Friday, 29 September 2017

Revoholics Lip Palette | Makeup Revolution Freebies

It's always nice when you reach the check out counter in store and find that an item of clothing has been discounted or you've been given a free gift. So imagine my pure delight when I received not one but two free products along with my purchases! Makeup Revolution is a little bit of a love/hate relationship because they sometimes produce some great products and then some others just tend to fall flat at the first hurdle.
Revoholics Packaging
inside lip palette
When I got given the Revoholic at the checkout, I immediately thought that this wasn't going to be a great product. I'm not a massive fan of lipsticks that come in palette form. I just prefer to have it as a stick because it's easier to apply and less messy than just using my finger.

The Revoholic Lip palette is actually a limited edition so I don't think it's available online and I'm not entirely sure whether this palette is made up of existing lipsticks in the Makeup Revolution I've given them my own names to reference to them when I'm describing the shades.
Lipstick swatches
The palette has twelve shades in total and they vary in sizes due to the pattern of the palette. I like this idea as they've created a good balance between shades, making the most room for the darkest shades and the lightest ones. I had...SO MUCH FUN naming these shades that I'm definitely saving some of these as inspiration if I were to ever own my own lip stick line. #agirlcandream

The Perfect Nude 

This is my favourite nude colour, hence why I put perfect in the name. This peachy, slightly dark nude is pretty much flawless and what I'd happily buy in a full lipstick form.

Peachy Dreams

Probably my least favourite. It's just too orange and doesn't suit a fair gal like me. It would probably look better on darker toned skin.

Tan Me Now

Looks darker when swatched but on my lips, it looks lighter. The shade has orange tones but it much warmer than Peachy Dreams.


A more pink toned nude. A little too pink for my liking as I'm fairly red in my skin tone. It would look good though on my skin if I were just back off a week's holiday in the sun.

Hot Pink

I love this shade because it has that pop art pink that just makes my lips stand out without looking tacky.

Barbie Realness

Definitely not as neon pink as it is in the pan or swatched but it still reminds me of a similar shade of lipstick I bought when I first started using make-up properly and I looked like Nicki Minaj but with really pale white skin.

Frosty Gloss

Definitely misnamed this shade because on my lips it looks hella coral. With slightly pink undertones, I'm not feeling this one at all.

Seductive Siren

Felt a little let down by this shade. I thought it would be a bright pop of red but it ended up being a more deep pink colour. Not impressed.

Mrs Claus

Definitely more of a sultry red but it's still a pretty muted colour. I think as I dipped into this one, I realised that the darker shades aren't as pigmented as they make out to be.

Purple Rain 

One word - DISAPPOINTING. Not at all pigmented like it looks swatched and look more like a deathly sheer purple as it doesn't even add coverage to my natural lip colour. Just goes to show that swatches don't always provide the same results on the face.

Vampire Kiss

A lot better than I thought it would be but still not as pigmented as I would have liked. I love berry shades on my skin as it makes me like my pale skin a little more. I've come to the conclusion that I don't like using a lip palette because applying it will my finger is not working well.

Berry Blast

This one is my favourite shade on the palette with The Perfect Nude coming in a close second. I love these darker shades on my lip but with this one, it's a little patchy in places.

The formula of these shades is pretty waxy when applied onto the lips which means the quality and longevity of the formula isn't great. It pretty much came off once I wet my lips slightly. It's also incredibly drying and not moisturising at all. When I'm rubbing my lips together I can definitely feel the talc that's in the ingredients. I can see why it's a limited edition palette and that it came free with the purchases I made.

What do you think of the Revoholics Lip Palette? Let me know in the comments below.

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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Beauty Products I Need In My Life

Like many wishlists, I have an ever-growing list of beauty products that I'm waiting to buy once I make enough money to warrant buying it all. And although I probably won't get half of these things on my list, it's been a great way of me keeping track of what's hot in the beauty world. The beauty industry is so busy with various brands, both old and new, that I could never keep track of them if I didn't write them down somewhere.
Beauty Products
I recently discovered LovetheSales which provides discounted prices on all popular high-street and designer brands. And you know I love a good bargain, so what a surprise that most of the beauty products I'm after are more or less all on here. Bye bye paycheck.

Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner - £20.00 £12.50

I've learnt from Benefit that they love using the exclamation point. They literally use it in every other product title! (ha) I've always wanted to try this eyeliner because of it's soft tip applicator and this girl does NOT like liquid eyeliners.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation £29.50 £27.95

Not a massive saving but like Tesco says, every little helps! Estee Lauder is another brand I've yet to try but it seems to be well loved by many of those in the beauty industry and blogging world. A lot more than I like to spend on a foundation so I'll probably try a sample of this before buying.

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense 50ml £34.00 £29.95

I had a sample version of this and instantly fell in love with the formula. The product does exactly as the title suggests, coating your skin in all of the moisture so it's perfect for nourishing extra dry skin during the Winter.

Benefit K-Brow! £20.00 £17.00

Not sure how this compares to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, but it appears to be fairly similar. The only product I've tried from Benefit is the Porefessional Primer which I love. There's lots of positive reviews of this so I'd love to try it out.

Rogue Pur Couture Lipstick £30.00 £26.00

YSL are that dreamy, luxury brand that you've forever wanted to own, even if it's just for the one product. Their packaging is just stunning and I've been lusting over one of these lippies for a while. The range contains both matte and sheer lipsticks so the best of both worlds!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream £18.50 £30.00

An incredible saving at nearly half of the original price! I've heard really good things about the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream so the fact that this is so cheap is amazing. The formula protects the skin from the effects of extreme weather and climate changes so it's a great all year round cream that's adaptable.

GlamGlow Gravitymud Mask £42.00 £34.85

This one features on Instagram constantly and to be honest, I just want it because I'm getting the serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out for those who don't know the youth of today's slang). It's an effective firming treatment that is supposed to give you a visible face lift. I mean that's a big statement to make.

Clinique Chubby Foundation Sticks £16.95 £24.00

I feel like this is probably more suited for the Summer because it's only sheer to moderate coverage and I prefer to plaster my face in full coverage foundation during the Winter.

There are some amazing deals on the site, so make sure you check them out! What beauty products are you currently pining over? Let me know in the comments below.

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

My Current Favourite Beauty Products

I haven't done a current beauty favourites for a while so I thought I'd update you on what I've been using over the past couple of months. As I branch out into the extremely saturated world that is the beauty market, I'm learning more and more about the type of products that suit my skin, what I like in products and what I don't like.
Beauty Products
The below selection of product if what I've seen myself reaching for the most and I'm happy to see a small selection of skincare products featuring - YES MY SKINCARE REGIME IS GETTING THERE!

L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask in Charcoal - RRP £7.99

Pure Clay Detox Mask
I recently featured this on my blog and it is a mask that I've loved using over the past month or so. It's a luxurious, thick mask that's main component (charcoal), is great for drawing out any impurities and oiliness on the skin. I definitely want to try out some more of the range but let me know if you've tried out any for yourself. Highly recommend!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - RRP £24.00

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
This has been my favourite concealer so far and I think is on par with the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. This one has a lot of coverage and it adds a subtle glow but not too much that it's blinding or looks odd.

Maybelline Lash Sensation Mascara - RRP £8.99

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
This was a 'blogger made me buy it' purchase after seeing it appear on so many beauty blogger's sites. I love the size and shape of the brush and the pay off on my lashes is stunning. I think the only issue with this mascara is that it does catch a lot of the product as you pull it from tube. Therefore, I have to scrap the excess onto the side to avoid a clumpy mess on my lashes.

Eco Tools Duo Sponges - RRP £9.99

Eco Tools Duo Sponges
I am OBSESSED with these Eco Tool sponges. The sizes are perfect for applying both foundation, concealer and setting powder. They are slightly more absorbent than the Real Technique's Beauty Blender but I prefer these because they're softer and it doesn't feel as though you're battering your face so much.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation - RRP £5.70

The Ordinary Foundations
I finally got round to ordering both the serum and full coverage foundation from The Ordinary brand after hearing so many beauty bloggers and bloggers in general, raving about the formula of these products. After reviewing them on my blog and trying them out, I really love the serum compared to the full coverage. The serum is lighter and less cakey than the full coverage which was great for me to use over Summer. I think I may find myself using the full coverage more over the colder periods but so far so good!

BareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion - RRP £34.00 (for full size)

Bare Minerals
I got this sample from my selection of products by LoveMeBeauty, a beauty subscription service that's fantastic by the way. They normally have a selection of high-end products to choose from and I picked out this vital power infusion serum that I've more or less gone through in the space of a few weeks. This is a powerful blend of ingredients, that's meant to give your skin more radiance and renews the skin. I love the formula and feel of this on my skin as it's quite thin and doesn't feel too tacky or heavy. I don't know whether I'd buy a full version but I've certainly enjoyed using it.

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser Tint - RRP £59.00 (for full size)

Perricone MD
When I first tried this product out - I was shooketh. I'd never tried a tinted moisturiser before so I went crazy for this product. It's a rich texture with small beads in that once rubbed into the skin, provide you with a burst of warm colour, giving your skin a bronzed glow. I also got this from LoveMeBeauty and the size of this is incredibly generous seeing as this was 30ml and the full size is only 59ml. I'd definitely buy this again but it's so pricey so if anyone knows of a dupe version of this, let me know!

And that's my current beauty favourites from the past couple of months. Let me know what you've been loving in the comments below.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Advice For Renting | with HomeLet

I can't believe it was 2014 when I graduated from university. That means I've been in London for over 3 years now. Absolute crazy times guys. Since moving to London, I have moved twice and each time, I've learnt a fair bit about renting as a tenant. HomeLet are currently running a campaign called #RentingRules, which is looking for top renting rules for both landlords and tenants.
Letting Agent Signs
I wanted to create my content from the view point of a tenant because renting in London is a mixed bag of outcomes. We've gone from a really good property to a not so good property and it's only from this experience, that we've learnt what to look out for when we come to move again.

Look for properties a month or so before

If it were possible for me to search for a property now to rent in a year's time, I'd jump at the chance. There's nothing more stressful than doing it weeks before you're due to move either as a first timer or from another property. Depending on your 'moving in date', I would recommend you start searching for properties around a month or a month and half. A lot of estate agencies will offer a range of properties that are available immediately or in a month's time. A month is enough time for you to search for the ideal property and still have enough time to move any furniture and sort out bills, internet, council tax etc before you move in.

Shop around with different letting agents

Don't stick with just one letting agent, shop around to see all agents selling in your area. An agency may only have a small handful of the available properties in the desired area, so you're already limiting yourself to what you can pick from!

Explore the area beforehand

One of the common mistakes when moving to a new area is that not enough research into a new town or place has been done by the tenant so you often quickly uncover perhaps some negatives that you didn't see before. My advice would be to explore the area both by day and by night. A town can quickly change it's atmosphere by the evening so it's about making sure you feel safe at all times in your new neighbourhood.

Make sure all hidden charges are exposed

Agencies can be sneaky snakes so when they advertise X amount as a deposit, they don't tend to include their 'admin fees' and any extra additional costs they can put down as being necessary. Therefore, when it comes to putting a deposit down, make sure you've uncovered any hidden charges so that when you hand over your credit card, you know the final amount required.

Expect to pay two month's rent or more as a deposit

It's no surprise that going with a letting agent is more costly but renting privately with a landlord may come with more risks. It's the norm in deposits that you're required to pay up a month's rent and a month's rent in advance. This has been absolutely crippling to my bank balance in the past and hence why our last move will be our last one before buying a property. If you're renting in London, be warned that deposits will likely be over £1,000 per person. I know right, why do I live here?

Make sure your deposit is protected

I cannot stress enough to make sure your deposits are protected. This means that both yourself and the landlord are covered in the event of a dispute. The main one is DPS who cover deposit protection to tenancies in England and Wales. 

When visiting a property, interrogate the letting agent

If I could go back to the point where we were looking around our current flat, I would have looking at every exposed pipe and brick wall and immediately said no. I would have looked at the obvious damp problems that had been covered up with paint and walked out of that flat as fast as I could. When you're a seasoned renter, you'll start to learn what to look for in a property ESPECIALLY when it's an old building. Don't feel embarrassed to interrogate the letting agent and ask them all of the questions so that you're satisfied you won't encounter any problems.

