Things I’ll Miss At University

Hey lovelies,

I haven’t posted on here for a while so I thought I’d pop up a cheeky post today. I’ve been super busy with Fame at the moment, everything is starting to come together now finally and I’m now looking forward to performing it in the Arts Centre at the end of the month! Tickets are looking good too, my mum has been keeping tally of ticket sales (She’s definitely more excited for the show than I am) and we’ve sold over 300 which is half way to selling out! 

Fingers crossed that the final push of ticket sales will make it a profitable venture for the future of Curtain Call. We also had our showcase on Thursday which was so emotional as for many of us it was our last one!

UpYourVlog Screenshot

So being totally nostalgic if that’s how you spell it, I decided to do another vlog, this time on the things I’ll miss about university. Enjoy!

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