Think Of Your Future - 22nd May '17


A couple of years back, if you'd asked me if I voted I would have turned around and laughed in your face. I mean not maliciously of course but in that 'ha are you kidding me?!' sort of way.

Don't get me wrong, I know that women have fought and died for the right for me to vote but I was so adamant that my vote counted for nothing and that our government was a load of toffs who couldn't be trusted. #itstruethough
I still believe that we as a generation don't have enough representatives for our concerns and our worries for the future in parliament at the moment. Instead, it's in the hands of the older generation who to be honest, won't be the ones who have to deal with the repercussions of their actions.

But before I go ahead, I have to say that I am not the most political person - hell I'm the opposite. If there's a news story about the running of our country involving any parties, I tend to just skip ahead and read something a little more light-hearted like the latest bad tattoo on MTV's Just Tattoo Of Us (this show is the bee's knees jus sayin').

So when did all this change? When did I decide to vote? It was actually last year when our nation was given the choice to stay or leave the EU aka Brexit. It was such a close run in the polls that when I went to bed that night, I hoped and prayed that we would still be in the EU the next morning. Turns out though that we'd lost and yes I did vote to stay in the EU.

I was angry and frustrated. It was the first time that I'd actually felt so passionate about something politically motivated. I was distraught that some friends and family had voted to leave. Surely being united was better than being apart?

What made it even more laughable was that those people who voted to leave (and those who sat on the fence) said we should just 'move on' and 'let's all just unite together as a country'.

Er no, let's not. We were and still are clearly divided as a country because the votes were so close to being a 50/50 split. After all this came out, I saw a staggering 28% didn't vote. That's about 13 million people. 
But how could I be angry? Only the year before, I was part of that percentage who didn't vote. And I get why those people didn't. I really do.

Recently I saw a tweet where bloggers were planning on spearheading a campaign to get more young people voting and I really wanted to get involved. I'm not going to tell you who to vote for because this is your decision. What I would tell you, is to do some research. Find out more about those parties in government and make a decision on what you feel rather than be influenced by others.

With so much information being thrust in our faces, it is hard to make sense of it all. So if you do find yourself a little overwhelmed, there are quizzes like this one, that can help show you which parties support your views.

So please use your vote. It's important that you have your say and as silly as it may sound, your vote does count. Registration closes tonight at 11.59pm so make sure you do it now by clicking here.

Remember that this is your future so make sure you decide on how it pans out.

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Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Mornings

Samantha Olivier is talking about the tips and tricks to boosting your mornings here on UpYourVlog. See her last one here. She's currently generating hype before her blog goes live. You can find her on Twitter here.
Coffee Beans
Having a perfect morning routine is crucial for success. It should give you a rush of energy and lots of motivation to face the day’s challenges. More than anything, your morning routine should be something enjoyable, something that puts a smile on your face and makes you jump out of bed every morning, even on bleak December days.

If you start off on the wrong foot, groggy and ill-tempered, you are likely to continue in the same spirit for the rest of the day. If you kick off with positive energy, then the day ahead is bound to be more fulfilling. 

To help you devise your perfect morning routine, we have compiled a number of ideas you can try. Keep in mind that these activities needn’t be long – an effective strategy is to pick several that work for you and make it a habit.

Drink a glass of water with lemon

Begin your day with a glass of water with several drops of lemon. This will give your immune system a boost and supply you with your daily dose of potassium. Moreover, lemons have a range of other positive effects on our bodies - they flush out toxins, freshen your breath, help you lose weight. A useful little hack that you can do in under 5 minutes. 

Do a Short Workout

Do you have trouble summoning enough energy in the morning? If you wake up feeling heavy and dispirited, a 10- or 15-minute workout can come as a lifesaver. Free Android apps like the 30 Day Fitness Challenge can help you maintain motivation and guide you slowly towards better results. 

You’ll find both full-body workouts and exercises aimed at toning specific body parts. As long as it keeps you going, either is great. 

