Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Wilko's Homeware Haul

I never really thought about Wilko's before as being the place to go and buy homeware products. So during one of mine and Sam's Sunday walks, we discovered that we had some great value shops just sitting a stone's throw away from where we lived.

As I get older, I've started to yearn for a place of my own and unfortunately living in London means that's something that's still quite far off. So to appease this need, I've started buying a few home pieces that make the spaces I spend my time in feel more like home than a rented accommodation. This is a small haul but it'll hopefully give you some ideas on sprucing up your living spaces if they are feeling a little drab.

Copper Effect Lamp - £20.00 

Bedside lamp on table
Oh dear lord when I saw this, I just knew that I had to get it. I and like every other person in this world, loves rose gold. The copper effect on the base of this bedside lamp is just stunning and looks perfect with the oversized lamp shade that comes with it. The only snag with this product is that there's quite a lot of light that bleeds out from the top and for some it would definitely be too much. I think at some point I'll try and get a lower watt light bulb as this might solve the problem. We got two of these so we had his and hers bedside lamps in our bedroom.

Yankee Candle (Sweet and Salty Caramel) - £8.00

Yankee Candle
Now I'm not entirely sure if this was just a special in-store offer as I can't find it anywhere on the website, nor could I find it again when we visited one back in my hometown. I also don't know whether this is an actual candle made by the Yankee brand but it certainly does smell like one. I have always loved sweet, spicy and sickly scents. Basically all scents that people would normally find too much. This sweet and salty caramel scent was the best and I just wish I'd gotten more of them as they were only £8.00 and if they were a collaboration with Yankee Candles, these are a steal.

Cafetiere Copper Effect - £10.00

Ok so don't judge me on my obsessive mission to fill my dream house with copper effect furnishings but I just had to get this cafetiere. I've never owned my own before and because my partner Sam had brought back some gorgeous coffee recently from our university town of Aberystwyth, this was the first time we tried it out. The copper finish and strong handle, makes this a durable and long lasting provider of delicious coffee.

Have you shopped at Wilko's before? What's your favourite homeware store? Let me know in the comments below.

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Monday, 30 January 2017

Prestige Flowers - Valentines Roses

Nothing gives me more love and happiness than a fresh bunch of flowers, so when Prestige Flowers got in touch to collaborate on their luxury range, I was more than happy to comply. 

I received my delivery in ample time and to a date that I'd specified as it was the only day that week that I was going to be in the house. There's always going to problems with deliveries so I was just hoping they would arrive in time. And hey presto they did!
Roses in vase
Prestige flowers has been voted as the No1 Online Florist, so any reservations about online shopping for flowers can be quickly dismissed, especially when they are also voted best for next day delivery.

This bouquet of flowers are from the luxury section of their website and I believe this one is called Allure. These contained nearly a dozen red roses which oozed passion and I could see any well loved person receiving these for Valentines Day. The flowers came beautiful packaged in a sultry black gift bag and there was no damage whatsoever to the flowers from transit.
Roses in gift bag
The flowers contained not only the roses but aspidistra, which is the green leaves and the winter berries which provide this bouquet with a festive feel. The bouquets are all arranged by highly skilled florists and I tried to keep them as they were when I put them in the vase. The arrangement came with a free box of Belgian chocolates which I think is nice touch, along with a small instruction leaflet of how to take care of your flowers.
Close up of roses
This bouquet comes in three different sizes; standard, medium and large. Mine was the standard and costs £39.99 which is pretty reasonable for a good quality bouquet. 

Prestige Flowers does a whole range of flowers for every occassion and with Valentines Day coming up, why not get something that you know your loved one will love?! They also do hampers and various gifts such as teddy bears, balloons and alcohol.

Make sure you check out Prestige Flowers now and let me know in the comments below if you've used them before.

