Thursday, 30 October 2014

Talking Breaking Bad And Travelling Home!

It's been a very hectic week so far at work because of half-term. My voice is knackered, my feet are constantly throbbing and I'm so tired! I really didn't want to get up this morning for my 9am shift. I had to get up for 7.30am so I could get changed and have my breakfast. I hopped on the train at 8.52am and managed to get a seat but boy did it fill up fast. I was joining the hard-core London workers who do this sort of thing every day. It's certainly not for me! 

BTW this blog won't have any photos until later as I'm writing this on the bus. Typical.

So anyway, it was super busy again today. Luckily there were some really nice people about and I got chatting to this lovely family who I believe may have been German about Breaking Bad. For those of you who have never seen Breaking Bad (the netflix series) then I URGE you to watch it. I would have never considered watching it if Sean hadn't suggested watching it the weekend I went down to London before moving down. OMG it's just incredible. The acting is superb and out of this world. I love how the plot alters your opinions about the characters. In one episode you may love one character and then hate them in the next episode. It had so many plot twists and turns that at times left me open-mouthed. 

One of the boys happened to be wearing a Heisenberg T-Shirt with his face on it, I didn't just randomly starting talking to them. Oh hey guys, so Breaking Bad! Thoughts?! The t-shirt was actually on a boy that was WAY to young to be watching it but his mum was lovely saying he only brought the t-shirt for the design as he doesn't watch it. He does however watch Game of Thrones....Hmm.

I mentioned to them, who didn't realise, that there was in fact a sixth season in the works and a spin off show involving Saul, who is the bent lawyer. I think it should be out soon so I'm really looking forward to that! In other news, I'm just sat on the Mega Bus with another smelly toilet. What is it with bus toilets and people using them like their own?! No consideration whatsoever to those on the bus with no windows to open...

Even though I'm complaining about the toilets, I'm still loving this sort of travel. It's so cheap and it's not as bad as I thought it would be! I'm so excited to be coming home to see my familt, especially as it was such a surprise to realise that panto rehearsals had moved from Aberystwyth to Stoke! I'm going birthday shopping tomorrow with my mammy and I'm desperate for some oatcakes so hopefully mammy will take me there ;) I'm also just really happy to be spending the weekend at home so that I can enjoy an early birthday with my family. Bliss!

Buh Bye,

Natalie Redman

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Squashed Like Sardines And Love Is An Open Door!

So I read in The Evening Standard this evening, that Londoners are paying high-class prices for sub-class travel. Basically we're paying a bomb to be squished into a hot, sweaty carriage with no air conditioning. Ironically, as I got on the train that's exactly what I did. I was stood up for most of the half an hour journey home. I wouldn't mind if I had a job where I sit at an office desk all day but where I work, you're constantly on your feet, standing still or moving about. All I want to do when I get on the train is to sit down! We were shouted at by other commuters who were trying to get on the train, but what can we do if we're already sitting on each other's laps?! It's alright lovely, I'll just go and perch myself on the overhead luggage rails...

What it was like except the carriage was half the size...

I pay £219 A MONTH to spend most of my time waiting for delayed trains, replacement rail services and no chance of a seat on the train until I get to at least Sidcup (FYI, this is more or less near the end of my journey). I think there should definitely be more carriages on some of the services as it's ridiculous with the amount of people that get on at stations Waterloo East and London Bridge. I keep looking inside the home and property section of the Metro every morning for some cheap deals to move closer to London. Alas, to no avail.

I'm looking forward to going home tomorrow but not looking forward to the 9am start at work. That's going to be painful, so I'm going to have to get everything I need done, as quickly as possible, so I can go bed early. I got an e-mail regarding the pantomime I'm going to be in and I'm chuffed to find out I'll be singing Love Is An Open Door as a duet. I'm so excited to get started on this weekend for pantomime. If you don't already know, I'm appearing as Princess Jasmine in the Christmas Pantomime in Rugeley and it's a very short time scale in terms of rehearsals. I'm going back home this weekend for two and bit days of rehearsals and then we don't actually meet back up until the 6th December, where we'll basically have a refresh of the pantomime, tech and then we're on stage from the 9th-16th December. It's a quick turn around to say the least, but I love short deadlines as I find it challenges me more as an actor and pushes me to be more motivated! It's also the first of my (hopefully) many paid acting jobs on stage!

In other news, the Real Technique brushes are A-MAZING! They are so soft and they flawlessly compliment my appearance, especially when applying my liquid foundation. Instead of my foundation sometimes looking caked on, it's now more blended in. far, so good!

Enjoy the rest of your evening guys!

Natalie-Ann x

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Real Technique Arrival, Pumpkin Bubble Bath And A Stephen King Novel.

MY REAL TECHNIQUE BRUSHES HAVE ARRIVED. I got the e-mail yesterday to say they'd been dispatched and during lunch today, they'd e-mailed again to say that they'd been delivered! And just look at them...

They just need a certain Paul's Boutique make-up bag from Superdrug...
So I got these brushes, as you will have seen if you had read one of my latest posts for £26. Two sets of Real Techniques Brushes and I only had to pay a £1 towards it as it was used with my Amazon Gift Voucher from work. THANK YOU WORK! Here's a break down of what I've got in case you're thinking of getting some yourself.

From the Core Collection (the ones with the golden barrels):

Detailer Brush - A precision cut that conceals problem areas or can be used with lipstick for shape and definition. This is the third one in from the left in the top picture.

Pointed Foundation Brush - Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage. This is the second one in from the left in the top picture.

Buffing Brush - Ideal for full coverage of powder and mineral foundation. This is furthest one in, in the top picture.

Contour Brush - Applies highlighter to contour or create a sheer, soft-focus finish. This is the furthest one on the end in the top picture.