Watch a Motivational Video 

Motivation can be difficult to sustain. One day you accomplish your daily tasks with a sense of purpose, the next you feel uninspired. What could get you going when you hit a low point are lectures from some of the most inspiring and accomplished people in the world (try TED Talks, for example). These talks tend not only to be instructive but also hugely entertaining and they last from 10 to 20 minutes on average. Squeezing in one a day can easily slip into a habit. 

Have Breakfast    

You surely remember your mum pestering you about skipping breakfast in high school. Annoying as it might have been, breakfast is probably the only thing on this list that is essential for everyone. Eating a nutritious, protein-packed meal early in the morning gives your metabolism a boost and keeps you from overeating during the day. Even on the busiest of days, you need to make time for a bowl of cereal, a breakfast bar or something more exotic like avocado toast with a fried egg. If you still have your doubts, why not try out something new, like tasty Optifast shakes?

Create a Fun Activity To-Do List 

In the fast-paced world, we are living in, lives get hectic and time becomes an invaluable resource. Planning activities you want to do on your own or with friends allows you to make the best of each day and make some long-term plans that are just about having fun. No obligations or irksome people on this list, please! Plan activities for letting off steam and unwinding.  

Meditate for 10 Minutes 

Meditation promotes well-being and concentration by having you concentrate on your inner being. Its benefits range from relaxation and improving your focus to cutting stress and increasing self-awareness. Even a short stretch every morning is a guaranteed mood-booster.
There is no fool-proof morning routine that works for everyone. Mix and match these ideas to find out what gets you going and then stick to it. 

Thank you for reading Samantha's blog post and be sure to check out her social media that I mentioned at the beginning of the blog post!

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Harry Potter Celebrates 20th Anniversary

So I read recently on Cartridge Save that Harry Potter is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year. Make sure you check out the article here. I know right, rewind...the Harry Potter franchise is 20 years old! Now I know what those adults mean when they say time literally flies by. 

Whenever anyone asks what my favourite book is or what my childhood novel was, it always is and will be Harry Potter. For me, this was the first moment where I completely got lost in books. I read those books so quickly that I managed to read the meatiest one, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoneix in just a week (I managed to read it all whilst on my hols). So I think it's pretty much had a big influence on me, especially during my childhood.
I thought I'd do a little wizardry Q&A to tell you guys what Harry Potter means to me. 

What's Your Favourite Book Out Of The Series?

It has to be Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire. For me, this was where Harry really got his moment to shine. He never really lost that timidness in him, but from this point, he definitely got stronger and the games definitely made him into the fighter he needed to be for the final book.

Which Character Did You Love The Most?

I think some might assume Hermione but I actually loved Ron. Ron Weasley is pretty much the boy version of me. I can relate to his goofiness and his absolute lack of magic skills (because I know I'd be exactly the same if Hogwarts existed). But most of all, his determination and complete loyalty to his friends and to Hermoine, made me fall in love with him. And I mean Rupert Grint is a gorgeous man so...

A Death You Wish Hadn't Happened?

I definitely got upset when Harry's only living relative (well to Harry, he was a relative) was his godfather Sirius Black. I hated J.K Rowling for killing off such a great character for Harry as he didn't get much of a chance to get to know him. Poor boy has been through so much already and then his godfather ends up being totally wiped out by this mysterious Veil - not impressed Rowling, not impressed. Jus' kidding! Not.

The Best Fist Pump Moment?

I mean there's been many throughout the entire series. Hermione's full-on punch in Malfoy's face was a good one and so was the moment that Ron and Hermione finally got it on. However, I think the best was when Molly Weasley said 'Not my daughter you bitch' and proceeded to blow up Bellatrix Lestrange into a million pieces during the final battle. GO MUMMY!

The One Sweet You Wanted Off The Trolley Witch?

Without a doubt, it had to be Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. They just sounded so good! Literally the tastiest flavours to the grim, vomit-inducing ones. They actually exist in reality so I mean I could try them out someday if I wanted to.  

What Would Your Patronus Be?

So I actually tried out Pottermore which is basically the digital heart of the wizarding world and mine came out as a Black and White Cat. I think I identify more with Penguins but hey I'll trust what the computer told me...

What House Would The Sorting Hat Put You Under?

