Monday, 16 October 2017

Spanish Vibes with Misguided

I don't mean to brag right now but as this post goes live, I'll hopefully have a beautifully bronzed tan and will be travelling back from mine and Sam's holiday to Morocco. As the cold winter months are dragging us kicking and screaming through to Christmas, packing away my Summer clothing was heart-breaking. 

It's nice though to think that I've had a week to whip out the Summer clothes for my trip away. I definitely wanted to take this gorgeous red frill hem scuba bralet, that comes in both a sexy red and a plain black version too.
Outfit Look
When I first spotted it in Westfield Stratford's Misguided store, I was a little hesitant. Hesitant because these sort of tops don't always look great on larger breasted women. I find that sometimes there's just not enough material or it doesn't hold the chest area properly - lack of support for want of a better phrase.

I also had a denim skirt in my basket that I slipped on whilst trying it on and I was immediately obsessed. The extra ruffled material along the bottom of the bra conceals any tummy area that you may not want showing. I think it looks gorgeous with a denim skirt, high-waisted jeans or this floral skirt.
Close up of bralette
Close up of bralette
It's a popular outfit as it's almost sold out on the Misguided website. My only concern about the top is the straps. They are a little thin and I'm always conscious that they may snap but then again if the straps were thicker, I feel it wouldn't be as attractive so beggers can't be choosers!
Misguided Outfit
Having not purchased from Misguided before, I was pleasantly surprised by the choice available in store. I'll definitely have to check out their website.

Have you shopped at Misguided before? Let me know in the comments below.


Friday, 13 October 2017

Lumino Mirrors | The LED Collection

It's a beauty lover's dream mirror and I am pretty obsessed. It's a shame that this bathroom cabinet isn't actually in my own place. Yep, I got this sent straight to my parent's place because unfortunately for me, renting my flat doesn't include putting anything on the walls. SOB!
Lumino specialises in a variety of chic, illuminated mirrors and cabinets that include battery operated options for easy installation and less mess than knocking through walls and re-wiring. Initially, I showed off just the mirrors to my mum, who was very excited to be receiving something that I'd acquired through blogging.

My parents have been living in their recent house since I moved out to university. I never got the opportunity to 'move out' of the old house with my parents so this place didn't feel like home until probably the second Christmas spent there with the family. Over the years, my parents have been buying things for the house and I knew that something like this would benefit them. The mirrors on Lumino are very modern, sleek and on trend. There's no bulkiness to them and the lighting didn't look too harsh on their website. They'd recently launched the LED range which again is very 'in' at the moment and there's a mixture of spot , framed and paneled lighting to choose from.
The bathroom cabinets from Lumino really surprised me. When my mum picked out the bathroom cabinet, I immediately thought that it might look a little tacky and that the shelving might not be stable. We decided to go with the Tremolo LED Battery Cabinet and when I came up to see my parents the other weekend, I was proved wrong.

What I love about this cabinet is how well made it is. The cabinet itself is made out of powder coated steel which means it won't rust and it's finished in a ice-white colour that blends effortlessly into the wall. It's fixed onto the wall in a way that leaves no gap which I think gives it a more professional finish. The cabinet door actually closes by itself, although if anything could be added, I would have had a slight groove in the cabinet door to make opening it, easier.

For £89.99, it's certainly worth the money and with the added extra of the adjustable shelving, it's a versatile storage space that requires no extra maintenance other than replacing the batteries when they run out!

*Disclaimer - I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion. All words are my own.


Thursday, 12 October 2017

L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks | The Charcoal One

As the colder months set in, our skin gets well and truly battered. Not only that but we're kind of restricted to what we can get up to in the evenings, especially if you're me and adore hibernating inside. The L'Oreal Pure Clay range was something I spotted just by chance when I was in Boots one day. I'd been wanting to try a charcoal based face mask for ages because of it's benefits that make the skin appear more brighter and well...less dull.
Close up of packaging
I've been using this for about a month now and I'm more or less half way through the pot. The mask is quite thick which gives it a more luxurious feel which is kind of not what I was expecting from a high street brand. I've not tried it yet, but this would feel great after it's been put in the fridge for a few hours!

