Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Blogmas 2016 - What to expect

Can you believe it's nearly December? No neither can I but here it is and get ready for Blogmas 2016! SUPER EXCITED. I have got a full on, packed month for you guys, providing all of the festive blog posts that I've been crazily preparing ahead of schedule. This is so I have plenty of time over Christmas to spend with family and friends. I will also be completing my tax return (yawn) and preparing my blog for 2017. Let's hope 2017 is better than the crap year we've just had... #2016candoone

So what can you expect from Blogmas 2016? Well aside from every other blogger taking part Blogmas (Blog-Christmas), is an excuse to get everyone into the festive mood. So if you are a regular blog reader, you'll already be prepared for the overload of Christmas posts coming from every serious blogger on the Internet. If you aren't a regular reader of blog posts, then Blogmas is the best time to get addicted to the world of blogging.

What have I got on offer this Blogmas? Well since you asked...

Beauty Reviews

I will have a good chunk of my Blogmas dedicated to new beauty products that I've brought through seeing beauty reviews online and of course that bloggers made me buy. Prepare for some cult favourites, some bargain buys and some basic bitches' essentials.

DIY Tutorials

I really wanted to get creative this season, so I'll be featuring a few 'DIY' tutorials up on my blog that will be a mixture of Beauty and Health inspired products. I cannot wait for you to see what delights I've been creating.

Help & Advice

Now I like a good helpful guidance post as much as the next person and what better way than to share with you some great tips and advice for the festive period. Be sure to look out for a few guest blog posts from our rezzy guest blogger Peter Minkoff. Love this guy.

Gift Ideas

And what better way to shop nowadays than online?! At the moment I cannot think of anything worse than traipsing up and down Oxford Street shopping for presents. I'd much do it from the comfort of my own home and then just pop up to the crazy high street once all my shopping is done, to get into the festive feels with all the lit up! I've got some great gift ideas that will be featured on my blog over blogmas which means you certainly won't be short of gift ideas.

What Christmas plans do you have? Let me know in the comments below.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016 The Rise and Fall of a Social Network

I'm always going on about how much my blog has given me since I started daily blogging over a year ago. It's still very weird to get contacted to collaborate with people on various projects and I'm just so grateful!

I only say yes to collaborations now though if I genuinely feel that it's something you will enjoy, as my readers are most important. That and being able to use my creative juices to create some awesome content on my little space on the Internet.
Book cover
When Dane Cobain got in touch, one of the main reasons I said yes was because he's a self-published author and not only do I love reading but I also have great respect for those who work hard and this guy is definitely one talented writer. The Rise and Fall of a Social Network speaks volumes in our current society where social media go hand in hand with our daily activities. Imagine a social network though where the dead remain alive. Confused?

The network works a bit like Facebook, you write information about yourself and any inner thoughts you have that are kept private until you die. This is exactly what is and Dan Roberts is the latest to join the start-up company in taking it to the next level. What I love about this story is that it's pretty close to the truth.  A quick search on Google tells me that since Facebook was conceived, they predict around 10-20 million people who created a Facebook profile have died. How morbid is that?! So this novel is definitely not as far-fetched as it seems. It also reminded me of the Black Mirror series on Netflix. For those who don't know about this series, I highly recommend you give one or two of them a watch. This novel could easily be a film version of this series as it's looking at social media from an extreme perspective.

What I liked...

The whole story flows very effortlessly and at no point did I think that it was going off on a tangent or that I was starting to lose interest. The character of Dan doesn't really have any strong motivations but I believe this is to focus more on the actual theme/plot of the novel. I also love how Cobain kept me questioning and thinking up until the very end.

What I didn't like...

The climactic ending wasn't as final and thrilling as I would have hoped it to be. It wasn't disappointing but I would have preferred a little something else to the final few pages.

I think it's extremely important to encourage writers like Dane Cobain as it's now becoming possible to get your stories heard a lot more easily than before, whether that be through a blog, e-books etc. If you'd like to give it a read you can get it on Kindle for £2.66 or the paperback version for £7.57. Dane is an independent poet, musician, storyteller with a passion for language and learning. You can find more about him here and follow him on Twitter here.

