Thursday, 30 June 2016

Help A Stranger - Pay It Forward

You hear about random acts of kindness throughout the world and we grow up learning to respect and be kind to those around us (well most of us do). It always makes me happy to hear positive stories on the internet or on the news about strangers helping those in need.I think we need these little nuggets of positivity in our current world full of violence, corruption and general negativity!
Meet Katy Louise Dawson. She's my mum's 2nd cousin (1st cousin through marriage, ain't that confusing), however she's practically family. We spent many years visiting the family. mainly around 5th November to celebrate Bonfire Night and spend some quality time with each other as a family. We also attended Katy's wedding when she got married to her partner Paul, 6 years ago. Katy has two beautiful children, Aurelia whose 4 years old (pictured above) and Evan who's only 6 weeks old.

To us and many others who look at her and their family, they've got everything they need. However a few days ago we were told something that was life-changing. Whilst pregnant with Evan, Katy found a lump in her left breast, thinking it was probably nothing and down to  the pregnancy. She went to her GP, who referred her to a local breast clinic. Here she had mammograms and ultrasound scans that showed thickened breast tissue and an enlarged lymph node in her armpit. It was confirmed as breast cancer.
I'm sure we're all used to that word by now. I would be surprised if I spoke to someone and they told me they'd never had anyone in their family or friends who've had cancer. There's plenty of research and fundraising in place to beat the horrible disease, however it's still very much prominent in our world today. 

Katy was one of the first people that ever saw me sing for the first time. She was part of that intimate group who told me to continue with my singing and that moment was so significant because it made me believe I could be a performer. To find out that this beautiful, kind and loving woman has cancer breaks my heart. I knew from the moment I read about it in full on her GoFundMe page, I wanted to help in every possible way I can.

The type of breast cancer she has only occurs in around 15% of women diagnosed as is classed as triple negative with four being the worst. It usually affects younger women and it's aggressive. She cannot benefit from targeted medications after active treatment which reduce the risk of a re-occurrence. There are currently no wonder drugs available for this triple negative cancer. Katy underwent surgery whilst pregnant at 35 weeks and what a brave woman she was to have that. Both baby and Katy came out of surgery ok but pathology results told them how aggressive the cancer was. She has two large tumors and the cancer has spread to four of her lymph nodes meaning it's trying to get out and spread around her body, into her vital organs.

Once this happens. There is no cure.
Katy has tirelessly researched and found new innovative treatments that are only available outside of the UK. Therefore I am making a plea to all those that read my blogs regularly, or if you've happened to stumble just on this one blog. Katy means the world to me, like many others that have her in their lives. She needs to raise £50,000+ to be able to travel to Germany for the available treatment that could provide amazing results. Obviously no one can afford this amount of money quickly and Katy can't afford to wait any longer.

Please, if you're a stranger, do something incredible today. Donate as little or as much as you can. If you can't donate, share it on Twitter or on Facebook. Pay it forward and help this young woman live a fulfilling and cancer-free life with her family. She's only 36 years old. She has so much to live for.

You can make donations here. on her GoFundMe page. She's also going to be setting a Facebook page up where you can keep updated with her progress. I'll be updating the blog post with this link soon.

Thank you so much.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Zara Taylor Jewellery