I'm always super generous with my application of face masks so rather than applying a very thin layer, I slapped it on. It's already quite cool when applied and starts drying on the face within the first couple of minutes. You can leave the mask on between 5-10 minutes, I like it on the full 10,  in which time the mask goes a lighter chalky colour. You then wash this off with warm water until completely removed. If you've got a bit of facial hair like me, you may find that some particles stick to the hairs but going back over it with soapy water will soon get rid of it.
Inside mask
Swatches of mask
It definitely looks quite chalky when fully dry but that's obviously down to the fact it's a clay mask. Others I've used in the past, haven't been clay so therefore they retain some moisture. What I love about this one though is that because it's gone dry, it means it's sucked out all those impurities and the oiliness of the skin. I tend to suffer a little on my t-zone and on occassion, my forehead, so this is perfect for settling it.

I think there's five within the clay mask range including one with eucalyptus extract, another with marine algae, one with red algae and one with yuzu lemon extract. I'm more than happy to try out the rest of the range considering the elements of the other clay masks are just as beneficial as this charcoal one. The masks are £7.99 each which is great value for money when you can probably get around 7-10 applications out of the pot.

Have you tried the L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask range yet? Let me know in the comments below.


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

W7 Palette Giveaway | Natural Nudes

The W7 Eyeshadow Palettes were the first and I mean the FIRST palette that I ever owned as an eyeshadow. Any other palettes that I may have used before I became a graduate can be voided from this because they were unbranded and were well...crap.
Eyeshadow Palette
Eyeshadow Shades
I now own around 5-6 eyeshadow palettes and that is a very small and measly number compared to some of the beauty bloggers out there. As I've only developed a keen interest in makeup over the last couple of years, I've learnt a lot of the formulas of makeup already and what's considered good. The W7 palettes are very basic in both pigment and formula but for someone who is new to makeup, this is definitely a great starter palette and to practice building and blending different shades. Wow FreeStuff gives away free samples and they kindly gifted me this Natural Nudes eyeshadow palette to try out.

I swatched all these on my arm and you'll notice that they're not as bold as some of the other ones, I've reviewed but as I moved further up the shades, I was quite surprised by some of them.

Eyeshadow Swatches


A matte cream shade, it's the typical shade to use as a base when I'm applying eyeshadow. I wasn't expecting an incredible amount of coverage but there's enough to suffice especially as for me it's a base shade.


A very subtle pink shimmer. Again, not extremely pigmented but would be a gorgeous shimmer over the top of Latte for a more casual, just climbed out of bed and can't be bothered to do anything fancy, look.


Slightly darker than Angel with less of glitter and much more like the standard shimmers that are in my other high-end eyeshadow palettes. I love that this one feels and looks a little more creamy and is definitely a go-to when building the crease on the eyelid.


A barely there matte shade. Same as Latte but a pink toned base. 

Copper Pot

The name of this shade doesn't quite transpire to the shade. It's more of a pink toned shimmer rather than a copper. Much like Venice in terms of its shimmer and quality.

Sun Kissed

Here come's the pigment - finally! This one is very similar to the Zoeva's Cocoa Palette shade Pure Ganache. It's one of my favourite shades in that palette so will definitely be crossing over to this one when that Zoeva shade hits the pan.

Eyeshadow Swatches


I'm starting to see a pattern in the matte shades in that they're a lot less pigmented than the shimmers. This one is a smokey brown matte, which is buildable once swiped over the eye a couple of times.

Bad Manners

Bad Manner is a lovely warm toned brown shimmer with a slight purple undertone. Probably one of my favourites and a great pigmented shade to give the eyes a more dynamic finish.

Coffee Cup

Much like Bad Manners but without the purple undertone. Definitely more suited for an autumn/winter look whereas Bad Manners would look good on Summer skin.

Mud Slide

Most of these shades have been warm and this is one that's more cool toned. It's got a hint of purple undertone and would say it's a lighter version of Coffee Cup but has the shimmer effect of Tokyo.


A mixture of Mud Slide and Fashionista, again it's more cool toned but this is one of my favourites in the palette. It's a gorgeous dark plum colour that's perfect for the Autumn and would help build a sexy smokey eye. 