From the Starter Set (the ones with the purple barrels):

Base Shadow Brush - Applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour. This is the fourth one in from the right.

Deluxe Crease Brush - Soft and oversized design for contouring. This is the furthest one in, in the top picture.

Accent Brush - Designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging. This is third one in from the right in the top picture.

Fine Liner Brush: Precision and application of liquid or cream eyeliner. This is the second one in from the right in the top picture.

Brow Brush: Distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows. This is the furthest one on the end in the top picture.

The excitement was too much to contain when I saw the package. I practically squealed like a little girl. I'm so ready to start using these so will let you know how I get on over the next couple of days, I'm sure to have some favourites!

This evening, I relaxed and crumbled some of my pumpkin bubble bar into my bath and surprisingly it didn't make my body glittery at all, it sort of disappeared in the water. I've also started a Stephen King novel called The Regulators. It's the first novel that I've actually read by the author so I'm excited to get stuck into it. I've decided that after this weekend. I'm making it my mission to have read three more books by Christmas. I love reading and need to do more of it, instead of spending all my time on my macbook. It ain't good for the brain!

Anyways it's way too late to be up now and I have work in the morning.

Goodnight All!

Natalie-Ann x

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Stupid Half-Term, Late Lunches And A Last Minute Trip Home!

I DIDN'T GET TO SEE THE POPPIES! I'm so upset. And you know why I didn't get to see the poppies? Because it's stupid half-term so every man, woman and child is out and about in London. 

Obviously not my photo....BECAUSE I WASN'T THERE! ):

I am determined to see these poppies before they get taken away. It's such a beautiful sight...if I actually manage to see it. So today, I met up with Sam's mum as she was down in London and we met at Hays Galleria which is a beautiful courtyard-esque area where there's a few shops and cafes dotted around as well as some really cute trinket shops that are placed on old fashioned carts. It's super cute and if you're ever on the Thames path it's literally just by the HMS Belfast Ship, which I thought to myself when I saw it today, whether you can actually go on it? Is that a thing? I've never checked to see if it's possible.

I ended up waiting for Sam's mum at Pret A Manger and I got chatting to this lovely guy whom I talked about my acting career with and turns out he tried at being a actor himself. He noticed my strong will and passion when I talked about acting and gave me his number as he said he had contacts in Dubai. Obviously I'm not stupid and won't be hopping on a plane to Dubai but it's nice to have a contact like that just in case it turns out to be something genuine!

Me and Liz (Sam's mum) went to Giraffe for a late lunch in Russell Square and we'd stumbled upon a small shopping centre area. It was nice to go round the shops and check out all the lovely shops with their christmas decorations/winter wear inside! It got me all festive! Also we went to Starbucks in the morning and got the pumpkin spiced latte which is AMAZING! It tastes so good and it's the perfect drink to feel all christmassy!

After I got back, I basically got the best news in the world. The pantomime rehearsals that were meant to be taking place in Aber are now going to be in Stoke. THIS MEANS I GET TO GO HOME FOR THE WEEKEND. I'm literally so excited, plus I could change my Mega Bus tickets instead of losing out on any money! I'm really looking forward to seeing the family as I'll be able to celebrate my birthday with them. Of course I will miss out on seeing my friends in Aberystwyth but I'm sure I will be there to see them soon.

Finally, I popped into Superdrug today and I actually found some of Zoella's beauty range, but there was no fizz bar that I was wanting to try. However I spotted this in Superdrug and if anyone wants to get me this you know, for my birthday and all, I think I'd love you forever.

The most beautiful make-up bag ever.

I also brought a few beauty products to which I will provide the links to below!

Smell ya later!

Natalie-Ann x

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Tower of London Poppies:

Superdrug purchases:
Vitamin E Leave-On Moisture Mask (This wasn't on the Superdrug website, perhaps it's a new product).

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Replacement Rail Services And Amazon Gift Card.

Don't you just love replacement rail services? I do. Especially on a Sunday when you just want to get to work, let the day go by and go home. Due to my lack of knowledge and not looking at the notice boards during the week at Crayford Station, there was going to be a replacement rail service in the form of a bus. This was due to engineering works going on at Crayford Station. You know, I think I definitely moved down to London at the wrong time - I seem to have moved  down right in the middle of all these big planned changes to the railway system!

Although I did get chatting to a lovely older woman who was visiting the Poppies at Tower Bridge today with her husband. It got me a little homesick as I'm missing my family and in this case, it made me miss my Nana and Granddad. But wait for it...what's exciting is that I'm meeting up with Sam's mum tomorrow and we are going to see the Poppies! I'm so excited as I heard from someone today that it was absolutely crammed there, so hopefully it won't be too busy when we go tomorrow. I've only seen pictures of it on the television and in the paper but it's so much more breath-taking to see something like this in all it's colourful glory.

Today I finally got my Amazon Gift Card at work. I won it as part of an Award that is given out every month for staff members who get voted basically, as top team members and I won for July! So there was a little bit of a delay, but I'm so chuffed to have gotten it because on my way home (after having to get another rail replacement bus) I ordered not one set of Real Technique brushes but two sets! For £26 (£25 of that was Amazon Gift Card) I managed to get two sets! YES!

I'm so excited to start using them when they arrive, hopefully by Tuesday as I signed up for the free Amazon Prime Trial which offers free next day delivery. RESULT! I've also managed to shift a couple of dates around in work so that I can get my professional head shots done with a photographer who I'll mention in my blog on the day of my photo shoot. I also realised that my contract for my Samsung Galaxy Note ll runs out on November 12th, so I managed to book that day off. I was hopefully going to end my contract with the infamous Phones4U and find a new contract somewhere to get the IPhone 6 Plus. It's turned out to be a really positive day after the result of a few crappy ones. That's life for you!