I definitely would want to go to Gryffindor because I mean who wouldn't?! However, if it was the decision of the sneaky Sorting Hat, I would think it would put me in Hufflepuff. There go my chances of being a hero.

Who Would Be Your Favourite Teacher?

I actually think I'd love Severus Snape because, under all that darkness and cold sarcastic front, there was a caring and compassionate person inside. I also loved Alan Rickman and for me, he made Snape into the perfect character. He was everything I expected from the one I imagined whilst reading the books.

Most Memorable Quote?

I mean who can't love Hermoine's quote in the first book...

'Now if you two don't mind, I'm going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed or worse, expelled.'

It's just the delivery of these lines by Emma Watson that makes this quote my favourite and probably one of the most memorable from all the quotes in the series.

One Thing You Hope For The Characters In The Future

Now, fortunately, J.K Rowling has blessed us all with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child so thankfully we sort of know what happens to everyone in the future. I think for me though, I would love Harry to actually discover a family member he never knew he had.

What would be your answers to these questions? Let me know in the comments below!

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post although all words are my own.

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Summer Q&A with Queen Bee

Summer is well and truly on it's way. If you live in the UK however, you'd have thought we were repeating Winter - I mean it's been pretty cold here over the past week. However, I'm ever so hopeful that the heatwave is going to grace itself soon and I can finally be in my natural element. Laura Byrne aka Queen Bee had recently put a shout out on Twitter to work with bloggers and I realised that I want to collaborate with more bloggers rather than just brands. The blogging community is super supportive and I mean how cool is Laura's cartoon version of herself?! I want one!
Queen Bee Cartoon
We came up with the idea of doing a Summer Q&A, so check out my chat with her below.

What's the first sign of Summer for you?

L - As soon as the evenings began to feel longer and the sun begins to appear more often you instantly get the sense that summer is on the way. 

The perfect drink for sitting out in the sun? 

L - Oh that's a tough one. Okay, for sure if it's a crazy hot day, I would love a strawberry daiquiri - that's if I was on a sunny holiday lounging by the pool of course. 

Any holidays planned?

L - I'm so excited to be going on holidays this summer! I'm hitting the big apple aka New York! I'll have to try and not buy too much makeup. - I won't mention Sephora to Laura then!

Your go-to beauty look?

L - My go-to make up look has to be burnt orange and red tones to create a smokey eye. The orange shadows compliment anyone with blue eyes. For lipstick I would have to go for a nice burgundy shade and for the rest of my make up I keep it nice and simple. I don't like to apply too much. 

Favourite seasonal fragrance?

L - It has to be my Victoria Secret's strawberries and champagne body spray. Im obsessed with the scent. Oh, or Roger & Gallet perfume in the scent "rose" this perfume smells divine! 

Describe your perfect Summer outfit?

L - My perfect summer outfit would be a denim jacket, jeans cause I live in Ireland and we don't get much sun, and a white t-shirt and a pair of runners just something casual. Maybe if I had an event or something, I would go with a floral print dress. 

How much (or little) SPF do you wear during the Summer?

L - We don't really get much sun in Ireland it's always raining but my foundations all contain SPF and I'm currently using the garnier mist moisture bomb on my face and it contains SPF 30. 

Ice Creams or Ice Lollies?

L - Ice cream for sure you can't beat a 99p cone! well I always drop them all over the place so if you ever need me to hold your ice cream cone don't trust me with it. 

Your favourite Summer song?

L - Oh okay this is tough I currently have 3 picks right now and Harry Styles - Sweet Creature, Niall Horan - Slow Hands and Despacito remix with Justin Bieber.

Favourite moment from last Summer?

L - Passing my driving theory test that was a big moment for me. I do enjoy spending time with my family so we would normally go for a drive in the evenings and check out the scenery around us.

Me and Laura certainly have a few things in common (like strawberry daiquiris) and I'm totally jealous of the lush greenery of Ireland.  Make sure you follow this girl on Twitter here and her blog here.

