Friday, 18 August 2017

Lottie London | Shimmer Squad

Having always walked past this brand numerous times in store, it wasn't until I saw this highlighter palette on another beauty blog that I said to myself 'I'm getting that palette the next time I'm in Superdrug'. And I did just that. Lottie London has always caught my eye due to it's colourful packaging, especially it's makeup brushes. As a recent collector of highlighters, I've started to branch out more and test those brands that I've always been too money conscious to buy.
Shimmer Palette Packaging
And I mean, I'm earning money from my blog so it only seems right to reinvest it into buying products that maybe my readers might like. The Lottie London Shimmer Squad Palette comes in four very different shades and costs £9.95. With each pan being just under £2.50, that's pretty good value for money. The pay off on each shade is incredible and is probably the best shadow highlighter I've ever bought. It beats the Sleek Summer Solstice Palette as this one is more suited to my skin tone and i's warmer than the Sleek shades.
Inside packaging
Since buying the palette, I've been reaching for The Good Girl and The Trouble Maker. I'm a little unsure as to whether The Flirt is a little too dark for my skin tone. I think it will work well though once I have a tan. The staying power of the powders are pretty good but I think using a setting spray locks it in for longer. Without further ado, let's take a look at each one individually...

The Good Girl

The Good Girl is very similar to The Queen Bee, as both are a golden shade. This one is a little colder though with brown under tones. I love wearing this on my cheek bones as it shows up pretty well. It's not too dark so it's the perfect match for my pale skin.

The Flirt

This one is the darkest shade and is like a brown bronzer. I'm tempted to use this on top of my contouring because at the moment it's just too dark for my pale skin. GOD DAMN IT.

The Troublemaker

I LOVE THIS SHADE. It's icy white and it's perfect for my alien pale skin. I'm so excited to use this around the festive period because it's reminds me of frost and delicious baked goods. I'm going to look like a star for Christmas 2017. Bring it on! I also love using this down the centre of my nose and on my cupid's bow. 

The Queen Bee

The Queen Bee is my favourite and not just because the shade name is amazing but the pigment is a perfect golden bronze. It's slightly warmer than The Good Girl and I find it gives me a more healthier glow over my foundation. 
swatches of highlighter
The pans are very pigmented and the swatches below are from just one swipe of my finger. I actually prefer applying highlighter with my Real Techniques Setting Brush as it's packed bristles pick up the product really well whilst still distributing it evenly. It's a shadow highlighter but it does feel a tad creamy which I love as it helps with gliding onto the skin. I've not actually tried any of these over my lips (top tip if you want to give your lipstick a bit more of a pop) but from just looking at the shades, I think The Trouble Maker would look great over Red and so would The Queen Bee.

What do you think of Lottie London? Are there any brands you'd like me to try out? Let me know in the comments below.


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Globenfeld Watches

Ever since I started blogging, I've been surprised by how many brands are keen to use bloggers to promote their products. I'm always super grateful to be receiving such beautiful gifts to review as well as actually receiving payment for writing posts! #proudmoment

My partner Sam has always reaped the benefits of any products I may receive that are more suited for him. This also goes for all the events I've dragged him along to, which has turned him into quite the professional photographer. He's always said the one thing he'd love to get is a watch and that day HAS ARRIVED MY FRIENDS!
Globenfeld is not actually a brand of watch that I'm familiar with but it has been around since the early to mid 1900's. Founded by Marcus Globenfeld, the company produces fine timepieces that are both fashionable and practical

'The new Globenfeld range echoes this desire with models specifically designed for the fashion conscious and sports oriented people of today, people who are equally at home whether in the boardroom or on the sports field.' - from the Globenfeld website.

We got a model from their Automatic range which has an RRP of £199. Amazon are actually doing an incredible deal, cutting the price to just £79.99. I'm not sure when this price reduction will disappear but it's a pretty good steal.
Watch on wrist
Watch in box
The automatic movement has been used by watch makers since the 18th century to produce some of the most expensive and finest timepieces in the world.

The dial is a texture white with a regal blue shade for the hands. With a silver casing and tobacco brown strap, this watch certainly screams sophisticated man. Whether you can say the same for my partner though is another story...