I think I'm going to do a little segment on these Real Techniques brushes though in one of my video blogs in a couple of week's times. Maybe an initial review of how I'm finding the brushes. I might even put a blog up on here in a couple of week's with a proper visual tutorial of how to properly clean your make-up brushes, instead of just one without pictures.

Night all!

Natalie-Ann x

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Because You've Had A Bad Day...

It's a pain in the bum when you have a day where everything just seems to get on top of you and I had one of those days yesterday. I'm now catching up with myself in terms of blogs, so I can to blog every day before the day ends. It just makes more sense. My lack of motivation to commit to things is shocking at the moment. I can only apologise!

Basically yesterday everything went wrong. You have a bad day at work and then everything that is happening in your life turns into crap. This is not because it is crap but an off day at work can put other aspects of your life into a crappy perspective. Am I making sense? Probably not.

Anyway, I'm a money worrier and I will always be a money worrier. It's both a good and bad trait to have and I'm starting to slowly accept this as a progress through my inevitable years of being a poor actor. 

Getting this month's wages was a bit of a disappointment because it was considerably lower than last month. The reason being was that I didn't work enough hours. This was because I was away doing things (birthdays, weddings, Aber Freshers) so obviously I was going to get a reduced wage packet. But you have to enjoy life right? I mean you can't just work all the time else you'd drive yourself crazy. Yesterday was a day built up due to lack of sleep, knowing I didn't have enough money for the month and a crap day at work. But oh well, we have to get on with it and I've cast that day aside. It's time to stop wallowing! I forgot to mention that night before I did a promotional job for an Arts Fair in Chelsea which was super fun and I have now got my first professional credit in terms of promotional work!

So today I had a better day. I've been applying to loads of castings and promotional jobs so hopefully they'll begin to churn out responses at the beginning of next week! Tonight, myself and my housemate Sean have been watching a horror film as we haven't had a night in where we've socialised together for ages! We also had a bottle of Prosseco, which obviously made my day better! I also had a pack of my favourite Cadbury's chocolate rocks. These things are so dangerous for me because I have to have the whole packet. I can't just have a couple, it's just not possible.

I've nearly finished learning my script for pantomime which is exciting as I head down to Aberystwyth on Thursday night to stop with friends for the weekend and throw myself into an intensive weekend of Panto rehearsals. EXCITING! It's bound to be a very tiring weekend as the journey itself takes 7 hours each way so I'm going to make sure I have plenty of stuff to do on the journey there and back! I'm travelling on the Megabus again which is a steal of £11 for a return compared to the £48 return I would have had to pay if I went on the train. I'm such a bargain hunter at heart.

Chow for Now!

Natalie-Ann x

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Funny Skype Chats And Forgetting What I Did Wednesday...

I seriously think I've turned into a goldfish. I cannot for the life of me remember what I got up to on Wednesday. I know I was at work but I'm sure I did something.....

I KNOW! It's literally just come to me as I'm writing this blog. I had a hilarious Skype chat with my parents and Sam, which just went terribly wrong. Basically, I'd planned to Skype my mama and papa in the hope of creating a strongly worded letter to TFL for their lack of assistance in helping me with my Travelcard. I know I missed writing a blog for Wednesday but here's what happened. I tried to renew my monthly travel card as normal on my Oyster card last Thursday. However, as I tapped out after paying the extortionate fee of £219, the machine FAILED to read the card properly, so told me that my card would not be charged. I thought to myself oh well, that must mean my money is still in my account.


They'd taken the money out of my account as soon as my debit card was authorised but BEFORE I tapped out. (greedy *insert naughty word here*) So therefore, my money went into a holding account and I was told I wouldn't receive this back for three working days. I rang up the helpline office and they gave me no indication that the card may be faulty or damaged. Thankfully I did have £15 worth of pay as you go on my Oyster card so I used that for travelling into work and back. It also helped that I was going out of London for the weekend for Sam's friend's wedding which I've already told you about! So fast forward to this Wednesday just gone. I'd gone to the machine outside Crayford (stupid mistake again) and tried renewing my travel card seeing as the money had gone back in.


By this point you can imagine me silently cursing myself as just seconds before I was thinking of going to the office itself and renewing it there. Typical! So there I am again complaining to the woman at the ticket office who can only offer that I buy a daily travel card for £8.90 to get into London (as by this point I had no money left on my Oyster card) to go to the underground and replace my Oyster card with a new one.

Now I don't know if you've ever experience the wonderful and kind personalities of the underground staff but every time I go down there I always get someone who's pulling a face like this:

WHAT do you want?

This woman (not the woman in the picture) had such an attitude I nearly started shouting because she wasn't listening to what I was trying to say. Here's the conversation:

Me: Hello, I've come down here to replace my oyster card for free. It's not letting me top up and I rang up the Tfl helpline who said I could get a replacement one for free as this one might be damaged.

Grumpy Guts: Give me your card.....*scans it*......There's nothing wrong, look (points to the screen) nothing wrong.

Me: Well there obviously is beca-

GG: Look, nothing wrong, it says you made a journey this morning..look.

Me: Yes I am aware of that but it's not letting me top up.

GG: Look though it's not damaged.

Me: I KNOW it says that but I can't top it up, it won't allow me to put any money on.

GG: So what do you want me to do? Replace the card or shall I put your travel card on this card here?

Me: NO!! (At this point I couldn't understand why she was giving me a choice between replacing and trying to top up on a card that I clearly stated wasn't working) I want to replace the card, get a new one. 

Thank heavens she gave me a new card, but there was just no need to give so much attitude! So fast forwarding right to my Skype chat with the parents. The skype chat didn't happen. Albeit, we got onto the call but she couldn't here a word I was saying. Introducing Sam to the mix. 