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Why It's Ok To Lose Friends

I had a little moment of reflection the other night about friendship. Friendship is certainly important, right? It can help to have someone on your side whose fighting your corner just for you. They are there when you need picking up and they are with you, celebrating your achievements. A friendship fills you with so much love and pride that you can't possibly imagine life without them. But what happens when you lose friends? Perhaps it came out of the blue and you weren't expecting it. Or maybe you knew that this friendship was falling apart.

Well, you know what - it's ok to lose friendships in your life.

Friendship book
No matter how young or old you are or when you formed the friendship. Sometimes friendships end like relationships do. It doesn't make you a bad person, it's just life and we need to learn to acknowledge it instead of blaming ourselves.

You've Grown Up

University for me was the most exciting, full-on three years of my life. I had my ups and downs, knew what it was like to fall in love, party hard (and sometimes a little too hard), put on a lot of 'uni fat' and graduated with a pretty damn good grade. But more importantly, I made friends that I know I'll forever have in my life. Unlike High School and unlike College, these friendships have been formed on some of the strongest foundations - and what is that I hear you cry? I've grown up. I've learnt to accept who I am and in turn, I've found the right friendships. I didn't expect to lose friendships from my younger years but I realise that at that time, I wasn't myself and I certainly wasn't the person I am today. 

Sometimes You Only See The Good

Friendships can sometimes turn quite toxic and like any relationship, a toxic friendship can turn both parties into someone they're not and it ends up causing a lot of hatred. Whether it's something you did or something they did, sometimes it's just better to call it quits and go your separate ways. At the end of the day, the only thing that will come out of you staying friends is more hurt and more negativity that you just don't need in your life. On the other hand, perhaps the friendship is salvageable but it needs to be built from both sides. You can't have a relationship with yourself after all - well I mean maybe you can.

You Have Your Own Life

Friendships can simply drift apart due to commitments in our own lives. Whether that's having a family, saving for a house or deciding on a change of lifestyle, people have their own crap! Perhaps it's difficult to accept this because your own life feels a little lacking - trust me I've been there. But always remember that we all grow and develop and have achievements at different stages. Live your life for you and not just for those around you. Be selfish, I dare you.

You've Moved Away

I think this is probably the most relatable for myself. Moving to London is still something I struggle with internally, especially as I'm so close to my family. A big part of me wishes that I could just move back home and live out my life where my family are nearby but that wouldn't be who I am. Moving away can mean that friendships are strained or they no longer last but perhaps they were meant for only a period of time in your life?

It's Too Much Work

Ever had a friendship where it feels like your batting in a one-man court? Yeah exactly, it's not fun and it takes a lot of work. It's hard to even call it a friendship when the only one putting in the effort to organise and see the other is yourself. In a way though, it does speak a thousand words about your friendship and whether it really is worth keeping up. I know it sounds brutal to hear but it's never nice to always feel let down and to think that there's not equal value in the relationship. Don't be afraid to confront it.

Don't blame yourself for the friends you've lost in the past. There are many friendships we've yet to forge and so many that we stand to lose. But this is just a part of life and all your friendships count for something. Whether they last a lifetime or if they appear only for a fleeting moment, that's sort of what gives our lives purpose, don't you think?

Who have been your most influential friends? Let me know in the comments below.

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How to Experience London like a VIP

London is a magical city, and with the right knowledge, you can get the VIP experience while you’re there. From sight-seeing to partying the night away, London should be a place to remember. So, before you go, consider doing a little planning first. If you know where to go and when to be there, you could bump into the biggest celebrities or have the experience of a lifetime. Here’s what you need to know when you’re planning a trip to London.
London Thames
Image Here


There are many wonderful sights to see in London, with a wealth of history behind them. From Big Ben to the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, you’re sure to have your fill. One experience that will allow you to have the full view is the London Eye. You could queue up with the rest of the crowd to get an authentic experience, but if you want the VIP treatment, you have to get a private capsule. Hiring a private capsule means you’ll be able to enjoy the experience alone, with a glass of champagne in your hand. You can even hire a capsule to impress your partner and romance them with champagne and chocolates as you take in the beautiful view.

