so I knew I'd be at the venue before 9am when I was due to start my promotional work. Did I get there before 9? No. Why? Well as I was on the carriage, arriving at Clapham Junction, in my half awake state I didn't hear that the first two carriage doors wouldn't open and you would have laughed yourself silly seeing me float between two carriages, wondering why the doors weren't opening. 

Then the train started moving. Then I realised I was going way out of the way. Then I realised I was going to be late for my first ever promotional work. Annoyed doesn't even come close. This is the most annoying thing about living so far out from Central London. Unfortunately if you encounter late trains, missed stops etc, normally living within London, there's another train or tube every 5 minutes. When you're out OUT in Dartford, you're basically screwed.

Anyway after profusely apologising to the organiser, who was so lovely and kind to reassure me that it happens to the best of us, I got introduced to a lovely girl named Shruti who would be my college throughout the day on the stall. OMG IT WAS SO AWESOME! The work I was doing was for a beautiful independent Popcorn company called Popcorn Kitchen. The details for where you can find them will be below. The event itself was the BBC Good Food Show and I cannot think why I've never been before. Obviously because this is my first year in London, but still! There were so many stalls, like hundreds of them and they had everything from kitchen appliances, indian food, chinese food, confectionary, live hot shows and even cars! I don't know why there were cars but it was so cool. I got to go around and sample loads of different foods and it's something I'll be sure to take advantage of over the next two days as well.

It was a great day until I realised I was going to have a hell of journey back. It wouldn't normally take me too long but because of rail works going on, it took me forever to get back home, although I did have a nice bath with one of my lush products, lit a candle and listened to some Ed Sheeran.

Now I'm gonna have to cut this one short as I am shattered and really need to get some shut eye as I've developed a horrible headache in the past half an hour. Don't forget that I've got my Lush Haul up for you all to see so check it out and if you like it then subscribe to my channel!


Natalie-Ann x

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Thursday, 13 November 2014


It's been good news today and lot's of it at that! So the Skype audition that I had yesterday was really good like I said in my last blog. However, today after finishing work I found out that I got the casting! I'm so happy to have got it as I haven't had any castings in a while so I was getting down about my acting side. This has definitely perked me up! The shoot is for a dental film, probably to be shown at corporate events or for educational purposes. The topic of the patient I'm playing is a little embarrassing but at the end of the day, it's only a character and I'm getting paid quite a fair amount for it. So bring on all the embarrassing characters!

So yesterday, I think I applied to like ten or so promotional agencies and already today I have received two confirmations of acceptance on their books which is awesome and has given me access to so many jobs that I'll hopefully be getting over the next few months and well into the new year!

Jump to a few minutes later and after checking out the rest of my e-mails I find out that I've been scouted to attend a slot next Friday morning to apply as a fitting model. I didn't realise what one of those was before I read up about it,

  1. fitting model (sometimes fit model) is a person who is used by a fashion designer or clothing manufacturer to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a design on a 'real' human being, effectively acting as a live mannequin.
Cool huh?! So basically the woman who contacted me said I had the physical details to meet with them and see if I was applicable for it. It would be flexible work with lots of it at that and it's normally £20 p/h! Ka-CHING! This definitely sounds like a great opportunity and I'm hoping that all goes well with this even if it's a bit of work every now and then. It would be some great experience in terms of my modelling!

Finally, here comes the best part of the blog....I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED ONTO EQUITY! I applied back in Fresher's Week but when they responded, they said I needed to provide six pieces of walk-on roles and I only had four pieces of evidence to show. Luckily my contract for panto counts as evidence that would get me equity instantly and it has! I'm so happy! They're sending me my CARD :) and all the details in the post as soon as they take out the payment. I'm so happy I've got equity now as hopefully it will count as another tick on potential casting directors!

Anyway I need to get to bed as I have a very hectic weekend with promo work! Can't wait to get started with my first lot of promotional work! EXCITED <3


Natalie-Ann x

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Promo Agencies, An Obsession With Mugs And A Skype Audition.