If possible, have a guarantor who will help you in an emergency

Having a guarantor (which is someone who's able to pay your rent if you're ever unable to) is a safety net that you may not think you need but is actually a lifesaver if you ever find yourself in a unexpected situation where you can't pay rent. At university, it was mandatory that we had guarantors because we were students and was rightly so the estate agents couldn't trust students with their finances. When you're in full-time employment it's not always a requirement but a spoken or written contract between yourself and your guarantor is handy to have.

Know your rights as a tenant

I can only imagine there's been many times where the wool has been pulled over a tenant's eyes by a landlord or letting agent. It's important to know your rights as a tenant and the best place for this is through the Gov.UK website. There's plenty of advice regarding all aspects of renting and owning property in relation to you as a tenant.

Did you find this helpful? Let me know in the comments below.

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Monday, 25 September 2017

Highs & Lows - Week 22

Birthdays. Now that Summer is over, everyone seems to have a birthday coming up and although it's great to see everyone and celebrate another year together, it takes a battering on the ol' bank balance. Then again, life's too short to worry about money so who cares! We had one of our friend's birthday on Wednesday and at the time of writing this, tomorrow is our housemate's birthday! Both myself and Sam are also taking part in a new project that our friend has created which is taking place in December. It will be very exciting stuff but it will also be taking up quite a bit of my time, so I'll definitely need to whip myself into being more organised.
Bobblehat Logo

Highs ↑


Bobblehat is the exciting new project that both myself and Sam are working on that's taking place in Wimbledon over December. It's a live advent calendar that's free to attend and there will be a surprise performance/event that will be taking place every day. This is such an exciting project and I'll be helping out with the social media!

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated our friend Will's birthday this week at a place called the Porterhouse. It's such a great space to hold group drinks in because it's massive. The interior is like an industrial style warehouse and is split over twelve levels (I know right, it's the biggest bar in London apparently). It's different to most modern bars so make sure you check it out if you're ever in the area.

Hotel Booked

Myself and Sam decided to stay in a hotel the night before we fly. We wanted to be able to just kick back and relax, just the two of us. So we've gone with Bloc Hotel, which is in Gatwick itself and will be perfect for us as we've never flown from Gatwick before and it also allows us to do a little pre-shopping before our flight.

Lows ↓

It's A Drag

I think it's because I'm looking forward to the holiday so much that this week has dragged massively. But I know as soon as we start to panic about holiday shopping, the rest of the time will fly by and before we know it, we'll be on the plane!


Friday, 22 September 2017

Autumn Fashion Wishlist '17 | with New Look

The inspiration for this post came when I had racked up 48 'saved' items in my wishlist on New Look. The one thing and probably the only thing that I can stand about the cold is that I can wrap up in layers and layers of clothing. 
Chunky Jumper
Bring on the double layers of jumpers, bring on the scarves and wooly gloves with matching wooly hat. I live for the autumn/winter clothing. It's the only thing that gets me through the seasons...that and pumpkin spiced lattes. So whether it's raining or just bloody freezing outside right now, sit back and browse through this wonderful collection of clothing. Buy my pretties, BUY!

The Jumpers

Jumpers are the best fashion creation that ever existed. I live in my jumpers during the winter and there's a SHIT TON of jumpers just waiting to be snapped up by yours truly.
Rust Colour Block Jumper £24.99 | Grey Balloon Sleeve Sweatshirt £15.99 | Yellow Lattice Back Ribbed Jumper £19.99 | Black Tiered Sleeve Jumper £19.99
Black Cut Out Shoulders Longline Jumper £19.99 | Yellow Bardot Neck Sweatshirt £15.99 | Grey Fine Knit Longline Bar Back Tunic £17.99

The Bottoms

I always find that I reach for my leggings during the Autumn/Winter months just because they go with pretty much anything. I wanted to try for a bit more variety in my wardrobe this year so behold, skirts!
Pink Velvet Pleated Midi Skirt £27.99 | Black Check Wrap Front Mini Skirt £22.99 | Burgundy Velvet Embossed Mini Skirt £19.99 | Black Check Jacquard Frill Hem Leggings £19.99

