Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Last Show And A Big Surprise!

Sorry that this blog post is extremely late but I've only just got settled into bed after unpacking my mahoosive bag and making my room all nice and tidy. 

Today was the last day of panto and we went out with a bang (even though it was a 10am show). The audience was full of children, so they were keen to cheer and boo, laugh and scream and all the other things you do when you're at a pantomime. One child even had Wishee Washee in stitches at one point, to the extent that he was laughing for a considerable amount of time before regaining composure! We as the cast had all put in some money to get some presents for the crew who helped make the show possible. Well, let's be honest, we need sound and beautiful lighting for us to be amazeballs. A big thanks go out to Lucy, whom I learnt that after having four children, you become extremely strong and are able to lift heavy sets with ease. Lucy was a lifesaver and she was a jack of all trades helping with costume, stitching costume back together, moving set and just being an all round good egg. Thanks beautiful!
Christmas Dinner
After the show, the fantastic ladies of the Rugeley Rose Theatre, made us a fantastic, home-made steak and ale pie with all the trimmings and even some Bucks Fizz to wash it all down. That was then followed by a jam sponge with custard. How spoilt were we?! I've never been in a theatre that's been so accommodating. They literally kept us fed and watered throughout the week and were just so lovely to us in every aspect.

Then came the long trip back to LANDON! It felt so weird to be going back as it felt as if it had been forever since I left. However, when I got onto London it felt as if I'd never left. Now here is where the surprise comes in. I'd been texting Sam throughout the day just casually and he'd told me that he had a tutorial he was meant to attend either tomorrow or Thursday so wouldn't be able to see me until then. When I got on the bus from Crayford station, Sean my housemate, was on the same bus, what are the odds?! Then I get in and I noticed the light was on as we were approaching the house. I kind of thought that maybe Sean had just left it on but nope I was wrong. When we got in, Sam came creeping round into the living room and I literally dropped everything I had - which was a lot of bags - and ran into his arms, much like your typical lover's embrace that you'd see in an old film. It was so good to see him after three weeks of being apart and as I'm writing this he's clambering into bed. YAY I now have my hot water bottle back.

Today has been full of surprises and treats and tomorrow I'm off Christmas shopping to buy all the gifts I need to get because I just haven't had time because of doing panto!

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Monday, 15 December 2014

One Show Day And Talks Of Ghosts.

After a wonderfully busy day off, I got up again this morning at 6am(ish) to get ready for another two show day. It's a bit of a weird one, doing a 10am show and a 1pm show because even though you're doing two shows, it's not exhausting because they're short and you then have the rest of the day to play with.
Theatre Bows
So we turned up at the theatre to find that we were only doing one performance...even though it said on the website that there was two. In fact, the only people who knew that we were only doing one show were the managers running the theatre. No one else knew, not even the tech crew! We thought this very odd but we weren't bothered by it as I think we're all flagging a little. Some of us are getting a little ill so just having the one today was a bit of a god send! 

After finishing the performance, we met up with our good friend Adam who with his friend Alex, who had already planned to come and see our afternoon performance. Obviously, this wasn't going to happen so instead we went to the local Wetherspoons for lunch. It was lovely to have a catch up with friends especially when everyone of mine is dotted all over the world! I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening basically sorting out my life. At this moment in time, I've had so many thoughts regarding acting, promotional work, money, YouTube etc that I've just needed a few hours like to to get everything sorted and I've made a good start! 

Over tea, Ashley mentioned the return of the sound of high heels walking along the street outside again. It's apparently been happening for a while now, at different times on every other night but when he looks to see where the sound is coming from there's no one to be seen. WEIRD. So my dad proceeded to scare my brothers and I've got a feeling one of them may be waking up tonight after having a nightmare.

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sleeping In, Sunday Roasts And A Christmas Party!

I slept in till 11am today AND IT FELT SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! 

