Sunday, 30 August 2015

8 Signs You're Officially An Adult.

Children of the world. Here my plea. NEVER GROW UP. Why I hear you say? Well...

1. There are NO holidays.

No friend, I'm not. No freaking jokes right now, it's just work work work for the rest of you're life.

2. You have to be responsible.

You have to do you're own washing for god's sake!

3. You can't blame you're siblings or someone else for you're mistake.

Gone were the days where you could blame someone else for getting up late for work. Oops.

4.Body parts start to ache more than they used to.

You're an utter fail when it comes to playing chase with the younger generation of you're family.

5. Food doesn't magically appear in you're fridge.

You're favourite chocolaty yogurts are no more. YOU GOTTA GO OUT AND BUY IT! WTF.

6. Receiving post is a dreadful experience.

Please. No more bills. ):

7. You become more afraid.

Things are more scary. Like flying on a plane, trying new things and giraffes...

8.  However, life is always exciting and unexpected! 

Amongst all of the negatives, life is pretty awesome.

What do you like about being an adult?! Let me know in the comments below.

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Friday, 28 August 2015

10 Steps To Finding A Job!

Advertising a job
Finding a job can be super tough and it sometimes can seem like an impossible task. I had a thought to myself this morning that it might be helpful to do a blog about finding work. I'm not a job guru so some of these points, you may disagree with or I may have missed some out. However, hopefully by following some of these steps, it will get you one step closer to whatever job you may be seeking.

1. If you're one of those fortunate people who already knows what they want to do with their life and the career path they want, then skip ahead to 3. For those who don't, then keep reading.

Finding a job is not a simple task. If you're in it for the long run, you have to find something you love and will hopefully still love 50-60 years down the line. I say this because my generation will certainly be working till we're 70 AT LEAST. Basically, don't just rush into a career in something you may end up hating 10 years done the line. Studies show that you spend about a 1/3 of you're whole life working. So make it count. I've seen and heard from many people who hate their job. Not good.

2. On the path to discovery of finding you're ideal career, make sure you find yourself a morning/afternoon where Netflix is off, all social media is muted and that you have a pen and paper in front of you. Take it back to old school and draw yourself a spider diagram. 
Spider Diagram
List all the skills you have and what you're interested in. If you don't do this, then I can guarantee you're likely to end up trawling through Monster or Indeed for hours on end, looking at jobs that do not meet you're requirements. For example, a few of my skills would be:

- Good knowledge of Windows and Mac applications (Microsoft Word etc)
- Confident telephone manner
- Works well in a group or on my own
- Creative/Driven

And so on and so forth. Then, put what you're interested in. For this, take a moment to think about all of the core categories when it comes to the job industry. These can be found here:

Already you now have an expansive list of potential avenues, so to avoid getting bogged down with too many, condense these down into you're top 5 or 3 if you're more certain of what you want to do. For example:
  • Performing Arts
  • Hospitality and Events Management
  • Sales
So from this quick diagram, you've found yourself the skills you're good at - these could be anything, note them down even if you think they aren't - and you've actually found some job paths that you may be interested in. GO YOU!

3. Create you're CV to the best it can be and then give it to trusted friends/family or professionals for advice. The CV is probably the most important piece of actually getting a job. This is also the chance for you to show off who you are and what you're capable of. Always approach other people you know who've got CVs already (parents, teachers etc) and use their templates to form you're own. If you've already got a CV made, go back over it and check you've got everything up to date and included. When creating you're CV, you want you're personal information at the top. This includes you're name, address, phone number and e-mail. If you've had previous jobs, go straight into that and include a detailed account of duties performed whilst at said job. If this is you're first CV/job, then give a brief introduction to who you are, including you're skills, you're personality (in relation to how you are as a person - confident, well-presented etc) and then section it off, following it up with another section on any qualifications you may have and any personal/professional references you can provide.

In short, you're CV should be at it's very best. Even if you've had little experience, as long as you're CV looks professional and the effort has been clearly made to work on you're skills and strengths as an individual, that's all that matters.

