Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Last Day With 121 and Recording Voices!

So I thought I'd tell you the company I worked for considering we took photos today for promotional purposes for Beautiful Minds. This was the promotional company I got hired through. The company today and yesterday we were working for on behalf of BM was called 121. 
Promo Girls
We managed to finish early which was perfect as I was able to get to my local Sainsbury's to pick up my dollars for New York. You cannot imagine my face when the woman was counting it out...good thing she didn't look up to see a beaming yet slightly weird woman looking at the notes!
American Dollars
This evening, myself and Sean finally got round to using our voicereels to good use. We recorded, with the help of our beautiful Maria, a couple of audition pieces to send off. We're both part of a voiceover casting website so hopefully something will come of them!

Fingers crossed!

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Elliott's Birthday and A Great Day At Work!

So the vlog is finally up on my YouTube Channel. For those who don't know, myself, Maria and Sean went to pay Elliott a visit for his birthday weekend. We had loads of fun especially with the semi nice weather we had and how can you not have fun in Aberystwyth?! If you're ever down there, make sure you experience the nightlife. For a small town, it sure knows how to party!
Today was such a great day, I was working for a mining conference in London and I got all the perks! Free breakfast and lunch and glass of wine to finish my shift off. What an awesome bunch of people they were! I'm always reluctant to tell you the company name or event just because they might not appreciate me talking about the conference or giving away that's why I'm not telling you everything in detail.

Now we're having a cute movie night watching Homeward Bound and eating ice-cream. What a perfect way to end the day!

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Oxford Street Shopping!

RIGHT. From now on I'm not spending another penny. I really have been treating myself these past couple of weeks after finishing with the Dream Lodge Group (which I'm actually joining again for the Grand Design Show!). Now though, it's time to get back to work and earn some more money! 
Money Bags
Last night I was meant to write up yesterday's antics but I was just too tired and I've done nothing today except applying for job so there would be nothing to blog about today anyway. So yesterday, myself, Maria and Hannah all went to London to shop on Oxford Street. I wasn't going to go as I wanted to get loads of work done but they twisted my arm, especially Mammy Wyles on the phone!

No joke, we literally spent around 2/3 hours in Primark alone. If you've never been to the Primark on Oxford Street then definitely go if you love the brand. It's 4 floors of madness! I didn't spend too much in there thank goodness as my bank balance wouldn't be able to cope. Afterwards we managed to grab some late lunch and head on over to New Look. By this point it was nearly 7pm. So in total we visited two shops! Ha!

Look out for a video that's going out tomorrow evening, Elliott's B'day!!!

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Freeze Mob & 100th Post!

What an eventful day it's been today! By the way, this is my 100th post on Blogger. I started this blog more or less a year ago now and I'm planning on stepping it up a notch this year. I'm currently at 5,900 views and I want to reach 10,000 by the end of May! So make sure you keep reading my blogs and sharing them with the world <3

So today I took part in a freeze mob. Now when I told my mother this, she didn't understand what it was. Basically freeze mobs are similar to flash mobs in that they're done in public places to attract attention. Most of the time it's done to promote something. Perhaps a new show or a product or an event...
The Actors Centre
I met the company and everyone else involved in the project at a place called The Actors Centre. I'd never been there before, don't actually know what's in there either as we were told to wait outside. They then gave us a number which we were to hold onto for payment purposes and they also give us the answer to what we were promoting!
Natalie Blakely
COSMETIC TREATMENTS! We wore very thin 'lab coats' and we went to three separate locations in a busy area in London and mingled around the crowd until the air horn went off. We then popped on the lab coats and moved towards each other before striking a pose and holding it for a minute. The whole experience was very interesting, a lot of people stood around looking bewildered and it was a great opportunity to be a part of a freeze mob for the first.

Later on this evening I had another event that I worked at for a book launch and then I headed home to the arrival of Maria and Hannah waiting for me, bearing pizzas, garlic bread and coca cola! Perfect end to a great day! Love these girls so much and I've missed spending some quality time with Hannah Banana.

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Saying Goodbye AGAIN & More House Hunting.

Never do long distance because it sucks. Some people can deal with it, others can't. I'm in the can't section right now.

Every time Sam has to go it literally feels as though there's a big cloud full of crappy bird poop over me. I'm exaggerating now but you get my point....perhaps?