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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child - J.K Rowling

Now why I didn't get this book sooner, I'll never know. Harry Potter was my childhood love. I read these books religiously and managed to finish one of the last ones whilst on holiday, in just a few days. I was hooked on JK Rowling's storytelling and the adventures of Harry, Hermione and Ron. I think what stopped me from getting this book as soon as it came out was that for me, I felt Harry Potter had finished. The last book for me was the climatic ending that the characters of this story needed and that to continue it would just ruin the finale of that book.

How wrong was I?!
Harry Potter book
The book, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is laid out in script form which for many of JK Rowling's fans was initially probably a little off putting. It also meant that the story wasn't going to last the length of her previous books because it's been written for the stage. There were also two more involved in the collaborative process, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. Thorne is a playwright and screenwriter whilst Tiffany is a Director and directed the production that is currently playing at The Palace Theatre in the West End, London.

Fast forward 19 years later and we see the original trio all grown up with children of their own. Harry and Ginny have three children, James, Albus and Lily. Ron and Hermione have Rose and Draco Malfoy has Scorpius. Albus and Scorpius form an unlikely friendship which is a surprising and contrasting change to the bond that Harry and Draco had at their age. Over the years, the parents have worked their way into the Ministry with Hermione being Minister of Magic. 

Albus and Scorpius' time at Hogwarts progresses quite quickly and this is due to the lack of time given as it needs to be performed on the stage. It doesn't however miss anything out and there's plenty of action and magic throughout. I'm actually going to see the production in August so I'll be keen to see the magic brought to life on stage (as there's plenty of special effects that'll be needed).
Harry Potter in West End
With both boys being from iconic families', they certainly feel this pressure from their fellow students, which leads to both becoming outcasts and bullied by other students at Hogwarts. Albus doesn't seem to be a patch on his father when it comes to wizardry and Scorpius has to battle with constant rumours of him being the son of Lord Voldemort. Albus and Harry also have a very strained relationship which is the main reason why a lot of the events throughout the story occur. During the boys third year, Harry acquires a Time Turner and at the same time, Amos Diggory (Cedric Diggory's father) asks Harry for help in turning back the clock to save his son who was killed at the Triwizard Tournaments. Unfortunately Harry refuses to help whilst Albus believes something can be done and takes the matter into his own hands, along with the help of Scorpius.

Around this time Albus and Scorpius meet Amos' niece Delphi Diggory who wants to help use the Time Turner to get her cousin back. Unbeknownst to the boys, Delphi isn't who she says she is (ssh I don't want to spoil it for you).

This is where things really start to get interesting and by this point I was hooked. I read the book in just under a week and I would love JK Rowling to release a more in-depth version of the script, adapting it into a fully fledged book that I feel it so rightly deserves. I think this definitely could be done without changing any of the pivotal moments within the story.

So have you read the book yet? Let me know in the comments below!

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Saturday, 28 January 2017

5 Things To Get Your Man For Valentines Day

Peter Minkoff is one of my regular guest bloggers and you can always expect the best advice from his blogs. Check out his last one here. He's a beauty and fashion writer for Shlur magazine living in London and occasionally in Brisbane. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a stylist for few fashion events in UK and AUS. Beside beauty and fashion, he loves reading, making DIY cosmetics and traveling around tropical destinations. He plans to create a business for beauty and style advising. This week, Peter's giving us the low down on what your man might want for Valentines Day!
Couple reading together
Valentine’s Day gift is something that would just add to the overall love and respect that you and your dearest man have for each other. Still, even though it’s the thought that counts, choosing the gift can get really tiresome and unnerving, especially if you want to show just how much you care for him. Something personal and meaningful is definitely the way to go for a Valentine gift, but sometimes it’s really difficult to get it right in practice. So, if you’re stuck for ideas on what to get for your partner this Valentine’s Day, keep on reading.