I would have slept in for longer, if it hadn't been for the fact that I had to get up for a Sunday roast. However, it was no ordinary roast that I was getting up for. It was my Nan's Sunday roast and my Nan's roasts are the best. I don't know what she does to them to make it taste so good but I've honestly not had a better one than hers and this one did not disappoint one bit!
Christmas Dinner
Look how Christmassy it looks!
Whenever I have a Sunday dinner at Nan's it always takes me back to when I lived at home. We'd always go and visit both sets of grandparents on a Sunday for a catch-up and then we'd have a Sunday roast. My Auntie Lesley, Uncle Martin and Cousin Bruce all joined us for the roast today and it was nice to be around everyone to chat about life and enjoy each other's company. We then had to rush off to Cheddleton to attend the Christmas party that had been organised for the children living around Cheddleton which was really nice. They had a DJ and had laid out the tables with crisps and snacks. Myself, Lee and Mum all had mulled wine which was delicious and I got to spend some quality time with little Emma and George which was lovely. These kids are so sweet and they always make me broody. Don't worry though Mother (or Sam for that matter) I don't want children yet. As selfish as it sounds, I want a career first and that may take a while!
Natalie with baby george
Look how adorable he is!
Also the big reveal on my video is that it's featuring my little brother Alfie! I will update this blog as soon as the video uploads but it should be visible in the next 30 minutes. We had tons of fun and a few laughs along the way so make sure you watch it, share it and subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with all the videos I post in the future.

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The BIG One!

Today was the big day in terms of the pantomime. We had two public performances, one at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. I think it makes a big difference to your performance when there's people in the audience that you know. I tend to get a lot more nervous and always critique my performance more because there's people watching that I know I'll definitely see afterwards! When you're performing to strangers, if you mess up or think your performance wasn't up to scratch, there's a big chance you're never going to see them again anyway.

All the family came to see my performance in the evening, along with some close family friends, including our next door neighbour Lee! They all really enjoyed it and I made sure the dame gave them a shout out at the beginning of his scene. With only 4 shows left to do, I'm not looking forward to that deflated feeling you get when you finish a production. You never know what to do with yourself once it's finished because you get into a routine. I'm determined though to secure some more paid work in terms of theatre because I can't deny myself from performing on stage, I love doing it and it gives me the best buzz both being on stage and coming off it.

I have a day off tomorrow which is AMAZING! Can't wait to not set my alarm so that I can have a nice lie in. I managed to film my video for tomorrow evening, this morning so I'm going to edit that in the morning and schedule it before I head off to my Nana and Grandad's for what is going to be the best Sunday dinner in the world. I can't remember when I last had one around my grandparents. My Nan's roasts are by far the best roast dinners I've ever had, but then again I'm sure anyone else would say the same about their Nan's. What is it that they put in it to make it so damn good?!

Anyway, it's now gone midnight and I need to get some rest. I've never appreciated sleep quite as much as I have done this week. BRING ON THE BED!

Night folks,

Natalie-Ann x


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Tiredness, Autographs And Drunken Dads.

6 SHOWS TO GO! I'm lying in bed writing this one with a big smile on my face because for the first time - in what feels like ages - I don't have to get up at 6am! I can stay in till 11am. I'M SO EXCITED FOR MORE SLEEP. I was thinking of purposely setting my alarm for 6am just so I could stir and realise I don't have to get up for another 5 hours but I'd rather just sleep all the way through...

In all honesty though, I think myself and the cast need the lie in. We all seem to be getting a little bit under the weather and that's probably due to the early starts and not getting enough sleep. Even though there's still 6 more shows to do, I dread the thought of going back to work just because I've loved performing on stage for the past few days. Weirdly, the stage feels like my home. If I could perform every day on a stage for the rest of my life, I'd be happy! All's I need is someone to offer me work, any takers?

The quality of the above image isn't great but you may be able to see a slightly merry papa redman in the background. I tried to get a photo of him from outside the car when we'd stopped at the lights but he hastily wound up the window. I love drunk parents, especially mine because they become ten times crazier than what they normally are. And on a normal day they are pretty weird. It's probably where I get my personality from!

Right, it's time to sort out my diary for the next coming weeks and get myself so more promotional work booked in for the New Year. Onwards and upwards my friends! OH! and I'm also recording my next video tomorrow morning which should be up by Sunday evening around 7pm.


P.S. I nearly forgot the best thing that happened at tonight's show that I even forgot to tell my parents so they'll probably read it on here. As I was leaving the theatre a young boy came over to me with his mum and asked for my autograph! I was surprised to say a little overwhelmed by it because I've never signed my 'autograph' before. I wrote a little message and signed it off with Princess Jasmine. Well, I have to keep in character don't I? It's a lovely feeling when you see a kid grinning and raving about showing the autographs of Aladdin and Jasmine in his school. SO CUTE!

