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Top 8 Acne Myths of All Time

Chances are, whether as a teen or an adult, you’ve had to deal with acne at some point in your life. There is a lot of (mis)information out there, as well as TV ads promoting serums and washes which promise to clear acne up in no time, so it’s no wonder that it can be a frustrating time. 

However, before considering any treatment, it’s a good idea to know what is true, and more importantly, what isn’t.
Makeup brushes

Myth #1 - Only teenagers get acne

It can often seem as though it is only teenagers who own this problem, and with 95% of teens having some sort of acne, it’s easy to see why. However, adult acne is common for both men and women, with around 40% of adults experience it. Sometimes, acne can even begin in adulthood rather than at younger ages! Women are more likely to experience acne as adults, however, due to natural hormonal fluctuations and any changes in contraception.

Myth #2 - Chocolate and fries cause acne

It’s no myth that a good diet can give you healthier skin, but one of the longest running myths about acne out there is that your favourite snacks will cause acne. In fact, greasy foods have been proven to have little to no impact on acne at all. 

However, food can have an impact on your skin, and there have been links with unhealthy food and skin breakouts. It has been said that hormones and antibiotics found in dairy influence acne, but there has been little solid research and findings on this topic.

Myth #3 - All acne products are created equal

Nope, nope nope. In fact, all products are created unequal! While some exfoliators are good and getting the dead and dry skin off your face, some which use apricot seeds and or ground up walnuts can do more harm than good. Even though the natural elements are what make them so appealing in the first place, these harsh materials can actually cause small tears in your skin and cause even more irritation. 

Be careful when looking at chemical exfoliators too, as the proportions can also cause further irritation. However, there are some good companies out there where you can get some good products, like acne treatments from TheSkinSmith, just be sure to do your research so that you are not making your acne even worse!

Myth #4 - It’s okay to pop spots

I know, I know, it’s tempting. It’s a common misconception that popping spots will release the bacteria from the inside the pore; however, all it really does is push the bacteria further inside and cause your skin to inflame! Popping spots can also lead to scaring in the long run, and nobody wants a face full of scares from not being able to control themselves, right? 

Acne scars can affect people both physically and mentally for life, which is why it’s important to treat them preventatively rather than popping them as a response. To reduce the inflammation, put an ice cube on the spot and then follow by a targeted spot treatment, which will kill bacteria, loosen the skin and reduce the swelling and redness further. 

Myth #5 - The sun will clear your acne up

It may feel as though the sun is drying your skin out and covering your red spots with a tan, but don’t be fooled, the sun could be helping to spread your acne. If you go too far and get burned, the reproduction of skin cells is actually likely to block your pores more, and cause even more spots. When in the sun, be sure to wear sunscreen religiously, but try to find one that will not block your pores and will allow your skin to breath.

Myth #6 - Spots turn up over night

It may sometimes feel as though you go to bed with a fresh face and wake up in the morning absolutely covered in spots, but these pimples are weeks in the making. Spots aren’t just one thing that have gone wrong, but a combination of the following:

- Excess dead skin clogging pores
- Your body overproducing oil
- An overgrowth of p. acnes bacteria in pores
- Inflammation and swelling as a result of all the above

They may appear to come out of nowhere, but there is a long process in order for these breakouts to occur! It’s all about control the individual factors in order to prevent these breakouts in the first place, and although you cannot control how much oil your skin produces, you can take time to gently exfoliate your skin to prevent it from clogging up and to keep your pores clean.

Myth #7 - Dirty skin causes acne

Acne isn’t caused by dirt or uncleanliness, and no amount of scrubbing your face with soap is going to fix the problem. The bacteria which causes acne, p. acnes, is already present in your skin and thrives in your skin when there is too much oil. Washing your face twice a day is plenty to reduce bacteria, remove dead skin cells and reduce surface oil. In order to kill this nasty bacteria, you will need to treat it with benzoyl peroxide.

