Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Respect Your Elders.

Now I wouldn't normally use the phrase 'respect your elders' as I find the saying a little out-dated and biased to the specific generation. But from what I experienced today on the bus to work, I feel a little differently towards it.

Please note that I'm not going to blame the parents for bringing their children up the wrong way because A. I do not have children of my own so cannot fully judge someone's mistakes and B. it doesn't matter whether you come from a good or bad background, the decisions you make as an individual reflect on you and you alone. I believe that from a certain age you make your own decisions and whether they are influenced by others or what's around you, at the end of the day it's your choice, no one is holding a gun to your head.

So I was sitting on the bus minding my own business - I believe I was reading my latest book by Stephen King - when there appeared to be some commotion going on from the back of the bus. There were two 'kids' and I'll call them kids because they acted like kids, sitting at the back of the bus making comments and singing loudly. These boys were probably around 13-16 years old. A woman, who was sitting in front of them with her child had walked down to the front of the bus to speak to the driver. This is more or less what she said:

'There are two boys sat up there, making trouble and they seem to be burning something. Can you please do something, they're being very disrespectful and rude.'

The woman went back up and then continued to argue with the boys, after they made some inaudible comment that I didn't hear. Now from what I was hearing beforehand and seeing, the driver (albeit he was driving) must have clearly heard and seen this happening in the back. His handling of the situation, could not have been any worse. The driver pulls in at the next stop and walks up to the back of the bus and mumbles, with no sense of authority or confidence, that if they continue to misbehave then he'd call the police.

WAIT A MINUTE. Rewind. Threatening these boys with the police is probably not the best way of approaching them, considering from their reactions that the police station was one of their local hang outs. What he should have done, was kick those little inconsiderate and excuse my french, arseholes off the bus there and then. But no he didn't and in doing so he did nothing to aid the situation or to assist a commuter, who with her child, seemed very distressed.

This is the part where my blood boils and I was biting my tongue to not say something. Probably best because let's be honest, this is London and I'm a lot more street-wise now than I was in Aberystwyth.

One of the boys out of the two, starts mouthing off saying he can do what he wants, when he wants. The other boy was basically his personal hyena, laughing at everything he said. His response to singing on a bus, he said wasn't a crime either (personally he sounded flat, so I beg to differ).

There are so many things wrong with this boy. For one, the 'I can do what I want, when I want'  statement is so stubborn and pathetic, that I wanted to go up to him and slap him with a wet fish (although I don't condone violence but a wet fish to the face seems acceptable in this situation) and tell him to mature a little. The boys were OBVIOUSLY burning something because the smell was so apparent. The driver however, didn't seem to notice and I don't think he would notice if they were burning whatever they were burning, right in front of the driver's face. Getting back to the boy mouthing off; his attitude and lack of respect towards the woman was appalling and I hope that my children make the right decisions in life and don't turn out like that boy. The driver, after making no attempt to send them off the bus, goes back to his seat and continues to drive to the next spot where the boys then get off. The boys snigger a sarcastic 'see ya later darling' to the woman as they leave the bus.

The scene I witnessed this afternoon is still making me reel just thinking about it now. Why is it that individuals choose to be like this? Not just the lack of respect to an elder, but to another human being. This woman had a child sitting next to her and these boys were making rude comments and burning something ON A BUS of all places, risking the lives of other people. If there's one thing I will teach my children, it's that of the old saying 'treat others how you would like to be treated'. That boy, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened, is one day going to mess with the wrong person. 

I'm sorry to rant but this really annoyed me today. I think it's more disappointing though than anything to see a younger generation (and I'm not tarring everyone with the same brush here, just these two boys in particular) treat others like they're nothing. It was disgusting yet heart-breaking.

Anyway I'll stop now else I could go on all night.  Have good sleeps and remember, treat others with respect. No matter who you are or what you do, no one should have to be subjected to disrespect by another person. No one.

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Friday, 23 January 2015

National Television Awards.