At first glance at headline, clothes don’t seem to be overly personal and meaningful as a gift. But you can make it so. Don’t stop at basic pieces that your man can buy for himself. Use his personal style the most so that you can get him some really unique garments he would love to own but can’t justify the purchase. Moreover, you can always play with his interest in pop culture and gift him fandom-inspired goods, if that’s something that really floats his boat.

A trip for two

Couple looking out to city
A romantic weekend getaway is definitely a unique and special gift for Valentine’s Day. You can also pick a location that holds important memories for the two of you as a couple. On the other hand, visiting a new place that matches your idea of great vacation will only leave room for more memories. Just make sure to check whether your partner will actually be available for specific weekend before you make the reservations. If there’s no way for you to find this out without ruining the surprise, try your best to leave the dates open.

A special date

This is truly a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Of course, since it is a planned date, you need to inform your boyfriend or husband about it in advance. Still, keep all the activities you have in store a secret from him. For example, you can surprise him with a whole day in an amusement park, scenic walks along the coastline or a spa treatment. If you opt for something nourishing and helpful, you can get him a relaxing treatment like a facial in Bondi Beach. Of course, you can enjoy in this rejuvenating pastime together. 

His favourite drink

A selection of beer bottles
In all honesty, most guys thoroughly enjoy a good beer. So, if you know that your man would really appreciate the opportunity to try something different, you can gift him a special beer pack. In what way it will be special depends on you and your knowledge of his tastes. But, it would be really great if you could surprise him with a completely new beer brand that’s really difficult to taste in your usual pubs and restaurants. You can easily find these specialties online, and beer is definitely not the only option liquor-wise.

A keepsake

Contrary to the popular belief, men can be quite emotional and sensitive and very appreciative of your memories together. You know your man the best and if you see the gentle soul behind his manly appearance, you can always surprise him with a unique keepsake that features your love. Special journals or photo books with romantic quotes and messages that you sent each other can make for quite a lovely and extraordinary gift, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

This is a day that celebrates love, so don’t feel too pressured about the gift itself. As long as you put all your feelings and care into this special moment, you’ll find it a lot easier to express your thoughts and just how much he means to you. The idea for a gift will then come naturally to you.

Peter is also an Editor In Chief on High Style Life. So go check that out too!

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Friday, 27 January 2017

House of Spring - SS17 Collection

Just before Christmas, House of Spring had a launch of it's latest collection of which I had personally been invited along to. You can see the last collection here. Now unfortunately I was busy at the time but Radhia kindly sent me along some photos from the event so I could show off her SS17 collection and Radhia certainly hasn't disappointed.
Selection of shoes on display
House of Spring is a brand that somehow manages to make basic shoes look more extravagant and in the past I've expressed my love for the heels that Radhia creates, especially the Azur Sandals. Oh so gorgeous!

A few new additions to the SS17 collection are these seemingly ordinary brogues that have been given a brush of colour. Glittery gold.
Blue suede brogues
Sloane blue Brogues (£175.00)
The glitter theme continues with this gorgeous pair of Portuguese-made heels that sparkle blue and are crafted out of a smooth leather and soft dark blue suede material.
Blue suede heels
Louise blue Pumps (£185.00)
These shoes are just part of a huge selection available on House of Spring so go check them out!

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Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Most Popular Diamond Shapes Used In Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring, you will also have to pick the style of the stones that are in the ring. According to an article on the website, the shape of the stones you choose says a lot about you personally. Whatever your preference of style is, here are some of the most popular shapes of diamonds found not only in engagement rings but jewellery as a whole.
Image by Oussaief Imen via Flickr

The Round Diamond

About 75% of all diamonds that are sold are round diamonds, which also makes it the most popular cut of diamond for an engagement ring. Due to the shape of the stone, the round cut can maximise the light making it sparkle a lot more than fancier cuts. As this style of cut causes a lot of wastage, you also find that the price can also be higher than other cuts. You can see a wide selection of round diamonds, as well as other cuts by visiting

The Princess Diamond

The Princess cut is one that is relatively new, with it being first created in 1980 by Israel Itzkowitz and Betzalel Ambar, and out of all of the fancy cuts that are available, it is the most popular for engagement rings. One major benefit of this style of diamond is that the price per carat is lower than that of round diamonds, so you can make your sweetheart feel like a princess, and save a bit of money, you are going to need it for the wedding!