It's handmade jewellery that's been worn by the likes of Fearne Cotton, Taylor Swift, Kelly Rowland and Millie Mackintosh. I had the great opportunity to attend a private viewing of Zara Taylor's new vintage inspired collection. Based in East Dulwich, Zara's shop is tucked away and for many, wouldn't be found unless stumbled upon. It's a treasure trove of pieces that encapsulate Zara's personality and her love of vintage finds.
 Zara tells me that she struggles to stick to one theme when creating jewellery and I feel this is one of the many unique selling points to her brand. By having such a versatile range, every person who goes onto her website will struggle to find something they don't like. Her new collection, covers remodels of her older designs and seems to be following the fashion trends of today. There's hints of rose gold, crystals and marine blue tones running through a lot of the pieces. She's even begun showcasing her own range of chokers, which is another fashion trend from the 70s and 90s that seems to be repeating itself.
Part of the new collection, an agate turquoise necklace.
Zara tells us that most of her vintage pieces are found through markets and other valuable contacts that unless were found, would just remain in a big warehouse! These items which are like heirlooms, become not just part of the jewellery but sometimes are the centre piece. Zara's main source of custom is obviously through her online store, however to actually go into the shop is like stepping back in time. She's carefully picked everything out from the wallpaper, to the style of cupboards to make the customer feel as though they 'are stepping into someone's living room'. I think by doing this, it really compliments the jewellery she sells.
 I love the stylised positions she lays out her jewellery in. You can feel the passion behind it and the care she's taken to really show off her pieces. I'm in love with this picture frame with the jewellery hanging inside and it's an interior design element that I'd just love to have in my own home.
 Items such as the compass style necklace below, have been worn by celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Zara holds a plethora of A-Listers as lovers of her brand. 

'I sent jewellery out to Fearne Cotton and all of sudden she was wearing these pieces every day. She even had them on for photoshoots'
Items from the new collection, Double Bar Bangle Bracelet, Vintage Turquoise & Crystal Bracelet and Aqua Blue Jewel Earrings.
 For the crazy amount of celebrities and bloggers who buy from this brand, it's surprising that the products are so good value for money. Prices range from as little as £3.25 to the most expensive being just £50. It's a bargain for such beautiful handmade jewellery. They're great little trinkets for birthdays and gifts to give to friends and family. I'll be asking for a giftcard for this brand on my birthday in November for sure! You can find all her new designs here.
Be sure to look out for another blog next week to see what I received in Zara's goodie bag! I've already worn most of the items I've been given...

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Friction Free Shaving

Friction Free Shaving? I can already here the cheers and whoops from those of us who spend a lot of time shaving all manner of body parts in an effort to combat body hair. I can't even count the number of times I've cut myself from shaving, even if I really concentrate and try not to press down too hard. This makes life super difficult if you're in a rush to get out of the house and you have blood gushing down your knee.

Friction Free Shaving is the first company to provide a monthly razor subscription service. I'm forever buying really cheap and crappy razors that don't tend to last more than a single use, so to have something that could effectively save me a lot of money, be of high quality and is delivered straight to your door...well I mean, you'd be stupid not to buy it!
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this?
The idea of the service is that you firstly choose the 'shaviour' you want and this can either be Faye, Frankie or Samantha. Each one is slightly more than the last, however the value for money still remains present in all three. I was sent the Samantha one, which included four razor blades in the pack. 
The razor holder come in a beautiful rose gold finish, with orange trimming and a black handle. The blades themselves have five stainless steel blades and it includes both a guard trimmer for hard to reach areas and a full 90 degree pivot. The difference being that most razors I get, don't have this pivot element, making it more of a challenge to not catch yourself on the razor. Each razor head lasts for a week, with the idea that you change it every Sunday (now the lyrics in the box makes more sense).
Hands down, this is the best razor I've ever used and it's also the most stylish. I've always been put off by buying a proper razor handle and refill pack because they're always so expensive. This isn't just a personal opinion, it's a similar comment made by a lot of regular razor users. I think the ease of these razors being delivered to your door is another perk, meaning you don't have to waste time spending hours looking for a cheap but workable razor in Boots or Superdrug. There are three choices of £3, £5 or £7 a month which I think is very reasonable in price whatever the customer chooses. It also gives you the option to pay monthly or bi-monthly (meaning you pay every two months). So not only is it giving you more payment options, but it's appealing to those who may not have the funds to pay for the service every month.
The shaving experience is definitely the best bit about it. For once in my shaving life, there was no bleeding and I could use it all over my body with no stress! Be sure to check out their service here and I'm not lying when I tell you I'll be signing up to this service when I run out!