Thought i'd do something different on my blog for a change and dedicate it to the National Television Awards that took place the other night. To start off, I cannot believe that Anne Kirkbride has sadly passed away and so suddenly too. It's been a while since the times that I'd sit down with my mammy and watch Coronation Street religiously every weekday so I haven't been keeping up with the characters. Therefore, I never even realised that Anne had had cancer. It's such a terrible loss and reminds us that cancer still needs to be cured. Hopefully and within our lifetime, this will happen as Anne was only 60 years old which is heart-breaking. I haven't actually gotten round to watching the awards yet due to just being so busy but I will find a spare moment over the weekend to sit down and see who won what!

Seeing as I'm a big fan of fashion and hopefully I'll be in a position one day where I can attend these events, I thought I'd give my opinion on some of what I thought were the best outfits of the night. So here goes!
Celebrity Celebrity

Rochelle Humes' (on the right) from the British girl band The Saturdays, wore this stunning plunge dress in my absolute favourite colour. You can never really go wrong with a red dress, especially on darker toned skin. I find though that red can suit any skin tone because it's a not a colour that will wash a person out. Rochelle's dress is by a designer named Suzanne Neville and it's so beautiful, giving her a flawless hour-glass shape. Lauren Pope (on the left) who I'd never heard of - I found out she's off The Only Way Is Essex - wore this sheer, figuring-hugging dress made by designer Gareth Pugh. Daring I must say but a gorgeous and flattering dress that gives away a little without exposing any flesh. Sexy without the tacky!
Sammy Winward (on the right) from Emmerdale wore a beautiful pastel pink coloured dress which perfectly matches her skin tone and compliments the hair as well. Just as a side note, I love her as an actress and feel as though she should branch out of the television soap and try something new! Eden Taylor-Draper (on the left) looked simply stunning in this monochrome number. A young actress with a lot of talent looks so happy to be on the red carpet. The use of the black panel down the middle helps with the illusion of a slim shape, although this girl doesn't need it!

And the worst dressed?

Now I hate to do this to the momager, Kris Kardashian (on the right) as I normally love her style and I LOVE the Kardashians but I think this dress failed for her. It's not really got any hold to it and the detailing down the front doesn't really do anything. I think if it were all white and figure-hugged in places it would be better but it's a pretty average dress to be honest. And finally Stephanie Davis (on the left) from Hollyoaks. Now this dress, I'm all for exposing a bit of cheeky bum, but it's a cross between a corset/leotard and a see-through mesh gown. It just doesn't go and it the mesh design - well there's just too much of it. Perhaps if it were sleeveless and had a cut up the side of the leg it would look better, but it's just too much on the eyes.

Lastly, I was a bit disappointed to find that a lot of the magazine websites, don't really cover the men's outfits, which I feel is a bit of a let down as the men's outfits are just as interesting as the women's. What's more is that there doesn't seem to be many pictures I can find on the tinterweb of them! Well boys, I'm sure you all looked sexy as hell!

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Secret Casting And Data-Capturing.

At this very moment, never let it be said that my life isn't full of variety. This morning I went to my 'secret casting'. My mother of course will know what it is because I can never keep it secret from her. It'll hopefully be a good little money earner and the sooner I hear back the better. I've also just recently joined a cleaning service called Handy. Now like my mother you may be thinking '!' Yes I am now cleaning people's houses as part of my daily life. As sad as it may seem, the reason why I'm doing this is not because I enjoy cleaning other people's household items but for the fact that it's so flexible for my acting work. I can pick and choose my hours as it's a self-employed service and it allows me to meet all sorts of people. Yes it's a crappy job...haha crappy. However, it still adds variety to my days, earns me money and it allows me to perfectly fit castings in when I need or want them. I also leave my clients a little thank you note along with a self promotion of my YouTube Channel. Always thinking of the smallest thing and in this case, hoping I clean the house of a director/casting director who'll look at my videos and go 'I WANT THAT GIRL IN MY NEXT MOVIE.' Ha, one can dream.
Handy Logo
After my 'secret' casting, I had a while till my data-capturing promotional job at 4 so I actually made the trek back to home (because it was SO COLD) to literally get in the house for 45 minutes and sit down, change, have a bite to eat and then head back out of the door. I must be mad.

If you don't know what data-capturing is, it's basically those people who stand around in the outdoors come rain or shine and plague you to stop where your going and chat to them, who's most likely trying to sell you something. WELL THAT WAS ME! Except I was giving away free gym trials. You see, I'm always out to help the world, even if it's making people feel guilty about overindulging at Christmas. I'm one to talk though as I myself pigged out like a little piggy and I loved it. No shame.