Sam I believe was on the toilet at the time (to all our friends, this is of no surprise). He doesn't at first know what's happening but soon clocks on to the fact that my mother can't hear a word that's being said.

Sam: (shouting like a scared child) DEBBIE, DEBBIE! Speak to me! DEBBIE DEBBIE! Let me in, DEBBIE I LOVE YOU! DEBBIE DEBBIE.

It sounded a bit like a twisted version of Titanic where Rose shouts to Jack that she'd never let him go. She did obvs. But this was just hilarious, to the point I was tearing up.

So unfortunately we didn't get a skype chat but what I got was a hilarious few minutes of Sam shouting out to an unknowing mother.


In other news my video has gone live so make sure you check it out. It's the LUSH HAUL!!!

Natalie-Ann x

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

All The Veg & Another Hair Style!

OK so this time round I'm definitely trying to get this health kick into first gear. I had a day off today so I took advantage of getting some general chores done, like washing, tidying etc. I had some Sushi that I managed to get yesterday from the bakery, so I had it today for lunch!

Sushi is my new favourite food. I never really liked the idea of Sushi, I guess we never had it as I grew up as my parents aren't really fish eaters but since moving to London, I visited Yo Sushi a few weeks after moving down and I now love Sushi! GO YO SUSHI! There's so much variety there and I haven't been since so I definitely need to go back at some point just for the fun experience of the treadmill that sends the food round. It was so funny doing it for the first time as I went with a collegue of mine, Sinead and we were so nervous about taking it from the treadmill. It reminded me of Jonny English (the film) where he gets his tie stuck on the treadmill. :D

So as you can tell, I've been trying out new hairstyles. Today I did another one of Zoella's quick hair styles and took half of my hair up, putting it up into a messy bun and then pinning any loose strands of hair in place. Then I added a funky hair band to give it a little something extra. I'm going to try and make it my mission to create more hair styles and give my hair a little bit of new life each day! I think it's important to love your hair and give it some attention every now and then. I don't know about you girls but I find my hair is a big part of who I am, it's a very important thing to have.

I managed to record another video blog, a week in advance! Will hopefully edit it over the weekend if I get chance so it's ready to go up next Friday. I'm heading to Aberystwyth next weekend so at some point I need to think about what I'm going to do as a vlog for the week after. Any ideas? Comment on this blog if you have any! I was thinking of maybe a Skincare routine video?

And finally I followed up my healthy lunch with a sort-of healthy tea. Lots of veg in a super noodle type broth...I don't think the Super noodle element is healthy but I love super noodles, why are they just so tasty?! Also I'm a big califlower and broccoli fan. I find a lot of people don't like them because it does let off a bit of an unpleasant smell but a califlower and broccoli cheese bake is my idea of heaven.

Sorry this is a short one but I'm totally shattered and haven't got the energy to bore you :D I promise my next one will be a lot more interesting too.

Lots of loving <3

Natalie-Ann x

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Trying New Hair Styles And Mahoosive Pancakes.

So I wanted one of Zoella's videos last night which I'll pop below the end of this blog. It was another one of her video tutorials of quick and easy hair styles. I always find I lack things to do with my hair just because it is so long. The only things I do with it are to put it in a ponytail or leave it down, perhaps curling it or straightening it on occasion. Today I decided to copy one of the hairstyles she'd done in this video.

Basically, you tie your hair up into a high ponytail. The best way to do this is by throwing your head forward and then bringing it all together and popping a hair band in it. Then you simply take a strand of hair and wrap that around the hair band to disguise the hair band. Not only is this such an obvious thing to do but it also makes you look as if you've put more effort into your hair. GENIUS! Make sure you secure the hair around the band with a few bobby pins and hey presto you have a new hair style! I've actually come up with another way of enhancing this hair style but I'm going to keep in my head for a later video that I'll do!

So I was back at work today after having a few well deserved days off but I've now decided that I've had my fun for a while and I NEED to get working hard and making a living. I want to be at a point next year where I can say I've collected a nice healthy savings to hopefully go towards perhaps a little travelling the following year. I really want to go inter-railing which is something my parents did when they were young and I feel like I want to follow in their footsteps. The only way this will happen is if I literally work my butt off from now till then which I plan on doing.

After work, I'd planned to meet up with my friend Laura who lives in Essex. She went to the same university as me and appeared in most of the shows I did with Curtain Call (the society I joined whilst at university). We were going to go to this fabulous restaurant that she'd mentioned about recently on Facebook, however there was an opera night going on there which had a set menu and cost £30! (of which I do not have) So instead we went for a cheaper alternative to a little sweet and savoury pancake restaurant/cafe called My Old Dutch which is based in Holborn and OMG they were the best pancakes in the world!


Literally, look how amazing these pancakes look! So Laura went for a savoury one and I went for a sweet/savoury one. I had what was called an Amsterdammer and it was apples, smoked bacon and maple syrup. It was SO good! I think I managed to eat nearly all of it but it was deliciously filling. If you ever get a chance to go to Holborn in London then please visit this place as the food was incredible. The only thing was we were given the bill without being asked which I thought was an indication that we'd overstayed our welcome on the table... 

Anyway, I'm definitely gonna go back, I was thinking of going back at Christmas time as they have offers on there. Plus every Monday (the day that we went on obvs) they have a deal, on more or less EVERY pancake in there, that they're £5 each. RIDICULOUS! 

Looking at the picture of the pancakes now makes me want to eat it all over again...

Bye for now!

Natalie-Ann x

Zoella's Quick & Easy Hair Styles:
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Hotel Biscuits, Travelling Back Home And Late Night Cleaning.

So I've definitely not gone back to writing these blog posts the day after it's happened. Oh well I'll be forever changing my mind. It'll keep you guys guessing I suppose!