The Oval Diamond

When a diamond has an oval cut, there is brilliance to it which makes it sparkle and shine a lot more than the other cuts that you can choose. You also get the benefit of the shape of the diamond creating the illusion that it is bigger than it is, which is great if you are looking to show it off at any opportunity.

The Pear Diamond

The pear cut is a combination of a marquise and a round cut and can come in a variety of different widths. When you put a pear cut diamond on the finger, the length of the stone makes the wearer's fingers look longer and thinner. The more symmetrical the cut, the better; and choosing a colour grade between G and H will not only save you money, but the colours of the stone will also feel much warmer.

The Marquise Diamond

The marquise cut is a modified brilliant cut and is similar in shape to a rugby ball. With the long narrow appearance of the stone, it appears to be larger than it is; and out of all of the different cuts, it has one of the biggest surface areas. With the increase in the surface area, there is more light entering the stone, making it glisten and sparkle more than other styles of cut.

These are the most popular styles of diamonds that are used in engagement rings, as well as other types of jewellery. There are many other styles of cut also, and if you want to see some of these, take a look at some of the images on the website and choose the style of cut for your engagement ring.

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

30 Things To Do On A Lazy Weekend

The past few weekends have been utter bliss. Why? Well because we've done absolutely nothing. There's been nothing scheduled in, we didn't have to see anyone or go out and spend money. Instead myself and Sam had some quality time in on our own and more importantly, we had space to ourselves to just do our own thing. Now I wouldn't say this should be the be all and end all for weekends because it's important to socialise and you know...get out of the house and stop binge watching Gilmore Girls (yep I'm hooked, thanks Hannah).
Woman looking away into distance
So I thought I'd compile a list of 30 things you can do on a lazy weekend because sometimes you just need a little down time in these crazy lives we all lead.

1. Read a book.
2. Go for a long walk and just explore.
3. Pig out.
4. Binge watch your current favourite television show.
5. Have a warm bubble bath and apply a face mask.
6. Do some light exercise (no one can be bothered to go hard on a weekend).
7. Skype/call your loved ones.
8. Do a clear out of a room in your house/flat.
9. Do some online shopping. Oops there goes my no spending rule.
10. Bake something from scratch.
11. Get all your laundry/household chores done on the first night of the weekend.
12. Catch up on emails/work you've been meaning to do but at a leisurely pace.
13. Practise that eye liner flick you've been wanting to perfect since like forever.
14. Groom yourself. Yes you heard me, it's time to pluck and shave away.
15. Make yourself an exceptional breakfast. I'm talking croissants, fresh orange juice, the works!
16. Declutter your wardrobe. It's time to ditch the clothes you never wear.
17. Spend the entire weekend on the sofa. Bring the duvet down.
18. Live in your pyjamas and don't be afraid of popping to the shops in them.
19. Update your iPod music that's currently stuck in 2014. Yep mine is. Same 20 songs.
20. Order a takeout because it's the weekend.
21. Dance and sing regardless of whether there's anyone in the house. Weekends are a chance to de-stress.
22. Don't wear any underwear. It's liberating and you save on washing.
23. Tackle something new.
24. Plan the week ahead. It means you can hopefully stress less.
25. Read blog posts, watch videos on YouTube. Watching other people's lives at play is oddly satisfying.
26. Get a scratch card and try your luck. It's a new tradition myself and my partner share.
27. Invite a friend or family member over and just have a natter with a cuppa.
28. Build a blanket fort because they aren't just for kids you know.
29. Start a journal or write down some thoughts/ideas.
30. Relax and take a second to just be in that moment.