We spent the last few days just relaxing and seeing friends. The weather made it even better as it has been absolutely gorgeous these past few days and it's getting me so excited for summer! Today, seeing him off (though quite rushed as he was cutting it fine getting the bus) it was again super hard to see him go. We're on the final stint of his course in Cardiff so within the next five weeks he'll hopefully be back down permanently. YAY!!!!!
Woman holding up a love heart
After saying our goodbyes, myself and Maria met up with Sean to do a little more house hunting. Tonight's finds were much more hopeful and hopefully we'll have secured an offer on a house in Wimbledon. I can't believe that we'll potentially be in London by the middle of May. How crazy is that?! Time moves so fast and it's actually nearly been a year since I moved to London. It makes you think about how life can just pass you by so quickly. You have to make the most of every second. It seems like only yesterday that Sam came down and those five days we spent together went so quickly.


Anyway, time for me to catch up on some much needed applying to castings/jobs etc before I catch some zzz's. Also something very exciting is happening tomorrow. I will try and get a couple of pictures for my blog tomorrow night.

Keep you're eyes peeled.

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mamma Mia And House Hunting!

Forgot to blog last night because I was way too tired. As I'm writing this my boyfriend is pleading with me to stand on his back. One moment....

Eww it clicked so many times! This boy ain't normal.
Mamma Mia West End
So myself and Sam spent the day in London yesterday. The weather is so beautiful at the moment in London, even today it was ridiculously hot. I love the fact that summer is on it's way. I hate being cold and dull weather just makes people so moody in general. We met up with our good friend Sam from Aberystwyth to watch his girlfriend (Grace) perform in her third year showcase at Mountview. If you don't know Mountview, it's an accredited performing arts school that specialises in Musical Theatre. Grace was amazing and I wish her all the luck that she manages to sign with an agent she'll be happy with when she finishes her final year. Afterwards, we grabbed some food and spent a few hours just talking which flied by. The place we tried was somewhere we'd never been before - it was in Leicester Square and I think from memory it was called The Olive Tree? Myself and Sam (boyfriend) went for the wrapped pizza which was just delicious.

We then met up with our housemate Sean, for a drink or two before heading over to watch Mamma Mia. Now it was my second time seeing the show but Sam & Sean's first time. I was pretty excited for them as I knew that this show was a good un' and that the songs would have them on their feet, singing and dancing.

But if I'm being honest.....I didn't rate this show as good as the one I saw a few years back. It was a real let down considering I'd seen it before, but the cast, apart from the end numbers, seemed to lack stage presence and the direction of the show in general was quite poor. I don't want to be all negative though, the Abba tunes are still great and by the end of the show everyone was clapping and singing along so at least that's something!

Today was mostly spent giving the house a good clean and spending some quality time with the boyfriend. This evening we went house hunting and saw a property in Streatham again which is an area we really love. We're currently in Zone 6 and would be moving to Zone 3 and unless you live in London, you won't know how amazingly beneficial it will be, both in time and money to move into Zone 3. The one we saw tonight was gorgeous and it was perfect for what we're looking for. The second one we went to look at was in Tottenham and let me tell you - we didn't even step foot inside. The area and the outside of the house was enough to send us back around and on the bus back home.


Nevermind, we've had a good viewing tonight so hopefully that will come of something. Very exciting all this moving malarky.

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Monday, 13 April 2015


Well hello there fellow bloggers and blog readers!

I've been meaning to start this blog off again but have just never gotten round to it until now! So the last time we spoke, I was telling you about my day at the DFMA Academy and how I got totally pampered up. Well considering it's been so long since I last blogged, the photos of the project have come through and here they are...
DFMA Makeup
They are just beautiful and I just want to thank again the beautiful girl who created this look, Alyssia! 

I don't really know where or what to start this blog on. I suppose I'll begin by saying that I've currently got my favourite boy down in London who's staying with me until Thursday!
Myself and my housemates have just returned from a fantastic weekend in Aberystwyth celebrating my best friend, Elliott's birthday.  I won't say much about it because I've recorded it all for my vlog next week. I've not posted up a video though in a while so I need to get on that. 

I've recently just finished a stint at the Ideal Home Show working for a wonderful company called The Dream Lodge Group, I shall put the link to their website at the end of this blog. They are such a great bunch of people to work with as a company, along with the 13 other girls that were hired for the show. We really did have a lot of fun and it the time for me did go very quick. We celebrated in style at the end and I'll be joining them again for the next show at Grand Designs in Excel.

In terms of the acting malarky, I recently had an audition for a feature film and received confirmation today of a recall audition! If I got it, this would be my first paid feature film role which is very exciting. Hopefully from this, I can gain more contacts within the industry and the business cards that I've been meaning to get can finally be made and ordered ready anyway to give out to the events and productions I'm involved in over the next few months.

All very exciting stuff as you can tell is happening right now but I won't continue to bore you anymore with a crazy long blog. This is the start of me hopefully daily blogging again as I really enjoyed doing it but night shifts working can really take it out of you!

Speak soon my lovers,

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