On the other hand, there is also a myth that you can never wash your face enough - this is also untrue! Excessive washing can be just as harmful to your skin as not washing at all, as it strips your skin of everything it needs, causing it to overcompensate and produce even more oil than was there in the first place. By scrubbing hard, you may cause small cuts and irritations in your skin, which will cause more swelling and invitation for even more bacteria to get into your skin. 

Myth #8 - Pores open and close

This is one that seems to be passed down from parents to children - that pores close when they are cold and open up when they are hot. Nope, forget about it! These little holes in your skin which are there to allow you to cool down when you are hot and to allow sweat out, do not have muscles and therefore cannot contract! They can appear to change in size, depending on how oily your skin is, and oily pores often look bigger than those that are not, but hot and cold are definitely not factors when it comes to the size of your pores.

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post.


Thursday, 27 April 2017

Trending Now: Floral Mania

Peter Minkoff is one of my regular guest bloggers and you can always expect the best advice from his blogs. Check out his last one here. He's a beauty and fashion writer, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a stylist for few fashion events in UK and AUS. Beside beauty and fashion, he loves reading, making DIY cosmetics and traveling around tropical destinations. He plans to create a business for beauty and style advising. Peter's giving us the latest trend this Spring with Floral Mania!
Floral dress
Florals? For Spring? Well, obviously. Although there’s really no surprise there (after all, spring IS the season when the whole nature begins blossoming and so does our wardrobe), each year we get something new and fresh from the runways to remind us that a floral dress doesn’t really have to be just that! From intricate floral patterns, floral embellishments included in plain cuts and basis to floral accessories and classic A-line skirts and dresses that pride on their floral simplicity – there’s always something for everyone, and we love it. 

This time around, it feels like the spring’s on steroids! Wherever you look, there’s an explosion of the print and it’s pretty… well, let’s call it eye-catching. We’ve noticed that designers have taken a risk, and pushed the envelope – the silhouettes are edgier, the form is intriguing, florals are now paired with other, unexpected patterns, there is a burst of two-piece designs, as well as a few amazing floral accessories. Things are pretty spectacular, no doubt!

Here's a review of floral mania that you’ll probably adore throughout the spring of 2017.

Take me to the garden

Patterned pants aren’t really a favorite as they are known to add pounds, making the bottom part look heavier than it normally would. However, the floral solutions we’re seeing this spring are every bit as flattering as the next thing. Worn with single-colored tunics, lace tops, easy, flowy shirts, black pants with intricate florals splashed over will look dashing. A surprise comes with pants featuring huge (yes, they really are huge) mixes of flowers that remind us of gardens. Edgier girls tend to combine floral on floral (floral shirts with floral pants or shorts), while those who like to keep things sleek still keep things toned down.

Kimono loving

Kimonos have been trending for a while now and it appears they aren’t going anywhere. If anything, they’ve got a whole new floral dimension – from floral splashes and embroideries on a single-color basis to all-floral fabrics and patterns, the kimonos are looking lush, luxurious, and very rich. 

Cape shirts, overcoats, and dresses are there, too and they are featuring florals similarly as kimonos. Paired with simple tops and bottoms (bell pants in milk white, short shorts or skirts) – both kimonos and capes look breathtaking. Everything is about the unrestricted, luxurious feel of spring, and rich floral colors and shapes are there to prove it.

Step on me floral

Another surprise for spring 2017 are floral heels, sandals, and sneaks. They’re seen as accessories and embellishments since their floral patterns are very decorative and make a bold fashion statement. There’s something for everyone’s taste and it looks pretty amazing. 

The ombre

Summer Dress
Seemingly dipped in buckets of fresh flowers, creating a fabulous ombre effect – wardrobe elements have never looked as luxurious and intriguing as they are now. There is an inexplicable, dream-like excitement about these outfits, giving us a whimsical sense of wonder and thrill. We’re seeing them on the streets of Paris, London, NY and Sydney in floral kaftans, maxi dresses, skirts, overcoats, long shirts, and jackets.