Disclaimer - I was sent this book to review and in return, give my own honest opinion.

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Living with a smoker without starting a health war

I have to be honest that Sean is probably one of the most polite smokers to live with because our flat doesn't smell of smoke and he always provides us with the courtesy of smoking outside of the flat. I've seen plenty of people during my university days who would smoke inside the house by casually leaning themselves out the window which does very little in stopping the smoke going back into the property. Guest blogger Alex Williams provides some insight on how you can tackle some problems that may arise due to someone in your house/flat being a smoker. Unfortunately not all of you are as lucky to have such considerate housemates...

According to statistics from 2014, nearly 20% of worldwide population smokes cigarettes. So, basically, chances are that you are a smoker, as well. If you live with a smoker, but you are not one yourself and you are concerned about the effects of second-hand smoking, there are some changes you can make in your home. These changes will help you purify the air and avoid negative effects second-hand smoking can have on your health, but you have to be patient. 
Cigarette butts


Telling a smoker to quit smoking might seem like a good idea to you, but you will start a war. If you have already decided to live together it means you have to compromise. Openly talk about what bothers you - that you are concerned about the health of both of you and see what can be done. You can even make an arrangement and ban smoking inside the house; but this might not be as convenient during the colder seasons. If that is the situation, you can devote one room in your home where smoking is actually allowed. This could be an extra room you have but don’t use, or if you have a closed patio your beloved smoker can make use of it. Additionally, you can use pads and seals on the doors and windows of the smoking area and prevent the smoke from entering the rest of the house. 

Air purifiers and vents 

Sometimes, technology can help you get rid of the smoke and smells present in your home. There are plenty of air purifiers that can filter the air and prevent the smoke from getting from one room into the other. Also, properly working vents will do the same and save you the trouble from airing your home in the middle of winter with an open window. You can choose from vast variety of air purifiers, including electronic air cleaners, ionizers, mechanical air filters and ozone generators. Most of them function on the same principles, i.e. they trap the odor molecules in filters or remove them from air with static electricity. Since the models and prices can vary, it is the best to consult the air purifier reviews and find one that fits your needs. 

Add indoor plants 

Plants are well known air purifiers and they should be present in your home. Their additional purpose can be decoration, and while they are breathing life into your room, they can filter the air and decrease the amount of smoke inside. Some of the best natural air purifiers are spider plants, Dracaenas, bamboo palms, etc. Not only will these purify the air and look stunning in your living rooms, but they are easy to take care of and are mostly non-toxic. Another way to make use of plants is to use their oils. Many essential oils made of tea trees, mint and eucalyptus are well-known air purifiers and they will make your home smell fresh and
healthy. Pour a few drops on a cloth or a tissue, or even put them in small bowls, place them in front of the fan and your home will never smell of cigarettes again. 

Stop the smell from entering your clothes 

Apart from second-hand smoking, odor is the second most hated thing about the smokers. Living with a smoker often means that your clothes will smell of cigarettes, which is not pleasant; especially if you are a nonsmoker. However, there are ways of preventing the smoke from getting into the fabrics. It all comes down to purifying the air in the rooms. As already mentioned, you can use the help of the air purifiers and plants, but there are some harmless chemicals that can help you as well. White vinegar is capable of breaking down any malodors on a molecular level and it is especially effective when it comes to tobacco smoke. Just pour the liquid in several smaller bowls, place them around the room and let them evaporate. Another useful chemical is baking soda. You simply have to crack open the box and let it absorb all the smoke in the air. After these two have filtered the air, your clothes will never smell again. For some people, smoking is a deal-breaker. However, if you chose to overlook that fact, but still want to keep your home fresh and airy, consider some of these simple solutions. Another possibility is gently talking to your significant other about quitting, but remember to respect them and their decisions. It is all about compromising.
Cigarette in ashtray
Thanks Alex for such a helpful post! If you want to follow or keep up with Alex, check out her deets below.