I did another round of Insanity tonight. It was exhausting but so satisfying! You should try it. I'm determined to get toned and look drop dead fabulous by summer time.

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Sunday Quiz and Insanity.

Okay so I'm going back to writing the blog about the day before rather than doing the blog on the day of everything that happens that's in the blog. I realise that made no sense. (So basically imagine it's yesterday).

ANYWAY. I've told myself now that Sundays are my days off and will continue to be my days off forever. I hope. Today I spent, doing the complete opposite, however I did sleep in till 11pm so I gave myself a lie in at least. After getting up I gave my room a big spring clean and my god it looks beautiful. I even got myself a scented candle from the local Tescos and made my room smell divine. After finishing the tidying of my room, I managed to record my new YouTube video (which to bring this to the present time, is still not on my YouTube Channel.) I also managed to write my catch-up blog which you can now check out on this page. It's likely to be underneath this blog post obviously...
Insanity Workout
It looks so scary!!!

After Sean got back from his band practice/gym session, we decided to take up a bit of fitness. Now I say fitness, at the moment it feels a bit like torture. It's called Insanity and it's a series of work-out dvds that are literally CRAZY. These people are superhuman, although when they start to flag in the video, you do feel slightly better about yourself. It's normally 40 minutes of solid exercising and I can tell you now that I will be feeling it tomorrow! After we finished - albeit our more sweaty selves - got showered and changed and headed on over the pub to play a quiz! It's a weekly tradition for Sean and his friends which I have now latched on to because I have no friends....I joke.

We had such a good night even though I think I may have had a little too much wine. I say think, I know I had way too much wine. I'm certainly going to feel that in the morning. That and feeling sore from Insanity. What a beautiful combination.

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

One Of Those Catch-Up Blogs.

Okay so I feel as though I've left it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to be able to do a catch-up blog and to be honest it would take forever to read so I'll just give you a brief overview of what's been happening in my life up till the last time I wrote on here and then we'll hopefully be back to the normal daily blogging!
2015 Logo
So it's 2015 and if you don't know me or I haven't seen you lately then HAPPY NEW YEAR. I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be a good one. I started it off in the best way possible, being surrounded by all my best friends who I love dearly. It had been a bit of a stressful situation over the past couple of days with a major hitch but we managed to get everyone here to have a jolly good knees up. Thank you to all you guys who made this year's celebrations just the best!
New Year Friends
Also my Christmas was fantastic. This year because Sam and his family were home this year, I got to spend Boxing day with his family which was really nice. It was unusual to be travelling on Boxing Day as I'd normally stay at home but I had a great time. I realise I'm working backwards in telling you what's been going well but never mind. Anyway, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was just the best. I had managed to cancel a few shifts to get home early and thank heavens I did as it was super busy at the train stations. We watched Paddington at the cinema on Christmas Eve which I think the trip to the cinema as a family has become a little tradition over the past couple of years which I love. It's just great being able to watch something as a family without (and yes I mean you mother) someone leaving the room to make a cup of tea or do other random things. Here's another one of those photo collages of Christmas!
So since New Years has arrived I've been working non-stop since the 2nd January. Today as I'm writing this is my first day off and I've made sure that from now on I allow myself one day off a week. I've always been a hard-worker but I can't be Beyonce so I need a day where I can recharge my batteries. And my version of recharging my batteries is having a spring clean of my room, sending e-mails, doing workouts and going to the pub quiz this evening. Hardly a stay at home, lazy day on the couch eh?! Anyway I'm now self-employed and currently working my butt off to bring in a healthy wage but to also utilise my time for auditions. I've got a casting tomorrow but not for acting, however I'm not going to tell anyone what it is until I know if I've got it or not. Fingers crossed I do because it would be a nice little money maker.

I'm probably gonna end this here so as not to over indulge you with a long blog. However, tomorrow if you go onto my YouTube channel at 7.30pm, you should see my next vlog as I've finally gotten round to filming another one. WOO!

Enjoy the rest of your lazy Sunday folks!

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