Sweat it floral

Athleisure and florals? Well, apparently. Tights are looking so super cute with flowers splashed all over, as are the workout tops. Beanies and sporty hats are featuring flowers, too! Remember when we said florals are on steroids? Do you believe us now?

Sheer and see-through

If you feel like going out naked (wait, what?), the flowers will protect you (again, what?). We’ve seen a lot of mesh, see-through, and sheer short dresses, as well as shirts entirely covered in garden-like floral patterns for protection. Some are featuring other patterns, too, while others go for more shimmery accessories like mirrors, pearls and colorful glitter.

Peter is also an Editor In Chief on High Style Life. So go check that out too!


Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Catch Up - April '17

April has sort of flown by, but then again hasn't that been the case for this year so far?! I haven't done an update since like forever so I thought I'd catch you up with my life over the last couple of months.

Girl I Attended The Olivier's

If you're not familiar with The Olivier's, it's an award show that celebrates British Theatre that we have right on our doorstep here in London. It's an annual celebration and this year it took place at the Royal Albert Hall. Since I work for the company who organise the show, so I worked on it! It was an incredible experience and one memory that will be unforgettable. 

Over £400 In Two Weeks

For some weird reason I ended up making over £400 from my blog and blog writing. Now I'm not bragging at all (well maybe a lil - can't a girl boss be proud?!) but it's much like everything in life, you wait for ages and then a boat load of work comes in all at once. But hey, I'm not complaining, send me all the paid work so I can retire at 30 and live the rest of my life watching Netflix Originals.

Baby Mia

We attended the christening of one of my best friends Elliott - he wasn't the one getting christened btw. It was his new niece, baby Mia! It was such a special occasion. Prepare ye self for a few adorable snaps of the baba.

And what's happening with the ol' bucket list?

1. Reach a million views on my blog. (193,370/1,000,000)
2. Read 30 books.
3. Buy 5 new things for our bedroom. (2/5)
4. Do some DIY.
5. Start the Help To Buy Scheme.
6. Attend 5 drama classes.
7. Attend 5 dance classes.
8. Budget my money better.
9. Get recording on my YouTube Channel.
10. Buy a new camera/lens.
11. Get up earlier in the morning.
12. Visit the dentist more often.
13. Face a fear.
14. Turn my blogging hobby into a career.
15. Get a contacts/address book for remembering important details.
16. Find out from the doctors what I'm intolerant to.
17. Do more ab workouts on a weekly basis.
18. Campaign for something I believe in/Work for a charity.
19. Exercise every day.
20. Go charity shopping and find something incredible.
21. Go sober for a month.
22. Reach 1,000 Twitter followers. (791/1,000)
23. Begin learning a new language.
24. Be able to do the splits again.
25. Take singing lessons.
26. Start singing again on YouTube.
27. Try going veggie for a month.
28. Bring my brother down to London for a weekend.
29. Travel to Brighton.
30. Do more freelance blogging.
31. Do more baking.
32. Stop biting my nails.
33. Keep my bedroom tidy - Yes, I'm still a messy child.
34. Reach 1,000 Instagram followers. (886/1,000)
35. Apply to Drama School.
36. Do more travelling.
37. See my family more.
38. Go to a concert.
39. Do something selfless.
40. Give myself more self-care.
41. Get more acting jobs whilst working.
42. Go to Madame Tussauds (yes it's lame but I want to go!)
43. Go somewhere super romantic.
44. Start writing a novel.
45. Visit 10 new places in London. 2/10
46. Take more fashion photography.
47. Go on more casual walks at the weekend.
48. Watch all the series I've wanted to watch on Netflix - there's a lot.
49. Buy all Christmas presents throughout the year.
50. Make 2017 better than 2016!

Still have a long way to go :)

What have you been up to this month? Let me know in the comments below.


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Stories Behind Two Transformative Makeup Looks

Makeup has the uncanny ability to enhance, disguise and highlight, our features. The transformative power of makeup is nothing new. It was being used decades ago for the exact same purposes. Here are two of the most transformative makeup looks out there, the history behind them, and how to nail these looks yourself, just like our beauty predecessors...