Did this list help? Let me know in the comments below.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Misfit Cosmetics - Blackhead Extraction Paste

You may have spotted my last blog post on Misfit Cosmetics where I introduced the brand after they kindly sent me a few of their products to review. First up is the Blackhead Extraction Paste which is probably one of their most talked about products over social media. The likes of Olivia Buckland from ITV's Love Island and many other beauty bloggers have been jumping on the peel-off bandwagon to show off this beauty product.
Blackhead Extraction Paste
The peel-off mask comes in a tube and surprisingly contains a good amount of paste. Be careful to wipe the nozzle after use otherwise the mask fuses over the lid, making it difficult to use again.

The paste is a thick and tacky substance and I fully recommend doing a patch test on a sensitive part of your arm and on parts of your face. I'm talking a 5p sized application as this is going to be pulling out all blackheads, dirt and very fine hair from your pores. Instructions recommend you apply the product evenly over parts of the face that require it. The first time round I applied it to my nose and all across the skin under the eye area. I also applied it to my forehead and chin. After 25 minutes, you check that the mask has hardened and is no longer wet. Wriggling your face to help loosen the mask, you then peel it off in one go.
Mask peeled off
Now I'm going to be honest here and tell you that it freaking killed when peeling it off my cheeks. As someone with sensitive skin, I should have known better but hey I was excited to try it! Nevertheless I won't be applying it to that area again because it definitely inflamed my skin. Nothing painful or long-lasting but it was immediately clear that my sensitive skin didn't like it. The nose area, forehead and chin however did like the product and as you can see from above, all those tiny white dots are dirt, fine hairs and blackheads that came off my little snout.

So was their a difference? Well see below...
Nose before and after
Before and After
My nose is possibly the oiliest part of my entire face. It's where I seem to collect the most dirt and where the most spots form and appear. The proof of what came off my nose was clearly on the mask but I also saw a notable difference on my nose. The oiliness had severely reduced and left it looking a lot less greasy. The fine hairs that had been removed, reduced the appearance of any clogged pores I had on my nose. I do have freckles on my nose which is annoying as it makes my nose look as though it's dirty (it isn't I promise!). 

Since then I've been using it once or twice every week and I've seen quite a difference in the appearance of my skin. I recommend using a toner or cleanser straight after using the product and then to also apply a hydrating moisturiser afterwards as the skin can become a little parched and dry after removing the mask.

I would highly recommend this to people with very oily skin and those who have regular blackheads. It costs £12.99 currently and is available for pre-order, so it certainly is a popular product!

Why not try it out and let me know in the comments below what you think.

Disclaimer - I was sent this product in return for my own, honest opinion.

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Review

I wanted to take my time in reviewing this product because it's the first time I've ever used the Nars brand. It was also a product that has been raved about by many beauty bloggers and I wanted to give it the time to impress. I was sent the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation as part of my Feel Unique Haul that I won at Christmas and that I still can't actually believe I won...

After some careful consideration, the Nars foundation made the cut and a helpful and well-informed beauty advisor suggested the shade I needed from past foundations I mentioned using.
Nars Foundation packaging
The foundation comes in a 30ml glass bottle. The downside to this foundation is that the product doesn't come with a pump. I brought one because I knew if I didn't, then I'd just use way too much product than what was actually needed. I definitely recommend you buy the pump which I believe was £3.00
Foundation with pump
The shade Siberia, which was the one I picked, was unfortunately one shade too light for my skintone. I think if it were just slightly warmer, it would have been perfect.

The foundation is light but certainly shows off it's high coverage. There's no need to use a lot as it spreads very well. It certainly lives up to it's sheer glow which almost seems to act as a reflector when the light hits it. This is obviously a great foundation for those who suffer with dark circles or generally dull-looking skin.
Coverage of foundation on arm
It's best applied with a Beauty Blender and dabbed onto the skin as I found it provided me with more coverage than using a rubbing motion. I did find thought that it didn't quite blend in on my nose and I'm not sure why that is. It wasn't until I used some setting spray that it sorted itself out so perhaps it's down to my nose being quite oily.

