Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Mini Primark Haul.

So depending on when I decided to film my Mini Primark Haul, this is most likely to have been published after the video. I recently went to Primark because it's cheap and cheerful and they always have some great clothing in there (if you're brave and willing enough to tackle the hordes of clothing). As we're approaching the winter months, I'd recently gutted out my wardrobe of any clothes I wanted to get rid of and give to charity. I then replaced my summer clothes (sob) with my winter essentials. I made the realisation that I just didn't have enough clothes to keep me warm during these horrid weather conditions. Therefore, I started off with a little haul which I'm sure within the next few weeks, will follow up with a few more items!

The first thing I needed wasn't exactly winter wear but I desperate needed some proper gym wear after using a weird mixture of my own wardrobe. 

I brought some lovely lycra style leggings that cut off just around mid calf. They are super comfy and stretchy which is essential for those squats! The padded bright neon crop top is great as a support for the lady lumps. The worst thing to have in the gym is an ill fitted bra that becomes quite painful when you're running on the treadmill. I have a grey slimming top that is made out of a quick drying material so there will be no awkward sweat marks!

The best realisation during my trip to Primarni was that I'm now a Size 10 when it comes to jeans/leggings etc. Hard work pays off as I used to be a Size 12! 

Next up is the jeans! I've got around three pairs of jeans already but they're are all in dire need of an update. Therefore I brought some autumnal berry coloured, skinny jeans and some white washed skinnies! These are both beautiful and super comfy and they'll go great with any sort of top and a chunky cardigan. I also brought a red tartan skirt. It's made out of a thinner material but it gives me that Kylie Jenner look (see below) but with more of the skirt!

To keep warm during this cold weather but to also stay cool. I brought a nice wooly beanie and a couple of sunglasses. I want to look proper hip and totally idiotic wearing a beanie and shades combo. Don't hate me cus you ain't me!

I also brought some sports socks for use in the gym and some tights which were desperately needed! This is only the start to my winter wardrobe but hopefully it gives you some ideas of what to get for you're wardrobe.

Natalie-Ann x

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Friday, 25 September 2015

On The Hunt For A Primer.

So I've decided to give myself a little kick up the backside and purchase a few more products to go into my make-up bag. After my Essential Make-Up blog, I realised that I'm missing some products that may aid my every day look. I'm most interested in getting myself a primer, but then which one do I get?!

There are so many different versions and brands out there, that I get completely overwhelmed by the amount available. However, after recently looking at Glamour's Top Primer's of 2015 (keeping with the times), I've found a couple...ok one, that seems to be within my price budget. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer (£5.99)

Now baring in mind, I've never used a primer so I have no idea what I'm letting myself in for. For that reason, instead of purchasing something expensive, I thought I'd start off with something on the lower side of high street cosmetics. The next time, I go into a Superdrug or Boots, I will definitely be adding this to my basket. I've always been a fan of matte foundations, after using Mac foundation I fell in love with the flawless skin it gives you. The only problem being is that I can't afford Mac all the time. So hopefully, this will be a great alternative.

I'll purchase this little beauty and let you know how I get on!

Natalie-Ann x


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Making Progress!

I've been going to the gym now for a little over two months and I'm very much happy with the progress that I'm making thus far. I feel like the PhD Body Sculpt is assisting my progress with toning up my stomach and thighs. Here' a sneak peak of me doing some weight lifts!

Ooooo Aaaaah 

I think what's most empowering when going to the gym nowadays, is that I'm able to lift weights quite easily. I find it really enjoyable compared to the dreaded leg day. I admit, it's difficult sometimes to find the motivation to actually go to the gym. However, once I'm there and I've gotten through it, the feeling afterwards is the best! It's important to stay active and to keep you're body moving. I take this mantra with me throughout my day to day life. I'm not one of those people who will spend hours and hours watching television in the evening, just wasting hours away. We have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce does. And by god does Beyonce do so much!