Elongated Eyes

Elongated Eyes
Image Here
Cat eyes, feline flicks, wings, call then what you will but let’s be honest, we stole this one from the Egyptians. This Cleopatra-esque makeup trick has been transforming the faces of women for decades. The world of beauty has never fallen out of love with this look, and it’s easy to see why. By drawing a line that extends from the bottom lash line we can enhance our eyes, make them appear wider, and give a flirtatious edge to any makeup look. After the Egyptians it was the pin-up beauties of the 40’s who started to rock this look. In the 50’s Brigitte Bardot took the cat eye to the next level by giving it a grungy smudge. In the 60’s Sophia Loren adopted the look and opted for a more severe, graphic line. Skip forward to the 00’s and who can forget Amy Winehouse's iconic and bold take on this age old look

The key to nailing this look is to extend the lower lash line by drawing one precise line up towards the end of your brow. Start with a thin line, you can always add more definition later. Use a liquid eyeliner for the most dramatic dark look, an eyeliner pencil for a smudged grungier look, and a pen liner for a more wearable daytime look. 


Image Here
Contouring is largely credited to the Kardashian clan. Pictures of Kim with different colored streaks on her face sent the beauty world into a frenzy, and contouring was born.  Or was it? In face contouring has been used in varying degrees since the 1500’s. Contouring is the use of color and product to make your face appear a different shape, more sculpted, or to enhance or shrink certain areas. Stage actors would use chalk and soot on their faces in Elizabethan England to enhance their facial expressions. Marlene Dietrich was also said to be a huge fan of contouring and would use the technique on various film sets. 

Contouring is such a transformative makeup trick that it can slim and widen noses, removing the need for nose surgery. It can even create or enhance cheekbones. For a slimmer nose, the idea is to highlight the thinnest part of the nose and slightly bronze the base. This creates a clever slimming illusion. 

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post.


Monday, 24 April 2017

Things You Realise In Your Mid Twenties

I cannot really believe that I'll be 25 this year. I'm going to be officially in my mid twenties and it's freaking scary. Time really does fly when you reach your adult years - despite my complete naivety to it when the adults said it would happen. DAMN YOU!
Birthday candles
But with age comes wisdom. I'm not the same person that I was last year and neither was that 23 year-old the same to the 18 year-old Natalie. We change and we grow and each year represents a different time in your life. This is what I've realised as I reach my mid-twenties.

You're never too old to dream

My dreams of acting may have been tainted by reality but I've realised I am never too old. Just like J.K. Rowling as a prime example, success doesn't always come at the same time as others. Dreaming is what keeps us alive. To dream is to live and I will always dream of becoming a successful actress whether that becomes a reality at 25, 35 or 65!

Acceptance of aging

I know many people will think I'm too young to think this, but the signs of aging are definitely becoming apparent as I get older. Your body takes longer to repair itself, you start to see those around you deteriorating and to be honest - it's pretty shit. But what comes with that is the realisation that you mustn't waste a single moment on regret, on sadness or failure. Pick yo'self up girl and LIVE!

Maternal feelings

Yes I may have mentioned this little fact once or twice but I am seriously honing in on my maternal feelings right now. The need for a baby is strong but I know now is definitely not the right time. It is nice though that my thoughts of having a baby are changing mentally because only a few years ago did I think the thought of growing something inside me was the most freakish thing in all the world. I mean, it would be like a constant tummy rumble having a baby move about in there!

Not being afraid to do you

I've now gotten to that point where I'm finding a lot of love for myself and that's not only through pampering myself physically but listening to what gives me joy. I love blogging and it's now becoming a big thing for me. It brings me so much happiness that I'm not afraid to let it sort of take over my life a little. You have to make sacrifices for things in life and I'm at the stage in blogging where I can be a little more stronger with my choices. If that upsets some people, then so be it.