At £31.00, this is a top-end foundation and one I don't hugely feel is worth the money. I much prefer the previous MAC foundation I owned a while back and I think if I were to buy another pricey foundation, I would go back to MAC. I do feel however that my opinion could have been swayed if I had a slightly darker shade. As someone who's always struggled with finding the right shade to fit my skin tone, I'd love to actually go into a Nars store and try out a few samples of the foundation to see if using a different shade makes it better.

If you're after good coverage for dark circles and dull skin, this is definitely a product you want to try. I'm not sure it would be great on dry skin though so take this into consideration before purchasing. Also another helpful tip, if you're taking photos of yourself wearing the foundation, don't use the flash. Too much light and a light reflecting foundation means you'll end up looking like Casper.

The Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is on Feelunique for £31.00. What do you think of the Nars brand? Let me know in the comments below.

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Shed Man

I've questioned where I've gotten my love of singing and I think it mainly came from my late grandad. He was always singing on the karaoke with his go-to choice being Elvis. He'd always put on his best blue suede shoes and rock and roll with whoever would listen (or had no choice but to listen!). I also discovered that I have another singer in our family, who I thought would be great to share with you, my readers.

Who is it?

His name is Craig Mckenzie, but on Facebook he's given himself a new name. The Shed Singer. Why? Well because he sings all the songs videoed in his shed!
Craig outside shed
Craig started the Facebook group back in July 2016 and since then he's gained an impressive following of over 600 on the page. He uploads everything from Neil Diamond to Gary Barlow and his voice is impressive. It's so well controlled and has the style of old Hollywood. It's certainly no surprise that when he was younger, he performed on cruise ships.

I would love Craig to start up a YouTube channel as I think that will give him more opportunity to get noticed for his talents. I love supporting my family members but also it's great to use my blog as a platform to help promote talents like Craig who go otherwise unnoticed.

So on this lazy Sunday, give Craig's videos a listen and support his page by joining the group!

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

A Mother's Reckoning

The world has lived through some pretty catastrophic events and the Columbine Tragedy is certainly one of them. It happened in 1999 so I wasn't full aware of it at the time because I must have been around 7 years old. This was probably the first realisation for me, that the world wasn't the happy, positive and evil-free world that it was perceived to be during my childhood.

As I grew up and became more aware of the event that had occurred, I remember feeling terrified at the thought of someone coming into my school and the same thing happening. Of course, here in the UK, guns aren't as easy to get hold of nor are there as many gun related crimes as there are in the US. However, it still doesn't get rid of the fear that a place where you should feel safe, a place of education and freedom, suddenly becomes a target.
Book on a bed cover
For those who may have never even heard of this tragic event, let me explain. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, attending Columbine High School in Colorado, walked into their school on April 20th 1999 and shot and killed 12 students and one teacher. They injured 21 additional people and three more were injured whilst attempting to leave the school. The two boys then committed suicide. It was an event that rocked the world and even more horrifying was the boys plans to kill many more than just the ones who died that day.

It wasn't until the aftermath that we would gain an insight into the boys' motivations for attacking their school. From their hidden journals, the leaked basement tapes and Eric Harris' website, it was an attack that had been boiling away for years. It wasn't until now that I learnt more about the lives of one of these boys, Dylan Klebold. Sue Klebold, Dylan's mother recounts the horrors of living in the aftermath of the Columbine Tragedy. As an adult, I now have a better understanding of the emotional toil she had gone through, discovering that her son (whom she thought she knew) had turned into a killer who then ended up committing suicide. As outsiders, we can't help but think these boys were monsters and that the parents were to blame for not knowing their own children. However no-one, not even herself, knew about Dylan's long suffering depression and suicidal thoughts that consumed him.
Sue Klebold being interviewed
This is not a book that justifies or defends what the boys did, Sue stresses that continually throughout. Instead, it looks at the mental health of both boys and signs that she and others missed as being potential warning signs that these two seemingly normal but sometimes troublesome kids could end up killing.