Disclaimer - I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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Monday, 27 June 2016

Fitness with Ozeri - Body Scales & Pedometers

Keeping up with my fitness drive that seems to have suddenly geared into action. These Ozeri Body Scales and Pedometer will definitely provide me with some much needed motivation. These scales aren't your usual, step on, grimace at the results and step off. Oh no, these actually do more than just weigh you! The Ozeri Touch II is a total body scale that calculates your body's weight, fat ratio, hydration, muscle mass and bone mass. Check who's showing off!
The sleek, black mirrored design is modern and stylish, making it a perfect fit in any home. It's impact-resistant too which is handy for little (or big) kids that may have the tendency to drop things. The scales includes memory for up to 8 profiles. This means you can include your entire family and your next door neighbours into your health and fitness kick! The profile takes your gender and fitness (whether you consider yourself athletic or not), your height and your age. After inputting all this in fairly easily, the scales go to the weighing screen which means you can step on. It first calculates your wait and then after a few seconds, shows you the rest. As an individual who appreciates seeing the ratio of body fat to muscle, it's really helping me to work on building muscle and losing that annoying fat. I've already got my partner and housemate on it and it's great to see them showing the same enthusiasm for it. It's actually a body scale that you'll enjoy going on, rather than dreading.
The pedometer is another part of the Ozeri range and one I am also using every day at the moment. As a typical Londoner, walking is a necessity when going from place to place. I wouldn't be surprised if the average steps a day is doubled or tripled when you're living in London. Again, the pedometer takes your basic information and then allows you to set a goal of how many steps you want to walk. The only downside with this is that you can't go down in 1000s, so for example, you have to choose between 10,000 and 20,000. I found this to be a little restricting as I was hoping to set it for 15,000 but hey at least 20,000 makes it more of a challenge!

Ozeri is a speciality manufacturer and most of their products are found in vacation residences and are considered to be the ultra-luxury in the market. They can be purchased on Amazon wherever you are based. The pedometer is here but if you are from the UK, you can buy it here. Likewise the scales are here but if you're from the UK, you can buy it here.

Disclaimer - I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Trip To A&E

The Appendix. It's one of the unnecessary parts in our body that we don't actually need. I mean why is it even in there?! Did you know that the Appendix is not the only useless body part? There's the male nipple, wisdom teeth, the tailbone...

I believe that fate plays a big part in our lives, making sure we're in the right place at the right time. Myself and my partner Sam have been recently trying to get fitter. After leaving university, we learnt that we can't party like the young kids nowadays. I can no longer pre-drink a whole bottle of wine...unless it's over the course of a few hours. So, seeing as the body we have is the only one we've got, why not get into shape? Recently moving to a new area of London, we had a long(ish) jog around our local area and the nearby park. After we got back my nearest and dearest starting complaining of stomach pains.

Typical Sam thought I'd poisoned him. I'm sorry what?!

Does this look like a food poisoning waiting to happen?! 

Don't answer that.

Moving swiftly away from my gorgeous Paella dish that was indeed cooked throughly, we went to bed. Cue 1.30am when Sam woke up in pain. He tried sleeping it off but awoke at 3am in more pain. I was then awoken from my slumbers with the sound of my name being shouted. In a sleepy daze, I stumbled into the bathroom to find poor Sam around the toilet bowl. #standard

I rubbed his back and told him everything was ok...I think. At least I thought I did but within a minute I was back in bed, leaving Sam to spend the next hour permanently wedged up against the bog.

After a restless night's sleep, Sam was still in pain, so we called the GP up the road.

'Sorry, we don't have any emergency appointments available. These need to be made at 8.30am in the morning.'

Hang about, so you're saying that we have to schedule in, when we have an emergency? If it's anytime after 8.30am you're screwed until tomorrow morning? PAH! So Sam hung up and told me 'I'll just put up with it'.