The Shoes

Ankle and Knee High Boots seem to be the seasonal staple for Autumn and there's a great selection of boots in a variety of styles on New Look.
Black Suedette Slouchy Block Heel Mid Calf Boots £34.99 | Wide Fit Brown Buckle Ankle Boots £27.99 | Tan Suedette Stiletto Heel Pointed Boots £22.49 | Red Suedette Cone Heel Pointed Boots £29.99
Wide Fit Black Block Heel Lace Up Biker Boots £32.99 | Red Leather Cone Heel Pointed Boots £59.99 | Wide Fit Tan Comfort Block Heel Chelsea Boots £29.99 | Brown Ankle Strap Knee High Boots £39.99

The Outerwear

What's better than one layer of clothing? TWO. That's why I love adding on a jacket, coat or cardigan to feel even more snug.
Grey Check Contrast Cuff Blazer £29.99 | Grey Balloon Sleeve Cardigan £22.99 | Cream Faux Fur Lined Aviator Jacket £59.99
Tan Suedette Mac £44.99 | Noisy May Yellow Faux Fur Trim Jacket £35.00 | Noisy May Pink Cable Knit Longline Cardigan £30.00 | Coral Suedette Biker Jacket £39.99

The Accessories

And lastly, not forgetting the accessories. From thick chunky scarves to bobble hats with the biggest bobbles you've ever seen, I love these little things that complete a Autumn outfit.
Yellow Faux Fur Pom Pom Scarf £17.99 | Pink Ring Handle Across Body Bag £5.00 | Yellow Check Print Scarf £12.99 | Black Double Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie £9.99 | Black Drawstring Tote Bag £9.00
Yellow Faux Fur Pom Pom Bobble Hat £7.99 | Yellow Wide Check Fringed Scarf £14.99 | Black Mini Backpack £19.99 | Nude Pink Suede Colour Block Tote Bag £54.99

What do you like from this wishlist? Let me know in the comments below.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Designing My Dream Home Office

So when myself and Sam eventually get around to buying a house (which will be in 545683538648 years because London is so freaking expensive), I've always wanted to have my own office space where I can be totally creative and have it as a quiet hub for my blogging. Which is why I wanted to totally get ahead of myself and tell you what my ideal dream office setting would look like. After getting in touch with Calibre Furniture who are office furniture professionals, I decided to use their furniture as inspiration.
Office Area

The Desk

Now if money were no object, I'd get one of the biggest executive desks I could find but the likelihood of having anything more than a box room would not really accommodate that sort of desk. I eventually want to get myself a desktop Mac so that I'm really only using my laptop for when I'm away traveling. Calibre Furniture has a range of desks to suit both home office and work environments. I love their Classic Glass Desks because they're modern, easy to clean and look totally swish. 

The Chair

If there's one thing that I'm really looking forward to when I get my own office space is having one of those comfortable office chairs. At the moment, I'm making do with the sofa, a wooden chair (which is so bad) and leaning up against the wall on my bed. So when I browse longingly and find the Wesley Executive Chair, I mean...can I buy it now? I love chairs that literally envelope you and that you can do all of the James Bond, evil baddie impressions!

The Storage

I visualise my office space with all black furniture and then just pops of colour here and there. That's why, when it comes to office storage, I'd want something like the Gloss Credenza Unit and probably some floating shelves because THIS GIRL loves floating shelves.

And in terms of everything else, I suppose a bookcase for my books would be great and maybe if there's space, a cosy armchair of some sort that I can relax in with a glass of wine and a gritty crime novel in hand. 

The chances of me getting an additional room for an office space is fairly slim when it comes to living in London but a girl can only dream and hope that the office gods hear her and find her a place in the city that has two bedrooms, an office space and a big garden all for under £400,000...yep like that's going to happen.

Make sure you also check out Calibre's blog post on office productivity hacks, it's well worth a read.

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post with Calibre Furniture. All words are my own.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Sustainable Fashion with Hawthorn

When it comes to the fashion industry, I'm always one who likes to find a bargain but over the years I've become a little more conscious about buying cheap clothing otherwise known as fast fashion. Our world is not as green as what it used to be and the fashion industry is the world's second biggest polluter. I suppose that's not so hard to believe when there are so many new brands and companies cropping up manufacturing and selling clothing worldwide.
Sustainability in fashion is being seen more now than back when I was a kid, which can only be a good thing. Big companies like H&M and Marks & Spencers are offering their customers financial incentives to bring back old clothing that they can then recycle and use to make new again. Unfortunately though in our current society, we are constantly looking for cheaper alternatives which results in so much wastage and pollution. I recently crossed paths with Hawthorn, a clothing manufacturer, and I thought it might be a great opportunity to pick their brains as to whether sustainable fashion is something everyone will get on board with eventually or if our desires for cheap deals will always hold it back.