After reading the book, I definitely felt more informed of the event and how the media (unfortunately often does) twisted it to sell it's stories. But most importantly, it brought awareness to mental health and how these boys unfortunately bonded, creating a balance that was needed for them to commit such a horrifying crime.

Make sure you give it a read. It can be found on Amazon for £13.89.  

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Friday, 20 January 2017

6 Ways To Deal With Negativity

Negativity. It comes in various forms and it's unfortunately a bit of a party pooper in life. I think negativity is sometimes needed though. I mean a world where every action, reaction and feeling is positive sounds good but sometimes negativity ends up moulding you into a better person. Either way, balance is what's needed so when you find yourself thinking negatively, these 10 ways to combat it will hopefully help! 
heart made out of hands

1. Think about your positives. Positive Mental Attitude. 

When I always experience negativity, it's great to think about the positives. You instantly get that little lift where you feel life isn't all that bad and when you feel that, it can make a big, BIG difference to your overall mood right there in that moment.

2. Do something that will make you happy.

Make a promise to yourself to do something that will turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. Anything that normally makes you happy, whether that's going for a cocktail or five, exercising, reading, binge watching Netflix. I mean, you get my drift right?
Man looking at statue

3. Talk it out.

So many of us keep our emotions bottled up and certain negative situations can end up making us feel pretty crappy. I've always found venting to a loved one or friend is a good way of tackling the issue at hand whether that because of a person, a situation you've just been in or even with yourself. We're always our own worst enemies.

4. Pamper yourself.

I certainly need to do this more often and I have been doing recently. Pampering yourself should be a personal thing that you give to your body. This can be anything from a massage to an eyebrow wax. A bit of self-care goes a long way and if it's a little painful? Nothing like a few curse words to let those negative feelings go!
Man alone

5. Complain.

Nobody likes a Moaning Myrtle 24/7 but sometimes you just got to complain about your feelings, if something is making you feel like crap then moan and whinge till you can't no more. It's like when I'm ill, there's nothing I like more than feeling sorry for myself and getting Nurse Sam to fetch me all the junk food and all the cups of tea. Makes me feel better instantly!

6. Have some alone time.

Sometimes it's great to just have some alone time to recollect your thoughts. If it's a negative atmosphere or situation you are in, take yourself out of it, take a breath and then go back in. If it's a person, then question whether this is just a one off or a constant issue. If it's constant, then just keeping your distance from them can help.

How do you deal with negativity? Let me know in the comments below!

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

La Roche Effaclar K (+)

La Roche-Posay is a brand I have never come across before. It certainly looks a lot more clinical than regular beauty brands and gives you an inkling that it's been conceived by expert dermatologists.

This is an anti-blemish cream that's been specifically formulated to target the key signs of oily and blemish-prone skin. Over the past few months, my skin has been breaking out and generally feels more oily to the touch. I thought that this cream certainly sounded like the solution to the problem.
moisturising cream
The product came in 40ml which is quite a substantial amount for how little you need to use. The cream is quite hydrating so about a 5p sized amount was enough. However I like the cream to soak into the skin as soon as possible so perhaps I used too little but that's just my preference.

The cream has been tested on sensitive skin and I can certainly say this is suitable as there was no reaction on my own skin. 
cream applied on skin
As you can see from above, the cream is light and I've been applying this in the morning before I apply my make-up. It is recommended to use this both in the morning and in the evening, however I needed a thicker cream as a night treatment. The cream is mildly scented which I love and it can be used with other La Roche Posay products or on it's own.
healthy skin
After a week or so of using this product, my skin looks so much better and the breakouts are less frequent. It's also been reviewed positively on the Feel Unique website and some mention that it's made the appearance of their acne less prominent.

