Friday, 30 June 2017

Sonic Chic - Urban Collection

So it's officially festival season and although I've never been to one myself (if I did go - I'd have to majorly glamp it up, I'm not about that camping life), it's great that the big festivals like Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight broadcast them on television. This means I can watch it from the comfort of my own home!
Whether you're a seasoned camper or a first timer, making sure you've got everything you need for a trip away is essential because 9 times out of 10, you're likely to be in the middle of nowhere, with no local shops within walking distance.

Introducing Sonic Chic, described as 'the perfect accessory for your smile'. It's simple design and hygienic cap, means you can take it on the go without having to worry about it catching any dirty bacteria that might be lurking in the depths of your handbag or manbag.
Toothbrush heads
Priced at £20 on Boots, the brush comes in various designs, has an extra detachable brush head and an AAA battery. For this price, I think it's pretty reasonable, however, don't expect the brush to feel very heavy as I believe the casing is made out of plastic. I would have also liked the separate head to perhaps come in a storage case, as it would likely get dirty, loose.

The compactness is what I love most about the brush, it's cap allows it to remain hygienic but I found myself drying the brush off a lot before applying the cap. It's perfect for camping and for short trips away, going to the gym or if you're one of those who needs a toothbrush on the go. Their urban range can be found here but they also have a deluxe range that is charged via USB (pretty cool) and has a sleek metallic design.
Outer packaging of toothbrush
When it comes to the brush vibrations, I noticed the vibrations ran through from the bristles right down to where the power button is. This takes some getting used to and I'd have much preferred to feel more power in the actual brush area rather than an average speed along the entirety of the brush.

Would I use it again? Definitely. It's perfect for when I'm taking short trips away, where space is limited. However, if you're after a high-tech toothbrush with a faster brush speed, the Deluxe range may be a better shout.

What do you think of the Sonic Chic range? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.


Thursday, 29 June 2017

#LostInSummer Collection Launch | Quiz

When I think of Quiz, I think of High School. It was the shop that I always walked past in the shopping centre but never went in. I wasn't really interested in fashion during my teen years and would wear some pretty...questionable outfits. This carried on into college and university but I feel as though I'm now taking a positive step forward in the fashion world. Not to say that I don't have those days where I wear the weirdest combos. #noregrets

I wouldn't call myself a trendsetter but I'm definitely finding my own style slowly but surely. And just like I have grown, so has the Quiz brand. I only associated the brand in my teenage years as being a shop merely for Occassion Dresses but I'm happy to see that they've really come into their own. Browsing through their #LostInSummer collection, I found myself favouriting most of the outfits on their site.
Pink Bardot Top
Off The Shoulder Top
Big Sleeves
I picked these pieces because they scream out loud what I love at the moment. Embroidery, big sleeves and comfort. I am pretty much cray cray for big sleeves, that a previous couple of shopping excursions have resulted in a big sleeved top or dress being in the basket. This Pink & Black Double Frill Bodysuit is my obsession all over. I love the double frills as they turn a simple bodysuit into something super dramatic. The Bardot top is the perfect cut for Summer and I love the wired neckline which holds my boobs in place. The struggle is real when you're well endowed. 
Ripped Jeans
Ripped and embroidered jeans like these ones are perfect for cool days during the Summer (and trust me, us Brits don't have your typical hot Summer). I love the frayed cut at the ankles along with the heavily floral embroidery. They feel super snug and can be transformed from casual to glamorous changing the Rose Gold Shimmer Embroidered Trainers to some chunky heels. 
Embroidered TrainersGirl with cat
Oh yeah, and I made a friend whilst taking these photos. Like literally, the cat wouldn't leave me alone and hogged the camera...alot.

What do you think of Quiz's #LostInSummer collection? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - This post contains PR samples. All thoughts are my own and my opinion is honest!


Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Ordinary Days - London Theatre Workshop

I'll never underestimate the power of social media, especially when it opens doors to some exciting theatre right on my doorstep. I was contacted by Ordinary Days to see their musical production along with my partner Sam. This musical has also appeared a number of times Off-West End, the first being in 2011 and the most recent appearance took place at the London Theatre Workshop, a stone's throw away from Monument station.
Theatre flyer
We arrived with a few minutes to spare, a quick pee (because all of a sudden I now have my mother's bladder) and a chance to take in my surroundings. The theatre itself was located on the top floor and whilst climbing the staircase, it made me think we'd stepped into a hotel by accident. Once we got up there, we went through a doorway that literally placed us on the stage. I love theatres like this because they aren't your typical West End theatre venue, they are quaint, intimate and I feel that we as an audience have a closer connection to the performers - that and we're pretty much right up in their faces. Poor things.