My name is Alex Williams, born and raised in beautiful Sydney. I am a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger trying to find my luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting yourself to wider audience, getting the chance to showcase my expertise and receiving recognition. I am a regular contributor at BizzMark Blog.

Twitter: @alextmwilliams1

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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Movember - Join The Movement

I know I'm pretty much jumping on the last bandwagon to town but I thought I'd give my little space on the Internet a chance to throw some promotion out there to anyone taking part in the Movember challenge.

The Movember challenge was conceived by two mates Travis Garone and Luke Slattery back in 2003. The aim was to bring back a trend in fashion that had seemed to have disappeared from the upper lips of every man (and woman) out there in the world. They got 30 'mo bros' and the aim was simply to grow their moustaches (if any) out for the whole month of Movember. 
Selection of pictures
Well they definitely succeeded but back then, the challenge was merely for the banter and for the odd few looking like the Lonely Island guys in their music video 'The Creep'...
Three men with moustaches words.
However, after being inspired by the conversation their challenge had created, the boys took it upon themselves to turn it in a money-maker and by raising money for Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, the donations soon began rolling in and this year it hit £443 million. That's pretty good work there guys, well done!

Since then, a lot of crazes like the Ice Bucket Challenge have enabled charities to find a new way of reaching donors on a mass scale.

Prostate cancer amongst men is serious stuff...
  • 10,500 men die a year in the UK from prostate cancer, with rates predicted to double in the next 15 years.
  • Three quarters of suicides are men, that's 13 men a day in the UK.
  • Men experience worse longer-term health then women and die on average four years earlier for largely preventable reasons.
  • Testicular cancer rates have already doubled in the last 50 as being the most common cancer in men aged between 25-29 years.

It's so important that young men take the time to get regular check-ups and to not ignore any warning signs. Movember is a fantastic cause that will hopefully one day end the fight with this deadly disease.

Make sure you support anyone who's taking part in Movember this year and if you're looking for someone to sponsor, then make sure you check out my friend's below!

Martyn Smith with moustache
Martyn Smith

A little goes a long way, I've donated! Let me know if you do in the comments below!

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Friday, 25 November 2016

The Return of the Young Prince - A.G. Roemmers

It's the eagerly awaited second book in the sequel and The Return of the Young Prince is a bit of a difficult one. I say difficult because I can't seem to work out whether I really liked it or not. The book is beautifully written but I just felt at times the content was a little forced.

The Return of the Young Prince by A.G Roemmers is a sequel in which the first novel, The Little Prince was published back in 1943. That novel is the fourth most-translated book in the world, having been translated in over 250 different languages and dialects (as well as Braille). So I mean, the follow up has to be good right? Also note that this can be read without reading the first as it isn't a direct follow-up. 
Book cover
The book design is beautifully well drawn. I love how it uses simple water colours to not make the clear distinction that this is for a specific age range. The book is recommended for young adults but I think it's message should certainly reach every age.

I read the book in less than a few days and I did force myself to sit through a few chapters. It begins with a man finding a young boy sleeping by the side of a road. Fearing for his safety, the man bundles him into the car and continues his drive in the hope that the Young Prince is heading that way. Of course, this is no recommendation for you to start picking up strangers in your car but there is that 'be kind to others' message showing through here and it tends to pop up a lot throughout. 

After the Young Prince awakens, the boy is confused of his situation explaining that he's come from another world, looking for a friend. The man, seemingly perplexed finds himself reeling off life lessons in response to the boy's questions, which in effect make him realise certain mistakes, assumptions and judgements he makes throughout life. The book was very much awash with expressions, sayings and mottos of which some you'll recognise and although it makes the reader reflect, I found it sometimes felt a little too forced. It ended up at some points reading as one saying after another and this is where I find myself questioning whether I was a fan of this book.

What I do understand though is how this book is so easily translatable. The story is pretty basic but that aids the translation better. The book is a self-reflection on oneself and those around us and I certainly see this book as having a lot of influence on those who read it and those who hear it read by others.

What I loved?

The message behind it and the beautiful illustrations throughout the book.