I have literally been applying to all the promotional agencies and I realised that for some reason I don't think I've been adding the correct physical details on some of them so I went out to go and fetch me a soft cloth/rubber measuring tape. I've just realised how sad and pathetic that sounded but I couldn't use a metal one. I would have cut open my neck when measuring the collar. So yes, I've applied to so many promotional agencies with the hope that I'll hear back from them soon enough and hopefully they will offer me some work!

As it's been my day off, I've been trying to get as much done as possible, I've been re-writing the panto script out so it goes in to my head quickly. When we had the rehearsals there were a few changes made to the script. I realise I hate change when it comes to rehearsing scripts, especially when I don't have long to learn it. Yes it's a challenge and I love a challenge but I've just got a feeling that it's going to change again...

I also realised today, to add to the rest of this sad and boring blog that I've discovered a have a weird obsession with my choice of mug when I make hot drinks. 



Note that these two mugs are basically the same except the top one is more square. I realised that I'm actually avoiding those types of mugs when I choose a mug and instead go for the bottom one. Literally I think I have a problem with mugs that look like the top one. Am I having a weird moment here? Does anyone else have this problem? Again I realise I'm sounding like a complete loony but it's a genuine thing that I do and I find if I pick up the wrong type of mug, I sort of get a little angst which is strange. Nothing to be concerned about but I'm thinking, it's a're working yourself up over a mug.

I honestly think I've spent too much time in the house today and need a little fresh air. In other news, I'm really excited for my weekend promo work coming up and I received an e-mail today with all the information on. I don't know whether I'd be able to release any information on here about the promo work just because I've seen before that they don't like it if you release this sort of stuff on social media but I'll double check on the day.

I also had a skype audition today which was for the first time. It was really bizarre and super awkward when we initially introduced each other just because I'd never met this guy before. It went well but I think he said they'd get back to me by lunch time and they didn't so I don't think I've gotten it but it was good for the experience either way.

Speak to you tomorrow!

Natalie-Ann x

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs!

Currently sitting through another episode of Dexter and to my delight, I realised that there are in fact TWELVE seasons! That's me sorted for a while, television wise.

So towards the end of work, I had a surprise drop in from Hannah. Well, actually it shouldn't have been a surprise as I kind of forgot that she was coming into collect some stuff she'd left at mine. I forgot this said stuff obviously, so when she arrived I had the realisation I'd forgotten and profusely apologised. Oops! Anyway, Hannah dropped in to give me some fantastic news. She's managed to secure a job, A JOB as an agent's assistant! She starts on the 26th November, which is super crazy. I'm so happy she got the job just because she was stressing this weekend just gone about how badly she wanted this dream job. Now she's got it and I'm super chuffed for her! Not jealous at all by the way...

In keeping with jobs, I've managed to secure some awesome promotional work this weekend at London's Good Food Show which will bring in a little extra money. They're long hours but it's good pay and it'll be a bit of variety for me than the norm. This is important especially as I REALLY need to start ordering christmas presents soon before it's too late! I'm so excited for Christmas, especially in London as it will be the first time I'll be seeing London in the festive season. I can't wait for all the lights to go up and over the past few days, there's an ice rink being put up opposite the London Eye. I think myself, Sean and a few others are planning on doing a bit of ice-skating soon and I also want to visit the Winter Wonderland that'll be coming to London on the 21st November. EXCITING! I also really want to try some roasted chestnuts as they've started selling them around London and they look and smell really delicious. Got to get me some of them nuts!

So next weekend I'm going with Sam and his family to see the touring West End show, TopHat which I'm really looking forward to. I watched it when it made it's debut on the West End to begin with and it was sooooooo good! If anyone has TopHat coming to their town, then definitely go and see it as it's not something to be missed. It'll also be really nice to see Sam's parents and thank them personally for the wonderful apron that they got me and to also see the rest of his family.

On the acting side, I've been trying hard to apply to as many castings as possible and they're now slowly starting to get back to me so hopefully there will some jobs coming out of it soon. A lot of them require me to record my auditions so I'm glad I've got a day off tomorrow to record them all. Although, I am on a standby to do some promotional work which could be fun so it looks as though I'll be getting up early either way.

