New Beginnings And Running Two Miles!


I was meant to write this blog last night but myself and Sean (my housemate) ended up drinking wine, chocolate and watching Paranormal Activity 3. We then went for a run which, my god it was hard work! By the time we started it was half past midnight and I felt a little tipsy. This made the run to begin with slightly easier as I felt indestructible but towards the end my body was saying ‘Ok Natalie, you’ve had you’re fun now I’m done!’. 

My legs went super heavy but I only had a 2 minute stop to walk a fraction of the way so I’m really happy with what I achieved. I’m still keeping up with my 1.6ltr water challenge and plan on going for another run this afternoon. Look at me being all dedicated! The only downside to all this is that I’m getting minor stomach aches which are probably due to all the bad junk in my body being flushed out. Pleasant I know but at least I know it’s working!

So yesterday again was pretty uneventful because I had work again! However I received some awesome news from my brother Ashley who is now 18. Jeez how time does fly! So recently he’s been working in a charity shop to gain some experience in working and having a job for the first time. Hats off to my brother for doing this as it’s a selfless and hard job to do. But yesterday, Ashley received a response back from an interview he had at Alton Towers the other day and guess what? HE GOT THE JOB! I’m so proud of my baby brother for achieving this, particularly as he only had the interview the other day, so they must of liked him. 

I’ve helpfully pointed out that now he’ll be earning money, he now owes me quite a few birthday presents as I’m long overdue on them. If Ashley is reading this then I’d love to get the following,

1. A puppy.

2. A beautiful house in central London.

3. A vintage car of some sort.

4. A wardrobe full of designer clothes and shoes.

5. A closet full of make-up and hair products

I think this is suitable wouldn’t you agree? Only joking! What I’d really like is some LUSH products (hint hint, nudge nudge). If he’s still reading, LUSH is online or there is a Lush store up our local high street in Hanley. Just sayin’

Lush Wishlist
My wish list Ashley is a Fizz Tank or two with some bath bombs 😉

But presents aside, Ashley well done for achieving you’re first paid job. It will be such a good feeling having some money coming in that you’ve earnt yourself. Plus you won’t have bills or rent to pay so you’ll be rolling in the money. All the more reason to splurge on your sister!

So I’m definitely going to upload another blog later to let you know what I’ve been up to today. So make sure you look out for that one later. On another note please make sure you follow my blog on here, I think you can find it on the right hand side of the page labelled Google+ Followers. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I’m now on 145 subscribers and rising and I’ve been getting a lot of love at the moment from people who are really enjoying my videos and watch them every week which I love so thank you so much!

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