Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fame Rehearsal - Opening Night of Noises Off!

Hello! (:

Sorry that I didn't post anything yesterday, I was meant to but I forgot to finish the blog I was writing so I scrapped it and thought I'd combine it with today's blog. YAY!
Fame The Musical Logo
So yesterday, we began the intensive week for Fame, which is a musical I'm in at the end of May in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre! We've always had an intensive week a month or so before the show as it gives us a chance to solidify everything that we've done and iron out any problems that may be troubling us as cast members. It was so lovely to see my Curtain Call family after coming back from the Easter Hols!

After rehearsals, I had another dress run for Noises Off! We open the show tonight which from the face I'm pulling in the photo above, shows that I am very excited. It's been a challenging two months for both the cast, crew and production team to put on such a complex show but hopefully we've pulled it off!

For all of my fellow cast members, break a leg!

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Am I Clumsy?

Just a quick one guys.
Jaffa Cakes
Went to the shops to get some chocolate/sweet type product and decided on Jaffa cakes. I got back and managed to tip the entire contents in my bag. Nice one Natalie, you clever sausage!

I'm currently waiting for my daily vlog to upload, this one is all about me answering questions I've just found on the internet. So have a gander when it finally uploads. For some reason it's taking FOREVER.

Look out for it when it decides to upload!

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Noises Off!

Hello me lovers,

Wow it's now getting pretty close to the opening night of Noises Off, a play that I'm appearing in my The Wardens Company in Aberystwyth. If you get a chance, have a look at some clips of it on YouTube. Its. Absolutely. CRAZY!
Noises Off
It's been such a challenge to do logistically, there's just so many doors opening and closing AND we perform the same play three times, but not exactly the same! I hope all you people around Aberystwyth will come to see it as its hysterical and not to be missed.

Well, better get back into rehearsals!

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Aberystwyth - Wales

G'day Friends!

Went on my morning run and got to experience the lovely view of the promenade. Going to university here was probably the best choice I could have ever made. 
Aberystwyth Beach
When I first applied to go to university, I went for all drama schools and foolishly didn't put down a theory based uni as a back-up. If you don't know much about drama schools, they're VERY competitive.

For every 3,000 that apply yearly(maybe more or less now) there are on average around 28 places on each course. Now that's a lot of rejected applicants. I was one of them although I was glad to have got a recall for two of the schools (Royal Welsh and LIPA) that I'd applied to.

So after failing to get in, I had to pick another university, baring in mind I was now in the later stages of UCAS. This meant I could only pick one university, with no reserve. After not hearing anything from Manchester, I rang up Aberystwyth after being told by my drama teacher at college that it was a good university to go to for drama. They said they could offer me a conditional placement on the day I applied. So after quickly saying my goodbyes to the lovely guy on the phone, I filled out my application form and seven months later, I was in Aberystwyth! I would not have changed it for the world though, I've had the best three years of my life at university and it'a moulded me into the person I am today, more mature and confident about living independently!

Sorry to ramble today, was having an emotional reflection on the past three years of my life!

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Essay Advice

'Ello little ones.

Went out for my morning jog this morning and slung on my boyfriends hoodie! I'm surprising myself at how well I'm committed to running at the moment. Trust me, it won't last very long so I'm certainly making the most of it. 

Sam's at home at the moment, working hard on his dissertation in International Politics. Thankfully I avoided doing a diss and instead did two big practical modules! I honestly don't think I'd have what it takes to do a dissertation. I wouldn't have known what to do it on and I've only just this year managed to get firsts on most of my essays. That's another great thing that's happened in my final year! In education I've rarely been able to reach top A grades but for some reason, in my final year of university, I have done. I must of finally managed to crack the marking system because bar one essay, I've got firsts in everything. It'll be a very close call to see whether I graduate with a 2:1 or a First! 

The weather wasn't great this morning, quite dull compared to yesterday which was nice and hot! Today's schedule is a busy one as I'm recording and editing the clothes haul to put on my channel this evening! I also need to do my Applied Essay which is due in on the 6th May and I have rehearsals this evening! What a busy woman I am! I find that when I finally organise myself and push myself, I manage to achieve great things but it's motivation that I lack and something that I need to work on considerably to get where I need to be. I certainly need to do this when it comes to my acting. I need to work hard because the castings aren't going to find me, I've got to find them myself!
Girl fed up
Using my miraculous firsts for the greater good I thought I'd give out a little bit advice for anyone at university who is struggling with writing essays at the moment. My tops tips would be to make sure you make a plan and research first before you start writing your essay. It's always better to have too much research than too little. Having too little can cause repetition in your essay which obviously loses you marks. My second bit of advice would be to make sure your essay has a point to it. Whether it's an english essay on a certain book or a history essay based on a certain event, always make sure your essay flows and has a sense of direction. Propose an argument and given your opinions that either agree or disagree with others. Finally, don't allow pride or consider it cheating to ask others for help both from your year or the years above. We as humans, learn from lessons. Well I do, anyway. For me, to be told to write an essay without no guidance is a pointless task. How am I going to learn if my mistakes aren't amended or corrected. 