Natalie-Ann x

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Three Pantomimes In One Day!

Another two pantomimes down and we've only got eight more shows left! It's only typical when a performance is finally coming together, that it comes to the end of it's run. We had a massive group of school children in this morning and then a considerably smaller audience in this afternoon but I don't think we let the audience difference dampen our energy levels as the second one I thought was just as good as the first one.

You may be wondering why three pantomimes in one day Natalie? Well my mum's friend had a daughter in a pantomime (Mother Goose) at the Mitchell Arts Centre. This theatre was once called the Mitchell Memorial Theatre and was the place where I kind of first stepped onto a stage knowing that I wanted to perform. It was refurbished a couple of years back so it was extremely humbling coming back to see it decked out and looking right posh!

Before Refurb

After Refurb

The show was good and it was nice to actually sit and watch a pantomime rather than to be on the stage, for once. I hope that the rest of week goes well and that there are no more hiccups (fire alarms going off) to affect the show. Sadly though, I missed out on the cast meal tonight for our pantomime but hopefully they had a fabulous time and I can't wait to get up tomorrow at 6AM to start off another day.

Why do I do this to myself? I could have led a normal 9-5 life. BAH that would be too boring.


Natalie-Ann x


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Another Day As A Princess.

So that's 4 shows down and only 10 more to go. It sounds like a lot but when we're doing 2 shows a day, it definitely goes quickly. I'm really enjoying being back on the stage and I love the fact I'm playing the Princess, mainly to see all the smiles on the children's faces when they're watching. It's literally the cutest thing in the world!

I just love the fact that we manage to do two shows but end up finishing at 3.30pm. It gives me so much time in the evening with my family and this is important to me as I don't see them very often, what with living all the way down in London. So, when I am visiting home, I try and spend as much time as I possibly can with them. This evening consisted of relaxing and chillaxing with the AJ MISTER. I introduced him to the film Step Up 3 which he loved except for the fact he had to go bed half way through the film...

The worst part was I didn't realise he'd gone.....until 3/4 of the way through the film. Awkward. 

No joke this is what I'm like when watching TV.

I don't know whether anyone can relate to me on this but whenever I'm watching television, my brain turns into a pile of mush and therefore blocks out any outside noise, i.e. someone trying to get my attention. There was this one time, when my mum was calling my name for ages and I didn't respond until she'd gone out of the room. Come to think of it I do tend to reply with what? when someone's saying something or asking a question. Why? Not because I didn't hear them, but to just clarify what they were saying...even though I heard what they'd said.

I realise I'm making no sense whatsoever I think that it's due to the lack of sleep I've been getting. I'm enjoying panto, don't get me wrong but GOD I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUNDAY. I'm sleeping in! Well as much as I can do until I have to record and upload my vlog, have Sunday dinner and then attend a kids party. Smashing.

All the best my little chipmunks,

Natalie-Ann x


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Opening Day Of Aladdin And An Early Night!

I'm writing this with my bedroom light turned off and tucked up into bed ready to go to sleep as soon as I publish this!

Today has been the opening day of Aladdin and despite the few hiccups we've had and the fact that today was basically our dress run, it's gone pretty well. Obviously, being an actor, you are you're biggest critic and in my opinion, there's still room for improvement. However, judging from the reactions of the children we've had in the shows today, it seems to have gone down a treat. Standard that I manage to get a cold during production week of all weeks but it can't be helped and I'll just have to battle on through!

We did two performances today with one starting and 10am and the other at 1pm. Doing performances at 10am is a killer though, as it's hard to warm up your voice in the morning without straining it. Add that with a cold and you've got the most annoying combination. We've got this up until Friday and then it's the short start and finish of our public performances which I'm looking forward to. A lot of my family and a few friends are coming to see it so it'll be nice to have some support in the audience. I have enjoyed performing to the school children today though as it's a type of theatre sort of made for children. They were all cheering and booing and getting involved, it's really humbling to see so much admiration from the children towards us as characters.

After finishing panto I met my dad after work and he drove us home. I then went out with my mammy and brother Alfie to collect our friend's children from nursery and they are SO CUTE! We only had them for about an hour but I was actually quite worn out by the time they left. Where do children get their energy from?! It's mind-boggling! Anyway I'm now as I said, tucked up in bed and am going to get a well deserved early night. I need to make sure I get a full 9 hours sleep which should hopefully knock this cold on it's head before it gets any worse. I need to be on top form this week and I can't have this damn cold getting in the way.