A Night on the Town

What is a trip to London without dressing to the nines and visiting some of the city’s best bars and restaurants? In London, you’ll find a fantastic variety of cuisines and fine choice of wines for dining. However, if you’re looking to bump into your favourite celebrity or perhaps shake hands with a Royal, like Prince Harry, get yourself on the Mahiki guestlist. You may have noticed the surroundings on pictures the paparazzi have taken. You’ll certainly feel like a VIP here, and you’ll have some fun too!
Theatre Curtains
Image Here

Head to the Theatre

If you’re in London, you can’t miss an opportunity to visit the theatre. Whether you’d swoon over Kenneth Branagh’s Shakespeare productions or Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is more up your street, it’s not to be missed. To get the VIP treatment you can purchase hospitality tickets for the performances. These usually include a meal close to the theatre before the performance, a champagne reception on arrival, tickets and a programme. You can find tickets here.

Brad Pitt Wax Work
Image Here

Madame Tussauds

If you happen to miss seeing your favourite celebrity when you’re out and about in London, there is always another way to get a picture opportunity. Head to Madame Tussauds and you’re sure to find a waxwork of your celebrity crush there. There are certain rules as you walk through the exhibit, but for the most part, you can take pictures next to the wax works. As for the VIP treatment, there’s no need to buy special tickets for this. You’re surrounded by VIP’s anyway!

When you’re travelling through London, the history and glamour of the city alone can make you feel like a VIP. Don’t forget to stop off and do some shopping in Harrods before you leave!

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post.

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Highs & Lows | Week 3

What a week! I am writing this during my lunch break, exhausted by last week's antics. I had so much sleep last night that I'm finally coming back to the land of the living but it's a slow process and I've realised this is because I'm now 24 and not 18. #sob
Drunk Girls
So let's get on with last week's Highs & Lows gurl!

Highs ↑

Hen Party Shenanigans 

This weekend just gone has been celebrated in style for one of my best friend's Hen Party. I travelled down to Plymouth for it and my body is only getting over the fun we all had. Friday night consisted of drinks and games including the hilarious Speak Out, which is where a mouth widener is used and you have to try and say sentences whilst effectively having no lips. Saturday was spent drinking and going on a boozy boat trip which was SO good. And then Sunday was spent travelling back and going to bed at 6pm. I was exhausted!


I am LOVING the LoveMeBeauty subscription box (read more about it here) that I've been receiving each month. It's a personalised subscription package and costs a mere £10 a month. Hell of a bargain and you know you won't be disappointed with what you get because you've picked the items yourself. 

Boost In Social Following

I've a had a nice influx of followers over the past few days both on Twitter and Instagram which is nice because with the amount of time spent on social media, it's great to see it paying off. What with the ever-changing algorithms that Instagram is going through at the moment, it seems like a lot of bloggers are suffering. Perserverance though is key!

Lows ↓

Feeling my age

It's a sad moment when you realise that you ain't 18 anymore and although I'm only 24 - you notice a hell of a difference. Two day hangovers, lusting after homeware and worrying about the future is all you have to look forward to when you reach that postgraduate stage.

Lacking energy

My lows definitely seem to have a body-related theme going on and I've definitely felt my energy lacking over the past few weeks. I think it's time I maybe looked into getting some more vitamins into my body and getting back into the fitness routine, as this helped a lot with my energy levels.

What have been your highs & lows last week? Let me know in the comments below.

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Top Places To Visit In Rome

Visiting Rome has been the highlight of my year so far. With only two full days to really experience this ancient city, myself and Sam threw ourselves into what was an exhausting but incredible 48 hours of sight-seeing.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit this wonderful place, then make sure that these places are on your list! Oh and besides the sights, make sure you try out as much delicious Italian food as humanly possible.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum
The Colosseum is a magnificent structure that has stood the test of time through mother nature and war. When it was first built, it's name was originally called the Flavian Amphitheatre. The great amphitheatre covers an area of 6 acres. Impressive right?! There's 36 trap doors in total which were used for elaborate special effects which normally included the appearance of exotic animals ready to either be slaughtered for entertainment or for the executions of individuals.

