Friday, 29 April 2016

How To Create The Perfect Eye Liner Flick!

Treating you to another cheeky beauty blog today. This time it's how to perfect that eyeliner flick. I've always struggled to apply eyeliner because my eyes are pretty sensitive and therefore can sometimes be irritated by certain eyeliners. However, even though I'm unsure as to what it is in the eyeliners that causes this problem, I've found a couple of brands that reduce the irritation!

The biggest other issue is actually making them look the same. Normally I end up with one perfect flick, whilst the other is well...poop. It wasn't until I had my make-up done recently for a hair photoshoot, that I was shown this handy little trick of getting the perfect cat eye flick! I started off by using my Collection Cover Up Stick in the shade Natural Beige. I always apply concealer to my eyelids as I've found it helps stick the eye shadow or eyeliner I'm using onto my eyelid, making my eye make-up last longer.
Then comes the helpful trick of this make-up tutorial. Now I've seen similar ways of doing this with different objects. As long as it has a straight edge, you can use it. I've even seen people use knives....little bit dangerous and wouldn't recommend using this. Instead I used some sticky tabs, a much safer option if you ask me.
I apply these in a diagonal position to my ears, making sure that the edge is in line with my eyebrows and that it's end point is also in line with the tops of my ears. This creates the wing effect of your eyeliner. Yes you may feel a little stupid and it's a weird sensation on the skin but bare with. My advice when using this method is to make sure you do this before applying your primer/concealer or foundation because when you peel it off, you'll end up taking the make-up off with it.
Using the tabs as a guide, start drawing on the eyeliner from the mid section of your eye, I like to then blend this in towards the corner of my eye duct so it looks natural. Then I'll slowly build up the eyeliner, going as far towards the edge of the tabs as I'd like. For this I used the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner in the shade Black.
Once you're happy with the result, remove the tab and then use a brow style brush that has a thin surface area for blending the eyeliner. Repeat the process on the other side until you are happy with the result.
Hey presto you've just created the perfect eyeliner flick, so go out and show it off!

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

How To Get Thick Eyebrows - Easy Steps To Thick Eyebrows

NEVER FEAR...Natalie's here to provide you with unattractive spotty photos of herself with no make-up on, in order to show you how she does her eyebrows!
I've only recently got round to filling in my eyebrows as I felt up until now, they've not needed anything. I mean they're already thick enough, why would I need to make them any thicker? However, I have come to notice that when I have filled my eyebrows in, they look more even and a lot more well groomed. I don't know whether other people suffer with this issue but I have so many problems trying to get my eyebrows to resemble one another.

Firstly, I have to pluck these bad boys because they do get hairy. I remember the first time my eyebrows were ever plucked. I honestly almost had a unibrow. It was my cousins who convinced me that I should pluck my eyebrows and it was this experience where I learnt what pain was. I couldn't believe that removing little hair follicles could be so damn painful!
Also please ignore the massive spot that's taking over my head in this picture. I never really get spots that often, I only tend to get them when I'm stressed. I make sure to pluck all over the eyebrow, underneath and on top. If you've never plucked your eyebrows before then the hairs underneath hurt much more. I also recommend that a little means a lot, so don't go over the top with plucking if it's your first time.
Once my eyebrows are plucked and my eyebrow area is well and truly red, I use my Freedom Duo Eyebrow Powder. Now I've not used any liquid/pencils for my eyebrows yet, but I think a powder gives me enough definition without it being too blocky. Again, my biggest advice with applying the powder is to add it very gradually in sweeping motions. I tend to use more at the base of my eyebrows (closest to your nose) and develop it lighter towards the tips.
I find that also adding a slight extra flick to the lashes gives them more shape so even if there's no hair there, continue for about half an inch or less just to round it off. I then repeat the process on the other eyebrow. I also always do the left eyebrow first, it's a little bit of an OCD that I think we all have in the way we get dressed, how we eat etc. I really love filling in my eyebrows now as it really defines the sharp definitions that my eyebrows create. It also shows the world that I can look half decent at 7am in the morning...
And that's how I fill in my eyebrows! The first picture is the finished look I end up with and the Freedom Eyebrow Palette that I use is well pigmented and can be found at Superdrug for just £3! BARGAIN!