Enjoy your night guys,

Natalie-Ann x

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Monday, 10 November 2014

Disappointment And Send Offs.

So seeing how busy the house has been on the weekend, it's been sad to see everyone off. Hannah left yesterday morning and Sam left yesterday evening. However I did have Maria with me this morning and we both realised we hadn't caught up on The Vampire Diaries (which we love), so we decided we'd have a lazy morning and catch up on the episodes we'd missed.

I love The Vampire Diaries, even though it's been going for a while now and I thought that I'd get bored of it. However the amount of hotness in this programme is just too much to not watch! I mean, where do they get these people from? They are literally perfect, look at the picture above for clarification if you have any doubts. 

You may be wondering how my headshots went today? Well they didn't go ahead today unfortunately due to matters that were both out of mine and the photographer's hands so it looks as though I'll be needing to find another date this month to get them done. I was genuinely gutted because I was really looking forward to getting them done, seeing as this is hopefully my first step into getting more regular work. Oh well, obviously this date wasn't meant to be so I'll make sure I organise it soon.

I had a really relaxed day today, I saw off Maria this morning and then just spent the day, editing my birthday vlog so I could get it up tonight! Link will be available below. I also recorded a couple of videos so I've managed to get ahead of schedule in terms of getting videos up every week. I'm trying to get ahead of myself as Panto is coming up soon and I don't want to be worrying about too many things. Currently watching another episode of Dexter which my housemate now is hooked on as well. So much so that he's now ahead of me and I need to definitely catch up. In regards to Pantomime, I can't believe that we've only had 3 days worth of rehearsals and will only be getting another 3 before we're on stage. Now that is scary! It also reminds me that I need to get refreshing the lines and re-learning the dances so they're perfect. 

Anyway I hope you enjoy my birthday vlog as I had such a lovely week full of surprises, laughter and unexpected friends arriving! I'm glad that I got to spend some quality time with my girls again and it had been too long. Hopefully, Maria will end up moving down to London for sure in February so that we all be closer together. Have you ever wished all the people you love could just been in one place? Yeah I want everyone to be in London please. Yes? Okay? Thanks!

Enjoy the rest of your evening,

Natalie-Ann x

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Birthday Week And All The Surprises!

What a week it has been. I'm writing this whilst laying in bed on this glorious lazy Sunday! I've had such an amazing week that has been full of surprises and happiness. I apologise in advance for not posting daily this week but the moment I get really busy is when this sort of takes a back seat, which it shouldn't but it has. Anyway I'm doing the same thing as I did with my Mum and Dad's anniversary weekend and compiling everything into this one blog. I hope you enjoy!


It's bonfire night! I had work today and hadn't really got anything planned fireworks wise. However as you probably know, my housemate Sean has his own band called Dan's Anyx and he had a gig on tonight so I thought that I'd tag along. I think I'm probably considered as one of their groupies now, but I've only been to two of their gigs, so perhaps not just yet. Their music is so good though, they do covers but they also write a lot of their own music. It's music that sounds as if it could be a recent release from an artist currently in the charts. If I could describe their music, I'd probably say it's a mix of classic rock and indie. I could be completely wrong in saying that but oh well! On another note, I can't believe how cold it is in the evening. So far we have been getting good weather for the October/November period but jeepers has it gotten colder very quickly. Although it's not cold enough in the morning yet, where I'm having to put my clothes on the radiator the night before, so that they are all nice and warm for me to just pop on when I get out of bed. I used to do that all the time when I was living up in the Midlands. 