What I didn't love?

I felt some parts were packed with sayings that were then followed by another saying and I did struggle through these sections of the book.

If you like the sound of this book, then be sure to check it out here, on Amazon. It's £7.99 for hardcover or £4.89 on Kindle. 

Disclaimer - I was gifted this book in return for my own honest opinion.

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Five Outfits To Wear During Winter

God that cold bout of weather we suddenly got the other week really got me bad. Coming into the house and still being able to see your breath is pretty depressing. A.) because no one likes the cold and B.) because we're too money savvy to put on the heating...

But what is the solution I hear you ask? Well after seeing FromRoses post on this, I thought I'd do my own too. So here goes nothing, here's Five Outfits To Wear During Winter!

Go Shabby Chic

Selection of clothes

This soft colour combination and mix of autumn/winter pieces will keep you feeling cosy whilst out and about. The pleated pink skirt and oversized grey jumper give it it's shabby but chic look and I just love the look of that belted long coat with flecks of pink and purple.

Embrace the boho

Selection of clothes

I love these boho trends currently in AW16 fashion. The flared sleeves and trousers combo, paired with a floppy hat and sleeveless shearling coat will instantly create those hippy vibes. The shearling coat also adds a bit more warmth to the outfit. I feel like Suede is very 70s so some shoes in this material are required!

Layer yourself like an onion

selection of clothes

And who said onions couldn't be glamourous? What I've learnt from fashion bloggers is that your wardrobe should be quality over quantity. As long as you buy a few staple pieces, you can change up a piece of clothing by using it in a multitude of ways. Layering is by far one of my favourite trends because I hate the cold and I love being cosy. Wearing a simple shirt under a chunky jumper gives it a professional/there's no way I'm suffering for fashion in this weather vibe. Team it off with some cropped trousers and a workable heel! LOVE IT!

Go Glam

Selection of clothes

Sequins and velvet are both in at the moment so why not glam up your wardrobe with a few of these staple numbers. A plain velvet dress can be teamed with knee high socks and boots. This sequin jacket from Topshop is just the ombre dream! I think this is perfect for work wear, when you have something scheduled for the evening and can't go home to change.

Channel your inner Frenchie

Selection of clothes

Looking through the styles of Paris Fashion Week 2016, I noticed Balmain had a heavy influence with it's military, bold styles and there was quite a bit of lace in their too. I added in a beret which is typically French and completed this look with some beautiful court heels by House of Spring. I met the owner of the brand this year at a wedding event and she incorporates the classic Parisian style with the modern London.

What do you think of these looks? Which do you like best? Let me know in the comments.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Makeup Memory Lane

FromRoses is a blogger I've been finding inspiration from lately as some of her blog posts have made me want to do a version of it myself. So shoutout to Rebecca for just being totes creative and inspiring! A blog that I recently read titled A Trip Down Makeup Memory Lane had me thinking about my own messy makeup journey and I thought I'd share it with you now, be gentle with me as I really am still learning...

Growing Up

Baby photo
Fortunately (or unfortunately) my mother is very much a 'show off my kids' type of mum so even now, my beauty mishaps are currently on display for all Facebook friends old and new to see (sigh). However it makes this blog writing process much easier to find the relevant photographs. Growing up a as a child, I remember feeling a bit tom boyish in my attitude and makeup was really not something that was even thought about until I got older.

Being A Young 'un

Teenage photosOh what delightful pictures that I'm going to instantly regret sharing once this blog goes live. As a kid aged around 11-12, I was never really interested in wearing make-up but I was definitely a fan of highlighting my hair. Why I thought bright blonde or red highlights was a good thing for me, I'll never know. Also my eyebrows were never tamed back then as I hadn't yet discovered tweezers, so I had a monobrow going on for the best part of my childhood.

I would also consider myself quite the poser, going for the up close shots of my face with that sultry yet pre-teen look of 'yeah...look at me with my bench jacket and red highlightsLet's move swiftly on before I cringe anymore at these photos...