I know I'm going off topic so I'll steer back on track. I'm hoping that by the end of the year, my body will look a lot different and feel a lot different as well. PureGym is a great place to work out, it has all the equipment I need and I haven't even managed to try out any of the classes yet! I must make more of an effort to do more at the gym, which includes getting a bike so going to the gym will take less time to get there!

Natalie-Ann x

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Struggles Of A Food Monster.

There's no denying that I love my food. I mean, I really love food. The amount of people that have told me 'girl, you eat like a man' or friends will say to new people that I meet that 'this girl can eat like no other'. These comments make me very proud because YES I love food and I will probably be able to eat a lot of people under the table if I'm hungry enough. But when you're a foodaholic like myself, there can be some daily struggles I and my fellow food monsters endure...

1. You think about food all the time.

2. You're always the one to order a starter because having just a main is just WRONG.

Who's for olives?

3. You're always the first to finish you're food.

Must slow down..before..oh and it's all gone. Nevermind.

4. When you have a big breakfast and you're friends/family tell you that we'll just have a snack for lunch.

You're telling me we're skipping A MEAL?!

5. Sharing bags of 'to share' crisps or sweets is just not possible.

Err awkward. I don't share food...

6. Eating leftovers off other people's plates is no longer shameful.

7. And sometimes when you have a meal, you really could just eat it all over again.

Enough said.

Natalie-Ann x


Monday, 21 September 2015

My Essential Make-Up

I'm not at a point in my use of make-up, where I've used the same foundation, concealer etc for a number of years. Foundation I think for me is the hardest find because every brand is different, every colour name is never the same and I never know which is the best for my skin. I thought I'd give you an insight into the current make-up I'm using and what I think of them at this moment in time! I'm not the wealthiest person at the moment so this will suit the frugals amongst you.

So above is essentially what I use on a day to day basis. I have my foundation and concealer, eyeshadow palette, setting powder, mascara and lipstick. I also normally use my contouring kit but I decided to keep it to the basics (and I also forgot to add it into the photos).

Collection's Last Perfection Foundation and Concealer Cover Up Stick

I realise that a lot of my products are Collection branded which I didn't actually realise till taking these photos (oops!). The foundation is in the shade Honey and the concealer is in the shade Natural Beige. I brought these after I'd been on holiday so they potentially may be slightly darker than my usual shades that I go for. However, the foundation is pretty good when blending as it doesn't sit on the skin too much. The concealer is perfect for when I want to bring a lightness under my eyes and it's also a great lighter shade for contouring.

W7 In The Buff Natural Nudes Eye Palette
This palette is incredible! For those of you who can't afford Urban Dacay and Naked palettes yet (including me), this is a great alternative. As you can see I use the lighter shades to the left for my base and highlighting and I use the darker colours accordingly. I am a big fan of brown shades so the one in the middle has been used A LOT! Most colours are very pigmented and my favourite shade to use at the moment is the second one in from the left. It's glittery and super pigmented. Perfect for both daytime and night time glam.

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

This was recommended to me by the lady in the Sephora shop, when I brought my contouring kit. A good setting powder is needed if you are using a liquid foundation. The reason being is that if you don't use the powder before contouring, the contouring shades sit on the skin and don't look natural. This setting powder was a bit pricey but it's good stuff. You only need a very small amount on the brush and it evens out you're complexion, getting rid of any shininess to the skin.

Collection's No Clumps Mascara

I realise I'm ordering this in the actual order that I do my make-up. This mascara is the best I've ever used out of every mascara I've EVER had. It's £2.99 and it's perfect. I've recommended it to everyone I know and it gives you're eyelashes so much volume without the need to use any other mascaras on top or falsies! Enough said.

Rimmel's Kate Lipstick Shade 30

I love this lipstick. It's got great berry tones that make the lipstick look more red than blue. I know that makes no sense but trust me you can tell the difference. I also have the standard 107 colour which I know a lot of people have and it's their go to red lipstick. Both are perfect but I tend to use this one mostly during both the day and night.

So there you have it, that's my current essential make-up. If you have any questions or comments then please do comment below and make sure you follow my blog for more make-up themed blogs in the future!