It's my birthday, it's my birthday, I'm a spend my money! I woke up to the best present ever on Facebook this morning.  One of my best friend's Charlie had recorded herself singing 22 by Taylor Swift but had to my surprise, changed the words to fit better. I LOVE THIS GIRL! It made me tear up when she sung "I wish I could be there...' because if we were still at university, she would have been! This is probably the one thing that I realised when waking up this morning, that there was no one their for me to open my cards/presents in front of. Until now, it's been my family when I was living in Stoke and then my friends when I was at university. However, this is the first year where there was no one watching me open my cards. To solve this issue-ish, I recorded some of it so I felt like I was talking to someone. I realise this sounds really weird and sad but it made me feel slightly better! I got loads of lovely cards and a beautiful apron off Sam's mum and dad which was gorgeous! It was a similar design to Cath Kidston which I loved and I will make sure I motivate myself to perhaps do some baking videos within the new year, so I can show off my apron. I had work today (why, oh why did I put myself in). To be honest it wasn't as bad as I expected, I got to wear my cat birthday badge. This was given to me by Sean as we have a little on-going joke in regards to cat-themed birthday cards but that's for another blog. After getting in from work, myself and Sean had organised to have a take-away as a birthday treat. We went to the local pizza house and had the biggest pizzas ever. We also brought a couple of bottles of wine to go with it and we ended up watching The Green Mile. Now I've never seen it before, even though it is a classic and I LOVED it! It was such an emotional film and it was a great movie choice for my birthday.


Work as per usual but with the added excitement of a commercial audition. Found out that I had it pretty much the day before so it was last minute organising the time off but the audition went really well. I think. It was a new experience for me as I'd never been to a commercial audition before. I think I impressed them but there were a lot of people auditioning for the role I had been put forward for so I'm not expecting anything. It was nice to have the audition as it just broke up the day more and therefore made it bearable! After I finished work, I decided to treat myself to a latte and whilst waiting in line, Hannah arrived. We hadn't seen each other in a while so it was so good to finally see her again. She took me outside of StarBucks and told me she had a surprise so I had to hold out my hands. A little confused and not knowing what was going on, I did what I was told. The next thing, she told me to open my eyes and to my left was MARIA! Literally I screamed like a kid at christmas. It was totally unexpected seeing as she'd told me she couldn't get the time off work to come down. BUT SHE LIED and what a beautiful lie it was. We headed back home and got lots of alcohol and fajita ingredients and prepped tea for when Sam arrived. Sam arrived around 11ish and I wore my new birthday apron to cook tea too! It was just the best having both Maria, Sam, Hannah and Sean in the house. It was great to have a big catch up and celebrate another day of my birthday and of all of us coming together!


So I had NO idea where we were going today. Hannah had planned something, to which I had no clue whatsoever. We left early in the morning and got the train to London Bridge. We then got on the Underground and Maria had never been on the tubes before so that was a great experience for her to have. We ended up in Sloane Square, much to the others amusement at my confusion. We had breakfast at Pret as we had no time to eat at the house before we left and whilst having our coffee, Hannah handed me a brown envelope wrapped in cotton string. I opened it and to my delight it was a LUSH! spa experience, a treatment I was going to have today! I was unbelievably excited and overwhelmed when I realised that it was actually from Hannah, Maria, Sam, Sean, Elliott, Charlie, Laura and Sarah had all chipped in together to get me this treat. I know I've already thanked them but again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TREATING ME! You're the best friends in the entire world! The treatment by the way was incredible but I'm going to do a vlog about it in the next few weeks so I can describe it better and in more detail than rushing it in this blog. In the evening, we began drinking at the Slug and Lettuce and had SO many cocktails. We then went onto Nandos and weren't impressed by the fact they'd gone and basically double booked our table but gave us the excuse that because we rang to say we were going to be 10 minutes late, they had to give up the table...what?! Not very good, but we did end up having a great meal and we got free carrot cake. We would have preferred free bottles of wine but never mind!


We had a lovely lie in this morning, due to the fact we were just exhausted (I definitely was) from such a hectic couple of weeks. I did me and Sam breakfast and bed and then we headed on over to Harvester for lunch for their plantation platter and unlimited salad bowls, which is the best concept ever by the way. It also felt really festive in the pub, what with the cold and crisp weather and the christmas decorations that were now starting to form both inside and out. Hannah left after we had gone to the Harvester as she was meeting friends in London and Sam left a little after 4 to catch his bus. Now there's just me and Maria, chilling out and watching some movies. I have my Head Shots being done tomorrow so I need to sort out what things I'm taking in terms of wardrobe as I want these to look amazing. Especially as they're costing a lot! This industry is all about investment and hoping it pays off so here's part one of that investment. Photos will be posted hopefully tomorrow so you guys can check them out!

