Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Work, Work and Dexter.

Tis the season to be working fa la la la la la la la la...

Yes instead of relaxing and getting mentally prepared for pantomime, I still need to earn myself a living and in true Natalie Redman style, I have two jobs on the go. My day started this morning at 7.30am and I'm just getting into bed now. What a day it's been and I've got another one of these again tomorrow. Also I think I've gone and injured myself a little. The new shoes that I brought for promotional work were a little too tight and I think I may have caused some slight muscle damage but it's nothing serious, nothing that would stop me performing anyway. It's just a niggly feeling as if I've pulled a muscle. I've had it before so it's nothing to worry about (I'm aiming this towards you mother).
This picture is SO weird....
So after leaving work at SeaLife today I got a call from one of the promotional agencies I'm with and I'm now booked onto 5 days worth of work during January. RESULT! Now to get filling up the rest of the month with promotional stuff and hopefully some castings. I'm going to try and do a few short films/unpaid projects that will gain me some showreel footage as this is something I really need. ALSO big news, my headshots are currently downloading onto my computer as we speak and I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO SEE THEM. The shoot was awesome and I can't wait to work my way through the photos to pick out my top 3. It's going to be a tough call! 

I'm also now signed onto another promotional agency so the amount of e-mails coming through regarding promotional work for the New Year is looking very promising. This self-employment thing is a scary thought but I think it's the push I need to get myself on my feet and working hard to achieve my dreams. 

Sitting on your bum all day is boring anyway. WHO NEEDS RELAXATION?!

Not me.

Natalie-Ann x

P.S. Me and Sean have started Season 3 of Dexter after having a few days rest from the explosive and fiery ending to Season 2. Man this show is good.

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