Night all and enjoy the rest of your wonderful evening,

Natalie-Ann x


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Let Me Take A Selfie And A Long Day!

But first...let me take a selfie! Photo bombed in the process.
So it's nearly here. Aladdin the pantomime is coming to the Rugeley Rose Theatre and I'm so excited to get started. It's been a long day today but hopefully by tomorrow (well it better do by tomorrow), everything should be in place and we'll be reading for our first performance at 10am on Tuesday morning! This is actually probably one of the first times I'm doing a show at 10am in the morning and to be honest I'm a little nervous. I think mostly because of my voice and how warmed up it WON'T be. I'm going to need to get up extra early just so I can take a hot shower and hum to make sure I'm vocally warmed up before I go on stage else some of my numbers are going to sound dreadful...

BUT anyway, today has been long and I am super tired so I'm going to keep this super sweet. By the way, I apologise for not posting a video on my YouTube Channel in a while but it was inevitable this would happen due to how busy I've been lately. However, there is a plan in place and I actually should have one up this Sunday night hopefully. There will also be a special guest featuring on it, which I'm sure many of you are going to love.

Cheers me dears!

Natalie-Ann x


Saturday, 6 December 2014

Back Into Panto And Family.

It's time for pantomime!

OH no it isn't.


Ok, I'll stop now but you guessed it or probably already know if you've read my previous blogs but I'm not about to venture into a week long run of the pantomime, Aladdin! I'm playing Princess Jasmine and this will be my first professional stage credit. OH MY DAYS I'M SO EXCITED. If anyone reading this lives around the area of Rugeley then head on down to the Rugeley Rose Theatre this Friday evening or Saturday to see me and the cast in action. 

Hell yeah, I can see the resemblance... 
We got back into the swing of things today, although a little rusty, we managed to refresh all the main blocking of the panto itself so tomorrow we will be in the theatre running it and going through the songs and dances. I'm just excited to get back onto the stage as the last time I was on would have been Fame in Aberystwyth when I was still a university student (let's not talk about university else I might cry). I also worked out that one of the girls who is in the panto is driving back and forth to Rugeley and originally I was staying in accommodation but turns out I can get lifts with her. This means, to my delight and my family, that I can stay at home all week. During the week, we have the school performances so I'll be able to get back to Stoke-on-Trent by around 4ish. This means I can get dropped off at my Nan's and spend time with them before going back to the house when my mum finishes work. SPLENDID!

It's turned out so well and more affordable for me as I'd have to be buying out for food all week and I just don't have the money to do that at the moment. After rehearsals today, my family had organised my nan and grandad to come over for tea and we all had steak. Dang it I've missed meals at home, not just because we had steak but that we were all sitting round the table. Unfortunately, most of the time. me and Sean eat at different times because we get in at different times in the evening which sucks. Although, we do try and eat together some times so we try and find moments where we can as much as we can!

Eating round the table as a family though, is something I definitely miss. I don't know if every family does it and I do remember at school a lot of my friends would tell me it was rare that there families would ever eat together. I think this time is probably most important in a family, especially when the children are young as it provides a chance for everyone to share their stories of the day or talk over problems or discuss something interesting or important. I JUST LOVE IT!

I also received some beautiful and certainly unexpected, flowers from Maria, Hannah & Maria's mum aka Mummy Wyles. They were some beautiful and I plan on taking one with me to the theatre on Tuesday which is the opening of pantomime, to give me good luck.

I literally have the most amazing people around me. I'm so blessed! Thank you girls and mammy Wyles for such a thoughtful gift. I love you all so much. Right I must get some sleep to be ready for another full day of rehearsals tomorrow!

Spread the love my friends,

Natalie-Ann x


Shedding A Stone And Home Sweet Home.

Now don't get all surprised and celebratory on me. I haven't lost a stone but by god the amount of running I did back and forth from station to station tonight was ridiculous. That and I was also carrying with me everything but the kitchen sink, as the saying goes!

Basically what I felt like.