Sweet dreams guys and sorry for the extremely long blog post. Hope I haven't bored you to death!

Natalie-Ann x

P.S. An update on my weekly videos, I will either be posting one tonight or tomorrow night. Sorry for the lateness but my vlog for this week was all going to be set around my birthday week!

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dexter And A New Fashion Blog.

So I've started watching Dexter tonight. I've been meaning to watch another series since finishing Breaking Bad. I literally have a list forming as long as my arm, of box series I need to watch. As I'm watching this, I'm on my second episode of the first season and I LOVE it! When I first saw this advertised, I thought that he's a character working at a police force but a killer by night. However he's working as a blood analyst and killing murders by night. This makes me more sense to me rather than him just killing random people at night. It's surprisingly comical and I love the character of Dexter. Surprise to say I'm going to be watching a few more tonight!

On another note, I've decided to introduce another page to my blog and that will be a 'Fashion' themed page. I'm going to aim to post a blog of this sort every week. I'm thinking Mondays as everyone gets the Monday blues so why not perk yourself up a bit by reading about fashion? I'm going to try and aim it towards all aspects of fashion. For example, what Kim Kardashian was spotted in walking around Paris (yes I love the Kardashians) or perhaps the latest fashion trends on the catwalk. I'm hoping that what'll you get out of it will be entertaining, but also give you ideas of what you'd perhaps like to wear/buy! I'm also going to be honest of outfits I don't like even if they're worn by the crem de la crem of fashion stylists.

I've started a weekly vlog that will be posted up this Sunday instead of the the usual one on Friday. I decided to do a weekly vlog just because I haven't done one since Fresher's Week and I've also got a lot going on this week with my birthday, so it should be an eventful one. This blog by the way, is taking ages to write because I'm now addicted to Dexter.

I'm really missing home now. Even though I've literally just been back I've missed being at home and with my brothers. Being at university is tough not only because of the course and living independently but also because you miss aspects of family life that you don't necessarily consider when you're always living at home. Birthdays, swimming badges, work life etc are all the things I missed out on whilst at university. I can't wait for Christmas to spend some good quality time with my family. I also can't believe it's almost been a year already since last Christmas. It literally feels like yesterday.

I have work again tomorrow but hopefully will have some more promotional work coming through over the next couple of weeks which will be good for me, money wise!

Sleep well and have good dreams!

Natalie-Ann x

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A VERY Busy Weekend.

I apologise greatly for not posting up a blog for the past couple of days. I know some of you look forward to reading my blogs every day (or so I'm told by some of you).

Anyway, these past couple of days have been so intense. As you know I've been in Stoke-on-Trent (my hometown) rehearsing for Pantomime. I've literally not had time to see anyone else other than my family, which I'm gutted about as I did want to try and see Evie before I left but I just didn't have any time to actually spare. The rehearsals for the Pantomime have been so much fun but there's just been so much to learn that I'm exhausted from it all. I loved that we have been thrown into a weekend of intense rehearsals and it felt so good to be getting back into a rehearsal room, which I've missed. I'm so lucky to have been given this opportunity and I'm very thankful for all those involved. I hope some of you guys reading will be able to make it to see the show as it should be a good one. Cheesy and full of happy endings. What more could you want out of life?

So this morning I spent some time with my Nan and Grandad before heading off to the train station to get my train to Birmingham. We had a lovely brunch, consisting of bacon, eggs, tomatoes, beans and of course OATCAKES! We also had some pickled onions. Odd, yes but certainly tasty! It was also probably the biggest jar of pickled onions I had ever seen. It's a pity I didn't take a photo.

After I waved my grandparents and Alfie goodbye, Mum text'd me a few minutes later saying that her and Dad had come over to work to say goodbye but because I got an earlier train than planned, they missed me! I was gutted. 