The Teenage Phase(s)

High School Photos
Oh the bashful teenage phase. Still trying to find out who I was and the crowd that I wanted to hang around with. I think it was around this time that I experimented a little with make-up but it would merely have been a foundation like Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse and a Collection's mascara no doubt. As you can see my eyebrows had been plucked by this point and thanks go to my cousins Becky and Steph for doing it! This was also the point where I let my hair grow long!

College Life

College photo
Me and false eyelashes. I have to admit we've never seen eye to eye (pun totally intended) and I've always seemed to pick out the worst ones, aka THE ONES THAT NEVER STICK TO MY EYELASHES! I don't really know why I ever brought full set lashes as my eyelashes were already thick and big enough. I mean the mind boggles, it really does. I suppose in college I also got a bit heavy handed with the bronzer and started wearing more mascara and eye makeup. At this point I never really wore any types of lipstick or lipgloss because I hated the way it felt on my lips.

Drunkenly stumbling through University

University photos
Hello University! This was the point in my life where I initially gave up on whatever little make-up routine I had after the first week of starting lectures. I also put on a crap ton of weight and my slim frame definitely couldn't handle it as I know bare the unfortunate thigh stretch marks. I also slacked on my eyebrow game but made sure to keep the monobrow at bay. This was also the point that I just couldn't get my foundation right. I went from going too pale to too dark. Dear god, give me strength...

Look mum & dad, I'm an adult now!

Two photos of current beauty look
After university, I shed some of the university weight and started up my YouTube Channel, slightly later came my blog and the rest of my make-up disasters are as they say, history! I'm embracing my skincare routine a lot more now as I get older, keep my brows tamed 24/7 and I'm starting to experiment more with make-up (and I feel as though I've improved). I'd also like to say I'm a dab hand at contouring but I don't want to get ahead of myself so I'll just say I'm getting there!

Natalie with short hair and makeup

What sort of make-up memories do you have? Let me know in the comments below! Share with me all of the cringe!

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Monday, 21 November 2016

With the likes of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian switching up the colour of their hair more often than I wash my own hair in a week, changing your hair colour constantly seems to be a current trend! Now unfortunately we all don't have the cash to splurge out on hair salon appointments every week but what are the alternatives?
Selection of wigs

And let me tell you that from watching all episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the Kardashians and celebs-alike are more than partial to switching up their weave every now and again in all varying lengths, colours and styles. is an online wholesale store that provides a wealth of clothing, hair extensions, wigs and accessories that cater for the modern day millennial, beauty obsessed and everyone in between. Like these two-tone ombre wigs, the site offers a little something for everyone and I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourites.

Platinum Grey seems to be a current colour trend that's been donned by the likes of Jade Thirwall and Rihanna and I think this is something that I could get work with.
Grey Ombre Wig
I absolutely love the cut and shape of this Grey Ombre Messy Bob and for just under €60, it's cheaper and quicker than getting it done in a hairdressers and if you aren't quite feeling it anymore, you can always just...whip it off!

If you suffer from length with your natural hair, clip in ponytails offer the perfect illusion of long hair that to the unknown, is all yours!
Hair extensions
These extensions are simple to put in and wrap seemingly around your own hair to provide instant locks that Rapunzel would be jealous of. Again, these are just over €50 each and come in varying lengths of up to 32". Now that's a whole lotta hair!

And for the Cosplay addicts? Yes you heard me right, there's actually a Cosplay selection of wigs and seeing as Frozen was the Disney film of the year, how could I resist featuring this?!
Fishtail braid
I mean it really doesn't get any better than this. The Frozen Elsa Cosplay Wig is a steal at €18.88 so you can really let yourself go...too obvious? Yeah I thought so.

Wigs are definitely getting more creative and stylish nowadays and I wouldn't be surprised if more people started experimenting with their hair on a regular basis, I mean why not? It's fun!

What do you think of wigs? Would you wear them as an alternative?