I don't think I've actually sweated so much in my entire life. The amount of sweat that I produced was incredible to say the least. What didn't help, was the massive gym bag style luggage bag I was carrying around with me as well as my big handbag and my laptop bag. SO MANY BAGS! The gym bag was just one of those bags that would knock you flying out of the way, especially when I'd filled it with some much crap. People kept looking at me funnily when they saw my bag and some even looked at it in disgust. What do you want me to do? Balance it on my hard? Listen fellow commuter, I cannot help that on a rare day where I go home for a prolonged period of time, I have to carry a big dock off bag with me. If it's getting in the way, tough!

Anyway moan over. Instead of getting the Mega Bus which was going to be delayed 15 minutes, I got the train which got me back home at 9.30pm. If I'd have taken the bus I wouldn't have got into Birmingham New Street till 22.35pm and I couldn't believe it (I definitely will check next time before I book) but there were no trains running from Birmingham to Stoke-on-Trent after 22.30pm. This is probably normal and I'm just so used to London travel services running late but I'd have thought that they would run till 11pm at the latest!

The new corner sofa that mum and dad have got is literally the most comfy corner sofa in the world. I was definitely ready to fall asleep on that sofa after watching the telly and having a cheeky glass of Baileys...or two! Dang it I've missed home.

Anyways, I'm up on the Staffs Uni drama studios from 10am tomorrow to get back into the swing of panto land. Cannot wait! OH NO I CAN'T. See what I did there. Yep I'm hilarious.


Natalie-Ann x

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Bullying And Preparing For Panto.

I want to bring up this topic as it created a little healthy discussion into the matter on my Facebook page. It's about a one individual beating and stabbing two other individuals. The boy who was 19 was supposedly bullied by these two girls aged 15 and 16. Now this was a horrific act of violence and giving him a jail sentence is definitely correct and I agree with completely. However, bullying is disgusting and a horrible experience. I was teased at school sometimes for my last name and this I know wasn't bullying at it's worst as it was only verbal. However, when it did happen? I'd go home upset and feeling helpless. So in relation to this scenario, despite the age difference, these girls know right from wrong. Verbally attacking someone can be more hurtful than physical abuse and bullying makes no difference whether the victim of this bullying is 19 or 25 or 50. So my opinion and my feelings towards this are that yes he should not have acted out in such a violent way but these girls will unfortunately have to live with the consequences of their actions.

Now onto a more cheery subject. I am halfway through picking my head shots and currently waiting for the other half to download. I think the plan is to make a private album of my favourites and then share them to my closest friends and family members to help me decide which should be my top three. I'll hopefully do it tonight if they download quick enough. 

I did a casting today after work to which I cannot talk about because I signed a disclosure form but I managed to earn £50 and it was paid to me as a fifty pound note! I've never had one of these before so it was quite an overwhelming moment.

Anyway time to watch some more Dexter and then pack for home tomorrow! Cannot wait to start pantomime now and to of course finally go home to spend some well earned time with the family.

All the love,

Natalie-Ann x


Cold Limbs And Headshots.

Why is it so cold?! Working at the Grimm Tales experience is fantastic and I love the fact that I'm working in a building that is immersed with theatre but my jolly is it cold in that building. Every time I finish, I get back home and my hands- in fact my whole body - is still cold. This is the one thing that I cannot stand about winter weather, is how bitterly cold it gets in the UK. I remember when I was living back at home all those years ago at school and college, I would always without a shadow of a doubt, put my next morning clothes on the radiator the night before. It's the best feeling in the morning getting out of bed to put on warm clothes. Gives you a sense of security in thinking that you're still in bed even though sadly, you're not.

Bed is a great thought right now, was literally dragging myself to the platform where I was getting my train from. Tiredness can sometimes hit me so fast I can go from being wide awake to my eyes suddenly deciding to close on me. Damn eyes...

Anyway, moving onto HEADSHOTS. OMFG MY HEADSHOTS! So just before writing this blog I had a look through the first of my headshots and literally have about 30 odd that I've written down as my favourites already and that's only half. I have to pick three. This is going to be so hard.

And here is one of the headshots that Jennie herself posted on her page, to which I'm considering is going to be one of my top three...


The wonders of great photography and technology combined together, my friends. I am so chuffed that these photos are coming out so well. I really am going to be stuck for choice on which ones to choose. I'm definitely gonna have to get a few opinions on my top choices to decide the final three as I just couldn't decide on my own!

Thank you to Jennie who made these beautiful images and I would recommend this lovely lady to anyone. She's so lovely, completely nuts so she's right up my street and she's professional, funny and a great person to work with.