This is what I found to be a negative aspect of university. I think during first year you should be allowed to send your draft version of an essay to your tutor to give you advice on how to improve it. That way in your remaining years, you have the opportunity and no excuse to improve upon your writing skills. So ask someone if you're unsure, don't feel as if you're cheating if you ask for help.

Hope you have a wonderful day ♡

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Finding Motivation


Earlier on today I went for a run in my new shorts! These will be featured in my clothes haul vlog tomorrow, so it's a sneaky peak for you guys. Going for a run was fantastic, surprising how healthy it makes you feel afterwards! I've got my pedometer going on my phone and my food diary all updated so hopefully I should lose the weight I want by the end of May (here's hoping!). I've also been super busy promoting my YouTube channel on multiple platforms to show people my passion for my vlog. If you don't already know, my motivation for fitness is very low. I find that the only time I'm motivated to work out is when I'm at the gym. Seeing all the people around you working out makes me feel like I should be doing the same and I even find myself pushing my limits more just because there's people that are much more fitter in the room.
Stones working out
Also I've been rehearsing for a play that I'll be in from next Wednesday-Saturday (30th April - 3rd May 2014). The play's called Noises Off and it's an hilarious comedy that's very much a farce. It's one of the first plays that I've been in for a couple of years and it's certainly been difficult to adjust. Over the past few years I've been performing in musicals. Musicals are different to plays because they focus more on song and dance than the actual script. When I came to university, I had no plans to be in musicals, they weren't the type of theatre I was looking to get into. However, when I came across Curtain Call and ended up doing 13 the Musical as my first show, I was hooked!

Now with Noises Off, I'm really enjoying the process of developing the character that I'm playing, more so than the ones in the musicals I did. Stage plays are still the direction I want to take my career in but I'm also interested in getting into television and film. This is something I really need to start looking at when I finish university and move down to London. I feel though at a loss at the lack of advice to be given about becoming a professional actor in the industry. We weren't really given any sort of help or were even contacted by our personal tutors about what we wanted to do after we left and given any advice on how to get there. Choosing to become an actor is tough just because there's no guarantee that you'll get a casting job. There is no real permanent job until you manage to get noticed.

If you happen to be around Aberystwyth then, then please get your tickets via the Arts Centre website or go into their box office. The link is below:

Hopefully see you there and look out for my next vlog tomorrow!

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Becoming A Vlogger

I am beyond excited to begin vlogging and to create videos that will hopefully be watched and enjoyed by many of my family and friends! I've wanted to vlog for a while but with university, I just couldn't find the time. If you're reading this and you've never met me, I'm in my final year of university at Aberystwyth. I'm studying for a BA (Joint Honours) in Drama and Theatre/Performance Studies. I've really enjoyed my time at university and it's taught me so much life experience that I wouldn't have got or gained so quickly if I didn't go to university. 

Now that university is nearly over (sad times), I'm so excited to finally get started with this. As I'm writing this, I've uploaded two videos, granted not as great in quality because I'm using my MacBook Pro but it's already received a lot of positive feedback from my friends on other social-networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I'm hopefully going to invest in a better quality camera not only to record my videos but to make a few daily vlogs and see how that pans out for me. I was inspired to vlog after watching lots of other YouTubers and seeing how much fun they were having from doing challenges, talking about their favourite products or just showing their viewers what they get up to in their daily life.
Macbook Pro
I'm really excited to make videos about topics that really interest me, not just videos about beauty and fashion but also about topics that have been part of my life experience. Such as starting a new job, university etc. I'm obviously going down the career path of acting so I'd like to centre most of my vlogs and blogs around my experience going into this industry. Hopefully within the next couple of months, I shall be getting into the routine of posting up daily vlogs every Monday & Friday. The Monday vlogs will be focusing on aspects of my life, what I've been up to that week, anything that's happened in the news and also make-up/hair tutorials! Friday vlogs will focus more on challenges with my friends, clothes and beauty hauls, book reviews etc. Obviously this is a lot to take on and I don't expect that it will go to plan but I'm aiming at the very least to get one video up per week.

Hopefully this is enough to wet your appetite as they say, don't forget to watch my channel now by clicking on the link below:

If you enjoy my videos then please make sure you Subscribe to my channel. This will allow you to see all my videos and get updated when I upload new ones. I'm also actively looking for ways to improve both my videos and my blog posts so if you have any advice please do contact me via my 'Get In Touch' page. I'm eagerly awaiting your opinions!

I think I've probably covered as much as I can with this first blog and I hope you've enjoyed reading it. I will try to make these blogs as interesting as possible, so as not to bore you silly.

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