A Weekend Full Of Frights!


Hey there blogging lovers,

Sorry for the slightly loud and bold opening to my blog but I have had the most frightful weekend ever. I’m actually being really over the top because it wasn’t that frightful but it was full of jumps, tears and cursing.

So Sam (my boyfriend for those who don’t know him) has been down for the weekend and is sadly leaving me tomorrow and I actually don’t know when I’m going to see him again…..OH NO! Anyway, we’ve had a lovely weekend, however there was one slight blip in the system when I woke up yesterday morning. So I do my morning routine of walking downstairs, boiling the kettle and heating up some porridge. Wash and change and then eat and drink my breakfast upstairs. So before I left the house, I was rooting through my bag to check that I had everything…

You know when you get a sudden cold feeling wash over you like when something happens to you that perhaps is bad or in this case when you lose something?

Yeah well that happened to me on that seemingly wonderful and uneventful morning…


You cannot imagine my face when I realised it wasn’t there. Pure horror. I was frantically searching all over my room for the card and I couldn’t find it. Luckily because Sam was here I was able to use his for my journey to and from work, which was a brief shift as I left early after still feeling very ill! Stupid cold. Anyway after getting back from work and having a brief cry, I rang up to cancel my card. Ladies and gentleman here comes the best bit. We found the card IMMEDIATELY after I’d cancelled the card. Where, do you ask?

Oyster Card



It couldn’t really have been any closer to where I actually was sitting at that exact moment with Sam right next to be. That’s when the floods of tears came and my boyfriend handily pointed out that I was getting too worked up over a piece of plastic. Granted, it was a stupid thing to cry over but I think I was more frustrated at myself for not looking for it! 

Anyway it’s all sorted  now, we walked to the local station to pick up a new card and transferred everything over! Let’s forget it ever happened before I go and remind myself of my stupidity and throw myself out of a window. (Joking of course)

The Conjouring

The other part of my frightful weekend was watching this bad boy of a movie (see above). OMFG was this film scary. Films that include children, toy dolls and that are based on ACTUAL EVENTS freak me the hell out. 

From an actor’s point of view, the film itself was well directed in terms of the horror aspect but I think some of the acting was a little hammed up. I think the problem with horror films is there’s a fine line when performing in a horror role. Play it up just enough and it will be very convincing but if it’s over the top and too dramatic, it’ll be rubbish. 

I think this film did a reasonably good job though with it’s cast, it had one of my favourite actors in it (Patrick Wilson) so I was happy!

Anyway that rounds off my weekend! Will be sad to see off Sammy tomorrow so will let you know how that went!

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