After such a lovely weekend, Sam and I had a lovely breakfast at the B&B that we had stayed at for the wedding and then packed our things and got on our way to the station to part ways. I love hotel/b&b breakfasts, as I love a nice cooked breakfast that always tastes better than my own. Although, I think I had way too much coffee because I was a little too alert and fidgity on the way back to London. Before leaving, I nabbed the freebie biscuits on offer in the room, to munch on for when I was on the train. Hobnobs and Custard Creams! Couldn't leave those behind could I? Oh and I forgot to mention we had a little guest in our room last night in the form of a little baby slug. Weird thing to be in a room but I guess that's what you get when you stay in a more old fashioned place!

It's now going to be 2 or 3 weeks now until I see Sam again. Note to you guys, long distance sucks! If you're ever in a relationship, I'd make sure that relationship is strong and that you've been together for at least several months before doing long distance. Even though me and Sam have been together for nearly 2 and a half years, it's still painful to be apart from each other. I really want him with me all the time! I think if you're in a long distance relationship, the best advice I would give is to keep yourself busy to avoid thinking about the distance but make sure you either text or call each other every day. With me it helps to hear his voice at the end of the day so I can go to sleep happy and not feeling upset when lying in bed at night.

When I finally got back to the house, I was in the mood to do a little spring clean around the house so I did the general wiping down of surfaces and hoovering/mopping of floors. Whenever I get in to the cleaning mood, I take full advantage of it. I also managed to put a load of washing on and my evening was made when I got to skype Charlie and Elliott. My two besties who I love so much! Charlie is living the life in Argentina at the moment and Elliott is living the life in Aberystwyth at the moment. And what am I doing? Cleaning... 

Ahhh well at least the place looks clean now and my bedroom is spotless. My family will be proud (especially my mamma). The one thing I'm looking forward to when I get my own place, is designing and decorating the rooms. I'm starting to realise that I do want my own place soon, perhaps in a few years.

Night Night,

Natalie-Ann x

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

A Wedding In Tisbury, No Food On Saturday And Hand Made Soap!

Howdy folks!

So we were invited to a wedding this weekend. How exciting?! I hadn't been to a wedding in ages and I LOVE weddings. This was also mine and Sam's first wedding that we've attended as a couple. Cute right?! We made our way to Tisbury which was literally in the middle of nowhere. We were feeling slightly worse for wear after the night before and decided to seek out the nearest pub grub in the town. Now this was our first time in Tisbury, so when we got off the train, we were a little confused of where to go. There was a lovely looking pub that advertised pub grub so we walked in and asked whether they were serving food yet. Surprisingly and to our confused disappointment they weren't, as the pub had just changed hands and the new landlord hadn't managed to hire a chef yet. Perhaps it would be a good idea to maybe take down the several boards/banners that are outside the pub, advertising food Monday-Saturday...?

Anyway we headed into town and walked to the top of the road where there was another pub. We asked a woman who we believed to be a worker there and her response was,

'Well, we don't really do food on a Saturday...'

Ok, so again they also had signs saying serving food. Was this little town trying to starve us?! Give us a false sense of security?! Sam made a comparison to the town being like what it was in The Hills Have Eyes film. Creepy! Anyway she suggested we tried Beatons in the 'town square'. Now the reason I'm mentioning the town square is that I assumed that the top of the town was just of the town in general and the town square was down a different road. Nope. The town square was just the road we were on and the woman actually meant it was further down this one road! I couldn't believe how tiny it was but maybe just being in London has changed my views of what's a small town and what's a big town. However, this place called Beatons actually served food so we were just relieved to find somewhere! The menu was a little restricted to lunches that were all 'lighter' options. There wasn't really a 'heavy' lunch option available. But the food was good and I tried out the Peppermint tea, which was iced and it was delish. Sam's parents and his sister Hannah, joined us soon after we'd eaten lunch and they themselves had a quick beverage before we made our way over to the location where the ceremony was being held and what a location it was!

The actual place was up in some castle ruins called Old Wardour Castle and it was stunning. The landscape was beautiful and the ceremony took place in a smaller building just off to the side of the ruins, which I believed was the Pavillion. 

The groom is from and has family in Scotland, so all the groomsmen and ushers were dressed in kilts. They had a bagpiper playing as you walked in and inside there was a 3-piece orchestra playing some beautiful music. The bride had actually made her own dress for the occasion which was so beautiful! On each chair was a disposable camera and a vile of liquid to blow bubbles which was a lovely touch. I love the idea of guests having an individual disposable camera. They can take their own personal photos of the day and then hand it in at the end. I bet there will be some lovely photos on there. It was also really weird how you obviously can't see the photos you're taking. It was pretty refreshing actually. I of course took some photos on my phone though to capture the day and to show you guys! (but mostly for my mother)

After the ceremony finished we headed on up to the castle ruins where in one of the low lit rooms there was a champagne and shortbread reception, which was again just so beautiful. The bride and groom then had the tradition photos with family, friends etc and then we all had a big group photo. The bride and groom got into a beautiful car and we waved them goodbye before following them to the pub where the buffet/main reception would take place. I definitely did not forget to take a picture of our room and the pub itself (sorry mum) but I believe it was called The George Inn, so mammy you can look it up on there. The links to all the places we visited will be down below!

The pub itself was really rustic and old which I liked and the rest of the evening was really lovely; full of speeches, games and laughter. Another amazing little touch was that they handed their very own hand made soap out to all their guests. I got myself a Cinnamon soap (surprise surprise) and I can't wait to use it when I get home. I might at some point have a go at making my own soap too!

I'm currently on the train home and sorting out my plans for the next couple of weeks. So much to do and so little time! All I need now is more castings to come through. Here's hoping!
I also forgot to mention that my new video blog is up and I will pop the link down below when I get on my macbook.

Enjoy the rest of your lazy Sunday!