The Forum

The Forum
The Forum used to be a market place in which was surrounded by several government buildings. Triumphal processions and elections would take place here, the ground for public speeches, criminal trials and gladiatorial matches. The ground is so visually pleasing and makes for brilliant photography because of all the levels of architecture. A lot are intact amongst the fragments of others, it's a beautiful sight to behold.

Vatican City

Vatican City
The Vatican City is truly breath-taking. Once you get past all the people trying to sell you fast-track tickets into the Vatican itself, you find yourself walking under huge arches that lead into a big expanse. Chairs are left running down the centre, where thousands of spectators come to watch the Pope. Can you also believe that the Vatican City is actually a country? Mind-boggling!


The Pantheon was one of the places I really wanted to go and it certainly didn't let me down. Rome's architecture literally has you in a constant 'in awe' state and the interior of this place is just spectacular. The dome-shaped ceiling towers above, with the centre of it exposed to the elements which lets natural light illuminate the space.

Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna)

Spanish StepsThe Spanish Steps are the most beautiful and most hyped set of steps you'll ever come across. It connects the base of the Piazza di Spanga to the Piazza Trinita dei Monti and the church at the top. In Rome there's an incredible amount of graffiti all over the city for reasons unknown to us but it's great that it's main landmarks remain unscathed, with these steps having been restored several times.

Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia
The Piazza Venezia isn't the top place to visit amongst tourists but it's still an impressive build in the flesh. The almost all-white structure is the central hub of Rome in which several thoroughfares inter-connect. It's named after the Cardinal Venezia who, in 1455, ordered the construction of his own Palace (Palazzo Venezia) that later became the seat of 'Serenissima' which is the Republic of Venice.

The Churches

The Churches
Rome's streets are practically littered with churches and what can you expect when this is one of the most spiritual cities in the world?! It's hard not to wander into these beautifully decorated churches and get swept away in the silence. What's most impressive is that a lot have been painted on the inside to look like marble from a distance. The talent of these Romans is clearly evident both on the outside and in.


Piazza Santa Maria
This neighbourhood is south of the Vatican City and one of the best spots to find yourself a gorgeous sit down meal. The Piazza Santa Maria is a peaceful town square that is both beautiful by day and by night - evening when it's raining! Trastevere has alot of pretty side streets to get lost in and if we had more time, I would have spent more of it here.

Have you been to Rome before? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post although all words are my own.

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LoveMeBeauty - Personalised Subscription Box

I've always been interested in subscribing to a beauty box but I've never actually come across one that's taken my fancy. I suppose it's because I know I'll receive something in the box that I won't like and to me, it'll feel like a waste of money.

I came across LoveMeBeauty on a few blog posts and liked the concept. You pay £10 a month for 60 credits. You can spend more to get extra credits if there's something on the site that you really want. The site has a 'Shop the edit' which features around 10-15 products per month where you can spend your credits.
Selection of beauty products
And I must admit, my first collection of products for £10 is incredible. I've literally got the whole range of Eco Tools which are a very well known beauty brand that create these beautiful beauty tools from recycled materials and renewable bamboo. I managed to get three sets of tools including a Love Me Beauty makeup bag which is just gorgeous!

Eco Tols Six Piece Starter Collection

EcoTools Start Kit
Considering 60 credits equals £10, the value for money is literally a budget lover's dream. This six piece starter collection costs £11.03 so I've already got more for my money already! These brushes are super stylish and the bristles are super soft. They also come with it's own cosmetic bag so I I have a crap ton of makeup bags.

EcoTools Contour Perfecting Applicator

EcoTools Contouring Applicator
This one, I'm most excited to use because up until now, I don't think I've really got a good contouring blender. I love the shape of the sponge and the size is perfect for popping in my makeup bag whilst out and about. This one is £5.09 so the savings made on this beauty subscription box keep getting better and better!

EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo

EcoTools Blender Duo
So the Real Techniques Beauty Blender has literally been the one since I brought it well over six months ago. I can't believe it took me that long to figure out that a sponge gives a much better finish on my skin so when I saw this little duo on the edit, I had to get them. They normally cost £8.48 which I think is great anyway for two sponges. I love the fact that they've both got a flat side and I'm looking forward to using the smaller sponge for under the eyes and around the nose.