YAS! They've saved the best till last. This is a S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G almost black but actually really, really dark brown which a subtle shimmer. This palette got the darkest shade right, mainly because matte and shimmer black shades scare me. Thankfully this is a shade that doesn't have such a harsh payoff.

WOW FreeStuff is giving away a free eyeshadow palette from the range and you could be the lucky winner. Make sure you enter via their website, all terms and conditions are below the entry form. Competition closes on 1st December 2017.

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post with WOW Free Stuff. All words are my own.


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

See More With The London Explorer Pass

If you're planning a holiday, you want to make sure that you're spending as wisely as possible. The stresses and challenges on any holiday can result in people paying more for services and products than they otherwise wouldn’t. This is a natural thing for many to do when in unfamiliar territory.
Anybody who is travelling to London in the near future should absolutely consider what can be done to cut travel costs. Whether it is transportation costs or the cost of entertainment, you shouldn't pay more than is necessary. As it turns out, the London Explorer Pass provides travelers to London with a variety of cost-saving solutions. Today, we'll discuss how you can see and do more in London in a single day with the London Explorer Pass.

Tour Family-Friendly Venues

There are many London attractions for families visiting the city: the London Explorer Pass grants you free access to plenty of unique locales with no hassle whatsoever!

One of the most iconic attractions in the city is Madame Tussaud's wax museum. Usually, the cost of entry is £35 for adults and £30 for children: you'll pay nothing with your Explorer Pass! Another great family-friendly destination is Dream Works Tours Shrek's Adventure: you'll save around £25 per person with the Explorer Pass and get to explore nearly a dozen different multi-faceted shows and exhibits while inside.

And who doesn't love aquariums? With the pass, you'll gain free entry to the SEA LIFE London Aquarium. There's no better way to explore and view hundreds of unique forms of sea life – from jellyfish and turtles to sharks and sting rays (normal price: £26 per adult)

See the Sights of London in One Day

London is a world-class city with great public transportation, but travellers may not want to explore the entire city for the first time without a bit of a guide. With your London Explorer Pass, you're guaranteed access to the 1 Day Big Bus London Hop-On Hop-Off Tour, which will take you to all of the biggest London attractions.

With tours running every 10-20 minutes, you'll have no trouble at all grabbing a seat shortly after arriving for your tour. Usually priced at £35, the tour visits more than 50 different hop-on-hop-off tourist stops around the city. With narration throughout the tour available, you'll always know where you are and what you're seeing. There are 3 bus routes for the tour around London, providing you with a bit of flexibility to go where you like. Whether your interest is historical landmarks, major attractions or hidden buildings of interest, the 1 Day Big Bus Tour is great value included with every pass.

Choose Your Preferred Destinations

The London Explorer Pass gives individuals and families the ability to choose their own ad ventures. Not all attractions are relevant or interesting to everybody: that's what makes the pass so great.

Whether you want to visit Planet Hollywood for a bite to eat (usual price: £22), take a leisurely stroll down the river on the London Eye River Cruise or visit the historic Saint Paul's Cathedral, there are dozens of different attractions to consider as part of any pass purchase.
Each pass comes with all of this plus a useful sightseeing map, mobile ticket functionality and a free money back guarantee for any online order in case something pops up at the last minute.

Anybody planning a holiday to London should be interested in keeping the itinerary and expenses as simple as possible. Not only can the London Explorer Pass save you potentially hundreds of pounds during your stay, but it can also make planning your sightseeing, entertainment and dining experiences much easier as well. 

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post with London Pass.


Monday, 9 October 2017

Inspired Wallpaper | Drama Llama

One of the things I'm looking forward to when we eventually buy our own place is getting stuck in with the DIY and I'm talking about wallpapering walls and fixing up floating shelves, photo frames - you name it, I'm down for it.
And like all aspects of my life, I like things that cater to the child in me so when Inspired Wallpaper showed me their new Llama design, I full on LOL'd at my computer screen. 

It's basically llamas with hilarious quotes scattered around them like 'llama take a selfie' - too good. I would absolutely have this as a statement wall, much like the one in the photos and I love that it's more pastel colours rather than anything too bold or vivid.