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

EverStride Sportswear

It seems that the sportswear is coming in thick and fast this week on This time it's EverStride who sent me a cooling headband with a matching scarf to boot. I realised upon editing my photos that I actually took this one with the headband upside down. My bad...
Distributed in the UK & EU by Ugo Johnson Ltd, the Everstride Stick-e Cooling Scarf and Headband are an advanced fabric technology that becomes cold when wet. The headband has a thin plastic strip along the front of the band that when wet with water and snapped, activates the cooling element, allowing you to remain cool whilst working out. The range comes in various colours including Tan, Golden Rod, Lime, Blue and Red. Their both soft and lightweight, allowing you to workout without any issues, however if it were me, I'd like them to be a little more stylish perhaps in pattern or texture.

These are machine washable and are reusable and can be snapped again to activate the cooling agent.
The scarf is probably my least favourite of the two, I don't know whether it's the colour or not, but I get the feeling that I look a little bit like an air hostess when wearing it. However the scarf is comfortable and has three slits along the middle to allow you to easily tuck the other end in, keeping it secure.

I was keen to try the headband's snap activating strip that would allow cooling whilst working out and at first after wetting it, there seemed to be no way of snapping it. However after looking it up online, you have to wait until it absorbs the water and then it's meant to be snapable (if that's even a word). However, instead the cooling began anyway and I could definitely see myself wearing this over the summer, when it (hopefully) gets very hot!

The products can be found on Ebay, so be sure to check them out here.

Disclaimer - I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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Monday, 25 April 2016

BUFF Original Multifunctional Headwear Gear Review

It was back to the gym today as I hadn't been in like...forever. I always notice a difference to how I feel whenever I get a workout session in. I feel a lot more healthier and a lot happier and it's now time to try and cut the junk out of my eating habits and get trimmed and toned for my holiday in mid August. So far, the twelve week trim and tone plan isn't going quite to plan, so I'm going to press pause on it until we move house in the next couple of weeks. The gym where we're moving is much closer and therefore, I'll have tons of motivation to work out.

Now during my time at the gym, the only workout wear that I have is a pair of trainers, some sweat absorbing 3/4 leggings, vest top and bralette. So I'm definitely lacking a lot of clothing in the workout department. Buffwear obviously knew I was struggling so sent me the Stella Imandra Headband from their range. Priced at £22.25 on their website, this headwear is sure to keep you toasty warm and stylish whilst you're working out. Recommended more for outdoor use such as running, skiing, barding, trekking and sledging to name but a few.
The headwear is made with an acrylic knitted outer and is lined with a soft polar fleece fabric on the inside. This provides comfort and avoids that nasty head itch you get with some knitted clothing. It's also machine washable or can be washed by hand. The website states that the headband would no lose it's elasticity or fade in colour.

'Once upon a time there was a keen off-road trials motorcyclist from Spain, who realised there was a need for a multifunctional garment that could be worn on and around his head while out riding in any and all conditions. Having worked in the textile industry for over 25 years manufacturing knitted collars and cuffs for the most popular football shirt brands in Europe, Juan Rojas set about creating a functional garment that could be worn in all manner of ways, replacing the need for separate items of head and neck wear.'

'Experimenting with different designs and processes, Juan eventually found a high performance microfibre that was breathable, moisture wicking and wind resistant. Juan then set about designing a proprietary knitting process that could manufacture his product in such a way as to ensure enduring comfort and durability. This manufacturing process, which takes place on a specially developed tubular loom, achieves an unique seamless construction resulting in a particularly comfortable garment that is extremely durable. The use of a sublimation printing process to transfer designs onto the product also ensures that the material retains its soft feel without the colours fading when either exposed to the elements or during cleaning. Juan called his product Buff® as a derivation of the Spanish word ‘bufanda’ meaning scarf.'

'Then, in 1998, Buff® entered a team into the Eco-Challenge adventure race and by the end of the event most of the participants had either requested or were wearing an Original Buff® and were totally "Buffed up." Since then, Buff® headwear has become a standard accessory for all adventure racers and athletes, and has been worn by contestants on the CBS Survivor series, Raid Gaulouises and Southern Traverse events. Adventure Racer Louise Cooper says: "I can't imagine being without my Buff. It's without a doubt the most versatile accessory anyone can wear."'