Overall I can't recommend this beauty subscription box enough. It's a rolling contract so you can opt out at any time. It gives you a great selection of products per month and it also allows you to buy more credits if there's more that you want during that particular month. I've already got my next lot on the way so I'll be sure to feature them on the blog too!

P.S. Make sure you use my code NATAL0723928 to get 30 extra credits with your first order. I know, you're welcome :)

What do you think of LoveMeBeauty?

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What I'm Reading - May

I managed to read twenty-six books last year. I set myself a target this year of thirty but I've unfortunately lost interest in reading and Netflix binge-fests have taken over my daily commute. Especially now I realised you can download episodes to watch offline.
But I really enjoy reading, it gives me the most pleasure in escapism and it also keeps the brain active, helping me to continue learning, experience new stories and talented authors. So here's three books I'll be burying my head into over the next month.

The Curated Closet

The Curated Closet
Serves two purposes; helps curate your wardrobe and makes a damn good centre piece on a coffee table. I recently had a huge clear out of my wardrobe, doing the old switch-a-roo with the winter clothing to the summer. After doing this, I stumbled upon this book and forgot I had it, so it's certainly come at the right time.

Buy the book here.

I Take You

I Take You
Eliza Kennedy pens the modern Bridget Jones in this hilarious read...that's what it says in the reviews anyway. I tend to be swayed by the cover and the blurb on books so this one looked interesting. This seems to be her first novel too so go Eliza!

Buy the book here.

Lean In

Lean In
Now I do love surrounding myself with hard-working, successful people and I love it when those people are women. Why? Because yes I'm a feminist and no I don't think we're anywhere near to being as equal as men. Sheryl Sandberg is the chief operating officer of Facebook and she's achieved so much in her life already. I love feeling inspired and driven so Sheryl seems like the perfect example to follow.

Buy the book here.

What are you reading at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.

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Rome - The Pantheon

The Pantheon. It's pretty majestic and stands tall amongst the crowds of people who are spilling in and out of it. Makes me think of a panther everytime I see or say the name of it. Yep I know, weird.
Outside of the pantheon
Here's the second post in a series, of mine and Sam's recent trip to Rome. If you haven't read the one about The Colosseum - check it out here.

The Pantheon was one that we visited on our second day. We were helpfully given a break down by our B&B owner, of all the places that were a must-see. If you want to see where we stayed then check out Windows on Rome. It's a cheap as chips but great quality accommodation for those on a budget or who just want to save money!

But back to this beast of a structure. The Pantheon sits at 43m (WHAATTT?!) and is a former Roman temple that's now a church. I mean, this beats the local one back in my hometown of Werrington for sure!

I have to admit, that the Romans were incredible craftsmen and to be able to build such impressive and well-detailed buildings - well it certainly puts our boring architecture to shame.
Inside of the pantheon
Pantheon ceiling
As you enter the Pantheon, you immediately find yourself looking up. This massive dome-shaped ceiling just seems to draw you in. It has a gigantic hole in the middle where light pours in, to illuminate the space. Also kind of makes me think of an alien spaceship about to beam me up.

Now I'm definitely not a spiritual person. I don't believe in any God but I can certainly respect the commitment and passion that religious people have. I could see alot of the tourists around me who were sat on pews praying and it felt kind of powerful. How amazing must it feel for someone who connects spiritually, to be in such a place like this?!
Pantheon Decor
A Pantheon Statue
The decor and detailing of the interior is just so hypnotic that you just want to gaze in awe of it for hours. I found myself at times, reminding myself that this was living for me and that I needed to enjoy this moment - and I blatantly was. However, I just couldn't get over the sheer scale and historic values that this building had and it was certainly like that for the rest of Rome's monuments.

What do you think of The Pantheon? Let me know in the comments below.

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Highs & Lows | Week 2

Let's see how long we can keep this going eh? This week's Highs & Lows!

I'm pretty sure I can stick with it if I put my mind to it. I mean how hard can this be? And I have to admit it's pretty nice to reflect on how each week pans out. So here's to staying on track and not falling off the waggon (which let's admit, I'll inevitably fall off it but we'll pretend it's all good for now)
Stones Graduation

Highs ↑

Dissertation SUBMITTED!