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

The World's Biggest Shoe Auction

Happy Sunday folks! For this blog I wanted to do a little promotional shoutout for They are currently hosting the world's biggest shoe auction in aid of the Small Steps charity. That's right, you could bid, win and ending up wearing some celeb's smelly second hands (but hey they could be Simon Pegg's and I certainly wouldn't mind sniffing those shoes...).
Small Steps was founded in 1998 to provide specialist help and support to parents with physically disabled children. Small Steps works to two aims; facilitating the children in learning skills across all areas of their development and supporting the parents through their own emotional journeys. With so many charities out there, it's a tough bid to get new and existing donors to give their hard earned cash over to the cause. That's where people like CharityStars come in!

CharityStars was found in 2014 with a passion and aim to change the non-profit sector and continue its mission to help charities raise money. Since launching, more than 1000 global celebrities and brands have chosen to work with including Andy Murray, Lionel Messi, Jessie J, Joss Stone, David Coulthard and Sir Bobby Charlton, plus over 400 non-for-profit organisations, such as Save the Children and Oxfam. Last year Berkeley University named the company as one of the most “impacting Social Enterprises globally".
Celebrity in shoes
Celebrity in shoes
There's 80 auctions in total and the bidders are in full force as I type this blog. The donations have come in from a mixed bag of celebrities including Emma Watson, Olly Murs, David Schwimmer, Fearne Cotton plus many more! The auction is live until Sunday 20th November 2016. Hundreds of celebrities around the world have taken a small step by donating their own signed shoes to help support barefoot children living on landfill sites.

Among this year’s participating celebrities are Kate Moss, Chris Martin and Coldplay, Benedict Cumberbatch, Emma Watson, Oprah Winfrey, Lionel Messi, Roger Federer, Joan Smalls, Alesha Dixon, Theo Walcott, Cesc Fabregas, Bastille, Bonnie Wright, Brian May, Caryn Franklin, Ant and Dec, Dita Von Teese, Foals, Grimes, Helena Christensen, Jack Garratt, Jess Glynne, Jonny Wilkinson, KT Tunstall, Lisa Kudrow, Madness, Maria Sharapova, Matt Le Blanc, Mel C, Michelle Collins, Muse, Olly Murs, Rachel McAdams, Rita Ora, Rod Stewart, Rupert Graves and Annie Lennox.

Founder and CEO Amy Hanson says: “We are always blown away by the support that celebrities show us, and this year once again the response has been truly phenomenal.  These celebrity donors are really using their status to help create awareness for children in poverty.”

CharityStars' MD Robert Robinson said: “Our aim is to deliver impacting and sustainable fundraising solutions for the non-profit sectors so we are delighted to be running this auction for Small Steps and hope to raise lots of money for a fantastic cause.”

Bonnie Tyler

Emma Watson

Jonny Wilkinson

So if you have the funds and the undying love for a celebrity whose given their shoes to this auction then bid away here.

It's all for a great cause!

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Dental Tips For Surviving Flu Season

Peter Minkoff is one of my regular guest bloggers and you can always expect the best advice from his blogs. Check out his last one here. He's a beauty and fashion writer for Shlur magazine living in London and occasionally in Brisbane. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a stylist for few fashion events in UK and AUS. Beside beauty and fashion, he loves reading, making DIY cosmetics and traveling around tropical destinations. He plans to create a business for beauty and style advising. This week, Peter is reminding us about our teeth and the tips for surviving flu season!
Girl in snow
During late fall and winter you can easily catch a cold and even flu if you’re not careful. While you need to take many different lifestyle aspects into consideration to ensure your good health, oral hygiene is also something that’s on the top of the list. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of this until it’s too late. Check out the following dental tips so that you can fight the flu season with a full-on backup.

Replace the toothbrush regularly

Toothbrush can be one of the main causes for catching a cold or being unable to shake it off for a long time. Bacteria can accumulate on an old toothbrush which is why it’s essential that you replace it regularly, especially if you notice that your immune system is a bit lower than usual. Also, if you’ve been sick, you need to get rid of the toothbrush that you used, which is contaminated with viruses and bacteria from your sick period.