The cream is £15.50 and will probably last you a few months. I think the value is quite reasonable seeing as most good moisturisers start from around £10-£12.

Do you use cream treatments for your skin? Let me know in the comments below.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Eye Stencil Makeup Kit

I've never been one for precision so when it comes to drawing lines on my face, my shaky hands have never been able to really perfect the cat eyeliner or eyeliner in general. I got these late last year from Wowcher as they were just 99p! You can actually get them on Ebay as well or from their website.
Two eye stencil kits
I first started off with the cat eyeliner. They come with clear and easy to read instructions and I tried out the cat eyeliner using the shade 'Blackout' from my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. The closer you put it to your lash line, the thinner the line obviously! The thin plastic makes it flexible enough to fit over the eye shape and it's reusable so easy to just wipe clean. 
cat eyeliner on eyes
Ignore the un-plucked eyebrows!
Next up was the bottom liner. I put this right up to the lash line because I didn't want to overdo it with the thickness of the line. This was the one i was most impressed with. It was so easy to apply with the stencil that I got a nice even coverage right up to the corners of my lid. Also with dark eyeshadow, any fall out just went straight onto the stencil so there was no smudging on the skin.
bottom eyeliner stencil
bottom eyeliner on eyes
My least favourite was probably the smokey eye stencil. It was a little fiddly to fit over the eyelid and I think I'd prefer using it without but it did look better once it was blended in.

I think this stencil kit is a worthy buy, especially for those who struggle with putting on eyeliner and want a guide that will be versatile in creating thin and thick winged eyeliner!

Are you good at applying eyeliner? Let me know in the comments below.

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Ivy Park Gym Wear

After graduating from university, I finally found my love of working out. It was helped majorly by my housemate Sean and we started at PureGym when we first moved together. It was a 20 minute walk to the gym (which is motivation killing enough) but we managed to go there quite often. From then on, it's been a slow progress to a healthier and happier body shape for me. I'm still not at the point where I want to be but I'm in a much better place than I was after just finishing university.

When I got my full-time job, I decided to treat myself and splurge out on the Ivy Park Gym wear from Topshop. If you didn't know, this is the gym wear that's a collaboration between them and Beyonce. Whenever I put this kit on, I pretty much feel like Queen Bee, ready to work my butt off.
Sports bra
I purchased the sports bra and waist high, cropped leggings. There's a whole variety within the range, depending on your preference and the amount of comfort and coverage you want. The sports bra is snug and gives me enough support for my boobs (Ha, I said boobs). I think the cross over straps really benefit this and I doubt they'd be as supportive if they were straps that went over the shoulders.

Initially I had my doubts over the writing that went over the main area of my chest, worried that either washing or just stretching the material over the top would cause it to crack and become all wrinkled. I'm surprised though that nearly six months later there is very minimal wear to the writing which clearly shows the quality of the clothing.
back of sports bra
The material is extremely breathable and in no way does it feel uncomfortable. I picked the waist high leggings because although I'm slowly toning up, there's still a belly bulge that I'm keen to cover up. By doing so, it boosts my motivation to push harder in the gym because my food baby belly doesn't show. The elasticated band around the waist also stays put, meaning no more annoying moments of pulling them up when they slide down.

I like that they're cropped so they don't make me look as visibly tall as full length leggings do. I don't know why that's relevant to me but hey, that's just my preference I suppose.
sports bra and leggings
The V-Back Mesh Sports Bra costs £22.00 and the V Mid-Rise Leggings cost £38.00. Are they worth the money? Definitely. Yes they are going to be pricey, especially as they are from Topshop and it's a collaboration. However, for comfort and longevity, I'm pretty sure this gym wear will last for me for years without wearing out. 

Do you own any Ivy Park gym wear? Let me know in the comments below!

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