Sunday, 24 January 2016

Customers Say The Funniest Things!

Anyone who's ever worked in a customer facing role, would have experienced the crème de la crème of the customer service industry. Complaints, witty comments, you name it - we've experienced it! So here's some of the funniest things I've heard in my time.

Me: Good Morning, how can I help you?
Customer on phone: Oh I'm sorry, is this not the Dentist?
Me: Er, no sorry it's actually _____.
Customer: Oh, I'm sorry it must be the wrong number. So this isn't the Dentist?
Me: *face palm*

Customer: Can you tell me the quickest way to get to the Underground.
Me: Well you take the first left, walk along the road and-
Customer: Thanks! (walks off)
Me:....I hadn't finished?

Me: So that will be £23.45 please.
Customer: Could I give you the £3.45?
Me: Of course.
Customer: Oh bugger haven't got enough. I'll give you a £20 note and £4.02?
Me: Erm..

Customer: Can I get latte?
Me: Of course *makes latte*.
Customer: Oh could I have an extra shot?
Me: Of course. *adds extra shot*
Customer: Oh that's too strong..could you just make me another latte?
Me: (mutters under breath) Well if you'd tried it beforehand...

Me: Good Afternoon, just the two of you? Let me to take you to a table.
Customer: *spots the four seater table next to a window* Can we take that one instead?

Customer: Do you have a toilet here?
Me: Yes but I'm afraid it's out of order. Sorry.
Customer: Oh no, but I'm desperate, are you sure I can't use it?
Me: I believe it's overflowing so...
Customer: So I can't use it?
Me: No.

Customer: Do you have any of these left in stock?
Me: No sorry and we won't get another order in till Saturday.
Customer: Oh that's a when will you get more in?
Me: Would you like a basket?
Customer: No thanks I'm just getting these.
Me: No problem!
Customer: (picks up more stuff and then picks up a basket)

Oh brother.

Natalie-Ann x

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