The story is set in New York and follows the lives of four people, each struggling to settle into the big apple and how their ordinary lives - ha, go figure - connect in the most surprising of ways.
Deb and Warren

The Space

Space was obviously quite limited as it was probably only around a 30-40 seat venue. The props and set used were very minimal with just two black blocks that the performers would use in their scenes. It very much required the imagination of the audience, to dress the scene, which being a thespian myself,  I really liked.

The Music

The music was merely the MD (musical director for those who don't know the theatre lingo) playing the keyboard. It was very simple, very upbeat and light but also included a few sombre numbers. I loved 'Dear Professor Thompson' which was a hilariously performed account of a student called Deb trying to draft an e-mail to her tutor to ask for an extension on her thesis. Claire's final song 'I'll Be Here' was a stunning number that solved the mystery of the character's reservations of moving in with her boyfriend. Overall, the numbers were beautifully performed, worked well with just the one instrument as a backing and the harmonies really shone through during the group numbers.

Claire and Jason

The Cast

Claire played by Kirby Hughes was performed beautifully and I felt as an audience member, the journey of her character really engaged me till the very end. Claire is struggling with the thought that her boyfriend, Jason, has just moved into her small apartment and fears that things are moving too fast. The audience is left wondering whether this is just some mid-life crisis or if there might be a deeper, underlying reason as to why she's afraid of moving forward. It's not until the end that we learn Claire lost her previous partner, her fiance, in a fire. Suddenly everything makes perfect sense and Kirby made sure this moment really defined Claire's turning point and her acceptance of the past.

Jason is Claire's partner and is a typical laid back guy. He's all smiles and why shouldn't he be, when he's finally moved in with his girlfriend? Played by Alistair Frederick, Jason unknowingly is pushing Claire in the direction that she doesn't want to go, even proposing to her in the heat of the moment. Alistair is a polished performer and his voice paired very well when singing with Kirby. Jason's a very likeable character and Alistair made sure he came off that way rather than some arrogant boyfriend you wanted to punch in the face.
Cast of Ordinary Days
Deb took a couple of scenes to get used to and I think that might have been because of Nora Perone. At first, I wasn't sure whether she was carrying herself as well as Kirby was, but that was quickly quashed when she performed the 'Dear Professor Thompson' numbers that allowed Nora to really bring out her wacky, hilarious personality. Nora I think is naturally talented at comedy and she knows how to time the lines to get the best laughs. Also her facial expressions had me in a few stitches and by the end, I really wanted to be Deb's best friend. Life would never be boring!

Finally and by no mean's least, there's Warren. Warren is the first character who makes his appearance, giving out leaflets to less than engaging New Yorkers. Warren really is at the center of the story and is the connection that brings everyone together, allowing them all to move forward in the right direction. Played by Neil Cameron, Neil had quite a high-pitched, soft voice which again, like Nora, took me a little while to warm up to. However, by the end, Joel had transformed Warren into a character that shows there's more to him than meets the eye, becoming a good friend to Deb and finally finding a path for himself to pursue.

Overall, this was a great musical that is very much relatable to us as Londoners. In a highly competitive and over-subscribed city, we can easily become lost and lose our sense of direction but sometimes the guidance of strangers could be all we need.

Thanks Ordinary Days for having me along!


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Fears - What Scares Me

We’re told to be strong, to overcome our worries and fears but let me tell you this. When I come across a spider that’s the size of a penny, I freak the hell out. I definitely think I suffer from Arachnophobia but then I don’t like anything that crawls or moves much either…

Fears are what make us human. Some choose to overcome it, some choose to let it take over their lives and some, well they just deal with it. I thought I’d list my fears and what scares me. Perhaps you’ll find something that’s relatable!


I think in the back of everyone’s minds is this inevitable thing that’s going to happen to all of us. For some it happens too soon whilst others live a long and fruitful life. In the end though, no amount of status or wealth can buy you forever so I suppose we just have to accept it and live our lives to the fullest.


With all the terrorism that our nation has endured this year - and I thought 2017 was going to be a good one - I’d be lying if I said I had no problem living in London. I’ve realised that when I’m in a popular or crowded area of London, I start to get paranoid, watching everyone and anyone in my vicinity. It’s only natural and if anything, it’s great that we are being more vigilant. We are certainly living through some scary times but terrorism never accomplishes what it wants to achieve and each attack has only made us stronger as communities and as a nation.