'Buff® headwear and has since become popular with millions of outdoor enthusiasts who benefit from its versatility: the garment has multiple uses and can be worn as a scarf, bandanna, headband, hat, facemask or wristband. Put simply: Buff® headwear is uniquely versatile, designed to achieve a high level of comfort and protection from the elements, WITH FUN!'
I loved wearing the Buff headwear on during my walk to the gym as it kept my ears and head warm and it didn't allow me to overheat like most hats would, because of it's headband shape. I would certainly recommend this for more winter sports, for early morning and late night runs. It's versatile and stylish, providing warmth but making you look hot to trot. They have a wide range of headwear, neckwear, bags and more on their website, so do check those out here. Their products are also available to buy in Euros, Pounds and Dollars.

Disclaimer - I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Sunset Boulevard West End Review

I don’t think I can quite comprehend how I was feeling minutes before the curtain came up at the London Coliseum. Myself and my partner Sam, were about to share the same space as the LEGENDARY Glenn Close.
I managed to get these tickets a few weeks before, after finding there were just a few tickets available for £12 each online. Always one to spot a bargain, I quickly e-mailed Sam (I was at work so didn’t have my phone to hand), and proposed the opportunity to him. He immediately agreed and I made it my mission that day to head over to the Coliseum to buy them. After getting the rejections from Drama School, the most important thing I’ve taken from my experience is that I need to see a lot more theatre and take more classes to help craft my skills further. I’m also making myself a goal to explore more places in London and up until that point, I had never stepped into that theatre. It’s pretty much hidden away from you unless you know it’s there, up a side street around the corner from our local bevy (The Harp, Charing Cross). It’s always a home from home, walking into the entrance of a theatre. As a creative individual, born for nothing more than to perform, it feels as though I’m in my comfort zone…that I belong.
I purchased tickets that sat way up in the Gods and had restricted viewing. However, do not let this put you off when you enquire about theatre tickets. My advice is to always find out what that restriction is and especially if you’re buying from the box office itself in the theatre, they’ll give you their honest opinion of what you will and won’t miss of the show. I knew that we’d be fine because we were one row up from the safety barrier (which was the restricted viewing in this case). I will say though that if you’re an extremely tall person – like myself – you may find the seats slightly uncomfortable as they’re quite close together. But hey, who am I to complain when I’m seeing Glenn Close perform for £12?!

As we took our seats, our interval drinks ordered, we waited in anticipation for the overture to start. I had no clue as to what the story was about and neither did Sam, which I think makes it all the more exciting. Yes the main reason we went is for Glenn Close. Glenn Close if you’ve never heard of the name or are struggling to put the name to a face, is best known for films such as Fatal Attraction and Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians. She’s also been in the hit television drama show, Damages. This is a show I’ve raved considerably about on my blog already. Anyway, back to the musical...

The staging itself was to me quite minimal and had an extreme amount of staircases. For those of you who enjoy finding meaning in their choices of using so many stairs, may link it to the story, however I had major respect to the 69-year-old Glenn who had to traipse up and down them many times throughout the entire performance. In review of the acting as a whole, Glenn Close was flawless. She’s literally the only actor I know that can frighten me through a television screen. Even after the performance when I managed to get a signed autograph (we had a brief connection where both of our hands were touching the programme), she still had me on edge.
Michael Xavier as Norma Desmond's (Glenn Close) love interest, was a typical smoozer who with a chiseled physique was definitely taken advantage of by the director. Again, I got an autograph off him too and he was such a pleasant and down to earth person. His character Joe Gillis, is a struggling Hollywood writer, looking to make his next big break. He stumbles upon Norma, a seemingly forgotten actress, who has confined herself to the manor that is her home. She’s waited on hand and foot by her butler Max Von Mayerling (played by Fred Johanson), a mysterious man with a dry witty humour, that we learn more about towards the end.

