Friday, 27 February 2015

Baking And Serving Canapés.

CHOCOLATE CRUNCH! The best invention ever to grace this beautiful planet. Created by Mammy Wyles and Maria Wyles, this delicious (and frankly, deadly) mixture is made up of biscuits, chocolate, butter and golden syrup. Basically, BAD, BAD, BAD AND BAD ingredients that are in no way healthy for you but taste so darn good!
If you want to try out this simple and delicious slab of goodie-ness then follow these simple steps!

1. You'll need some digestive biscuits, ginger biscuits, golden syrup, butter and chocolate.
2. We estimated most of the ingredients in amount but roughly we used. 8oz of mixed biscuits, 4oz milk chocolate, 2oz unsalted margarine/butter and 2 tablespoons of golden syrup.
3. Melt the chocolate and then add in the butter and golden syrup.
4. Crush the digestive biscuits and ginger biscuits (separately). We used freezer bags, popped them in a kitchen towel and bashed the hell out of them with a wooden hammer.
4. Combine the mixture with the crushed digestive biscuits and ginger biscuits.
5. The mixture will harden so be sure to act quickly. Put your combined mixture into a dish/deep tray and spread out evenly with fork.
6. Pop in the fridge to set and once it has set cut it up into little sections!


It's so simple and it's a great treat for when you're feeling naughty. So for myself and Maria, all the time!

I'm combining this blog together for both yesterday's and today's antics! Today, I had an awesome catering event that was in a beautiful showroom apartment. I wanted so desperately to live there! Here's some sneaky pictures...
Interiors of apartment
I met some lovely people and had so much fun at the event, serving some beautiful canapés that were SO tasty. I also have received a lot of exciting news/jobs this evening so hopefully will be informing you of some acting work soon!

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Celebrating Maria's Arrival in London.

So my short stint at London Fashion Week has finished. I've met a few lovely people over the past few days and managed to promote my YouTube Channel in the process. Result!

This reminds me that I must get my business cards sorted out so that when I begin networking more, I'm able to pass these cards around like hot cakes.
Business Cards
So after finishing at the London Fashion show, I met up again for the second time in two days, Maria and Hannah. Me and Maria were treated by Hannah to a meal at the Fire and Stove restaurant. None of us had ever been to this place before and it didn't disappoint in quality. However, we all thought that the service was pretty slow even though it wasn't a big restaurant. Perhaps they were short staffed who knows? We were served by what me and Maria thought was a bedraggled, slightly less attractive version of Jamie Dornan aka Mr. Grey, however this was only from side angle. We had loads of giggles and just caught up on life really.

Myself and Maria tonight are going to take full advantage of our day off. We've decided on a full day to be pro-active with regards to applying for jobs, recording and editing videos, general daily chores and we're even going to do a photoshoot for one another with Maria's new camera. HOW EXCITING.
Best Friends
I must say, having Maria here is just the best. Better make the most of the free time she has left before she goes and bags herself a job!

Night all!

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Monday, 23 February 2015

London Fashion Week And A New Housemate!

LONDON FASHION WEEK! The opportunity for people to have an excuse to dress up in the most ridiculous outfits and get away with it. Literally some of the people I saw today, wouldn't surprise me if they got dressed in the dark.
London Fashion Week Logo
It was my first day back at work today after having an awesome weekend at home. The job I did was pretty much what I did at Spring Fair so it was pretty boring but it was interesting to be at this event for the first time. Especially as it took place at Somerset Hall which is a beautiful venue and one which I'd never visited before. There were so many different styles of people (some with good fashion taste, others with debatable taste) and the time that I had free, I used to look around at all the beautiful jewellery and handbags on display in my area.

After finishing up at the promotional job, I met Hannah and Maria at Starbucks for coffee and a catch up. That's right folks, my beautiful friend Maria has moved down to London and she's moved into our house! It's so exciting having another person in the house, it makes it seem much more cosy and busy which I love! We celebrated the move in with Sean grabbing a cheeky bubbly. We're so excited to start a new adventure and I wish my gorgeous friend the best of luck with moving to the big city.
Also I have new vlog currently uploading so will update the blog if the link below doesn't work.

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Friends Reunited & Turning 50!

What a lovely weekend that's been. At this time in the evening/morning I really should be getting some sleep ready for the hard slog back at work tomorrow. However instead, I thought I'd fill you in on what a fantastic weekend I've had.