Now cue women's intuition. It's all in us, maybe not so much in Sam's case at this point, but I had a  feeling that this wasn't just a case of an upset tummy. Now I did that typical thing of first self-diagnosing him online. I keyed in the symptoms he was experiencing whilst I told him to ring 111 (the non-emergency line). Sure enough, the results came out varied but at the top of the list? Appendicitis.

The woman on the phone told him to head into the nearest hospital for further checks. No joke, after getting off the phone he told me that we could go in the next few hours. Huh? No no, we're going now my friend!

Whenever someone tells you we need to go to A&E, pack a bag, pack snacks and bring entertainment. This is what I've now learnt from the few experiences of the A&E. This ain't some walk in, walk out crap. We were there for a good few hours and normally that's regardless of whether there's actually something wrong or not. In Sam's case, there was.

The doctor we saw was extremely pleasant and a good laugh. By this point, Sam had seen a consultant who took the basic tests of taking blood, measuring blood pressure and temperature. The next one initially asked him what he thought it could be.

'Food poisoning.'
Thanks Sam for making me look like a psychopath in front of the nice new stranger. And also I'm never making you Paella again.

An hour or so later, it was indeed confirmed as Appendicitis. GIRLFRIEND POINTS TO ME!

As I like to use this blog for sharing memories, here's Sam on his drip...
At several moments, I saw him gazing at the drip in awe. You could literally see the child inside him go 'OHMYGOD JUST WAIT UNTIL I TELL ALL MY FRIENDS ABOUT THIS'.

I left Sam to go home and grab an overnight bag. Luckily the hospital was a quick 15 minute journey via bus, so it didn't take me long. Unfortunately Sam hadn't touched any food all day and initially he was told he couldn't eat anything until they told him so. Thankfully when I got back to him, they told him he could eat up until midnight. So being the amazing partner that I am, I walked the 10 long minutes into town to get KFC. The area we were in was that typical London area of being fine during the day, but all the crazies came out at night. I got there and back in one piece and it was a great sight to see such a happy Sam, guzzling down a proper(ish) meal.

The next day was probably the most emotionally draining. I got into the hospital at 8.30am and just managed to catch a minute with him until he was prepped for surgery. I then had the agonising wait until he got out. It literally took forever. I cannot begin to tell you how many steps I walked up and down, left and right trying to find out information about where he was, how he was doing and where he'd end up. Hospitals give me the creeps, ever since my nan went in for an op a few years back. I remember seeing her there and she looked so unhappy. When we began to leave, I had a huge pang of guilt, as though I was letting her down for leaving her overnight. Obviously I was younger and naive to think such a thing, but I had the same feelings when I left Sam overnight. 
After getting out, he was woozy and disorientated. Then came the pain, lots of pain! When a loved one is so distressed, you feel so helpless when you can't do anything to make it better. I never really felt this as strongly as I did over these few hours with Sam after his operation.

Thankfully now he's out of hospital and recovering at home. Thank you Appendix for making my love for Sam stronger and confirming that my Paella is actually edible. Make sure you send some get well love to Sam in the comments below!

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime

I've seen so much theatre this year and I LOVE IT. Of course being in the capital city, I've got so much theatre on my doorstep. However, it's costly to pay for theatre all the time, especially when I don't work full-time.  So when I do see a piece of theatre, whether it be a play or a musical, I invest myself fully into it and enjoy every moment!

The other day I was invited by one of my good friends from Aberystwyth University, Chris Harris to see The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime.
This play used to be at The Apollo Theatre (before the ceiling caved in), but now performs at the Gielgud Theatre which is a theatre that's homely and feels very intimate. Adapted by the great Simon Stephens, - who we actually met in person when we saw it - the play has since toured around the UK and I believe it will be doing the rounds again soon.