The ensemble played a mixture of characters, perfectly capturing the moments where needed whether they were creating a New Years buzz or embodying the role of a struggling actor (I’m sure they can draw this from their own experiences!). The singing is fantastic and Glenn manages to smash out familiar songs such as  'The Perfect Year' and of course 'Sunset Boulevard'. She manages to capture the emotions in every song, gripping the audience effortlessly. I’d highly recommend seeing the show mainly because of it’s limited run. I’m pretty sure they’ve just finished their second/third week out of five. Tickets range from £12 to £150 and if you’re lucky, there may be some £12 tickets available on selected nights.

Don’t miss out on such a fantastic production and let me know what you thought of it!

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Essie Nails at Spa LONDON

Like a moth drawn to a flame, Spa London had me back for another luxurious and pamper filled event. This time, it was to promote their new collaboration with Essie. Spa London offers an assortment of beautiful treatments that are the crème de la crème. Offering everything from body scrubs, full body massages, facials and fake bakes, the Spa has something to offer everyone. If fake baking isn’t your cup of tea however, you can make full use of the Spa’s relaxation facilities including a Thermal Bath, Foot Spas and Rainforest showers.
Essie is a nail company that has recently been introduced into Spa London’s spas across the whole of London. Interestingly enough, Spa London is actually planning to branch out into the unknown that is the outside of London. So unfortunately London’s best-kept secret is about to be shared with other Britians…dang it!

Essie has been around since 2007? and not really being a fan of painting my nails (I have bouts of a biting habit and no patience to sit and wait for them to dry), I’ve never brought from Essie before.

So I was running considerably late for the start of the event after having viewed a flat that we are moving into in May (WOO!). Therefore, I didn’t arrive in Kensington till 11am, which was half an hour late. However, when I got to the reception I was greeted by a very warm welcome, asked to fill in a form and help myself to the spread that was the brunch. Now up until this point the only thing I’d had for breakfast was a can of coke…
And what a spread it was! Now I’m always partial to a bit of Prosecco, whatever the time but that morning I really needed a strong coffee. If I were on my own, I would have definitely pigged out on the lunch. Instead, I remained professional and had a Pain Au Chocolat. 

There were probably around 10-12 bloggers at the event and when I’d gotten there, many were already having their nails done. Therapists from the Spa London branches had come especially for the day, for this event, so it was great to hear what they thought of their own salon compared to the Kensington one we were in. Once I’d had breakfast, I was greeted by Tanya who was going to prep my nails for the gel nail treatment I had chosen prior to the event. After apologising profusely for my horribly bitten nails, she got to work making the best of a bad situation and also gave me a beautiful hand massage afterwards. She then brought out an array of colours to choose from. Now unfortunately I can’t go too vibrant with my nails because of the temping and promotional work I do. I picked out a selection of nude colours for Tanya to help me choose from. I went for a mink colour. I was then passed along to Charlotte from Spa London (Swiss Cottage) to do the gels. Charlotte confirmed my good taste by letting me know that this was one of the very popular gel colours.
What makes Essie’s nail varnish stand out is it’s formula that’s in the base coat which strengthens the nail, allowing the nail to grow stronger rather than to go brittle and ruin your nails completely. I definitely needed this for my nails after years of abusing them. After a base coat is applied, the nails are dried using a heated machine that is controlled by the therapist. The machine isn’t uncomfortable whatsoever and applies a light heat to your fingernails. Then the colour is applied and the number of coats applied varies depending on colour. Mine needed three coats of polish but I believe it that’s because it’s quite a light, nude shade. A top coat is then applied before drying and the adding an oil on the cuticles, which I think strengths the nail bed and encourages cuticle growth too.
The results of the gel nails were very good, however as I am writing this a few days after the treatment, I've noticed that some have chipped or scuffed slightly. Now unfortunately this may be due to my clumsiness but I would have thought as they were gel nails they wouldn't chip.
The colour is very beautiful though and I will definitely be keeping them on for as long as I can. We also received a beautiful goodie bag with a selection of sparkly nail varnishes, a bottle of water and a gift card for a treatment, so I've been well and truly spoilt. If you fancy treating yourself to ones of these Essie treatments then click here. Prices vary depending on which brand you go and whether you go further in or out of Central London.