Inspired Wallpaper spoke to the designer, Natasha Perry to find out the inspiration behind this wonderfully unique design.

What was the inspiration behind the Drama Llama concept?

After the huge unicorn craze we have been on the lookout for the next big animal trend coming through and llamas and alpacas are set to be it.  Llamas are just so adorable that we knew that they would translate really well into a great wallpaper print and tied in perfectly with 2018’s emerging craftsmanship trend. As we discussed the idea we had some great puns and decided to combine the two to make a fun, quirky, graphic print concept that will work really well in our customer’s homes.

How did you come up with the llama characters?

We didn’t want the llamas to be too serious so decided to do with a graphic style to really bring the characters to life.  We designed the characters around our favourite llama puns and had such a great laugh coming up with them all.

Which is you favourite llama character?

That’s a tough one, I love Drama Llama because he’s very much like me, but Alpacamybags had us in such stitches when we were designing the concept that I’ll have to choose that one. (FYI Drama Llama and Alpacamybags are hilarious meme photos)

What makes this design so special?

The fun design and beautiful bright finish will bring a smile into your home. It doesn’t just look good, it makes you feel good.

Where do you see this design being used?

These fun, quirky designs work really well in a number of settings. I could see this design being absolutely great in an open plan living space where a children’s play room combines with kitchen/dining space. The design would also be great fun in a small space like a downstairs cloakroom to give guests a giggle and I could definitely see it in a teen bedroom setting.

How would you dress the look?

We have designed this paper to work really well alongside some of our other new designs. We have two colourways. Our first features bright zingy colours with neutral grey on fresh ever popular white ground. This would look amazing teamed with our white industrial brick paper on the other three walls and matched with some bright soft furnishings in clashing colours.  

The second colourway is on a warm cream ground with rich earthy colours which would work well with our grass cloth design teamed with some Moroccan style soft furnishings to reflect the ethnic global trend which is huge.

I'm definitely a fan of this design and it's just launched today for £14.99 a roll. Well worth it for the llamas.

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post with Inspired Wallpaper. All words are my own except for the interview.


Friday, 6 October 2017

Things To Pack For A Long-Haul Flight | Morocco

I can't believe it's nearly here. It seems like only yesterday that we booked the holiday but that was over a month or so ago. Myself and Sam are going on our first proper couples holiday which is actually long-haul. Our first one together was in Rome, where did all the sight-seeing of the Spanish Steps, The Colosseum and The Pantheon to name but a few.
Holiday Suitcase
Morocco wasn't a place we were immediately looking at initially, as we had our sights set on Greece. However, when some gorgeous luxury hotels came up in Agadir and Marrakesh, we were quickly swayed and booked ourselves into the Hotel Riu Palace Tikida Agadir.

Packing for a holiday in the Winter can be very disorientating. I've had the UK Summer but now I'm about to jet off for some Moroccan sun, in the middle of Autumn! Staying healthy is also something I like to ensure doesn't happen before, during or after a holiday. It's so easy to catch a winter bug after coming back from a very hot climate, so I've catered my packing for this.

The Basics

Passports - Obvs.
Our Tripp his & hers suitcases
Malibu Sun Tan Lotions (SPF 50, 30, 20 and 15) - No red lobsters here! 
Nivea Sun Protect (SPF 30)
Aloe Vera Aftersun
Contact lenses (and extras in case any get lost)
My big ass glasses from Specsavers
Various phone chargers and adaptors
The Bruzzoni Toothbrush in matte black

In my basics, the Aloe Vera Aftersun is the best way of calming down my skin in heat that it's definitely not used to! Aloe Vera is a naturally used for treating minor burns and sunburns traditionally so this will certainly avoid my internal temperature suffering.
Sun Tan Lotion


Comfortable clothes for travelling
Denim Skirts & Shorts
This sexy-as ASOS zip bathing suit
A high-waisted Bikini to fully bask in the sun's rays
A selection of dresses
A recently bought floral jumpsuit with plunge neckline from Misguided
A selection of sandals, heels and flip flops

Clothing is so important when it comes to packing for your holiday. I'm choosing to wear comfortable clothing during my travel there and back and this includes wearing the right clothing. Yes, I'm thinking about the hot climate whilst I'm in Morocco but my return flight gets me back in the UK for 3am. IT'S GONNA BE FREEZING. So I'll be taking with me some warm tracksuit bottoms and a thinner shirt that covers my chest. If it were a winter holiday and I were coming back to the UK during the Summer,  I would do the opposite. I believe the main reason that I get the common cold is from the dramatic change in weather so I'd probably be most at risk if I wore some skimpy kimono whilst waiting for our Uber in the cold.