Natalie-Ann x


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Mad About Social Media?!

Ok so I'm OBSESSED with social media. I am constantly on Instagram posting photos around three to four times a day. I try and tweet as often as I can and I am constantly creating ideas for my videos and blogs. Why? 

Well firstly, I have always been a very driven person. Whether this be in my acting or my personal life, I always try and make the most of my days. Yes, sometimes (and I'm sure we're all guilty of this) I have days where I do sod all but you need a day off every now and again! I have always been interested in social media and if it weren't for pursuing acting, I believe I would have focused more on English and followed a journalism/writer career. Since leaving university, my blog has become my way of improving my writing skills. I also do it because it gives me the opportunity to let my friends and family know what I'm up to. I'm very envious of living away from most of my family and friends. It's not a simple 10 minute walk or bus ride to my parent's house!

Love this photo!

I think I also use social media so much because getting up the career ladder now, is no longer just about going to and from to work. People are improving their resumes constantly, businesses are constantly finding new ways of using social media to promote their product(s). As a performer, I feel that marketing myself effectively as a product, will hopefully put me in front of the eyes of the right people within the industry. It hopefully shows how hard I work and how passionate I am in turning my dreams into a reality.

I know it sounds cheesy but I want to end up on television or in the cinema. I'm always thinking about it when I watch a drama series or a film. I want to be there, doing what those lucky actors are doing. I want to be comfortable, knowing I'm making a living but in something that I am in love with. When I was younger, I used to perform scenes in my room that I made up myself (if anyone saw me in my bedroom window angrily shouting at my mirror, I apologise). 

So please support me in my quest for the actor's paradise and follow me on as many of my social media platforms as possible! You can find them all on the left hand side of my blog under the 'Follow Me' tab!

Natalie-Ann x


Thursday, 17 September 2015

Difficulty Of Eating Healthy.

So I'm currently in Southampton and the amount of drinking and eating out is playing havoc on my body! I'm itching to get back to the gym to start lifting weights and doing those much needed ab crunches. However, when I think about my lifestyle in general, I find myself struggling to eat healthily. Especially when it costs a lot more dollar than eating unhealthy foods.

Shopping for healthier alternatives such as vegetables, fruit, fresh fish and meat can cost a lot of money. As an actress, being self-employed and constantly trying to get promo jobs just to get by, means that eating healthier foods that are more expensive, take place at the bottom of you're budget list.

Let's be honest, food like salads don't even last that long and it's not as if you can freeze them either! I did have a brief point where I actually made some homemade soups and they did taste quite nice but that takes a lot of time and effort. I think maybe it's to do with the on the go lifestyle I currently have, that I'm unable to to make homemade soups and take them to work because my work rarely involves a staff kitchen. 

It's a tough balance because I love food and anyone who knows me, will know that I'm constantly thinking about food (no joke it's only mind all the time).  Food is something that I can't skimp on because I just love it so much! I don't think I have the ability to skip meals or have meal replacements. The slim fast that I'm taking on and off doesn't seem to have much effect.

Maybe my healthier lifestyle, eating wise will arrive when I'm more set in a routine. Maybe when I land a television or a film role....




Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Student vs Graduate.

I often find myself reflecting on university and how good it was being there. I don't think I would have experienced as many life changing things if I'd not gone to university and taken a different route. This leads me to find out what's changed between...

Student Natalie


Graduate Natalie

So let's see a few examples of what's different....

1. Student Natalie drank A LOT of alcohol. Too much alcohol. 

I still have this dressing gown.

Graduate Natalie drinks less alcohol nowadays.

2. Student Natalie ate waaaaaaaaayyyy too much junk food.

Graduate Natalie eats a lot healthier.

Look at all that salad.

3. Student Natalie had horrendous fashion sense.

Graduate Natalie has thankfully gotten a little better.

4. Student Natalie loved a thoughtful, deep and provoking selfie.

Graduate Natalie has resorted to selfies on other people's walls.

5.  Student Natalie was a big fan of takings thousands of photos and creating a lot of albums on Facebook.

Graduate Natalie still takes lots of photos.