Comparison is something to avoid

I suppose this ties in with some of the above points but I've found comparing yourself to others can be the most crippling thing to your confidence as a person. Everyone does things differently. Everyone suffers and everyone achieves so don't spend your life comparing yourself to others.
Friendship bracelets

Seek friendships and strong bonds

As you get older, the busy-ness of life does get in the way and I've found it hard to continue keeping in touch with people. However, you'll find that the strongest of friendships are those that remain the same no matter how much time is spent apart. But also don't let things get in the way of making those bonds stronger. Balance I suppose is what's key.

It's time to be more spontaneous

I've found it very difficult to be spontaneous because I've always been so money conscious and I've often spoke about how that has stopped me from living spontaneously. I think being with Sam has helped me to combat this and I think it's helped me massively. Travelling is something I've told myself I want to do more and we're already going to Rome this month so if there's something you really want to do but money is stopping you - just do it and find a way. 

What have you realised at your age? Let me know in the comments below, no matter what your age!


Friday, 21 April 2017

Moringa Oil - Review

It's always nice to try something new, to switch up your skincare regime every now and then. Oils have been of frequent usage for me both with my makeup and with my nighttime routine. I think natural oils are just so good to keep the skin healthy, hydrated and more importantly aid repair.
Bottle of Moringa Oil
Moringa Oil is something I've seen on the odd occasion but there's not a massive awareness of it in the beauty blogging world that I can see so far. Moringa Oil has many beauty benefits as does most oils but this is one I'm definitely going to be using over the Summer for sure.

The oil is a lot less heavier than other oils I've used during the Winter, one example being Jojoba oil. This oil also soaks into the skin a lot faster and doesn't leave much residue on the surface of the skin. 
Close up of oil
The smell is unusual, bordering on iffy but it's not quite an off-putting fragrance. It's main benefit is it's anti-aging properties. Yes I'm 24 and yes I'm promoting an anti-aging product. Surprisingly, everyone's skin is different and looking after your skin helps reduce the signs of aging. Whatever age you use this at, don't feel like you are using it too early or too late. Personally, I have fine lines on my forehead and one in the middle of my eyebrows so girl I'm going to help prevent them becoming too prominent ok?!

This oil is actually suitable for all ages too so that includes babies and children. It helps heal cuts and bruises quicker and also helps with spots and acne, so a good all rounder. The fact that it's cold pressed means you're getting all of the nutrients and good stuff possible out of the seeds it comes from. If you're not familiar with the phrase cold-pressed, it's something that's certainly become popular in the health market. The process is extracting the oil with a tremendous amount of pressure that retains all elements of the product rather than killing them through other processes.

It can also be used to remove make-up and acts as a great cleanser that's not going to be abrasive on the skin or irritating around the eyes.


- Versatile.
- Light consistency.
- Suitable for all ages.


- The smell is different so may not be loved by everyone.
- Might be a little pricey.

Make sure you try it out for yourself. You can grab a 100ml bottle for £16.50.

*Disclaimer - I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Busy, Busy...Healthy?

Argh! Finding time to look after our health in such a busy world can be a nightmare. It's so easy to put off going to the gym because you have that work deadline to worry about. Or reschedule that doctor's appointment because it's probably nothing anyway, and you just have to get the house clean and tidy before you guess descend on you for the weekend. But is your health suffering because you are just too busy? If so then you could be headed for a fall. Read on to find out more. 

Too busy to eat well?

OK, so anyone that has done a healthy eating plan rather than a crash diet knows that it does take a little more effort and preparation. You have to plan what you are going to eat with the nutritional content in mind. Instead of just plumping for the first thing you see that you know will be tasty. 
selection of healthy fruit
Image Here
Then there is all the actual meal preparation to do. Chopping the veg, and cooking things from scratch, so you know that they are not packed full of sugar and other icky additives that are bad for you. But there are some ways around this if you are struggling to find the time. 
Sugar Cubes
Image Here
First of all, why not consider joining a slimming group that promotes food optimising? It can make it a lot easier to plan your meals. As you know exactly how much of each item you are allowed in a day, while still staying within healthy parameters. 