Natalie-Ann x

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Nights Out In London And Cafe Rouge.

Writing this on my phone as I'm on the move and forgot to bring my Macbook with me! It's so difficult writing on my phone as I'm restricted to what I can use to edit the blog layout and the screen is obviously smaller than my Macbook screen.

Yesterday was lovely! Myself and Sam slept in till 12 in our big cosy bed. During university, we never had a double bed. In my first year I even shared a bunk bed, so now having a double bed is like a luxury for us. We had what was effectively a brunch, as it was too late to call it breakfast! We then ran ourselves a nice warm bath and I included one of my bath bombs to the mix which made the bath smell delish. You'll see my Lush Haul next Friday so make sure you look out for that. I've never tried these Lush products before as I'm fairly new to the brand itself but they are amazing! I'm hoping to do a Lush haul every month if possible, even if it's on a video or on a blog.

After getting dressed we needed to get into London as we were meeting up with two of Sam's friends from Cardiff where he's studying at the moment. If you didn't already know (and because I'm a proud girlfriend), Sam is studying at the Royal Welsh Music and Drama School, doing a Masters in Stage and Event Management! One was from Texas (Kelsey) and the other was from South California (Corin). They were both lovely and we had a drink at this beautiful little pub near Charing Cross station called The Harp. It's tiny inside, so with a lot of places around London, most people stand outside on the pavement. I chose a 'proper' cider which was so tasty. No fizzy element to it so you know it's the good stuff! It's really weird to see people standing outside on the pavement drinking, most people look as if they're having an after work drink, dressed in their suits and formal wear.

After saying our goodbyes we headed to Cafe Rouge or as my mother called it last night over Facebook, 'Cage Rouge'. My mammy and pappy had left me £20 worth of Tesco vouchers to put towards the meal, after coming down for their anniversary. We had olives and bread to start (typical starters for me and Sam). For our mains, I went for steak served rare and Sam went for the duck. I love Cafe Rouge, you can't really go wrong there and there food is always delish! We then headed onto another pub and met up with Sam's former boss and friend, Adam. It was a lovely evening and we ended it in Soho which is a part that I haven't explored that much yet in London. I must do so as it's a lively area!

For now I'm saying my goodbyes for the day as we're attending a wedding today! I'm so excited to go as it's mine and Sam's first wedding together. So romantic! Pictures and a blog to follow tomorrow ♡

Natalie-Ann x

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Slugs, Lettuce and Alcohol.

I FAILED GO SOBER! ): I'm sorry. I will be donating some money towards the cause as an apology for failing to go without alcohol for a month. I must admit that going without alcohol is hard but I've done it before, so I'm annoyed that I fell of the wagon. No worries though as I'm sure I'll be able to do it at some point next year! Probably next October and I'm determined to raise lots of money for it!

It was another average day at work today but sadly one of our girls, Hannah is leaving to travel...basically all over Europe before going back to her homeland of Australia. I'm honestly going to miss this girl because she's just one of the loveliest girls you'll ever meet. She has a warm personality and a laid back attitude to life that I just respect and admire so much! I hope Hannah if you're reading this that you see great things and that your future is full of fabulous opportunities! Please note that I'm also very jealous of you travelling. Guys, I really want to go travelling at some point. I have to do it before I settle down as I think it's just an important thing to discover the world around you, not just what's outside your door but outside your country! I'd like to go back packing around Europe if possible firstly and then later on set my sights to travel around America!

(Photo will be inserted here tomorrow of the two of us at her leaving drinks) UPDATE: I never got a photo...:/

We went to the Slug and Lettuce for drinks afterwards, which was organised pretty much last minute and we had such a lovely time just chatting about anything and everything and drinking all the cocktails (sorry Go Sober :/). The Slug and Lettuce is such a lovely bar/restaurant that I recommend you visit if you happen to be in the Waterloo area at any point in your life. It's a fantastic place that offers cheap booze and tasty looking food, that I haven't tried as of yet but will do soon! I also realised the other day that it was part of a chain so there are various Slug and Lettuces all over London and I'm guessing maybe in the bigger cities within the UK! I don't know whether it's a global thing or not.

Me and my college Nick were later joined by my boyfriend, Sam who had come from Cardiff to stay for the weekend. Tomorrow we'll be spending the day lazing around before going for a meal and celebratory drinks for Hannah's last shift. We'll also hopefully be meeting up with Sam's boss from Kenny Wax which should be fun as I didn't really get to see him when we went for the Top Hat launch party. There were just too many people!


Natalie-Ann x

The Slug and Lettuce
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Train Delays and A Catch Up With Sarah.

I don't know why I'm so exhausted today. Actually it's probably because I went bed at like 1am last night and had to get up early for work! Note to self, Natalie don't burn the candle at both ends.

What another drizzly, rainy day it has been today in good old London. The journey into London was once again a bit of a disaster due to the train I was on got stuck just outside London Bridge due to brakes not releasing properly. It worried me a little in the back of mind when we were moving again as I did wonder whether the brakes would continue to work...Thankfully I made it to work in one piece, late I must admit, but in one piece.

Oooh and guys I made a delicious porridge this morning. I say made as in it was out of a packet and I threw some random fruit and flavouring in...

It's golden syrup FLAVOURED porridge (best idea ever) with fresh plums and cinnamon. Porridge is such an ideal winter warmer and including plums and cinnamon just make it so festive. Obviously I also had my morning coffee. Although I feel at the moment, I should probably be drinking two cups of coffee to keep me functioning throughout the afternoon. How bad is that?! Cannot believe that only a couple of years ago, I wouldn't even drink the stuff!