It started off with an nice relaxing day in with mammy and the brothers as she was working from home, Ashley was in and Alfie was off school for half-term. I've severely missed being at home and this weekend has just flown by. I wish I could have redone it all again as it just went by way too quickly and although I'm happy to be back in my bed in London, I do wish I could move my family down to London with me!
After spending some time with the family, I had organised a meet up with two of my friends, one of which I hadn't seen properly in almost three years. WOAH. Talking about time going fast! I got to Hollie's around 5pm and I don't think we stopped talking for about 2 hours. We had so much to catch-up on and it was as if we had never left for university. I met Hollie at college and our love of drama is what started our friendship. I'm so glad that I met up with her but we both agreed that next time we wouldn't leave it that long. Evie then picked us up after she had finished work and we headed to Pizza Hut to eat our own body weight in pizza, unlimited salad bowls and unlimited ice cream. It was such a great evening and we ended it by having a drink around our house. Sam had arrived earlier on in the day and we had picked up my housemate Sean, after we'd finished at Pizza Hut. This meant that the house was buzzing all to the delight of mammy Redman who decided to get the iconic selfie stick out to take some photos.

Onto daddykin's 50th birthday party. Now I told myself I was going to vlog this weekend but for some reason I just didn't want to pick up my phone to record anything. I think I just felt that by vlogging the weekend, I'd be taking away spending quality time with family and friends and I think it's different if you're a vlogger and you live closer to home or to your family and friends. For me, I just wanted to appreciate these moments and I didn't even take many photos of the night which I regret because I only took a few at the beginning. Here's a few snaps anyway:
Family & Friends
Today we went bowling with the family and spent just a lovely day relaxing and having a giggle. This weekend has been so much fun and I plan to update some of my blogs over the next few days as I feel that at the moment I'm not putting in a lot of effort into these. It's definitely because I'm doing them late at night! Also I've made a conscious decision to keep my days working to a minimum of long hours if that makes sense? Normally I'd start really early and finish really late but I've realised for me that it's burning the candles at both ends and I'm actually not benefiting from it all that much.

Hopefully, this will help get more stuff done in terms of my finally getting round to editing my voicereel and getting my showreel shot!

Here's hoping!

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Finally Home And Making New Friends.

I'm currently writing this from the comfort of my warm and cosy bed in Stoke-on-Trent! It feels so good to be back with the family and I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with my favourite people. 

I was meant to have a promotional job today before leaving London, however it got cancelled so naughty me, I would have only worked one day this week! Never mind, I think I deserve it with the amount of work I've been doing the last few weeks and it will be back onto the horse starting from next week. This means lots more interesting stuff to blog about too! I set off this afternoon at around 4pm so that I would arrive with plenty of time to spare which was a good thing that I did as I had a good half an hour just to relax and get myself sorted before boarding the bus home. I took the National Express this time round and was pretty impressed by its timing as it got to the station 15 minutes before and we left bang on the dot at 6.30pm. Now unfortunately Megabus sometimes (well most of time recently) fails to show up on time, nevermind arriving 15 minutes earlier! 

I also made a friend on the bus today, this guy may read it as we added each other on Facebook! A lovely guy named Alberto from Italy and we basically talked through the majority of the trip which made it fly by! He has also suggested both me and him with our partners go out for a drink in London at some point when we are all free. How lovely eh? Now over the past week or two, I've been feeling super homesick and it's tough because I'm so close to my family and hate being away from them for long periods of times and I hadn't seen them since Christmas. Almost two months away from each other ):

Mammy and Papa Redman came to collect me from the bus station and I got some lovely hugs from everyone which I'd waited for, for so long! And now I'm all tucked up in bed, I'm looking forward so much to seeing the rest of the famalam. This reminds me actually that I need to start recording some videos for my weekly vlog! Better get started tomorrow.

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

A Late Pancake Day And A Room With A View.

Pancake day was yesterday I know that, but myself and my housemate Sean were both too tired to go about making pancakes after I got in late last night from the secret project.  Even now as I'm writing this at 01.09am (oops) in the morning, I'm yawning my head off. I had a lie in this morning as I had the day off to get lots more things sorted. My mind seems to wander off a lot so unfortunately I didn't get a lot of work done, plus Sean got home early and therefore I get easily distracted! Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Now I did have an excellently, tantalising picture of the stack of pancakes I'd made. However, to my sadness, the picture did not take so now I have no evidence of my culinary genius. 