These groups often have their own brand of ready prepared food too. So if you are super stuck for time, you can have a ready meal, or snack that you know is truly healthy. 

Another way that you can improve your eating without it taking up too much of your precious time is to go for a diet that excludes certain food groups such as carbs, or refined sugars. This will have the knock on effect of improving what you eat as you look for alternatives to these less healthy items. 
Food on a chopping board
Image Here

Too busy to hydrate? 

Now most of us know that value of drinking eight glasses of water a day. Not only does it make us feel better, but also helps our bodies and minds to run properly, and control our appetite. But in all honestly who drink that much, unless they are making a special effort? Very few of us! But it is truly is worth making that effort and fitting enough water into your day. 

The best way to do it is to make a routine out of it. So you fill your bottle at specific times, and then you know you have to long to drink it until it's time for the next one. It can also really help to track the amount that you have got through in a day with an app, or planner sticker to help keep you motivated. 

Too busy to go to the Drs? 

Do you find yourself cancelling doctors appointments because you have so much stuff going on in a day that you just can't spare the time? If so then you could be setting yourself up for disaster. As attending medical appointment should be one of the most important and urgent things on your to-do list. 

It is always better to be safe than sorry with medical issues and if you're concerned, even if you think you may be being a bit daft, go and speak to someone about it. You’ll probably find that they are very understanding and happy to tell you that there is nothing to worry about. 
Image Here
Although if you are struggling to get to your local GP because of time constraints, you may want to consider another option like an online pharmacy, or having an appointment by video call. Then at least you can get treatment for your issue, even if you are snowed under with other things.  
Image Here

Too busy to relax?

Image Here
Now, there are probably quite a few of us out there that feel we are way too busy to relax. But down time is as important for your physical and mental health as anything else that you do. 
In fact, if you are claiming that you are too busy to possibly relax a lot, then it might be worth looking at your schedule to see if you are over-stretching yourself. 

It can be hard to say no when you have a lot of people relying on you like work, family, and friends. But sometimes we need to step back and put our own oxygen mask on before we help others. 

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Cult Favourite - MAC Velvet Teddy

Yes I did it. I gave into the hype that is MAC's Velvet Teddy lipstick. And why did I give in? Well this lipstick seems to be featured on every beauty blogger's site at some point or other. Whether it returns as a most used product or a cult beauty guide list, it's there.

It was there and it was whispering to me (yes I'm a lipstick whisper). It whispered 'Natalie, treat yourself. You deserve this'.

And so I listened to that voice and brought Velvet Teddy.
Lipstick packaging
I've only brought one MAC lipstick before and I totally forgot how heavy these lipstick capsules are. I think Mac has got the feel of high-quality down well. I also just love their signature black and silver detailing. It's iconic and instantly recognisable.

The smell of the lipstick is actually what gives me life. It smells of chocolate and you know that you're hitting the market when you make lipstick that you just want to dunk yourself into a vat of. No joke.
Swatch of lipstick
The pigment and quality of this lipstick is perfect, it's a matte (again with the mattes right?!) but it has a very subtle shine to it when it hits the light. For me, this shade is the perfect casual lipstick and one to pair up with a bold eye look.

The price tag is always the clincher, but I like how MAC have kept their prices more or less the same. At £16.50, this lipstick is definitely worth every penny. It smells good, applies on so effortlessly and more importantly, it lasts.
Lipstick on lips
Thank you MAC for making me give into temptation with this cult beauty fav.

What do you think of MAC Velvet Teddy? Let me know in the comments below.


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Mia's Christening

I'm definitely getting broody. I mean seriously, the struggle is real right now.

I think I need a puppy to just appease the maternal instincts in me.

This bank holiday weekend was spent celebrating two special occassion. The birth date of one of mine and Sam's best friends, Elliott. Also know as Elly belly to a few.