For those who don't know about sustainable fashion, what is it?

Sustainable fashion is the term which has been given to represent eco-friendly practices within the industry. The goal of sustainable fashion is to create an industry which does not negatively impact the environment in the way it currently does. With the fashion industry being the second most polluting in the world, there is a clear issue which as manufacturers we must respond to. The fashion industry has for the past 25-30 years been a great polluter, thanks to “fast fashion”, a term which was coined in the 90’s to represent the way in which manufacturers and brands were seeing a need for quick turnaround times to keep up with trends. As a result, fabrics like cotton were farmed to the absolute maximum of their capability, aided by treatments such as pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Polyester also gained popularity as a fabric choice; a material which requires the use of fossil fuels to produce it. Sustainability in the fashion industry is what we need to achieve to reduce the huge impact it is currently having on the environment, and the most prominent place to start is in fabric production. By working to reduce polyester usage and by increasing the usage of organic cotton, a positive change will be had.

What are the benefits of sustainable fashion?

The greatest benefit to using eco fashion practices are those to the environment; for example, growing organic cotton reduces pollution to the ecosystem in the farms and surrounding areas where cotton is grown due to the decrease in pesticide and toxic chemical usage. However, there are also some benefits which are less thought of, and which relate to the clothing themselves. Clothing which is produced from fabrics which have not been treated with chemicals during the fabric process are actually of a higher quality than fast fashion equivalents. They’re more durable too, meaning the clothes last longer and therefore the requirement for production is less, reducing the impact on farming and reducing the need for maximum yield via the use of pesticides and chemicals.

Would you say more brands/clients are now emerging with more ecological ways of manufacturing clothing?

Absolutely! Things are definitely going in the right direction with regards to sustainability, however, there is a still a long way to go. Many consumers naturally take sustainability into account less than they do the style, fit, or brand associated with a garment, but more small brands are beginning to realise that sustainable fabrics are accessible and that the price difference isn’t a great deal more than traditionally created fabrics. Drawing from our experience as clothing manufacturers, a couple of years ago we dealt with only a small amount of brands who aimed to be as sustainable as possible, however now we have seen a great influx which has led us to develop stock ranges of eco-friendly fabrics which small brands can utilise in their ranges.

Is sustainable fashion expensive? Is it possible for big retailers to be able to financially adapt to this way of supplying?

Part of the challenge of promoting sustainability is that currently, the cost of production is slightly higher than it is for traditional fabrics, however that cost is not so vast that it isn’t affordable. This is much the same as in the food industry, where organic produce is usually a little more expensive than non-organic options.

Through increased awareness via bloggers like yourself, we need to make the general consumer aware of the importance of environmentally-friendly production. This is already happening and some big retailers are already working sustainability into their business models, but for it to grow the general consumer needs to be actively looking for eco-friendly clothing. As there is more demand, the big retailers and brands will be forced to react, and as more sustainable fabrics are produced the cost will fall.

Thanks Hawthorn for sharing your wisdom! What do you think of sustainable fashion? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - This a collaborative post with Hawthorn. 


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

20 Things To Do When You're Hungover

Hangovers. They only get worse as we age and unfortunately as much as I didn't want to believe my parents when they told me that, I'm starting to believe them. No longer can I sleep in till the afternoon like I did at university to get over a hangover. Nope, now I have to put on a brave face and go to work and do household chores that make me literally WANT TO DIE.
Gin Glass
So as I lay in bed on a Monday morning after a two day drinking session, I thought to myself 'hey Natalie, how about you spread some pointless and perhaps not so valid knowledge about getting over a hangover'. And just like that, a post was born. Here's 20 things to do when you're hungover...