Disclaimer - I was invited along to this event for free in return for my own honest opinion.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Ghogy The Online Personal Trainer - Week One

So last week you may have seen my post on Ghogy, if not then click here. Now I must admit that I'm already struggling but I do have parts of this that I am trying to maintain. Motivation is definitely hard to come by, especially with a hectic schedule like mine. It also doesn't help that my gym is a 20 minute walk away from my house, quashing any motivation to actually go the gym - never mind doing a work out as well. I've still not sent my measurements to my personal trainer which isn't helpful because I can't keep track of what I'm losing or toning up. However, I'm going to really try this week and next to get a few sessions in at the gym.
I recently read one of Ghogy's blog posts here to help motivate me some more. Now I want to admit that food is indeed my biggest weakness. If I do a work out, I feel incredibly hungry afterwards and I have to find food that is going to sustain my hunger for longer, else I snack way too much.

One of the things I've really found useful with the personal plan is the meal suggestions. I've implemented a lot of eggs and rice into my healthy eating and I've started trying out some new recipes including a Chicken and Butter bean stew! I've also started eating a lot more fish like Salmon and even Turkey steaks which are meant to be more healthier for you. The main struggle for me with this plan, is the workouts at the gym. I'm more than capable of actually doing the workouts, however due to time restrictions (and lack of motivation), I've not been to the gym in over a week. Nevertheless I'm going to persevere and keep trying.
I've probably not dedicated myself to this plan as much as I've wanted to do but sometimes life gets in the way, especially as it's London and there's always opportunities to over indulge on food or alcohol. I think this plan would be a lot more beneficial if I had a stable job and a more relaxed social life.

Next week I'll be increasing my workouts and trying to cut out as much junk as I can possibly from my daily intake.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016


As you may know from previous blog posts, I've officially become an adult and found a new love for herbal and fruit teas. I'm totally obsessed so when JADU Tea gave me the chance to collaborate, I was more than excited to receive a new brand of tea. However, nothing could have prepared me for the sheer amount of tea that they sent me, along with the prestigious packaging in which they came in!
Honestly, have you ever seen such wonderfully packaged tea? It's like something you'd expect from a Jewelers! Winner of the 'Great Taste Awards 2015', JADU Tea London is an independent Global Luxury Tea Brand based in the UK. 

'‘JADU’ is ‘magic’ in ancient Sanskrit and our mission is to conjure a little magic through the exploration of the enchanting and spellbinding world of tea. Our young team has a deep passion and enthusiastic commitment to reveal and celebrate the charm and allure of tea as a beneficial healthful beverage. ‘JADU’ encompasses the emotion and spirit of both the team and the teas.'

Their aim is to offer high quality, luxury gift teas that bring a sense of indulgence and satisfaction to every single one of our customers. And they certainly do!

'After a year of research, of visiting tea plantations around the world, of exploring countless tea stores, the JADU tea brand was born. And today, the products we have created have magic in them - from the logo to the box, from the blends to the generous pyramid teabags.

Our tea collection is exclusively created and blended by the best UK Tea Blenders and the High Quality Whole Leaf Tea is sourced from trusted Tea Suppliers, who use only Orthodox methods of tea production. JADU is the most elegant luxury gift tea hand packed in the UK.'

JADU sent nearly their whole collection (no joke) of tea for me to try and as soon as it arrived that day, when myself and Sam returned that evening, I ripped open the Rooibos Crème Brûlée with sheer delight and Sam tried out one of the English Breakfast.
Using my tea leaf strainer, I placed around 2 heaped spoonfuls into it and poured over boiling water under I'd filled the cup and it had submerged the leaves. I then left it to infuse for around 2-3 minutes (3 minutes is the recommended time). You can also add milk with this blend, however I haven't tried that yet. The flavour of these teas are just phenomenal, they taste so good and the best thing about this blend is that you can enjoy the flavour without worrying about the calories. The blends contain real pieces of dried fruit and sweets. This one for example, had small pieces of caramel within the leaves, cinnamon and even hazelnut pieces.
Sam tried the English Breakfast that came in a white box, sealed with a red ribbon. I also tried the Mademoiselle Grey a few days later which was a luxurious blend of Lemon peel, Orange peel, Lemongrass, Red Cornflowers, and Sri Lankan black tea. I enjoyed this with a splash of milk and without, both were very enjoyable. I'll be sure to hold some of this back for when my best friend Charlie (who is a major fan of tea) comes to visit. One blend that me and my partner both loved was the White Mango Lime blend. This was certainly a uniquely fruity blend, that soon ran out by the end of the evening. 