I also continued learning my Aladdin script today and will be doing so every morning and evening in preparation for rehearsals at the end of this month. I'm playing Princess Jasmine but don't have a tremendous amount of lines to learn as it's quite a short pantomime so learning the lines such be quick and easy. I always find lines sink in quicker when I sit down and learn them in the evening and mornings! I know that other actors have various ways of learning lines. If you're an actor, I'd love to hear what yours is or what advice you could maybe share that you think helps you learn lines quicker?

After work I met up with my lovely friend Sarah and I always love catching up with my girl! We met in Aberystwyth only a year and half ago(ish) and I consider her one of my closest friends. We get on like a house on fire and we just find the same things hilarious. It's always nice to have friends who you may not see every day/week but when you do see them, you feel as if you only saw them yesterday. 

So my plans for tonight are to finish drinking my Horlicks that I'm currently sipping on. I know I'm turning into an old person but I don't care, Horlicks is damn tasty and helps me get to sleep :). I'm also gonna adventurously send a few emails, finish off my Lush Haul video that will be up next Friday and edit fully my Fresher's Part lll video as I'm busy tomorrow and Friday so want to get it done and scheduled by tonight!

Here's hoping that I'm organised down to a T tonight! It's working so far as this blog is up pretty earlier than normal!

Have great sleeps guys <3

Natalie-Ann x

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Hidden Gems, Caro Emerald and Meeting New Friends.

What a weekend I have had! I've decided to condense the past few days into this one blog as I feel I can then catch back up to daily blogging tomorrow! So here goes...


Today me and Sam slept in till 11ish which was really lovely considering I had had a lot of early starts due to work, so to have a lie in and for it to be with Sam was really nice. Sam's mum and dad had planned to visit today as well so it worked out pretty well that I'd come down by chance. We all went to this lovely little Deli/Cafe called Wally's Delicatessen which I NEED to go back and visit when I'm next in Cardiff as it had a fantastic variety of marinated/stuffed olives. If you didn't already know, myself and Sam are a big fan of olives and I'm always wanting to try new foods now that as a child I didn't like at all. The deli just looked so tasty and we went upstairs which was even more quaint. We decided to have a brunch so we got some coffee and myself and Sam shared some Honey and Cranberry porridge and some delicious brown toast with what I think may have been homemade marmalade.  I love places like this, that are hidden gems that have been family owned for years. If you're ever in Cardiff then make sure you go and check it out. Charlie, if we're ever in Cardiff, I'm gonna have to take you there!

We then found out Sarah (Sam's Auntie) was also in Cardiff with one of her daughter's Rosie and I want to say that they were family friends, Karen and her daughter Ella. I apologise if I got the names or relations wrong as I'm rubbish at memorising names. I'm the sort of person who'll recognise a face but would have to meet them a few times to remember the name! We met up with them and decided to head to another little place called Waterloo Tea. I opted this time for a Cinammon Spiced Fruit Tea which was delicious and got me into the festive mood! We also managed to have some lunch here as well and I didn't take a picture of it..but it was poached eggs with spinach on toast with a hollandaise sauce. OMG IT WAS AMAZING!

We did a little shopping around after and discovered a great little trinket shop called Tiger which had so many useful things in there and I got this China Balm which is good for sore muscles and joints and it smells so good too! We then got a message from Sarah asking me and Sam whether we wanted to see Caro Emerald which was really sweet so of course we said yes. Now I had never heard of Caro Emerald but when we saw her later I recognised some of the songs! 

We went to Jamie's Italian before we went to see Caro and to be perfectly honest, I didn't rate it that high. I don't know whether it's maybe because I chose the wrong dish but I felt the pasta and sauce I had was a little dry but it was a nice experience and the restaurant itself was beautifully constructed.

Ok so Caro Emerald was stunning. I love her music after seeing her tonight and some of her tracks you'd probably recognise so make sure you look her up. 

Her supporting act was a girl/band called Kris Berry and she was equally as good so you should go and look her up too. The venue was MotorPoint Arena and I'd never been before so that was a good experience in itself. It was all seated as there was generally a lot of older people there but it was a fantastic performance and by the end we were all on our feet wanting an encore! Afterwards we met up with Sam's friends who are studying the same Masters as Sam's including one guy called Ollie whose sister I knew from college. How weird is that?! Small world eh? 


Not much happened today other than being a good girlfriend, I tidied and organised Sam's room and then we went out for food at the North Star pub which was lovely as I got to meet some more of Sam's friends and we also ended up playing a quiz that was on there. Now I'm useless at quizzes and try to steer clear of them but I tried my best to contribute to the team. The team that actually won the quiz were three YOUNG students that I think or know definitely cheated as some of the questions were a little too old for them to know. Unless they were just insanely gifted at knowing useless information then hats off to them. 

And then today, sadly I had to say my goodbyes to Sam and head back to London as I have work tomorrow! But the good thing is, is that he's coming down to London on Thursday so it's not like I'm not seeing him anytime soon!

Don't forget to check out Caro Emerald and all the other things I mentioned in this blog. I shall be sure to include the links below! 

Night All!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

On The Road To Cardiff To See My Baby ♡

The exciting few days that I'd mentioned in my previous blog was that I was actually heading down to Cardiff to see my lovely boyfriend Sam! I managed to finish work at 6.30pm which worked out very well in my favour as I was frantically trying to find the coach station in Victoria. I finally got onto the bus about 10 minutes before it actually left! Cutting it close my friends, cutting it close....I'd actually missed the coach station to my right and instead went to another random area that I don't even know what it was used for although there were still buses leaving from it.

Now I've never used the Mega Bus company before and I have to say as a first time customer, I was pretty impressed. Not so impressed when at the beginning of the journey, some guy had gone to the toilet and done a massive stinker that wafted out into the bus. Pleasant.