We've had a slight problem with the battery though as it has suddenly stopped working. This may be just part of a bad batch but the response time to get a new one has been great so fingers crossed it was just that particular one that's faulty.

What do you think of Globenfeld? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - I received this watch in return for my own honest opinion, All words are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Shows I'm Waiting For | Netflix

There has been so much content on Netflix over the past twelve months that has kept me hooked and has made binge watching become a bit of a norm in my life. With Love Island well and truly over, I thought to myself the other day about just how many series that I've watched and which ones I'm waiting to come back on. There's so many that I thought I'd put them all into a post for you!
Laptop with Netflix on

RuPaul's Drag Race

I know, I know. If you are as obsessed with RuPaul as I am, you'll know that Season 9 has only just been and gone and this season was probably the best one yet. With the appearance of Lady Gaga impersonating HERSELF - Qween. I made sure to tune into the episode as soon as it appeared on Netflix. I'm already looking forward to the next season because this show has all the best sayings that I love repeating in real life. If you can't love yourself, how the hell you going to love somebody else?!

The OA

A young blind woman disappears and then reappears seven years later cured of her blindness and convinced she has mystery powers. It's an incredibly powerful series that leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions about whether some of it is true or whether it's all been made up in her head. For me, I watched this straight after Stranger Things so it was a suitable replacement to cater to the eeriness of that show. I'm not quite sure whether there's going to be another series but it seems to be the case from looking online so good times!

Stranger Things

Urgh, I can't begin to tell you how impatient I am for Season 2 of Stranger Things. Set in the 1980s, this alien-esque thriller series had me gripped from the first episode. The kids in it are incredibly talented and the dated set and costume design is done so well. Season 2 is not due to come out until October, in time for Halloween but fans can see the latest trailer online! Literally cannot wait.


It's a series that I've only recently binge watched after downloading the full series and watching it within a week of my commutes to and from work. GLOW is a story about a group of women who become female wrestlers and the first of their kind during that time. Based on a true story, the series focuses on each woman, giving them all a chance to shine as they train to become gorgeous ladies of wrestling (GLOW). It's witty, pretty funny and is certainly empowering to see a majority female cast.

Gilmore Girls

Now I'm not quite sure whether this is going ahead or not but I really hope to see another season of Gilmore Girls. I managed to watch all seven seasons in a very short time, much to the surprise of my best friend Hannah who introduced me to it. I then watched the latest one and was a little annoyed by the ending. I didn't really think it was in the character's nature and was pretty predictable. I hope that they bring back another season just so they can make up for the fact they ruined that last episode!

13 Reasons Why

It's a series that's divided the viewers, with some saying they love it and some saying it glorified suicide. For me, I loved it. There's never really been a show that's been focused solely on the topic of suicide that has been done so well before. If you haven't watched it, it's about a girl called Hannah Baker who commits suicide and has recorded 13 tapes which tells the listener, reasons why she killed herself. Each tape corresponds with a certain incident or person that contributed to her decision.

It's very difficult to watch at times and I couldn't bring myself to watch the moment she kills herself because you've been through this entire emotional journey with the character. I thought it was certainly thought-provoking and in no way did it glorify suicide. Suicide is one of those taboo topics that quite a few people still think is the 'easy way' or the 'coward's way out'. We never really know what a person is going through and how to spot those signs of depression or struggle that may make someone think that suicide is the only option. I think people's anger towards the show has been mixed because it is a difficult subject to approach. I'm looking forward to Season 2 because it's going to tackle the aftermath of the discovery of the tapes and what the knock on effect is for the rest of the students/people involved.


It's like Pretty Little Liars meets Gossip Girl which at times being sightly cringey, it's pretty addictive. The story begins with the murder of Jason Blossom, a rich kid who mysteriously vanishes after taking a boat trip with his sister. Secrets begin to unravel and it's one of those plots where you don't see the big twist coming. It also stars Cole Sprouse who is one of the twin brothers of the suite life of Zac and Cody. Let's just say he's certainly grown into his looks! HAWT.