- Have a hot bath and sweat it out.
- Order a takeout.
- If you've drank during a work day, take regular breaks to hydrate and eat. Get some fresh air during your lunch break.
- Place a cold compress against the inside of your wrists. It's a quick cooling spot and works for me when I've got the hangover sweats.
- Eat all of the junk food.
- Aim to drink 2ltrs of water.
- Lie in a dark room with either a fan on or a wet flannel on your fo'head.
- Go the gym and sweat it out.
- Try hair of the dog (i.e have another drink).
- Take painkillers every few hours as recommended to help rid yourself of the headache.
- Stay where you are - travelling definitely makes you feel worse.
- Sleep for as long as you can.
- Get caffeine and sugar in you.
- Wear sunglasses if you become sensitive to light.
- If you need to be sick, be sick. Don't mentally distract yourself from wanting to puke.
-Firmly grip your temples and on the very top of your head with one hand. Squeeze gently.
- Take a break from any electronics. It will only make you feel worse.
- Eat spicy food. Sweat it out internally!
- Have a partner? Turn them into your slave by making them wait on you. Trust me, it's the best.
- Don't deny yourself a hangover poop. They are the best types of poops.

What are your remedies for when you're hungover? Let me know in the comments below.


Monday, 18 September 2017

Highs & Lows - Week 21

This past weekend has been super relaxing and I've managed to get so many 'home chores' done. As the holiday of our dreams reaches ever closer, we've now got ourselves a gorgeous suitcase from Tripp (which we actually brought through Debenhams and I had a mission of a journey getting it back to the flat). Both myself and Sam have gone through our Summer wardrobes to see what we may need for the holiday and I'm super tempted to get all of the clothes and some new makeup.
Prosecco Piano

Highs ↑

Be Manic Events Launch Party

So we attended Sam's cousin's launch party (ahh all the punctuation) and it was over at his grandma's STUNNING property where the main space was a converted barn house. He had bouncers, an outdoor dance space and the fanciest portaloos myself and Sam have ever seen. The event seemed to go very well and we were pretty stunned by the on-site magician who was amazing. Well done Tom and best of luck with your company!

Out With The Old

So over the weekend, I had a massive clean up of my room, I've put a shit load of stuff on eBay to sell (so please go and buy it). It's so good to have a cleansing of your belongings every now and again because I'm constantly hoarding things that I really don't need.

What have been your highs & lows? Let me know in the comments below.


Friday, 15 September 2017

Xtava 5-in-1 Curling Iron | Giveaway

When it comes to curling my hair, I use a very old curling tong that I grabbed off a friend during my university years and it's served me well for the past four years that I've had it.

But unfortunately all good things must come to an end to make way for AH-MAZING things like this Xtava 5-in-1 Curling Iron I received in the post the other day.
Xtava Packaging
As salon-grade hair tools, the curling iron is meant to leave you with salon-worthy hair and a selection of curly-haired looks. From the very thick barrels to the super thin, I can't wait to get testing these on my limp locks.

With just one iron, the interchangeable, ceramic and tourmaline barrels has a nine heat setting ranging from 210-410°F. DAMN THAT'S HOT!
Curling Irons
The whole kit costs just £45.99 and is US based company. It comes with a heat resistant travel bag and glove that's great for those with a busy lifestyle.

I think immediately I'm drawn the really thick barrel because I've always wanted to get natural, loose curly waves that I just can't get with my current curling tong. I also think the thinnest barrel will provide me with my favourite pencil curls without having to use a pencil and straighteners!
Thick Barrels
Thin Barrels
Super Thin Barrels
So being the absolute babe I am, Xtava have agreed to give away one of these kits to a lucky reader! Be sure to enter below. The giveaway will run for a month and all responsibility for sending out the prize will be with Review Directory.

Win the xtava Satin Wave 5 in 1 Curling Wand #5

*Disclaimer - I received this product in return for a review and to host a giveaway. All words are my own.


Thursday, 14 September 2017

10 Things To Consider For A Road Trip

Whether you're taking the super festive trip home for Christmas or a trek through America, making sure you have everything you need before your travels will avoid any unexpected delays to your trip.
Although I don't drive (I know, I'm 24 and I've not had a single driving lesson), I have had plenty of road trips with friends and family. Some of which have made the entire holiday and others...well the less we speak about them the better.

Kwik Fit are experts in keeping their customer's cars in tip top condition and thanks to companies like Kwik Fit, we're able to go on epic road trips without having to sweat about the big stuff. Going on road trips can be super fun but consider these tips before you go on your next one!

Snacks, snacks and more snacks.