Now all that excitement is over with I really need to get some sleep as the fun just doesn't stop with me!

Nighty Night,

Natalie-Ann x


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Work, Work and Dexter.

Tis the season to be working fa la la la la la la la la...

Yes instead of relaxing and getting mentally prepared for pantomime, I still need to earn myself a living and in true Natalie Redman style, I have two jobs on the go. My day started this morning at 7.30am and I'm just getting into bed now. What a day it's been and I've got another one of these again tomorrow. Also I think I've gone and injured myself a little. The new shoes that I brought for promotional work were a little too tight and I think I may have caused some slight muscle damage but it's nothing serious, nothing that would stop me performing anyway. It's just a niggly feeling as if I've pulled a muscle. I've had it before so it's nothing to worry about (I'm aiming this towards you mother).
This picture is SO weird....
So after leaving work at SeaLife today I got a call from one of the promotional agencies I'm with and I'm now booked onto 5 days worth of work during January. RESULT! Now to get filling up the rest of the month with promotional stuff and hopefully some castings. I'm going to try and do a few short films/unpaid projects that will gain me some showreel footage as this is something I really need. ALSO big news, my headshots are currently downloading onto my computer as we speak and I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO SEE THEM. The shoot was awesome and I can't wait to work my way through the photos to pick out my top 3. It's going to be a tough call! 

I'm also now signed onto another promotional agency so the amount of e-mails coming through regarding promotional work for the New Year is looking very promising. This self-employment thing is a scary thought but I think it's the push I need to get myself on my feet and working hard to achieve my dreams. 

Sitting on your bum all day is boring anyway. WHO NEEDS RELAXATION?!

Not me.

Natalie-Ann x

P.S. Me and Sean have started Season 3 of Dexter after having a few days rest from the explosive and fiery ending to Season 2. Man this show is good.

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Monday, 1 December 2014

Headshots, Seeing A Bestie And Rehearsing For Panto.

What a fantastic day it's been today. I'm now sat here on the sofa watching Mission Impossible, reflecting on today's events. So finally I managed to re-organise my headshots for today. You can begin to imagine how excited I was to be getting these headshots done. I've known about Jennie Scott for a while as a photographer and have often seen her photos crop up on my Facebook newsfeed so when I saw one of my friends recently have hers done, I decided to get on the case. I travelled to Balham underground station and met up with Jennie by knocking on her car door and scaring her half to death. Great first impressions Natalie...

Now I'd never met Jennie before so hadn't got a clue what she looked like. She picked me up from the underground station and drove me to the location where she shoots her headshots. It's not every day that I get into a stranger's car so don't worry I did my research! I had no need to be worried though because she was such a lovely woman, really down to earth and a right laugh! The location we shot at was absolutely beautiful and had such a fantastic layout with stunning greenery. I had brought a long a few outfit changes that we used and even though it was a super freaking cold day, Jennie did her upmost to get the best shots, ruffling up my hair every now and again and making sure I looked B-E-A-UTIFUL! I've seen some of the shots and I am SUPER excited to see them. I hopefully should receive them later tonight or at some point tomorrow. I'm gonna go over them if possible on skype with the rents and the boyfriend. If not then I can show the rents Friday but I've got a feeling I might be too late by then to get them ready to go into the panto programme. 

After the shoot, I got a well deserved coffee from Starbucks (as I hadn't had one this morning to start with) and headed on over to Oxford Circus to meet ANTONY. Antony is someone I've know at university for a few years now and he's been entertaining the campers at a Butlin-esque site. He actually has been to see Les Mis tonight which I was very jealous about so I'm hoping he enjoyed that. We met up with Hannah during her lunch break because you know, she's got a proper job now ;) and we had lunch at this lovely little cafe/bistro. Spontaneous catch-ups are always the best kind and I forgot how much I missed him!

So this evening I have been a busy bee, making sure I've up to scratch on the panto. It's been a crazy project and I'm looking forward to getting it up on it's feet. We've got a full day on Saturday to rehearse and refresh ourselves for the coming week. I'm super excited and it'll have been a while since I've been on stage so I'm crazy excited to get that stage buzz back again. Actors/Performers reading this will know what that feels like!

Well I'm off to do a little shop to keep me going until I go home on Friday and then it's off to bed to get through the next few days of double shifts....oh boy.


Natalie-Ann x

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