But in terms of the quality of service provided (considering it cost me a bargain of £11 for a return) I'd happily recommend it to anyone. The bus was clean, air-conditioned and spacious. Apparently the Mega Bus Gold service is meant to be a step up from the regular service which does cost a little extra but has more facilities/benefits. Sam (my boyfriend) is booked on this when he comes down so I'll be sure to ask him of his experience on the Gold option. I've booked the Mega Bus also for when I got the Aberystwyth as again it's only £11 when it would normally be a staggering £48 for a return. It's a hell of a saving!

Being the fantastic girlfriend I am, I kindly (or should I say stupidly) said yes to bringing down Sam's xbox with me. As soon as I stepped out of the house I immediately regretted the decision but seeing his face light up at the thought of having his xbox in Cardiff made me happy so I did the decent thing and struggled getting three big bags on and off the trains/tubes etc. When I got off by the University of Cardiff's Union, I got instantly nostalgic thinking of my university freshers. SAD TIMES BECAUSE NOW I'M A BORING GRADUATE...:(

Sam messaged me where to head to and finally after FIVE WEEKS of not seeing him I half ran/walked into his arms(because of the heavy bags). Considering we literally spent every day of university together, five weeks apart is so painful, so it was so good to see him!
Cardiff is beautiful and his private halls are just like what it was in Aberystwyth so when I woke up this morning, I felt like I was back at university...Again sad times...

Now apologies for the lateness of this blog as I have been successfully trying to post blogs up before the end of the day but this one I'm actually writing the next day so I will try and catch it up over the next couple of days.

Night y'all ♡

Natalie-Ann x

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mac Lipsticks, Fresher's Part ll And A Special Request.

FRESHER'S PART ll IS UP ON YOUTUBE! Make sure you check it out in the links below this blog and be sure to like it if you like the video, share it to your friends if you can and make sure you Subscribe. 

This last request is the most important as it helps you guys to keep updated with the latest of my videos so make sure you do it! If you're quite new to YouTube and don't know how to subscribe or how it works, then I've posted a little link below which explains how:

So I'd say about a month or so ago, I managed to bag myself my first ever Mac Lipstick on Ebay for a sweet deal of £5. Normally Mac Lipsticks are about £15 a pop so this was a fantastic save. Obviously it was new and packaged so fortunately I wasn't buying a second-hand used lipstick (for those who are grimacing at the thought of me buying a used lipstick). Let me tell you, Mac Lipstick is beautiful! It's so velvety when it goes onto your lips and you can feel that it's moisturising them as well as giving them a pop of colour. My daily make-up routine at the moment as we're heading into winter, normally consists of either wearing lip balm (to avoid chapped lips) or my new Mac Lipstick.

The lipstick is in a nude shade (09) and is perfect for giving my lips a natural shine with just a hint of colour. Nothing too fussy or over the top. I'm hoping to get a few more to create a collection but at the moment this one will have to do!

The main theme of this blog though is actually something important that I read in the paper today. I know it won't be for everyone, including myself as I don't know whether I'd be able to go through with something so painful. What this brave little girl is going through is obviously far worse, but this girl featured in the Evening Standard today, is desperately seeking a bone marrow donor. I thought maybe if there are people reading this blog that feel brave enough to sign onto the Bone Marrow Donor list, then I'd love for you to do so via this website, . I'm still undecided whether I want to sign up, perhaps I will as there are so many out there that need donors. It's not something that you should decide immediately as there's obviously a lot of health warnings that come with the procedure but even if this helps spread the message, I'm happy to help as social media nowadays is such a powerful platform.

That's it for now. If you can, then raise awareness about bone marrow donors to your friends and family.

Love one another and make sure you appreciate those around you! 

Natalie-Ann x

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Fabulous Views and Winter Warmers

I love London so much! This is the view I get when I'm walking into work every day. Considering it's been such a rainy day today, this morning was bright and blue skies! The London Eye is such a beautiful sight and it makes me excited when I think about Christmas and New Year and what it will be like when the month of December comes around. I REALLY hope that I save up enough money to get the camera I want so I can do Vlogmas (Christmas Vlogging - every day in the month of December) but so I can also take some beautiful photos of London. I think I've already decided that one of my New Year's resolutions will be to visit as many spots around London and find some beautiful places/landscapes to take photos of. Perhaps it would be a good idea to take a Tube Map and cross off each place I've visited? (Vlog idea forming..)

I've always been interested in photography but never really got myself really into it, probably because I never had the time with college and university. But now that I'm in the capital of the UK, I'd love to start capturing some fantastic photos. It would also be lovely memory to have a collection of photos that I can look back on and think about when I used to live in London.

As promised, I took a photo of my current style for winter at the moment. I love this coat, it's so freaking cosy and considering it's from Primark (£25), it's a steal! With Primark, I find that a lot of the clothing can feel cheap so when I went in the store to find a coat, I made sure that the quality in material was there. I know a lot of my friends/family hate going into Primark because it always gets too manic or there's too much stuff in there but for me it's my idea of paradise. I love rooting through all the average clothes to find the absolute gems. I think that's why I love charity shops so much. You can find some really staple pieces in charity shops that can make or compliment an outfit. 

The shoes are from New Look (£29, £3 discount off for student *cough* so £26), which Hannah pointed out that she had been after these too, so we could be wearing the same footwear this winter! Obviously we both have excellent taste ;) 

I love these shoes because they have a little bit of a heel but it's a wedge so 1.) it doesn't feel like a heel and 2.) they're comfortable to walk in and don't hurt your feet walking for a while. They have a lovely sheep's wool style hem around the top of the boot that adds to that wintery feel. My red knitted leggings are back which I LOVE to pieces and that my mother has sown back a few times due to holes forming and I've finished it off with my blush coloured bag from Primark (£12).

I've got tomorrow and Saturday at work then I have an exciting few days/week ahead!


Natalie-Ann x

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