Are you as obsessed with Netflix as I am? Let me know what you're watching at the moment in the comments below!


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Double Dating | The Alphabet Game

Two of my best friends have fallen in love. It's something you dream would happen but when it actually happens, a little bit of you starts freaking out when they're kissing...

But all jokes aside, I couldn't be more happy for them both. They've also started this ADORABLE Alphabet Dating game where they take it in turns to plan a date around a particular letter. Hannah had D so decided to go with the Double Dating theme, inviting me and Sam along.
Soho Coffee Club Sign
We started off our day at Soho Coffee Co, where we delved into a Bacon baguette and a cup of delicious coffee. Myself and Sam always tend to be running late when meeting up with people but we were the first to arrive for a change. #winners

Hannah had planned a game of Dragon spotting and who knew that there were so many dragon icons and statues around the city! The person who spotted the most dragons and anything that began with a D (that wasn't obvious) won a free drink off Hannah. The boys started off almost immediately, leaving me trailing behind but I soon caught up, don't you worry. We'd also realised that a cycling event was going on which made it difficult to meet up initially but as we were walking everywhere, this didn't become a problem.
Horse guards
Universal traffic light
Natalie and Sam
We stopped the game once getting to the Deli which was our next port of call for some food and drink. This is part of a Premier Inn surprisingly which was cool. Sam won the game (urgh of course he did, the show off) so we celebrated with a delicious cheese board and some beer! What I loved about the day was that we discovered so many different places that we wouldn't usually stop at or see. As commuters going into London, we normally walk the same path to work so it was nice to stumble upon some places that we'd not visited before.

The rest of the afternoon was spent having a few drinks in a couple of different bars/pubs until it was time to head over the London Dungeons. Now, I've always wanted to go to the Dungeons, despite it being an absolute tourist trap. However saying that, this is probably the best one where you get good value for your money.
Deli sign
Cheese Board
The London Dungeons entry is from around £21.00 and it's much cheaper to book online in advance than on the day, just showing up to the entrance. It was a pretty drizzly day, so we were glad to be inside for the majority of late afternoon.

I don't want to give any of the experience away but you're taken around the Dungeons where various stories are told and scenarios are acted out, including the tale of Jack the Ripper. Both myself and Elliott were picked to play part of the scenes which was hilarious. My favourite bit by far is the final ride which we initially thought was down for maintenance but turned out it was merely a projection problem!
Waterloo BarSelfie in mirrorThe London Dungeons
We rounded off the day with a trip to China Town in search of dumplings and a restaurant with the word Dragon in it. Unfortunately, the ones me, Sam and Elliott wanted didn't have the word in. We rallied round Hannah and she was persuaded to let this rule slide.

Our bellies were full and our feet were aching by the time we got home but it was such a fun day out with the best company!

Have you done Alphabet Dating before? Let me know in the comments below.


Monday, 14 August 2017

Highs & Lows | Week 16

It's been a sickly environment this week in our household. All three of us have been ill with a bug and as I type this, I'm currently recovering myself in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This week has also been the weekend of the CAMRA Beer Festival which was a year in the making, planning wise. We ended up having around 12 of us in the group and we stayed out from the beginning of the festival to the very end.
Friends selfie

Highs ↑

CAMRA Beer Festival

This event has been highly anticipated ever since going to the last one in 2016. Myself, Sam and Matt attended our first beer festival last year and we vowed to do it again this year. This time round, we had the whole gang along including my godfathers, my brother and his friend, my dad and my girl Sophie! We had so much fun even though myself, my brother and Sam were all battling the flu. It's such a great event and one I would recommend if you love ales, larger and ciders. 

Lows ↓

Feeling the flu

I 100% believe the sickness we've all experienced this week is down to the constant shift in the weather recently. Here in the UK, it's been a dismal Summer and the constant increase and decrease in temperature has likely played havoc on our immune systems. Having the flu in August is not fun, trust me.

Falling Over

So in what feels like years, I drunkly fell over last night which was hysterical to everyone else and myself but also hurt like a bitch the next morning. I hardly ever injure myself (even though I'm super clumsy) so it's pretty much a proud battle wound from a great night out.

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments below.