Sean only had the one pancake, whereas greedy guts here had five pancakes. Now before you go shouting 'what a greedy gorilla'(haha what?), I have saved some. Well I say some, it's two halves of a pancake and it's not even that big...

I thought I'd have the 'left-overs' for breakfast. It's just a shame I've got no fruit in the house because of going home tomorrow.

I literally cannot wait to go home and see the family and celebrate my daddykin's 50th birthday. I actually can't believe he's going to be turning 50. He must be feeling old. I may have to remind him or speak slightly louder when I get back. Yes, I am making a joke, however there's plenty of opportunity for family banter.

So now I'm lying in bed, I'm going to bid you goodnight and leave with you my beautiful view at the foot of my bed. Pictures, cuddly toys and candles are just perfect.
Picture Frames

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Secret Project And Feeling Happy!

So yesterday (yes I'm sorry, I may have forgotten to post a blog last night but I was tired), I attended a secret project. Now unfortunately due to signing a non-disclosure form, I can't really tell you what the day was about but the most important thing is that I had a lot of fun doing it, even though it was a LONG day! Here's one of the girl's I met on the set and she is absolutely stunning! Wouldn't you agree? I told her that she looked a little like Ariana Grande and Sofia Vergara all in one.
The project lasted until the evening and by the time I got back home it was around 10.30ish. As soon as I know when I can post what it was I will do but for now keep yours eyes peeled on here as it's where I'll reveal all! I also got directed to a video which was surprisingly, also a secret project, that I had appeared in. It's only a few seconds of fame but it was so funny. Give it a watch and let me know what you think here.

Other than that, expect to see another blog post tonight because we didn't have a pancake day last night so myself and housemate Sean are gonna do it tonight!

Much excitement, very wow.

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Return Of The Blogger And A DIY Creation!


So I've decided to jump back on the wagon and start daily blogging again. The reason I stopped was that I was transitioning into self-employment and therefore panicking about not getting enough work. I've been working flat out since around the 2nd January and I haven't been back at the house long enough to really commit to writing blogs on a daily basis. Obviously, there are going to be days where I won't be able to blog due to work etc but I will try my absolute best to catch up when I miss days!
Keep Calm poster
There's been lots happening since my last blog. Promotional work is going well and I'm now getting lots of work coming in that's both reassuring for my money-worrying side and it's exciting because I'm doing a variety of events as well as meeting new people. New people that are in the same boat as me (actors, musicians or dancers). Instead of updating you with everything I've been doing because that would take ages, I'm going to show you a little DIY idea that I created a couple of weeks ago. It's very easy to make and is a nice idea for dealing with those days where you just wish you they'd be over or never have happened!

I've named it 'Because You've Had A Bad Day - Memory Box'
DIY Tutorial
I've broken this down into four easy steps!

1. To start with you'll need some brown packaging paper. A tube or box and some scissors and tape. You could always use different packaging paper and instead of using a tube, perhaps you could use a shoebox or something similar.
2. Take your tube/box and wrap the brown paper around it. Secure some sticky tape at the the end of your paper but on the inside so that when you stick it down, you won't have the tape showing on the outside.
3. Cut some of the length of the wrapping paper around the top if there's any excess and then fold it into the tube/box. You could use some sticky tape to secure this in place but mine holds to the sides already. If you are using a tube similar to mine you could cut out a circular shape to stick on the lid like I've done.
4. Design your memory box with the sentence 'Because you've had a bad day...' and decorate it the way you want it to look! Once completed, every time you experience something bad, write it down and pop it in your memory box. At the end of the year empty it out into the bin and start the new year, knowing that all those bad days are gone and forgotten!


This little DIY creation looks perfect on my dressing room table and I feel is a great idea that's simple and easy to create. We all have days that we'd rather forget and I think writing them down onto paper and storing them away is a good alternative than having them in your head and getting you upset.

If you end up creating this then I'd love for you to show me your creations! Post them up on your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter or Blog with #baddaymemorybox

So for now, I hope you enjoy your evening! I've got a new vlog up on my YouTube channel which you can also check out.

Have a lovely evening,

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