This has been a great week for Sammy G as he's submitted his final draft of his dissertation. This means that he's registered to graduate with an MA this July! He studied at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. He used to do International Politics at Aberystwyth where we met (he's now working in the theatre industry!) I'm such a proud girlfriend and he works so hard, that he deserves this. It also means I now have a valid excuse to get a new outfit. WINNING!

Because I'm Happy

I'm really happy at the moment and quite content with life which definitely needs to be celebrated. We spend half of our lives criticising and putting ourselves down for all the little mistakes we've made, don't you agree? Now all I need is a Michael Kors matching bag and purse and life would be glorious. I've decided that I'm going to treat myself now that I've got (and as my dad would say) 'a nice little earner', coming in thanks to my writing skills. My treat is said Kors bag and matching purse when I reach a certain amount saved from blogging. By the looks of things, this will definitely be happening within the next few months. YAS!

The Curated Closet

So I had a moment the other day, where I cleared out 3/4 of my wardrobe. I put them into bags and I'm going to take them into H&M and get the £5 vouchers they are exchanging for old clothes. Clearing it all out was definitely a cleansing moment and I recommend everyone does it at least once a year. I certainly had way too much clothing in my wardrobe that was either old, out of fashion or was just hanging there and never being worn. I think if it's been in your wardrobe for over a year and you've not worn it within that amount of time, it's definitely time to ditch it.


Never Drop That Alcohol

It was my boss' birthday this weekend just gone and we had an amazing night. I, however, got very drunk and ended up dropping half a glass of wine down myself. In the famous words of Beyonce 'never drop that alcohol' could not have been more relevant during that moment. I never really tend to get headaches from drinking until later on in the afternoon (or never if I catch it early with a couple of painkillers), but that morning was a total exception and the feeling of my head being stomped on from the inside kept me awake during what was meant to be a Saturday morning lie in. I know - feel for me guys, feel for me.

Gym Ain't Happening

You know how I said I was going back to the gym last week. Yep, that never happened. I don't know why I can't get myself motivated to go the gym but I'm really going to try this week. I promise! I think getting yourself to the gym regularly is really important but it's so hard to get yourself motivated. I can't believe that a few years back, P.E was a weekly requirement and I was as fit as a fiddle (and I had a washboard stomach to show for it) but now any form of exercise feels like a massive struggle and the one thing I miss most is swimming. Now unfortunately they're aren't many accessible swimming pools near me and any available ones nearby cost an absolute fortune. So I'm either going to have to cough up the dollar to pay for a swimming pool membership or I'm going to get my bathing suit on and do a few lengths of the Thames...

It's Not About The Money

I mean we all know the feeling when we reach that last week before pay day. Beans on toast anyone? Why is it, that money never seems to last that long. Oh I know, it's because I spend it. Ha. #scrappinginthepennies

What's been your highs & lows this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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Red Candy - Marble Copper Realness

Now there's no shame here on UpYourVlog. I've accepted that I'm showing tendencies of being a you-know-what. Especially when it comes to this beauty.

Yes, I'm getting excited about a wall clock that I received from Red Candy. Yes - that does mean I'm adult?
I know right, you're totally jealous of my recent addition.

Red Candy kindly gifted me this to you know, make my bland bedroom look amazeballs. Getting household items like this also appeases my need to have a place of my own that I can just decorate with everything that's rose gold, comfy and makes me want to show off my awesome pad. #longtimecoming
Up close of clock
The Karlsson Clocks blend in a mixture of materials that create a truly unique product. With copper and marble being on trend at the moment, it was only right that I chose this one. This wall clock bridges the gap between classic and contemporary.

The finish is gorgeous and the weight of the clock adds quality. I was surprised that this is only £29.99 which is pretty good value for money especially when it's such a well designed item.
Side view of clock
Make sure you check out Red Candy's range as they offer a mixture of home decor, accessories and funky gifts that are suitable for anyone.

What do you think of this Marble Copper realness? Let me know in the comments below.

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