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The Stories Behind Two Transformative Makeup Looks

Makeup has the uncanny ability to enhance, disguise and highlight, our features. The transformative power of makeup is nothing new. It was being used decades ago for the exact same purposes. Here are two of the most transformative makeup looks out there, the history behind them, and how to nail these looks yourself, just like our beauty predecessors...

Elongated Eyes

Elongated Eyes
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Cat eyes, feline flicks, wings, call then what you will but let’s be honest, we stole this one from the Egyptians. This Cleopatra-esque makeup trick has been transforming the faces of women for decades. The world of beauty has never fallen out of love with this look, and it’s easy to see why. By drawing a line that extends from the bottom lash line we can enhance our eyes, make them appear wider, and give a flirtatious edge to any makeup look. After the Egyptians it was the pin-up beauties of the 40’s who started to rock this look. In the 50’s Brigitte Bardot took the cat eye to the next level by giving it a grungy smudge. In the 60’s Sophia Loren adopted the look and opted for a more severe, graphic line. Skip forward to the 00’s and who can forget Amy Winehouse's iconic and bold take on this age old look

The key to nailing this look is to extend the lower lash line by drawing one precise line up towards the end of your brow. Start with a thin line, you can always add more definition later. Use a liquid eyeliner for the most dramatic dark look, an eyeliner pencil for a smudged grungier look, and a pen liner for a more wearable daytime look. 


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Contouring is largely credited to the Kardashian clan. Pictures of Kim with different colored streaks on her face sent the beauty world into a frenzy, and contouring was born.  Or was it? In face contouring has been used in varying degrees since the 1500’s. Contouring is the use of color and product to make your face appear a different shape, more sculpted, or to enhance or shrink certain areas. Stage actors would use chalk and soot on their faces in Elizabethan England to enhance their facial expressions. Marlene Dietrich was also said to be a huge fan of contouring and would use the technique on various film sets. 

Contouring is such a transformative makeup trick that it can slim and widen noses, removing the need for nose surgery. It can even create or enhance cheekbones. For a slimmer nose, the idea is to highlight the thinnest part of the nose and slightly bronze the base. This creates a clever slimming illusion. 

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