Friday, 11 August 2017

giffgaff Money Fit | 5K Challenge

A couple of weekends I go, I did the impossible - well impossible for me anyway. After weeks (ok months) of failing to go to the gym, I stupidly signed myself up for a 5K run after being contacted by giffgaff Money. I signed up initially in the midst of a slob fest and I didn't go the gym until the week of the run where I did a measly two sessions totalling 30 minutes each. I know right, I was in for a brutal muscle awakening.
giff gaff banner
I'd signed up myself and Sam to the challenge but when I posted about my 5K challenge online, my friend and work colleague Sophie (who LOVES running), wanted to come along and support us. Instead, I asked if she'd like to join us. BEST DECISION EVER.

The race took place in Shoreditch Park and there were around thirty of us in total. The group was made out of bloggers, people within the media and members. The weather had been a bit miserable during the morning but the sunshine came through about half an hour before the race was due to start. The giffgaff team explained to us the route of the 5K which was four laps around the park, with the sneaky addition of an inflatable obstacle course near the starting line.
Group of runners
Obstacle course
Starting line
The team explained that there were a load of plastic balls with our numbers written on them. These were picked randomly for the final challenge to give eight lucky individuals, a chance to win some money for their charity.

As we warmed up, the realisation that I was about to run a 5K had sunk in. JESUS WEPT, I was terrified. I mean, I was already exhausted after the warm up, how was I going to cope running four laps around a park?! But before I could contemplate what a big mistake I had made, we were lining up ready to start the race. 
Sam running
Natalie and Sophie running
As soon as we began, I felt pretty good - probably because we'd only just started obvssssI just have to give a little shout out to Sophie who was an absolute babe for carrying me around the course when I wanted to just give up. She was super motivating and what's worse, she didn't break a sweat! Sam within the first lap of the race, had gone on ahead at his own pace, so I was glad Sophie was running along with me.

My favourite part of the race was the obstacle course because even though I was sweating my ass off, it was like being a kid again and it was totally acceptable. It got tougher by each lap but I had a big smile on my face regardless. The inner child was loving it!
Natalie running on obstacle course
Sophie on obstacle course
After getting round the course, I gave all my energy to the last corner of the route. As I crossed the finish line, I was dying inside but was greeted with a beaming smile from one of the giff gaff team members who put a medal over my head. I felt like a proper athlete in that moment even though I was beetroot red in the face and panting like I'd ran a marathon rather than five kilometres. As the last few came past the finish line, we assembled together to see who was picked to ride the bucking bronco pig.

Now unfortunately for us, we didn't get picked but we did see some hilarious attempts at others trying to stay on the pig. Didn't think I'd ever say that on my blog...
Group photo of all runners and winners
We had so much fun and it was great to actually get up early on a Saturday morning for a change. Thanks, giff gaff for having us along and for forcing me to do a 5K. We also ran this for my Auntie who has breast cancer so please do give anything you can over on her page. Make sure you also check out our results here.

*Disclaimer - I was invited to take part in this event, but I wasn't expected to write about it. All words are my own.


Thursday, 10 August 2017

Dans Le Noir | Dining In The Dark

Dans Le Noir is French for in the dark and dining in the dark was exactly what myself and my friend Sophie did on a casual Monday evening. I learnt about the concept only recently after Sophie's friend told us about it and I was more than intrigued to experience it for myself. A quick e-mail exchange later and we were booked into a three course meal for the 7pm sitting.
Restaurant Exterior
Dans Le Noir unbeknownst to me have been providing this unique dining experience since 2006 and has since seen over 7 million people come through their doors. Now for the experience, you really have to be open to whatever and that means you can't be overly fussy with your food. There are four menu options to choose from and as we wanted to trust the Chef's decision, we went with the White Menu. This was a completely surprise menu which includes a combination of fish, shellfish and exotic meats. The other choices were:
  • The Red Menu - A surprise menu which will include a selection of meat based dishes.
  • The Blue Menu - Our pescatarian option, this surprise menu includes a selection of fish and shellfish based dishes.
  • The Green Menu - A completely vegetarian menu
They also cater for vegans and I wouldn't be surprised if they were able to cover gluten free options too. You are also asked at the beginning if you have any allergies. The experience allow you to learn about the disability of being blind and it was only natural that we both found ourselves a little nervous before entering the pitch black room.
Dining in the dark
Our guide was called Courtney who was blind. She quickly kept us at ease as she led us through the three sets of curtains that would take us into the dining area. Before we entered, we made sure to use the restrooms and stored our belongings in the free to use lockers. Please note that you are unable to take anything into the dining room except yourself, but the lockers are safe and are watched by the welcome staff.