The stage design is unlike anything I've ever seen before. It relies heavily on the high tech used throughout the play, giving direction for both the cast and the audience, as well as providing projections of the action happening on the stage floor. The story itself is very powerful, with the lead actor remaining on stage for the entire time of the performance. After speaking to Simon Stephens and Chris, all the 'Christopher's' that they've seen (the lead), plays the character slightly different. There's a mixture of chaos and calm throughout and although Christopher's condition is never stated, the audience get the impression that he's different to others. The author describes it perfectly,

"Curious Incident is not a book about Asperger's....if anything it's a novel about difference, about being an outsider, about seeing the world in a surprising and revealing way. The book is not specifically about any specific disorder," - Mark Haddon

And clearly Christopher is a character who is different. He sees and understands things on a more literal level. He states that a metaphor is just a lie. When another character tells him to park up (aka sit down), he literally pretends to park himself, beeping and dropping the imaginary clutch. I loved the use of dialogue in the play and the characters within the story all had their little quirks and individual personalities that could be reflections of our own relations.
There were some lovely, tender moments between Christopher, his mum and his dad, that were often interjected with some light or dark humour. This was perfectly placed where the audience have a giggle after those heavier moments.
What made the entirety of the show was it's lighting design and the technology used. It was great to see moments that had been built up along a few scenes, come to life. Like the train tracks Christopher puts down through the entire first half. When he comes to the decision to find his mum in London, the first act ends with the train set lighting up and moving halfway round the stage. I loved these little moments that really captured the audience and by the end, I could really feel the captivation and admiration they had for Christopher and his unique outlook on life.

I'd definitely recommend you see this cracking piece of theatre. You can buy tickets from here. They range from £18-£90.

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Trust Deodorant

Imagine applying a deodorant which curbs odour for THREE TO SIX WHOLE DAYS. That means you can exercise, shower and do your daily thang without the need to reapply. That's just stupid right?! Well think again...
Trust has been distributed by Dovedale since 1986. They're a family owned business and have been protecting their customers from bad odour for years, consistently and effectively. I got the chance to review their underarm product which promises to get rid of underarm odour for three to six days. The formula that is used, deals with the bacteria rather than masking the smell, which they say most deodorants do.

Now when I think about a deodorant that can last for up to six days, I get skeptical. Surely when you've sweated or exercised, you'd want to take a shower. Really the deodorant should wash off?

I decided to test out the Trust deodorant for a week to see if it's as effective as it says it is. The deodorant is in a cream form, in a small tub that is meant to hold 2 months worth of usage in it. The ingredients are a blend of herbal and natural products which you can smell quite clearly once you open the pot. It was strange to apply - what was a deodorant - to my underarms as it felt like I was applying Sudocream. I followed the instructions and the reviews I'd read, which were to use a small amount on the hair growth and to not massage the cream into the skin.

Feeling a little un-nerved, I continued on with my day which involved at least 10,000 steps on my pedometer and a session at the gym. I got back sweating but no odour. I then showered and I was actually surprised to later notice that even after washing, there wasn't an odour. I was certainly tempted to reapply some more but I decided against it. After another TWO days of wearing the deodorant, it wasn't until the end of day three that I felt a slight odour coming back. The deodorant works differently depending on the individual. It can last a few days or it could hold off the odour for longer. I think the more prone to sweat, the likely you are to get the bacteria back and the odour with it.
Overall I was definitely impressed with the result. The pot is a little weird getting used to but after the second or third application, it becomes quite normal. The company doesn't test on animals but does use animal by-products such as Beeswax and Lanolin. It can be used when pregnant and when/if you're on a menstrual cycle. However the effectiveness may differ slightly on the latter.

Trust has been selling in the UK for 15 year so it's quite a reputable business. You can buy them either on Amazon for £8.25. You can get the product on their website for £7.95 here. They also do a anti-odourant for the foot if you suffer from the good ol' smelly feet.