Sam's Peter Werth Wash Bag - that I now want for myself
A big floppy hat to make me feel like a celeb jetting off
ASG White & Gold Watch
A handful of jewellery I'll probably never wear

Wash bag


Beach Towels
Skinny Dip Pineapple Suitcase Tag - ain't nobody taking my luggage
British Cash for airport and exchanging - Agadir has a closed currency #socool
This luxurious silk slip eye mask for in-flight snoozing
Two books I'll read within a week - because I'm a book worm
Neck Pillows for in-flight comfort
Good ol' straighteners
Various haircare products including some heat protection spray
First Aid Kit

Ever since gaining my First Aider qualification, I've been extra careful of avoiding hazards, especially when most of them happen at home. That's why I'm taking with me a few basics from a First Aid Kit to use in case of emergency. Things like plasters and burn gel will be great for sore blisters we may get and for any extreme cases of sunburn that Sam is likely to endure. I'm also going to take with me some rehydration sachets which will be great for keeping my hydration levels up. I've been used to drinking 2 litres of water a day at work, so I don't want this to affect me whilst I'm on my holidays.

Your Legal Friend is a great place to find information on how to keep healthy at all stages of your holiday. They've actually put together a handy holiday kit which tells you all about what to take with you, what to look out for whilst your on your holidays and how to keep yourself feeling good on your way back.

What do you pack on a long-haul flight? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post with Your Legal Friend. All words are my own.


Thursday, 5 October 2017

My Holiday Reads For Morocco

One thing I'm looking forward to on my trip to Morocco is reading. Since starting my new job and working harder on my blog, my reading has sort of took a back step. I've also been making good use of Netflix's download option for some of it's content (IT'S SO GOOD!). I really love reading and I can wholly guarantee that I'll read both of these books within the week of being away. When there's nothing else to do on holiday than eat, drink and swim - reading is my number one pleasure.
I decided to pick out these two books mainly because of their covers. I'm always attracted to interesting book covers and the title and cover art normally draws me towards a book in the first instance.

The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Not one to shy away from a thriller, this one looked right up my street. Described on the book cover by The Sun as an 'Agatha Christie meets The Girl On The Train', this sounds like such a good read. The blurb - a travel journalist on a press trip to the Northern Lights, is woken in the night by screams and sees a body thrown overboard from the next door cabin. But the records show that no-one ever checked into that cabin and no passengers are missing from the boat. Lo has to face the fact that she may have made a mistake - either that or she could be trapped on board with a murderer. OMFG this sounds amazing. I think this will definitely be the first book I read whilst on my holiday.

Did You Ever Have A Family by Bill Clegg

It's a tragedy that sadly has happened in reality recently. A woman's house goes up in flames, engulfing her entire family. June Reid finds herself in a motel room by the ocean, hundreds of miles from home, held captive by her memories and the mistakes she made with her only child Lolly and her partner Luke. Slowly, everyone touched by the tragedy finds themselves as hidden secrets finally come to light. This sounds like a pretty intense read but stories like this I find, really put life into perspective.

What books have you read recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Flight Nightmares | with Flight Delay Claims 4 U

With the recent mess that is Ryan Air, over 315,000 frequent flyers of the company have been royally screwed over and left out of pocket with some having to pay double or triple their original fare in order to fly. And don't get me started on Monarch...
Ryanair Planes
The fiasco reminded me of a time where both myself and my mum experienced the unthinkable on a flight out to New York in 2015. When things like this happen, we forget that much like train delays and cancellations, we can get delayed flight compensation. Companies like Flight Delay Claims 4 U, can help you get compensation for flights that have been delayed over 3 hours or cancelled. 