6. Student Natalie didn't understand how to wash clothes.

Graduate Natalie OWNS her laundry.

7. Student Natalie did what she loved to do.

And Graduate Natalie is doing what she wants to do too!

I'm very proud of where I've gotten so far! Everyone should give this a go. I'm also very grateful for the friends I've made and kept along the way. Love you all!

Natalie-Ann x


Monday, 14 September 2015

What's Happened To Music?

Whilst trawling through the entertainment websites of today, I stumbled upon an article about One Direction splitting up. Now I totally understand their need to take a break from the madness and pursue other things in their life. However, it brings me back to that same old question, will there ever be great music again?

Call me old fashioned but I am a big fan of all things rock and roll. I love the classics of Billie Joel and Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac and Queen. These are just a few artists whose music have managed to stay strong through generations and I just feel that our generation's music seems to have a sell by date. I'm very grateful for my dad bringing me up with some great music. Sure when, I was a child the sound of Aerosmith was just a load of loud noise but I grew to appreciate the talents and the sound. I think it influenced my performance side and for that dad I thank you!

I highly doubt that One Direction will be remembered twenty or thirty years down the line. Sure their songs are catchy, but they haven't really stood the test of time or made a BIG me anyway! Most artists seem to have a few years in the spotlight then fade away for a few years before coming with a one off track or two and then disappearing off the face of the planet for another two years. I kinda wish I could have grown up around the time Aerosmith were in their prime. I would have totally been a groupie/fan girl.

I don't know whether anyone agrees with me but it would be nice to hear a lot more indie artists to find new sounds. There's a lot of artists in the industry at the moment that pretty much sound the same and it gets boring. Do me a favour and listen to this girl, she's a friend of mine and hopefully she'll get her foot into the industry door. This song is so catchy and just so raw with talent. None of this auto-tuned nonsense.

I'm rambling and I'm not making a very solid argument. It's 00.10am (14th September so you'll be reading this on this day but in the evening!)  and I need to go bed.

Natalie-Ann x

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Friday, 11 September 2015

Filming for my Showreel.

I've been wanting to get my showreel filmed ever since I moved to London. However you find you're time is so limited when you're working to earn a living and to just survive in London. I am happy that I waited though as I've always been a person who wants to do something their self. Call me proud or stupid but I like doing things on my own and filming my showreel was one of them. I've made enough friends thus far in my career as an actress to be fortunate to know the right people.

I've always been interested in writing and wrote a lot of short stories when I was younger. This made it a lot easier when writing the scenes for my showreel. I created five in total and thus far I've filmed one! It was a great experience filming with friends and just acting in front of the camera. I know now that I want to get into television and film and I always enjoy the opportunity when it arises whether it be unpaid or paid. Paid is better obviously but for now I'm happy with either.

Make sure you watch this space. Hopefully one day I'll end up on you're television screens!

Natalie-Ann x

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Coconut Craze!

So if you're living in the UK now, summer (or the lack of it) has decided to bow it's head and autumn is now here. This requires warm clothing, plenty of soup stocked in the cupboard and lots of lip balm. I am always the victim of chapped lips and dry hands so I always have to have products on hand that will battle this almost year long war.
Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Lotion, Palmer's Hand Cream
and Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Oil for Hair.

Therefore I'd like to express my love for all coconut based skin and haircare products! The first of which is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Perfector!

This is a super sleek coconut oil, which you use on wet hair to give it a glossy and shiny finish. I use around 5-6 pumps even though it suggests only 3. I find that because of the thickness of my hair and how long it is, I need more for coverage from root to tip. I got this free using Buzz Agent. It's a survey based website with the reward of trying out new products which could be anything. In return you spread the word of the product over you're social media. This now costs £10 in general cosmetic stores and supermarkets. It's good value for money and it lasts forever. If you have dry or frizzy hair this is the perfect solution. Alternatively, if you're wanting a heat protecting product, this also does the job as well as slicking back strands of hair and taming you're locks in general!

