Friday, 24 February 2017

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

So one of my asked for Christmas presents was a voucher to use on Beauty Bay, an online shop that sells some of the cult favourites in the beauty industry.

After some much deliberation I decided to opt for the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette for £18.00. I mean just look at the packaging! Who could say no to that?!
Palette and brush
The Zoeva brand is a new one for me but I've read that their eyeshadows are amongst some of the best in terms of pigment and blend-ability. As per usual, I chose this palette mainly for it's browns but I'm actually pleasantly surprised that all of these colours suit my skin tone.

There's a mixture of matte colours and shimmers and each individual shade is highly pigmented and feels great on the lid.
Shades in palette
From top left to bottom right - Bitter Start | Sweeter End | Warm Notes | Subtle Blend | Beans Are White | Pure Genache | Substitute For Love | Freshly Toasted | Infusion | Delicate Acidity
The mattes work well on the brush but I think for me the shimmers do well using the fingers as I tend to get a more concentrated application. Now onto the beautiful shades themselves...
Bitter Start - A very subtle cream shade with great coverage as a base.

Sweeter End - A perfect shade for a subtle makeup look, definitely for a day when I want to wear less makeup.

Warm Notes - Gorgeously deep pink with a subtle shimmer.

Subtle Blend - Everything I want in a dark brown/gold shimmer. This will probably be my most used!

Beans Are White - A typical black shade that will work well with Infusion.
Pure Genache - An almost rose gold, copper shimmer  that would team up well with Subtle Blend.

Substitute For Love - A subtle matte shade that's slightly on the orange side, not sure whether it's my colour.

Freshly Toasted - One that I definitely found a little too heavy upon application so less is more with this one.

Infusion - This will add a little sparkle to a smokey eye. This was my favourite upon swatching it, the little gold flecks just give it something extra!

Delicate Acidity - Another favourite of mine and one that will hopefully sway me away from wearing brown shades every day. A medium purple shimmer.

Beauty Bay

I am certainly enjoying trying out new brands and it's great to find a mixture of more and less expensive brands that cater for what I want and need for my skin.

Have you tried the Zoeva brand? Let me know in the comments below!

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