Myself and my mum were heading out to New York for a girly trip to celebrate a belated twenty first birthday. It was potentially a once in a life time opportunity to be able to see the 'Big Apple' and play tourist. My mum had arrived the night before as our flight was around the mid morning and we needed to leave fairly early to get to Heathrow in time for breakfast and checking in.

Mind the gap

The journey to the airport was quite an eventful one. We both had a suitcase each packed to the brim and we were travelling during London's rush hour. As we attempted to board a packed underground tube at Waterloo, I suddenly realised that there wasn't going to be enough room for both me and my suitcase to get on. At this point, my mum was already on and we stupidly had used one of the single doors on the underground rather than using the double doors.

All of a sudden the warning beeping alerted us that the doors were about to close and as mum attempted to get off the train she got her head stuck in the door. No joke, my mother got her head caught in the closing doors of the tube and the force of those doors closing is pretty painful. She and several other commuters frantically pulled at the door to get her head out but in the panic, she managed to somehow get her bag stuck. Looking back on the experience now, we both find it hysterical and it's often a post dinner topic of discussion at family occasions. But at the time, it was pretty scary for my mum who at the time was not used to travelling on her own in London.

Disaster strikes at Heathrow

Like a lost puppy, I found my mum at Baker Street and we carried on our journey to Heathrow Airport. We approached the check in desk with eagerness, only to find that our flight had been CANCELLED. Myself and mum who had already had a nightmare of a journey to the airport, suddenly found our four day trip to New York cut short at the prospect of waiting around the airport for hours for another flight. 
New York skyline
Luckily, we were fortunate that we could be put on another flight just an hour later than our original flight and we were even upgraded to a Virgin flight which included free drinks, food and entertainment! We couldn't believe our luck and as we sat down for some breakfast, we clinked wine glasses, safe in the knowledge that we were flying that day.

Looking back on our experience with a cancelled flight, we were very fortunate to be put on a plane an hour later and for the generous upgrade. However, there's those that aren't so lucky. If you've experienced major flight delays before or had a flight that's been cancelled, it's definitely worth processing a claim to get some form of compensation. A holiday or short trip away can really be tainted when you've had to deal with delayed or cancelled travel arrangements.

Have you ever had a delayed or cancelled flight? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post with Flight Delay Claims 4 U. All words are my own.


Tuesday, 3 October 2017

New or Pre-owned Watches? | Pros & Cons

It's not been until recently that I've started wearing a watch again. I used to wear one all the time before I hit university and I'm not sure why I decided to stop at the time. Perhaps it was because watches didn't seem to hold much value to me now that I had a smartphone handy. I think that I now wear watches more as a fashion statement rather than serving its actual purpose...
Watch on arm
But what happens when my phone dies of battery? Well, that's where the good ol' fashioned watch never lets you down - well unless that battery runs out too. There are so many commercial and independent watch companies nowadays, that much like the rest of the industries out there, we become a little overwhelmed by the choice. Do we go for a smartwatch, or do we go for a more traditional timepiece? Do I want something brand new or will a pre-owned watch bring me more joy?

New Kids On The Block

When it comes to new watches, your choices are as open as your bank balance is. From named brands to names you've never heard of but are still more expensive than a mortgage. There are definitely some perks of having a new watch but then they do come with their downfalls...

You'll Be On Trend

Getting that brand new Rolex you've saved and saved for will have you bragging about it on the daily to all your work colleagues, friends, family and anyone else who will listen. Having the latest gadget always gets admired so when you're on trend, you'll probably feel like a damn boss.

But Trends Often Last Only Minutes

Unfortunately though, like fashion, certain watches tend to go out of style and we definitely change 

Smart Watches Make Life Easier

Smart Watches can literally do anything except make you a cup of coffee. Life is so much easier when you start to combine your electrical devices. A lot of my friends and family members now have smartwatches that link up to their phones so they can make calls, read e-mails whilst also seeing how many calories they've burned off from walking all day. 

But Their Battery Lives Are Pretty Crap

Turns out that technology junkies like us use our devices so much that the batteries in these things can't cope. That means, charging your smartwatches becomes more and more of a daily task, the longer you have the device. And I can relate to this, that no one wants to spend part of their day desperately seeing a charging port because their watch has lots its power by 11am.