4. Just because you've got a degree doesn't mean you'll get a job over someone who hasn't. What I've started noticing more recently when looking at job advertisements, is that they require experience over qualifications. If you're one of those people who didn't want to go to university, then that's fine! 
Don't feel as if you're never going to find a job because you don't have a degree. If you have a degree, do not become complacent, thinking you could get a job instantly.

5. How do I get experience you ask? It's annoying when you see you're perfect job but it requires you to have a years experience, say in corporate work. It's the same annoying thing when you've never had a job. HOW ARE YOU MEANT TO GET EXPERIENCE WHEN NO ONE WILL GIVE YOU THE CHANCE?! Short answer is, someone will eventually. It takes a little time but someone, somewhere down the line will give you that opportunity. I've recently been working as a temp receptionist and a manager told me that now I had experience in 'corporate work', the chances of me actually getting a full-time job in corporate companies is even higher because I have the corporate experience of working in a reception. So if you're looking for experience, find that experience at maybe lower levels of the job branch and work you're way up. Nine times out of ten you don't just walk into you're perfect job.

6. Get yourself on LinkedIn and other social media. 
You have to consider yourself as a product. SELL YOURSELF! Not literally though. For me, marketing myself as a model or an actress is the most important factor of getting myself seen. I have to constantly be updating my profiles, my images and experience. This should be the same mantra for every person looking for work. Get yourself on LinkedIn as there are regular jobs being posted on here from all sorts of job categories and it's a great opportunity to network. Also make sure that you keep any personal social profiles private. Potential employers may look at you're profile so if there's anything you wouldn't want to show to you're parents like that time you got so drunk you ended up in another country - keep it private!

7. Get yourself signed up to as many of the popular job sites as possible and sign up for alerts straight to you're email. Although some job websites may have job advertisements that overlap onto others, it's important not to miss out on any opportunities. Sign yourself up for job alerts and make sure you're CV and a basic blanket cover letter are uploaded onto the website. This will allow you to take advantage of some applications where you can 'apply from you're phone'.

8. Do the old-fashioned handing out paper CVs if the job you're looking for offers it. A few jobs, such as bar/waitressing etc, may advertise themselves in their shop/building window. Always keep a couple of paper CVs on hand, so if you're looking for these types of jobs, if you spot an advertisement in the window, then you can be prepared to hand it in there and then!
Now Hiring Sign
9. Use the newspapers. You know that job section in the newspapers? Use it! I've actually found blogging advertisements in an edition of The Evening Standard once. You never know what you may find!

10. And most importantly? Never give up. It might seem like the world is ignoring you or it takes a little longer than a morning to find out what you want to do with you're life, but there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. As human beings we sometimes get lazy, we make excuses when really, we can do anything and achieve anything we put our mind to. Use this guide to help you further in getting a job. If there's someone you know that's struggling, then show them this or tell them that it is possible, you just have to find the drive and motivation to do it. Everyone has it, it's easier for some than it is for others. Never give up on you're dreams or what you aspire to be. Do not take 'I can't do it' or 'I'm not good enough' as an excuse. Instead it should be 'I can do it' and 'I am good enough'. Whether you want to perform, help other people or fix things, there is a job out there for everyone. And the biggest advice of all? Put in the work and you'll reap the rewards.

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Determined to succeed.

There have been numerous times that I've asked myself, why did I get myself into this industry? At the mere age of 22, I'm discovering that this industry is very tough to get into and it's especially tough if you haven't got the name of an accredited drama school on you're resume. I'm definitely not one to give up easily in nature and I hate to be stuck in one place for too long. I'm optimistic that I will achieve something incredible within my career but I'm also not going to spend my life 'just getting by', especially in London. I feel as though my life at the moment, in regards to work and my career in acting, is a constant balance. I have to work enough to get by, but then I also have to free myself up enough to attend last minute castings.
Person being stretched

It's very difficult to remain optimistic about you're career when you're the one living it. It's all good enough for people to tell you to keep at it and that you'll get there eventually but it's so difficult to have that same mindset yourself. I've learnt so far that the industry is very small and it's all about who you know and not what you know most of the time. I'm keen to develop myself as an actress and this natural urge to be on stage or acting in front of a camera is so painful when I'm not doing it! This isn't a blog about me moaning about not progressing anywhere in the industry, it's a way of me giving myself a motivational kick up the bottom. I know where I want to get to, I'm definitely NOT going to be working as a promo girl till I'm in my 40s that's for sure.