Disclaimer - I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Pure Gym - Legs, Bums & Tums

It was 6pm on a mild evening as I strolled up the high street towards my local PureGym. I'd booked myself in for the first ever class which is free as part of the membership fee. PureGym has had everything I've needed so far but I thought it was time to try out one of the classes and seeing as they're part of the package - why not!
PureGyms are literally everywhere. They're one of the cheapest chain of gyms and they're scattered all over the UK. London prices tend to fluctuate, depending on where you live, however what you get for the price is definitely worth the money.

I arrived at the gym feeling a little run down and ill, I'd had a tough few days and needed to jump back onto the band fitness wagon. I'm also taking some supplements at the moment to review so I thought why not fully make use of them by working out! The Pure Legs, Bums & Tums is not for the faint hearted. I entered the studio feeling pretty confident and ready to tone up those problem parts. There were plenty of people in the class and I've noticed that this class, as well as Pure Tone and Pure Abs fills up very quickly. On reflection, I've already booked ahead the next few classes (none of which are the Pure LBT as they're all full!). 
Note - I did not look like these stock photography people. My face was the colour of beetroot when I came out.
The class was led by one of the PT's, Jonathan Veal. Having never been in a fitness class before, I entered the studio apprehensively looking around for a spare spot amongst the crowd. We all looked as if we were lambs going to the slaughter. waiting for Jonathan to arrive. After a brief introduction, we got straight into warming up with some pumping squats which KILLED. I knew from that moment in that it wasn't going to be easy.

We then did several sets of different work outs such as lunges and mountain climbs. By this point? I was sweating buckets but loving every minute of it. I wanted to leave the room after this section but willed myself to keeping going over the promise that the PT would give us our beach ready bodies. (Please note, I'm not talking about beach body equivalent that Protein World stupidly made the mistake of thinking everyone had the same body shape as a size 8 model)

And it wasn't over yet. Jonathan then introduced us to the dreaded circuits. He'd placed several different exercises of which we had a minute to work out to loud dance music. I took myself over to the sit ups first, mainly because by this point, my legs were like jelly. The next 15 minutes were a combination of pain and sweat...lots and lots of sweat. We ended up pairing up and doing a combo of sit ups and mountain climbs at the end of the workout.

Next time I'm taking a towel. The sweat was ridiculous.

Make sure if you're gym offers free classes, take them because they're totally worth it. To find your nearest PureGym click here. Like I said, I've already booked myself in to a few more classes this weekend and next week! Six pack abs here I come.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Gravitate - 30 Day Challenge

Gravitate. Lose weight naturally. It's a product that claims it can help you lose 2-4lbs in just a week. I've tried many different products to assist me when I'm working out but I've not committed myself fully to one product. I think this is mainly why I don't see the same results that are expected. Popping pills is also something that you can't just jump into either. You have to do your research, make sure there are no side effects and that what you're actually putting into your body is going to help with your fitness goals. 

As I've probably repeated on my blog time and time again, my 'problem areas' were my tummy, bum and legs. Since going to the gym more regularly and cutting down on the junk food, I've noticed a massive difference in both my legs and my bum. Unfortunately, the tummy seems to be the only fat that ain't shifting!

I'm going to be using Gravitate over the next 30 days to really see if the pills make a difference to my body. I'm focusing on my tummy area mainly and the goal is to see if I can get more definition of my abs. This means I need the rest of the tummy fat to burn off, so that my beautiful ab muscles will shine through. I can dream right?!

I've been sent the Supersculpt and Dietvits as part of my 30 day plan. The Supersculpt provides the weight loss aspect of the plan. The Glucomannan used in the supplements is the most effective, non prescriptive weight loss ingredient that has no side effects. They claim two of these a day will keep you feeling full, is very low in calories and will stop you snacking. I'll be taking one before lunch and one before tea, an hour before. The Dietvits are another part of the plan to further combat weight loss, blocking the carbs, helps with fat burning, speeds up your metabolism and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

'Many diet pills include high levels of caffeine. However, this often has minimal effects on weight loss and causes side effects such as nausea, headaches, anxiety and insomnia. Other diet pills may contain potentially dangerous man-made chemicals.