Smart watch

The Old Timers

Pre-owned watches can have much more personal value and often become collector's pieces. From online marketplaces such as eBay to quaint shop fronts on the high street, some of man made's most beautiful creations are the most sought-after timepieces. 

Pre-Owned Sometimes Means Discounts

If you're looking at the luxury market, in particular, you're most likely to pay a much more reduced price whilst still coming away with a valuable timepiece.

But The More Sought After Can Be Costly

Like a fine wine, some watches will only increase in price as they get older, becoming more rare and unique. So if there's one specific make you're after, you may have to dig a little deeper into those pockets of yours. 

Older Watches Show Longevity

It's pretty obvious but an older watch still ticking on like a brand new one can prove a brand's longevity when it comes to its products. Some brands already have a strong audience so when looking for pre-owned watches, do your research and find a brand that's renowned for its high quality.

But There's Always The Risk

Like all vintage collectables, there's always that underlying risk that it could fall apart at any moment. Whilst acquiring the watch you've always dreamed of owning, the more it's worn, the more likely it is to break or suffer from the everyday elements of wear and tear. That's probably why so many collectors keep the watches off their wrists and bought for display purposes only.

They Can Turn Into An Investment

Models of specific brands do have a habit of increasing in price and just like that it becomes an investment. 

But These Investments May Require Upkeep

Just like looking after an old clanger, some watches may require upkeep, to help keep the ol' hands ticking by. For valuable watches, make sure you take out insurance, get the right kind of storage and get it serviced by a reputable watch specialist every few years.

Do you love watches or know anyone who does? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post with Chronoexpert. All words are my own.


Monday, 2 October 2017

#RLDTasters | My Chocolate Luxury Workshop

An invitation to a luxury workshop where you make and taste a whole load of chocolate and drink prosecco? Errr YES PLEASE.
Chocolate Workshop
I attended the Red Letter's My Chocolate Luxury Workshop a few weeks ago and was super happy that my blogger friend Ana from Faded Spring was also attending. It was an exclusive blogger's event so I expected plenty of photo taking and all those attending, being glued to their phones on social media.

We arrived more or less on time. Myself and Ana met at the station and tried to navigate our way to the event which being honest, was pretty difficult as it was quite a way from the station and my map took us the long way. Once we got there though, we met with the organisers and headed downstairs to take our seats. Most bloggers had arrived by this point so we introduced ourselves and popped on our aprons.

The location of the event was in one of their workshop spaces by the riverside where lots of pretty barge boats were anchored. The smell of chocolate was in the air and neither myself or Ana had eaten so we were eager to eat anything put in front of us. The workshop is around 2 & half hours long and for this workshop, you get the chance to decorate a martini glass, make a chocolate martini, all whilst sipping a prosecco or two. You'll also learn the history of chocolate, taste test a variety of chocolate flavours and finally whip up some ganache to make chocolate truffles.
Martini Glass
The Chocolate Martini was first up on the list of creations and after a demonstration by our workshop leader, we got to it. Now, what if I told you that that chocolate swirly design around the glass was my creation? Yeah exactly, complete bullshit right? Nope, I made that and sheer luck was clearly on my side. We then split into groups of three to take on the task of creating the martini which tasted absolutely gorgeous (and went down way too quickly).

Next up was making the chocolate shaped heart which you can see below. A lot of the other bloggers got creative, one making a cactus and a couple making a bear but the majority of us stuck with the workshop leader's suggestion of a heart. We then marbled this using the opposite flavour chocolate and it's amazing the satisfaction you get from just making a chocolate shape that doesn't look like poop. #achievement
Chocolate Martinis
Chocolate Heart
Chocolate Heart
Speaking of poops though, I think Ana would agree that our ganache was definitely on the thicker side when it came to making them into truffles. They ended up looking like little turds rather than the delicious truffles you think of in fancy confectionary shops. We were told not to worry though because once they'd hardened we'd be moulding them into more recognisable truffle shapes and decorating them with all sorts of toppings.
Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate Truffles
Myself and Ana got very messy with our decorating skills and got chocolate pretty much everywhere but that's the fun with these workshops, they're meant to be an experience where you just go wild and have fun. You don't need to take it too seriously. The workshop costs £80 but they also do birthday parties, hen parties and other large group bookings. I think it's a great opportunity for someone who loves chocolate or a place to bond with friends and family. The educational side of the workshop is great too so this would be ideal for kids.