The other was the Christening of a beautiful baby called Mia. Mia is again one of the cutest babies ever and she is just at the point where she's realising the world around her - completely and utterly adorable to watch. She's also Elliott's first niece! I thought I'd photograph the event just because it's nice to have the memories kept on my blog for everyone to see, especially when it's a special moment for one of my friends.
The Christening landed on Easter Sunday so the day was even more memorable with the service held at Faringdon United Church. 

Now I'm not a religious person at all, I would definitely consider myself a non-believer. I'd like to think though that we do go somewhere after we pass away but I think that's just a coping mechanism I and many of us have, to feel as though there's something more than just the life we're given. 

I suppose that can be said for religion too. I think it's important to respect everyone's choices but for me I think religion symbolises hope and that natural urge to seek clarity and understanding for why we're all here. - I know, sorry guys, didn't mean to get all deep and philosophical on you!
Grace and Mia
Mia was dressed in this beautiful dress that had gorgeous floral detailing on top and a princess-worthy tulle-style bottom. She was also the most behaved baby I've ever seen from the beginning to the very end of the service.

I forgot how quick baby christenings are and it was lovely to see the service tie in the Easter elements with a cross that we all decorated with spring flowers given to us by Elliott's and Grace's mum. It looked really beautiful.
Floral Cross
It was a bright and sunny day and we all more or less co-ordinated the colour blue in our outfits for the day (how weird right?!). Here's a few snaps below and of course I had to include Alex's photo of all of us, aka the 'Christening Crew'.
Holding hands
Baby Mia
Group of friends
Have you got a special event coming up? Let me know in the comments below.


Monday, 17 April 2017

Lisa Blur London

The bug for trying new makeup has officially taken over. I can feel a deep urge to try more brands purely from the utter joy I've found discovering new products that actually work better on my skin. When it comes to new brands, I'm all for promoting them if they prove to be a contender in what already seems to be a saturated beauty market.

Lisa Blur is a new brand that connects together luxury and practicality and this really shines through with the two products I was sent. Of course I'm a bit of a brown fiend when it comes to eyeshadows. I admit that I try and change it up when I can but I always come back to browns. I can't help it! 
Eyeshadow and lipstick
I picked out Turkish from a insane collection of eyeshadows. Unfortunately, after only a few uses, this little pan crumbled into a mess. I think it's probably more my fault with being too heavy handed with things in general but I'm a bit saddened to see it like this nonetheless. 

However, I'm not going to let that stop me from using it (where's the rubbing alcohol at?!). The individual pan is the perfect size for fitting into a makeup bag. For ages now I've been using palettes and you forget how handy it is to just have individual pans as they are so much easier to carry around.
Close up of eyeshadow
The eyeshadow itself is a gorgeous shimmery brown. It looks dark in the pan but goes on lighter on the eyelid. For me, this was a bit of a disappointment because I had to add more on to get the effect I wanted. The eyeshadow is very easily blendable though which is a positive and the shimmer is great for giving a casual brown shade, a bit of a kick.
Swatch of Turkish eyeshadow
For £12.50, I would say that the quality is a little average compared to what I've used in the past. The shimmer is beautiful though and once I reassemble the eyeshadow back to it's original form, I'm sure I'll use it again.
I'm a big fan of the lipsticks and I opted for Plum Down because it looked pretty fierce on the website. The reality of the colour though was initially disappointment but I actually liked the shade once I applied it onto my lips. On the site it definitely looks like a bold red lip but it's actually more of a plum colour (go figure, Natalie). It definitely is a bold colour but it's not as poppy as I thought it would be which I'm actually happy about.

The quality though is clearly there. It's mattifying which I love and the quality in this lipstick is definitely worth the £15.00. It's a lipstick that could definitely rival the budget store alternatives and even the high-end brands.
Swatch of lipstick
Be sure to check out their range here. They also have some handy guides for newbies to the beauty game which are definitely worth checking out.

What do you think of Lisa Blur? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - I was gifted these products in return for my own honest opinion.



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