As we entered the room, I used my right hand and placed it on Courtney's right shoulder. Sophie did the same with me. We entered the restaurant and it is completely and utterly dark. There's no light and you are walking blind. As one of my sense's was restricted, the others seemed to intensify almost immediately. The smell of food hit me as well as the casual chatter of those already sat down. We were led to a table that we think was positioned somewhere in the middle of the room. Courtney guided us to the table, explaining where everything was and who we were sitting next to as we were sharing a table that could seat 10 people. The dining space as a whole caters for around 60 people.

The immediate issue I found with the darkness is that as I looked around, it almost felt as if my eyes were darkening the room even more. It also seemed as though, if I looked hard enough, I could see people's outlines or someone every so often walking behind Sophie. However, as I adjusted, this was all very much in my head and a way of my eyes copping to having no light.

We had a surprise cocktail presented to us that was a sweet, citrusy drink and we were given the choice of still or sparkling water in bottles that we would have to pour ourselves. Suffice to say, that we at first struggled with making sure the water was actually going into the glass. One thing Courtney mentioned (and that I'd known before) was that putting your finger on the inner rim of the glass, would help you from overfilling it. 


Our starters came out within 10 minutes of sitting down and this was of course the first challenge of eating the food. As your eyes can't help you in this situation, the rest of your senses have to pick up the slack. My brain was certainly confused a number of times throughout the experience, trying to figure out the actual shape of the dish and where everything was on the plate. I really enjoy knowing where everything is on my plate so that I can mix food items together. Of course, this wasn't something I was able to do so I would get a lot of separate flavours which were both exciting but sometimes a little disappointing for me. Not that the food wasn't good because it was great. After you've dined, the welcome host shows you what you've eaten. We got this one correct as it's something we've both had before. However, not being able to see it, does make you question your guess.


The mains came out on a plate that really had me perplexed and I actually ended up using my fingers by this point. I know, it sounds totally grim but when your in a restaurant where no one can see what you're doing, you can get away with it. As we cautiously made our way around the plate, we sipped on our red wine that we'd very haphazardly clinked together to cheers the occasion. When we found out what the mains was, we were very surprised. There was three types of exotic meat and fish that I'd never tried before but most tasted similar to other meats I've had in the past.


The dessert was the dish that really surprised us. At first, we thought the pudding was in a small bowl on a plate. Turns out that wasn't the case because Sophie actually broke through her 'small bowl' which actually turned out to be edible! It was such a delightful moment that would normally not even cross my mind if I had my vision.

There are a few packages available in regards to the menu and these range from £49-£99. We were given the Degustation Menu which comes out as £74 each and includes a three course meal, two glasses of wine, a cocktail and the option of a hot beverage once you've come out of the dining room. I think for the experience, the price is certainly worth it. The food is delicious but I think the reason for going here should be about the experience and what you can learn about the disability. I think a lot of us can take our vision for granted and I know that towards the end of our meal, I was getting a little anxious to leave the room. It must be incredibly hard to not have your sight, especially for those who've lost their vision after having it.

Dans Le Noir is a fantastic concept, that offers those working there, the opportunity of having a paying job. It's a great way of educating the public and making them more aware of the disability. They also have an upstairs area where every Thursday, they have a musical bar where you're able to learn sign language to communicate ordering drinks.

Be sure to check out the venue if you are ever in the area and I'd like to thank all the team at Dans Le Noir for such an incredible experience.