Next up is the Palmer's Hand Cream. Now I'm definitely a sufferer of dry hands, especially growing older, I've started to get peeling skin on the tops of my palms. Not nice!

I've only just started using this product but so far it seems to do the job. The only thing I would comment on, which may be an issue for me, is the smell. It doesn't really smell of coconut but instead has a really mild and bland smell. Smells or fragrance is one of the factors I have when it comes to buying beauty products so I don't know whether I'll repurchase this again just based on it's smell. However, it's not greasy like other hand creams and it has a thickness which gives the impression it's protecting my hands from the cold.

Finally, the Palmer's Coconut Body Lotion. Now I'm sure Palmer's has been around for years so how I haven't stumbled on this earlier, I do not know! 

This body lotion is literally the bees knees. It smells so edible, I have to refrain from trying to eat my arm because it smells THAT good. The lotion isn't greasy and again it's a nice thick lotion so you know you're getting a good coverage. The lotion is about £5 for a bottle so it's not the cheapest body lotion but it certainly smells and works well so it's a definite recommendation!

Make sure you check the links below on where to get these products. Get ready because Autumn's here!

Natalie-Ann x

Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Oil:
Palmer's Hand Cream:
Palmer's Coconut Body Lotion
Buzz Agent:


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Purchasing A New Vlogging Camera.

I've been thinking about purchasing this camera ever since Hannah McCarthy (damn you Hannah), introduced me to hers. 

Just...look at it.

The Canon Powershot G7X is probably the most favourable of vlogging camera used by all the very best YouTubers on YouTube. The high quality recording along with it's retractable screen, let's you record quality videos and enables you to see what you're recording as well. I've been thinking recently about maybe creating a side channel where I put all my daily videos on. I may try and start to vlog every day if possible (especially with vlogmas coming up) but I know this might be unlikely to begin with because of work and other commitments. 

This would also give me the chance to begin creating a new little project for myself on Tumblr where I can start capturing the world through my camera. I've always been interested in taking photos especially of landscape and nature, so all in all, it would definitely be a worthwhile investment. Ok so it's probably going to set me back £300-£350 but for better high quality videos and a chance to use it for social means, it's a pretty good investment.

Now I just need to find the money to pay for it...

Natalie-Ann x

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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Garnier Ultra Lift Review

Behold. The best face cream inside a small red pot. Well actually, it's the first night cream I've ever tried so I've not really got much to compare it to!
Garnier Ultra Life Packaging
Look at how pretty it is!
So I've definitely never been a devote wearer of face creams, nor do I have a set routine of morning or night time facial care. However, I do believe this has partially integrated itself into my nightly ritual. I don't use it every night because sometimes I like my skin to be able to breath (weird) but I would say I use this 5 days out of the week. This is Garnier Ultra Lift Night Cream and I can honestly say I will DEFINITELY be buying it again when it runs out.

And it actually is running out, but it's lasted for SO LONG! The tub itself is pretty small but what it lacks for in size, it makes up for in volume. Wahey. 

Whenever I think of using products in general - especially creams - I always think I have to put massive dollops of it on. However with this cream, I literally have half a teaspoon, sized amount on the back of my hand and dab it onto parts of my face that need it the most. Now unfortunately or fortunately, I suffer from laughter lines. They're the long lines across you're forehead that start to develop when you have too much fun. So be jealous because mine are practically etched into my skin.
Woman with wrinkles
This girl has never laughed in her life, she's squeezing them with her hands!
Using this cream, well over 6 months now has really shown a massive difference. The lines have diminished and more or less disappeared and I'm finding that my skin has a bit more of a healthy glow to it when I wake up in the morning as apposed to not using it the night before. Now I may be a bit eager, at the age of 22 you're not really in the catchment area of using night creams. However, it's best to start now to avoid it!

The product is widely available at Boots and Superdrug and is a steal for just under £10. It seems to last forever, it doesn't feel greasy or irritable on my skin and it works it's magic over night so you won't even have to suffer for it!

Go out and try it for yourself. It's totally worth you're money. You can get it from Boots or from Superdrug.



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