Probably the most essential thing needed for a road trip of any length is a decent amount of snacks. Make sure you have plenty of junk food and fizzy drinks but be sure to get water too and perhaps a meal if you're not planning on stopping for too long at a service station.  

A playlist that lasts the entire journey.

There's nothing more annoying than getting half way through your journey and the playlist starting from the beginning again. It's always useful to have enough music on your playlist that will see you through your entire journey. This will also avoid you having to change the music whilst driving or having to pull over and delay your journey.

Properly plan for regular stops.

If you're traveling along an unfamiliar route, it's alway good prep to plan your pit stops along the way. There's always a service station available for a brief wee and for an emergency stock up on snacks. If you have more time, research the areas and see if you can stop off in a town to have some pub grub or wander around to stretch your weary legs.

Carry change for tolls.

Some of us don't tend to factor in potential toll points that can sneak up on you unexpectedly. Make sure to factor this in when you have other passengers, so they can pay their way too. A lot of tolls do take card but maybe bring a little change just in case.

If it's a really long journey then consider overnight accommodation.

One of the nightmare journeys that I've experienced in the past is where the drive took more than twelve hours! We just wanted to get to our destination but looking back, it was a little dangerous to have the same person driving for so long. Consider finding some overnight accommodation to break up your journey. After all, we all want to get to where we're going in one piece!

Make sure your car has been serviced.

There's nothing more annoying than breaking down on a motorway or discovering your tires have gone flat. Always make sure that before a road trip, especially long haul ones, that you've serviced your car and that all checks to both the interior and exterior have been made. It's something that a lot of drivers may forget (I know right, advice coming from a non-driver) but then again who ever checks instructions? I know I don't. It's always best to be prepared!

Use handy travel apps to avoid traffic.

There are so many apps available on our smartphones that are just as good as having a satnav. Sam's sister showed me an app called Waze which helps provide you with real-time traffic alerts, which is fantastic if you may be traveling alone and therefore don't have the help of other passengers to guide you.

Make sure you have enough space for luggage.

There's been plenty of occasions where we've had to hold various suitcases and big bulky items on our laps because there's not been enough room in the boot. Always make sure you discuss with any passengers that may be coming with you, what they're bringing and a limit on how much weight the car can hold.

First aid kit.

Since going on this First Aid course, I've learned some really obvious requirements that every office, home, and car should have but many of us just don't have them. So it's no surprise that most accidents in our lives tend to happen in our own homes or vehicles. It's useful to have a first aid kit for any road trip where you may find yourself out in the sticks. You can get yourself a kit on the St John Ambulance.

Keep others updated.

Especially when you are traveling alone, staying in touch with the outside world is handy in case you find yourself in a worrying situation. Whether it's a friend or family member, send them regular updates to let them know where you are. This will certainly appease any worrying mum or dad!

Are you planning any road trips soon? If so where are you going? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post with Kwik Fit. All words are my own.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Floral Pleats With New Look

You know this girl is desperately trying to hang onto Summer when she features a vest top during the middle of September. I'm not ready for the colder months!

Vest tops for me tend to be a bit of a no-no when you've got bigger boobs. If the cut of the neckline is too low then they tend to look unappealingly top heavy and I don't want that. But this isn't to say vest tops aren't impossible for a big-breasted gal like me. 
Cami Top
I think the choice of how plunging the neckline is and what sort of material and pattern is used on the top, can help avoid these bad boys taking centre stage all the time. This Floral Pleated Cami Top was packed into a full rack of sale items on my last visit to New Look and I knew just from the neckline that this might be a winner for me.

A v-neck that wasn't too low and the dainty floral design had me throwing this on with eagerness in the dressing room. It went really well with my ripped denim trousers and I loved pairing the cami top with these denim shorts that are probably also from New Look because hey, it's my favourite store.
Close up of cami top
I love the pleated pattern as I feel it adds a more slender look to my figure. It also slightly distorts the floral design which is quite unusual but I like it. I'm pretty sad that I bought this top at the end of the Summer (or lack of Summer should I say) here in the UK. Although, I'm going to take it on my holidays in October so it isn't being packed away into storage just yet.
Full profile look
Vest Tops are certainly a basic that should be in every wardrobe and this is definitely one that I'll be bringing out next Summer. I can't believe this Summer is over. FML.

*Disclaimer - This post contains affiliate links.



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