*Disclaimer - I was given a complimentary meal in return for an honest review. All words are my own.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Happy 40th Birthday | Lewisham Shopping Centre

Lewisham is one of those places in London that has a real sense of community and it will always be a place I'll look back on fondly if ever I move away from the big city. In the heart of Lewisham is its shopping centre. It's a place I've worked in before, dressed up as a bunny, doing a promotion for Easter. Don't ask.

Lewisham Shopping Centre may not have all of the high street shops we're used to seeing along Oxford Street. However, it always has something going on that gets everyone of all ages involved.
Birthday Cake
Since opening its doors in 1977, the shopping centre has seen a whopping 240 million visits to the venue. When I walk into Lewisham Shopping Centre, it brings back a lot of nostalgia of my own hometown shopping centre in Hanley. Many memories have been made between friends and family members, so seeing other families making their own memories in Lewisham - well it melts my heart a little.

To celebrate the occasion, the centre is currently running a four-day bonanza with a 70s themed fun fair. It's on until Thursday 10th August and offers guest cake decorating, candy floss giveaways and exclusive screenings of the Reminiscence Film, in association with Age Exchange. I believe this showcases the beginnings of the centre to the present day.

Paul Redden, Centre Manager at Lewisham Shopping Centre, said: “We are thrilled to be celebrating our 40th birthday. Since the centres opening in 1977, we have watched the centre transform and become a real part of the community. We’re looking forward to many more exciting developments and retailers to join us!”
In a time where our attention is being demanded by the digital world, it's nice to see that shopping centres like Lewisham, are actively trying to engage with their community. It's bringing people together to create memories instead of staying in, glued to their phones. I think it's a great opportunity for those with young children too, as the school Summer holidays in the UK are pretty long. It's a great way of giving the parents a little bit of a break and to give an unsuspecting promotional worker, a chance to deal with a bunch of hyperactive kids!

If you're a London reader of UpYourVlog and you find yourself in Lewisham, be sure to check out this fun event!

*Disclaimer - This is a collaboration with Lewisham Shopping Centre. All words are my own.


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Hazards In The Work Place | with Accident Advice Helpline

I'm now officially a First Aider. If anyone knows me though, they'd probably be laughing at the screen right now because I'm extremely clumsy and if anyone were to find themselves in a situation where they needed First Aid and I was there? Well, unlucky for them. I genuinely believe that the only time I'll be using this newly acquired qualification though is probably on myself. 
Since finishing the course, I'm now seeing everything as a death trap! I'm sure this will disappear by next week but I'm avoiding any sharp objects and preparing myself for any accidents that may happen. Working in an office environment, meant that I've gained a First Aid in the workplace qualification. One of the interesting points I took away with me is that we cause more harm to ourselves at home than in the workplace. It makes sense because we avoid removing the near misses (dangers) in our own space, yet if it were in our work environment, we'd be quick to get rid of it.

So how can we avoid these dangers in the work place and more importantly, avoid Natalie Redman attempting to do First Aid on you. Because we can all agree, that ain't what you want...TRUST ME.

Mop up any spills immediately

It seems that the most common accident in the workplace is due to spillages. According to Accident Advice Helpline's infographic,

'20,294 people were injured by slip hazards. Exposed cables on the floor and water spillages are top risks. Slipping can cause broken bones, concussion and slipped discs to name a few.'

It's a habit we tend to avoid whilst in our homes but leaving behind trails of water or any liquid for that matter can lead to someone else falling over. Having slippage signs is one way of covering your back but making sure you clean up after yourself is the best way to avoid any incidents!

Don't over-stack the shelves

Shelves come in all shapes and sizes, and a lot of them at work tend to be higher up than you. Many people are injured when they become trapped by something overturning or falling. When reaching for items on a shelf, try using a ladder or step of some sort to reach for what you're after at eye level.

Over-stacking shelves are also a common issue so be sure to reduce the amount and to also be wary of how much the shelving can hold.

Be careful of hard to reach objects

This sort of ties in with the shelving, but in our office space, we have a lot of plates and cups that are up high. Before I took my First Aid course, I would try and reach on my tip toes to get to them. However, it's so easy for you to misjudge what's actually there and it could end up hitting you in the face. That mean's you'll be knocked out and I'll have to give you First Aid. Yep. So instead, like the shelving, use sturdy stools/ladders to get to them.