Keep the toothbrush clean and sanitized

Not only do you have to change up your toothbrush frequently during the flu season but you also need to be very meticulous with its condition. Therefore, make sure to clean it with warm water regularly. Also, keep your toothbrush in a separate container. If you don’t live alone and keep the toothbrush in the same glass as the rest of your family members, they can get in touch with one another and bacteria can move from one toothbrush to the next one. You should clean and sanitize the container pretty often as well.

Be thorough with your oral hygiene

It may be cold outside which can prevent you from leaving your home a lot but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your oral hygiene by any means. Even if you’re sick and you’re not feeling up to getting out of bed to brush your teeth, keep in mind that this routine will actually help you get better sooner. By brushing your teeth and flossing regularly, you’ll be able to get rid of all the bacteria and buildup in your mouth. Otherwise, you can risk swallowing and getting these cold triggers into your system. 

Rinse your mouth

Man brushing girl's teeth
Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash is very beneficial for your oral health but it can also keep the cold at bay. Mouthwashes generally contain ingredients that kill all the remaining bacteria. Still, a mouthwash cannot replace brushing and flossing. If you’re suffering from a sore throat and find that minty mouthwash is only agitating it more, rinse your mouth with salt water. It will also help calm the soreness while cleaning the teeth.

Listen to your dentist

According to Dental Fresh - dentist from Bondi Junction, visiting your dentist regularly can help you prevent some serious oral drama and keep your smile bright and healthy. Not only that, but if you’re serious with your dentist visits, you can save money by stopping any bacteria and infection from spreading in time. Therefore, going for an oral checkup and actually following through with all the advice that you get, can keep your mouth in pristine condition and colds at bay. In that respect, flu season is definitely one of those times in a year when you should schedule your dentist appointment.

Not only does proper oral hygiene prevent and put a stop to colds and bacteria spreading, but it also has a lot to do with some more serious health problems. In general, killing off the bacteria and removing plaque in your mouth can lead to a healthier cardiovascular system as well as help with osteoporosis. With all that’s been said, make sure that your oral hygiene is on point and don’t skip your visits to the dentist. 

Wise words from Dr Minkoff, thanks again! Peter is also an Editor In Chief on High Style Life. So go check that out too!

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Friday, 18 November 2016

My Favourite Books of 2016

So it's nearing the end of 2016 and I've tried to attempt a book challenge to read 50 books this year. Unfortunately I'm only on book 25 so either I manage to read 25 books in the space of a month and a half or I transfer it onto bucket list 2017. I will definitely try, I do have the Christmas period off to make a bash at it!

2016 has been full of some great books and I wanted to pay homage to a few that have really stood out to me.

The Diabolic(review here)

The Diabolic book cover
One of my most recent reads, The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid is one of those books I could visualise on a movie screen. It has a great plot line and explores the story from a Diabolic whose sole purpose is to protect it's owner but perhaps a Diabolic is more than just a killing machine...

Ctrl, Alt; Delete: How I Grew Up Online(review here)

Ctrl Alt Delete Book Cover
Emma Gannon is a blogger that's been in the blogging game for a while and she saw the birth of the Internet and everything that is social media. Ctrl Alt Delete: How I Grew Up Online, is a witty and nostalgic look at how the Internet has grown and it's so relatable as my generation were part of this journey. Seeing a mention of MSN and Bebo made me reminisce, cringe and understand how fast social media has transitioned. This book was a perfect read for my summer holidays.

Me Before You(review here)

Me Before You Book Cover
If you are looking for an emotional read then Me Before You by JoJo Moyes is a tear jerker. It's a tragic story of how happiness can be found in a dire situations, even if it's only for a short time. Of course, this has also been in the cinema recently and I will be sure to watch it if I manage to get the dvd....for Christmas? *cough* hint to mum.

Rebel of the Sands(review here)

Rebel of the Sands book coverRebel of the Sands was one of my first reads for 2016 and it's by a lovely author called Alwyn Hamilton (brilliant last name may I add). One of many mystical/magical themed books I've read this year but this one stands out because of the strong female protagonist. There's a sequel to this book which I hope I can acquire as I'd really like to see what's in store for Amani.

What have been your favourite books this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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