I've also been exclusively invited to their Chocolate Treasure Hunt which again, anything involving chocolate I am down for. Make sure you look out for this on my blog and check out the rest of Red Letter Days awesome activities. They make the perfect gift for a special one you want to splurge out on.

What do you think of the My Chocolate Luxury Workshop? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - I was invited along to this event for free to review the workshop. All words are my own.


Friday, 29 September 2017

Revoholics Lip Palette | Makeup Revolution Freebies

It's always nice when you reach the check out counter in store and find that an item of clothing has been discounted or you've been given a free gift. So imagine my pure delight when I received not one but two free products along with my purchases! Makeup Revolution is a little bit of a love/hate relationship because they sometimes produce some great products and then some others just tend to fall flat at the first hurdle.
Revoholics Packaging
inside lip palette
When I got given the Revoholic at the checkout, I immediately thought that this wasn't going to be a great product. I'm not a massive fan of lipsticks that come in palette form. I just prefer to have it as a stick because it's easier to apply and less messy than just using my finger.

The Revoholic Lip palette is actually a limited edition so I don't think it's available online and I'm not entirely sure whether this palette is made up of existing lipsticks in the Makeup Revolution I've given them my own names to reference to them when I'm describing the shades.
Lipstick swatches
The palette has twelve shades in total and they vary in sizes due to the pattern of the palette. I like this idea as they've created a good balance between shades, making the most room for the darkest shades and the lightest ones. I had...SO MUCH FUN naming these shades that I'm definitely saving some of these as inspiration if I were to ever own my own lip stick line. #agirlcandream

The Perfect Nude 

This is my favourite nude colour, hence why I put perfect in the name. This peachy, slightly dark nude is pretty much flawless and what I'd happily buy in a full lipstick form.

Peachy Dreams

Probably my least favourite. It's just too orange and doesn't suit a fair gal like me. It would probably look better on darker toned skin.

Tan Me Now

Looks darker when swatched but on my lips, it looks lighter. The shade has orange tones but it much warmer than Peachy Dreams.


A more pink toned nude. A little too pink for my liking as I'm fairly red in my skin tone. It would look good though on my skin if I were just back off a week's holiday in the sun.

Hot Pink

I love this shade because it has that pop art pink that just makes my lips stand out without looking tacky.

Barbie Realness

Definitely not as neon pink as it is in the pan or swatched but it still reminds me of a similar shade of lipstick I bought when I first started using make-up properly and I looked like Nicki Minaj but with really pale white skin.

Frosty Gloss

Definitely misnamed this shade because on my lips it looks hella coral. With slightly pink undertones, I'm not feeling this one at all.

Seductive Siren

Felt a little let down by this shade. I thought it would be a bright pop of red but it ended up being a more deep pink colour. Not impressed.

Mrs Claus

Definitely more of a sultry red but it's still a pretty muted colour. I think as I dipped into this one, I realised that the darker shades aren't as pigmented as they make out to be.

Purple Rain 

One word - DISAPPOINTING. Not at all pigmented like it looks swatched and look more like a deathly sheer purple as it doesn't even add coverage to my natural lip colour. Just goes to show that swatches don't always provide the same results on the face.

Vampire Kiss

A lot better than I thought it would be but still not as pigmented as I would have liked. I love berry shades on my skin as it makes me like my pale skin a little more. I've come to the conclusion that I don't like using a lip palette because applying it will my finger is not working well.

Berry Blast

This one is my favourite shade on the palette with The Perfect Nude coming in a close second. I love these darker shades on my lip but with this one, it's a little patchy in places.

The formula of these shades is pretty waxy when applied onto the lips which means the quality and longevity of the formula isn't great. It pretty much came off once I wet my lips slightly. It's also incredibly drying and not moisturising at all. When I'm rubbing my lips together I can definitely feel the talc that's in the ingredients. I can see why it's a limited edition palette and that it came free with the purchases I made.

What do you think of the Revoholics Lip Palette? Let me know in the comments below.

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