I very much believe that I will succeed, there's a drive that's within me that will not let me fail or give up, no matter how hard it becomes.

And that my friends is all for now.

Jeez I babble too much.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

How to subscribe to a YouTube Channel!

Good Evening Folks,

I was asked to do this by a couple of people because some of you who watch my videos regularly, may have wanted to subscribe to YouTube but have no idea how to go about doing so.
Woman looking mystified

So therefore I have created a simple 'how to' subscribe to channels on YouTube. See guys, you learn something new everyday.

1.) First off you MUST have a g-mail account in order to sign into YouTube. To do this please follow this link in order to register.

2.) Fill in all details required. I don't think you need to provide you're telephone number but it's helpful to provide you're current e-mail in case you ever forget you're password etc.

3.) When you click the 'next step' button, a pop-up will appear asking you to read through the data protection agreement. Please click the 'I agree' button to continue.

4.) You will then get directed to this screen...
Congratulations, you now have an account with google mail!

5.) Congratulations, you now have an account on G-Mail. It's always good to have a secondary account as I always give my back-up e-mail, when I'm signing up for competitions etc.

6.) Next, is creating you're own YouTube Channel. DON'T PANIC, you don't have to create you're own videos or make a fool out of yourself like I do. This is just so you're able to subscribe to other YouTube Channels.

7.) Go to the YouTube main page at and click the sign in button at the top right hand corner of the page.

8.) You will recognise a familiar screen, asking you to log into you're g-mail account. Enter you're password to successfully log in and become a registered YouTube Channel owner!

9. Now that you've registered with YouTube, you are free to subscribe to as many channels as you wish. There are hundreds of thousands out there so have a look around, subscribe to you're favourite musician if they have a YouTube Channel or you're favourite online magazine! You could even subscribe to you're favourite video blogger (cough, cough).

10. If you would like to subscribe to my YouTube channel, then there are two easy options. The first is to simply type in my name in the search bar 'natalie redman'. Usually I'm at the top of the page. Hover over my name to bring up a pop-up.

11.) Click the 'subscribe' button to automatically subscribe. I cannot subscribe to myself unfortunately so you won't get this 'No need to subscribe to yourself!' flash up. 

12.) The other option is to click on my name 'Natalie Ann' and simply subscribe on the main page of my channel. Either one is fine to do.
13.) Once you hit the subscribe button, you will become a subscriber to my channel. This is probably the most important thing as a YouTuber as it's bringing back regular viewers and boosting my profile on YouTube. As a subscriber, you'll have access and be notified when new videos come up, so you'll always know when I've posted a new video. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I know right you're practically bursting with excitement.

Thanks for reading this handy little instruction guide on how to subscribe to a YouTube Channel. I fully appreciate everyone who takes the time to subscribe and please let all you're friends know about my channel and forward this onto them if they don't know how to subscribe.


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Friday, 14 August 2015


I'm literally so excited to see the family this weekend, you have no idea...
For anyone whose fortunate enough to be living with or close to their family, I am extremely jealous of you. I don't think I've seen my family since June and being so close to my family in relationship, this can be often extremely difficult. It was made worse after finishing university and moving down to London. Sure, I had more time on my hands to call my parents every so often, to which I'd answer and deliver the open sentences with any of the following prank calls:

'Hey there! My name is Barry Scott and I'm here to talk to you about Cillit Bang. BANG and the dirt is gone.'

'Hello is that Mrs.Redman. Hi there, I realise you requested insurance for you're house. I give you cheap car and home insurance?'