Avoid heavy lifting

We all like to show off sometimes and I myself am always one to step up with heavy lifting, especially when the person in question, asks for 'strong men'. Ah ha, no mam this is 2017 - women lift weights too.

Although saying that, we sometimes like to lift things that are probably a little too heavy for us to handle. With around 6,159 employees being injured every year due to lifting/handling items, it's probably best to either ask for help or distribute the weight by splitting what your carrying in parts - if that's possible!

The best advice I can offer is to not lift anything heavier than what you're able to lift in the gym.

Put your health first

If you work in an office, it's pretty likely that you'll be facing a computer screen for the majority of the day. Over a while, this can have a damaging effect on our eyesight, especially if we're straining our eyes. It's no surprise that eye strain is a very common injury in the work place as well as poor ventilation playing havoc on our breathing and allergies. 

Be sure to take regular breaks every hour to just step away from your computer to give your eyes a rest. For ventilation, make sure your office is well ventilated and if not that then's always your HR/Operations department who may be able to help.

Ask for new office furniture 

Working on broken office equipment poses a high-level hazard risk especially with broken office chairs being the most common. Companies will always have a budget that's available to keep it's employees safe in the working environment so don't feel like you're asking too much if your chair, keyboard or any other office equipment in general is broken.

Don't abuse the electric

A small amount of injuries come from fire hazards such as overloading a plug socket. I know I'm one to do this at home so it's just as easy to do it at work too. Unfortunately, we forget that this can be very risky so make sure to use less plugs and make sure that all electrical equipment has been tested safely before daily use.

Do you work in an office space? If so, let me know if this is something you've spotted in your work place.

*Disclaimer - This is a collaboration with Accident Advice Helpline Direct Limited.


Monday, 7 August 2017

Highs & Lows | Week 15

Last year, we booked tickets to see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. It was the first time that I'd ever had to wait for theatre tickets in a virtual online queue and there was a likelihood that I wouldn't even get tickets. I was at my previous job, waiting in line from 10am and my relief and excitement when I got onto the booking screen was hard to control whilst sitting in a quiet office. 
Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
I quickly chose a date and booked the tickets, alongside others for some friends. Fast forward to last week and it was show time! This week in particular has been incredibly busy as both myself and Sam have been out EVERY night (excluding the weekend), watching theatre. And although we aren't complaining, it's typical that all this theatre comes along at once. I can't even begin to tell you how good it was to hit our pillows on Friday night...

Highs ↑

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

I was the only one in the group, who had read the story before going to the theatre. I just couldn't stop myself at the time. I was obsessed with HP as a kid and read the books within a week of starting them. I think it definitely influenced my love of reading and I'm so happy that JK Rowling has given us more adventures from the HP franchise.  The show was incredible and we saw it over two nights. The production is unlike anything I've seen before and I fully recommend anyone who's a fan of Harry Potter, goes to see it!

Theatre for days

A theatre show a day keeps the doctor away? I feel like that should be the motto for this week just gone. We've seen everything from the ballet, the Wedding Singer to Evita and I can say, I'm officially pooped out. I love how much theatre we get to see and I feel so fortunate to be in this incredible industry too.

First Aider

In other news, I gained a new qualification last week. I am officially a First Aider. I know right? God help everyone and anyone who ever needs my help! The three-day course was actually very informative and it's taught me the skills on how to deal with all manner of situations where someone may need First Aid. If anything, knowing how to do CPR, help someone who's choking or seriously hurt and how to use a defibrillator are skills that we should all be taught.

Lows ↓

Too much drinking

What tends to come with theatre, is the drink. Myself and Sam enjoy a nice glass of wine or larger when we attend the theatre, so to have a show every night - well this definitely took its toll on us! Next week, we'll both be detoxing as we have the CAMRA Beer Festival coming up and that's going to be a heavy one. I'll also be hitting the gym next week...unlikely I know.

No time for cleaning

As we've been out every evening, I've not even managed to do any washing, any tidying up of my bedroom so it's a little bit of a mess...ok it's an absolute tip! I'm not one for cleaning up as a I go, so much to my partner's annoyance, I just leave things everywhere. #iwillneverchange

What were your highs this week? Let me know in the comments below.