After getting to Birmingham, I got onto the good ol' Mega Bus too get back to London. There was the most foul-mouthed person though on the bus back. He would answer the phone and every other line would have a swear word in it. I think he was drunk as well as he kept slurring his words and talking very slowly. Weirdo.

Anyway, I've gotten home safely and decided that for this week's vlog I'm doing a daily one because I haven't done one in a while and with this week being a little bit busier than other weeks,  I thought why not! It's my birthday this week also so I'm super excited to celebrate the fact I'm 22. NOT.

Also I got the best surprise when I got in this evening. A postcard from my best friend Charlie! If you don't know her personally, she's appeared in a few of my daily vlogs and she's currently in Argentina. I MISS HER SO MUCH! I cannot wait to see her on New Years Eve.

I'm feeling a little bit spaced out as I'm writing this. I think I need to go bed!

See you tomorrow,

Natalie-Ann x

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Late Videos, A Busy Day Shopping And Panto Rehearsals.

Halloween Night? Is that even a thing? I say this with sarcasm as I got to do no sort of Halloweeny celebrations tonight, due to having our first evening of pantomime rehearsals. This weekend is going to be very intensive, as I'm appearing in a pantomine in Rugeley at Christmas. The pantomime is as you may already know, Aladdin and I'm going to playing Princess Jasmine. It's a very quick turn around as this is really the only sort of proper rehearsals we'll have as we won't be meeting up till December 6th and we go on stage on the 9th. Scary! A fitting thought for Halloween.

So today, I got up at 9.30 after going to bed at around 1.30am. Why I hear you ask, were you up so late? Well to be perfectly honest I wasn't organised this week and forgot about editing a video for I did it last night! I really hope that when you watch the video you don't think it's rushed. I did try and spend as much time on it as I could (without falling asleep on my laptop), so I hope you like it. As I'm typing this, the video is currently uploading and should be up in 503 minutes. That's what it's estimated at anyway. I tried uploading it this morning but forgot to add my tag title to the video and was in a rush to get out of the house so I decided it would be best to just get it uploaded when I got in from rehearsals tonight.

Today my mammy treated me to a day out to do some birthday shopping. She realised that I haven't got a lot of clothes at the moment and living in London is so expensive. By the time I take out all the necessities I need for the month, out of my wage packet, there's nothing really left. We visited lots of shops but I mainly got the bulk of my clothes from Primark. CUE PRIMARK HAUL VIDEO!

I got loads of chunky knitwear and fashionable but cosy dresses that I could wear both in the day and during the evening that would be ideal for the winter we'll certainly be receiving in the UK. The best part of the day was going to Terrys Ltd where I had my first job. It's a cafe in the market section of the shopping centre and if you didn't know, Stoke-on-Trent/Staffordshire is well-known for their oatcakes. Oatcakes are basically like savoury pancakes. 

You put anything from bacon to mushrooms, egg or sausage, whatever you like. Sometimes we'd have an oatcake with a full english (a substitute for bread perhaps) and it's SO good! So we went there for lunch and what's so lovely about it is that they encourage their customers to sit together. There isn't much seat area in the cafe as they are limited to space, so customers take seat with others! They do get a lot of regulars who now tend to sit together and have been doing it for years and years. I remember coming into work at around 8am to see the locals standing outside the market waiting for it to be open. They were certainly brave considering it was always so cold in the morning!

After finishing up in Hanley (the town centre for shopping in Stoke-on-Trent), we headed to my Nan's and Grandad's for tea. We had a lovely steak and apple pie for pudding. I also had a glass of rose! Oooo cheeky. Afterwards, my grandad drove me to rehearsals for pantomime. It was lovely to see everyone and meet some new people. Tonight was quite relaxed, we blocked and ran a few scenes and learnt a dance or two but tomorrow and Sunday will be our opportunity to really hit the ground running and get this pantomime up on it's feet.

Looking forward to the day ahead and I'll be sure to post up the 'What's in my bag?' video on tomorrow night's blog!

Natalie-Ann x

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