'OHH, You ordered chinese take-away?'

Unfortunately the pranks are becoming to apparent so I'm going to have to switch my game up to fool mammy Redman. But seeing them in the flesh is not the same as talking to them via phone call or skype. When you just want a cuddle or some home-cooked food, it's not as simple as a quick 10 minute walk or 5 minute car journey. That's why I try to make the most of my time back with them as I possibly can. Just being in the same room as them is enough for me to feel home again!

This weekend, we're celebrating my brother, Ashley's 19th birthday. I'm sorry but WHAT? He's 19 years old. How is that even at all possible? I'm gonna sound typical here by saying 'He's grown up so fast' or 'I remember when he was my annoying younger brother'. I can't believe he's going to be 19. The sad realisation is knowing that when Alfie (my youngest brother and occassional featurer on my YouTube Channel), turns 18, I will nearly be 30.

Kill me.

That's half way to 60! Now I'm not meaning to wish my life away but the adults were right when they told us to stay young and enjoy childhood. I WISH I'D LISTENED! Now I'm getting old!

Oh well. Life goes on. Very fast.

Live long and prosper. (Sorry I recently watched both Star Trek films)

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Blogging Again & Robin Williams

Well hey there folks!

It's been a while, especially if you only read my blogs and not watch my YouTube videos. I suddenly thought today though, HEY I REALLY NEED TO GET BACK TO BLOGGING. I didn't actually shout this thought out loud, I just wanted to show you how serious I was about the thought process....I'm going to stop, sorry.

So I'm definitely going to keep at this blogging malarkey but I'm going to try and make it more relatable rather than just talking about what I did with my day. Frankly, my days are boring at the moment so it would be pointless doing so. Instead, I'll only post when it's something important or it's a topic that has interested me in recent days.

To follow on from this, I wanted to bring to light that it's been a year since Robin Williams passed away. 
Robin Williams
Firstly, where the hell did that year go?! And secondly, it got me thinking that our lives are so very valuable and we really need to make the most of the time we spend with our family and friends. Robin Williams was the pinnacle of comedy for me. I remember growing up and seeing many of his films year in, year out and he never failed to make me laugh. His ability to pull off the funniest of faces and characters, inspired me as an actress to explore my comedic skills (or lack of) It just goes to show that even the happiest of us can have bouts of depression and not even realise. Living down in London for the past year has been amazing but has also had its difficult times. I've been in a long distance relationship for the first time, I'm out in the real world and it's hard to juggle the balance of work, friends and me time. I'm going to be brave and say that I believe I've had points within the past year where something has happened which spikes what I believe is a period of depression. The biggest one being rejections and the constant applications when it comes to castings. You're fighting for roles that are being applied by hundreds of others and when you eventually get shortlisted or make it down to the final 4 of a project, getting cut there and then can be devastating.

I've always avoided the word depression for fear that I'm wrongly using it and that maybe I'm just feeling sad. However, it's the point where you step away from yourself and you realise that those past couple of days where you thought you were just 'sad' was actually something a little more serious. You're mind plays tricks on you, telling you that everything you're doing is pointless, applying for jobs and castings is pointless because you're not good enough. Finding acting jobs is like applying for a job every day and what comes with that is blanket rejection emails and the occasional break. I am my biggest critic and for the first time in my life, I'm going to be honest with myself and say that I am one of many people who has dealt with feelings of self-worth when it's come down to my career.

I think without going into too much detail or making this post seem incredibly morbid, I think we all at some stage in our life, hit rock bottom. Some manage to get up and brush themselves off, whilst others take a little more time. I find it helpful talking to my family and friend when I start to feel down. I don't think they realise that just saying 'you'll be fine' or 'i'm here for you' is enough to pick me up and dust me off.

Robin Williams, you were and are still an inspiration to me, both as an actor and as a person. You're death is not in vain and hopefully it will make people realise that even though some people may appear to be happy, you never really know whether they are or not.

For more information on spotting the signs of depression, take a look at this article (I nabbed it off my lovely friend Hayden's blog)

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