JADU is certainly not cheap but you're paying for high quality ingredients that are some of the best in the world. Plus you get the added personal touch of priceless packaging that will certainly make every house guest scowl with envy. I've yet to try the Spa Afternoon or China Green but I'm certain these will taste just as good.

Why not try out these blends for yourself and let me know what you think. If you take a picture of it, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #JADUTea.

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Monday, 18 April 2016

My Lipstick Collection

It's pretty clear to me, that my addiction to lipsticks is becoming apparent. Mainly because I've now got a separate make-up bag building of JUST lipsticks. I think a lipstick has become the one thing I can't go without when applying my make-up. It can add a pop of colour to your look whether it's for casual day wear or a glam evening do. Without further ado, let me show you what's currently in my collection.
I spotted this beauty, along with another one (which has gone missing) when the popular Black Friday sale took place. It seems that a lot of clothes stores have released their own line of make-up with some being very good and some being....not so good. The Matte Lipstick in a coral colour is no longer available, due to going off stock but it only cost me a whopping 50p. Bargain! The colour certainly adds a splash of colour and the matte effect creates a different texture to your lips.
This one was brought for me for a job that I did and it's not necessarily the sort of colour that I'd want to use, however I think mixing it in with a little bit of foundation, might make it a little lighter and less neon pink. Nearly all of these lipsticks are Rimmel and this one in the shade Pink Blush is probably my least favourite.
One of the most recent ones that have been added to my collection. My Auntie brought me this one after showing her another of my lipsticks that she loved! It's Rimmel and in the shade Amethyst Shimmer which is a deep pink and has a beautiful shimmer to it, adding a little bit of glam to your lips.
Another high street clothes store purchase, from New Look this time. This was the first nude colour I brought in my collection and it's definitely sparked a nude obsession. It's in the shade Mink and is a richly moisturising lipstick. This in turn gives a little shine to the lipstick - juicy lips!
Very much a similar shade to the New Look shade, however this one has a slightly pinker tone to it. Again, I love Rimmel lipsticks for their high quality but affordable prices. Even though these are nude colours, they are still very pigmented and stand out on my fair skin. This one is part of the Kate Moss collaboration, shade 14.
This one is a much paler nude but has a high gloss finish when put on the lips. I'm not quite sure of the shade but will be sure to update this when I find it. I love wearing this one as it's a lot lighter and less heavy than post so it's a very subtle lipstick. Especially ideal if you're wanting to go for a smokey eye make-up look.
A daring shade that I brought as a treat one time for myself. I was shopping in Sainsburys and the branch near me has it's own aisle of Rimmel make-up (totally placed there for me, the Rimmel obsessed make-up lover). This one is called Coffee Shimmer and it's probably one of my favourites. It doesn't show as well on the above picture as I'd like it to be but it's a soft dark brown shade with a shimmer to it, giving it a glam edge.
Probably the most popular Rimmel lipstick, the matte lipstick in the shade Wine (107) is another of my favourites. I love the boldness of this lipstick and the fact that it's matte too just makes it super sexy. I'm a big fan of the colour red and I'm still not sure why I don't have more of the red shades from Rimmel...
Another one that my Auntie got for me, was from the Kate Moss Nude Collection. This one is in the shade Nude 42. Yes again it's a nude but this definitely has more pink tones in it and is a really pretty pink nude. I'm pretty sure this will be a favourite for the summer with most of my daily make-up looks.
And finally, but by no means least is this little beauty. If you want to vamp up your style or totally slay the image of pretty in pink, then this is the one for you. I love this shade because of it's red and purple tones. I find that when I try purple lipsticks that have more blue in them, it makes me look ill and just doesn't match my skin tone. However this one is perfect and I've nearly run out. This is in the shade 04.

And that is all my collection so far. I'm sure I'll be updating you later this year with an even bigger collection! The obsession continues...

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