Experiencing this first hand made me realise that dementia is such a scary illness. It’s slower and more painful to watch someone you love or are close to, lose themselves, to not recognise someone whom they’ve been married to for decades, not acknowledge them as they walk into the room. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy and hopefully, like cancer, we’ll find the drugs or the cure to beat this soul-destroying illness.


I think we all feel it at some point in our lives and that’s regret. Regret that we didn’t do something or that specific thing you wanted to do, has not yet been done. I think within our highly competitive world, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to stick to the status quo, or to not do something because money or other people’s views got in the way. Try not to regret too much, especially the big stuff.

What scares you? Let me know in the comments below.


Monday, 26 June 2017

Highs & Lows | Week 9

I've just touched down from a glorious five-day holiday in sunny France and I've picked up my laptop with fresh eyes after having a digital detox. Yes, I did pick up my phone on a few occasions to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix (which I'm now hooked on) and to take a casual look at my e-mails but it was such a refreshing experience to just relax and not have to be attached to my blog or my phone. 
Girls posing

Highs ↑

A 'House Family' Getaway

Myself, Sam and Sean all went over to France last Wednesday for a holiday at Sean's parents. They've now retired and moved their lives over to a rustic paradise near Limoges. It's everything I'd love to have when I retire because it's so peaceful.

Digital Detox

Like I mentioned above, going away without my laptop was amazing. It was great to actually spend time doing lots of exercise from kayaking to the adventure park where we climbed obstacles in the trees. We did lots of drinking, chatting and I even learnt how to play Poker.

Lows ↓

Little Friends

So we've suffered a few infestations in our current residence and because it's a suitable location to live in and I didn't personally want to spend another deposit on a flat because hey it's London and it's SO EXPENSIVE, we've put up with it. However, our recent friends have been the soft-shelled cockroach and they've been a pain! The flat was fumigated whilst we were away so hopefully, this solves the problem.

What have your highs & lows been?!


Friday, 23 June 2017

Mr & Mrs Rendle

So I witnessed one of my best friend's get married a couple of weeks ago and whilst they are probably still on their honeymoon (they're camper vannin' it around the UK), it's still settling in that this has actually happened and that it's a very adult thing to do. I know, I've definitely not grown up at all - I feel like a child still! 
Wedding Dance
I remember all the memories we made at university, all the times we drunkenly danced in the nightclub on the Pier in Aberystwyth and all those times we shared going through the drama of university. Laura looked incredible and she had this beautiful, natural glow that could only come from knowing she was marrying the love of her life. To have been part of something so special was an honour and I wanted to share a few (or a lot) snaps of the wedding weekend. Enjoy :)
Friends Posing
Wedding Procedures
the bride and groom
The wedding was beautiful and every detail was well thought out. I got so many ideas from this wedding for when I have my own, from the personalised hashtag game to the golden globe allowing guests to write their good wishes.
Wedding couple stepping out of campervan
Of course, Laura's wedding dress was highly anticipated and she looked beautiful! She hadn't told us what she was wearing as she wanted to keep it top secret but the dress suited it perfectly. The lace and detailing to the front and back was just what I thought she'd go for. I also loved the fact that the top part of her dress came off to reveal a sweetheart neckline. JUST GORGEOUS!
Wedding Venue
Boys smiling
 Of course, Laura's wedding dress was highly anticipated and she looked beautiful! She hadn't told us what she was wearing as she wanted to keep it top secret but the dress suited her perfectly. The lace and detailing to the front and back was just what I thought she'd go for. I also loved the fact that the top part of her dress came off to reveal a sweetheart neckline. JUST GORGEOUS!
the wedding dress
Back of the wedding dress
The wedding top
the wedding shoes
Bride talking to friends
Afternoon tea
I Spy Game
Cake and flowers
The weather certainly held out for Laura and her big day, only chucking it down when we got into the marquee - perfect timing!

The afternoon tea served was so adorable and after I downed a bottle of Prosecco (because hey you can take a girl out of Stoke but you can't take the Stoke out of a girl), we watched the bride and groom cut the cake and take their first dance.
Danielle posing
Best Girlfriends
Best Friends selfie
Girl posing
Group dancing
First dance
Jake and Laura signage
I still cannot believe that one of my friends is now married. Life is going so quickly! So who's will it be next I wonder?!
Aber Gang
The Aber Crew.
Have you been to a wedding recently? 



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