Saturday, 5 August 2017

5 Skincare Tips Every 30-Something Gal Needs to Know

Peter Minkoff is one of my regular guest bloggers and you can always expect the best advice from his blogs. Check out his last one here. He's a beauty and fashion writer, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a stylist for few fashion events in UK and AUS. Besides beauty and fashion, he loves reading, making DIY cosmetics and travelling around tropical destinations. 

This week, he's giving us some skincare tips for those in their 30s. It's only a few months until my 25th, so I'll be joining you ladies in no time at all!
A woman closing her eyes
So, you’ve turned thirty. Congratulations! Now you’re a real adult. Well, technically you were an adult in your twenties, but now you’re an adultier adult. Terrifying, isn’t it? What the hell do you do now that you have to be responsible for real? While the simple “panic and scream” is always a great option, we do offer some other possibilities, at least when it comes to what to do with your face. Let us help you remain a sexy bombshell with incredible skin regardless of your age.  

Get rid of bad habits

Ah, the twenties. Go out in the evening, dance and drink all night and get a minimal amount of sleep. You did this back then and your hangover was minimal. You could just get up, drink some coffee and then go have a perfect performance at work, run a marathon, climb a mountain, swim across the ocean and still have the energy to go out again in the evening. In your thirties? Stay up one hour past your bedtime and you regret it right away in the morning. Didn’t take off your makeup before bed? Might as well have punched yourself in the face. Every time you push your body, your skin won’t be happy. Take care of it properly – wash it regularly, don’t ever skip the moisturizer or the SPF, stop smoking and remember that any damage you do to your face is cumulative. Even if you don’t see it right away, it will show up later on.

Use a serum

A bottle of serum
It’s an added step to your beauty routine, but it can help you out so much that it would be a shame not to incorporate it. Serums are very lightweight products that you apply to your face right after washing and before moisturizing. Why do we use them? Well, they are good at treating any sort of underlying skin issues because they pack a powerful punch and deliver the ingredients to our skin more easily. Acne, fine lines, rosacea – whatever plagues you can be helped greatly by picking the right serum. An excellent option would be a vitamin C serum, because it gives you a small measure of protection against the sun, so when paired with sunscreen it can be quite effective, and it also helps the production of collagen and keeps your face radiant. 

Incorporate anti-aging strategies

Anti-aging creams are often made with more mature skin in mind, so you want to be careful what you pick. You don’t want anything too heavy or greasy, but moisturizers with the aforementioned vitamin C and retinol can slow down the aging of our skin. It’s easier to prevent wrinkles than to treat them. One more thing to consider is something that Australians have been doing for years now – aesthetic procedures. Dermal fillers in Perth have become a routine for many women, and it’s a great way to firm up your skin and make it suppler very quickly. Fine lines and the loss of elasticity happen to us all as we age, but there are ways to deal with that, so have a chat with your aesthetician and see what can be done.

Don’t forget your eyes

Woman pulling a funny face
So many women forget the eye area in their skincare routine completely, but this is where the skin is the most sensitive and prone to wrinkles, and you really want to make sure you take care of it well. Get an eye cream with hyaluronic acid make sure to apply it religiously to stave off aging. 

Choose your makeup carefully

In your twenties, the only thing you need to worry about is whether your foundation looks too orange. However, now you have a lot of options, so you should actually take a good look at the labels because some makeup can actually target skin problems. Foundations now have SPF in them in case you hate the feel and the smell of sunscreen, and some of them have anti-aging ingredients and can make your skin look like silk. Pick makeup that has long-wearing properties so you wouldn’t have to reapply it every five minutes, and start playing with colors and learning more about how to enhance your eyes and your best features. 

The last tip is to stop worrying and simply enjoy your age. We won’t say that it’s the best time of your life, that it’s so much better than your twenties. Do you know when the best time of your life is? Whenever you make it to be. Adopt a positive attitude, and your skin will look better than ever. 

Peter is also an Editor In Chief on High Style Life. So go check that out too!



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