Gravitate® includes natural ingredients and does not need to contain any caffeine or unnatural ingredients.

Gravitate® is manufactured to the highest standards in GMP certified facilitates in the UK. GMP is the highest manufacturing standard and certifies the quality of ingredients.'

Ewww belly button.
Here's my before picture of my stomach area. I'll be providing an update in 30 days, alongside a before and after photo. Wish me luck!

Disclaimer - I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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Monday, 20 June 2016

Taxi Stories - The Taxi Centre

The Taxi Centre has recently made a survey on our taxi riding experiences. From Dorset to Durham, they've found out how and what they ride, how much they pay for the pleasure, how happy they are about it, and how polite they are in the process. I put out a shoutout on Facebook, asking friends and family to give some of their funny taxi related stories. So before you read what the survey had to say, take a look at some of these beauties!

Well I was sick in a taxi once on the way home from a first wedding hen night!! And Nanna had to clean the taxi or else they were going to charge me £20 in 1988!!!! 

Got in a taxi driven by my mates dad. Absolutely hammered and had no idea who he was. Kept saying 'driver!! Driver take me home!!!' Found out next day. Many lols x

I was a taxi operator (dispatch) for a while in my teens. A very drunk lady called one night and started screaming at me because the taxi she'd ordered 40 minutes prior hadn't shown up at the pub to take her home. I told her I didn't know which taxi company she had called but it wasn't ours. She responded by saying she was going to come right down to the office and 'kick my f*****g head in'. "Not without a taxi you're not love," I quipped, before hanging up.

I was on a night out with my friends from my old work and one of my friends miscalled me so I could text her I was home safe. Two minutes later the taxi rang to stay it was outside. So off I went, had a good chat with the 50 year old taxi driver. Got home and text my friend saying "I'm home. Thanks for a brilliant night!"
The next morning I got a very angry phone call from the taxi drivers wife. I'd text the taxi driver, not my friend... I spend 20 minutes on the phone to her convincing her that her husband wasn't having an affair with me.

Mate of mine left his phone in a taxi in Newquay. We rang it in the morning and the taxi company had it, said they would drop it to the campsite for a fee... when it arrived the iPhone was strapped in the front seat with the seatbelt around it.

I once took a taxi with some university friends to the Union across the road. Thinking back on it, it was dangerous but the girls didn't put their seatbelts on properly so ended up falling down and getting wedged into the space where your feet go. No one helped them as we were all laughing too much. They stayed there till we go to the Union.

Myself and a friend were in a taxi the other day and thought it would be hilarious to act out different personas in the back of a taxi. We ended up having a fake full blown argument. I think the taxi driver must have thought we were crazy!

My friend was once so drunk, we had to put her in a taxi to get her back to the halls. It was earlier on in the night so no one wanted to go home so we just paid for the taxi and sent her on her way. However the taxi driver warned us that we'd get fined if she puked so we were trying to tell our friend for a full minute or two NOT to puke up until she got out the taxi.

I tend to lose stuff when I get taxis, such as my shoes that I wore that night and my phone. I've also had taxi drivers who point blank refused to take me. The cheek?!

Last time I dated somebody on NYE, she got absoutely hammered and was going to go see the fireworks. She missed the countdown and went crazy at me, running down the hill to grab a taxi. I spent my first day into the New Year having a therapy session with my driver.

My sister toured to Japan with my mum (read: my mum went to Japan on tour with her orchestra, my sister went too... I went I Scotland... Not bitter...) and the maid accidentally collected her favourite toy, a dog named Thingmebob, up in the sheets in their room. A distraught Louise (8), cried at reception in the hotel when it was discovered, and the next morning Thingmebob came back to the hotel in a taxi all of his own - seat belt on and everything.

So take a look at their survey here!

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