Fabulous Views and Winter Warmers

I love London so much! This is the view I get when I’m walking into work every day. Considering it’s been such a rainy day today, this morning was bright and blue skies! The London Eye is such a beautiful sight and it makes me excited when I think about Christmas and New Year and what it will be like when the month of December comes around. I REALLY hope that I save up enough money to get the camera I want so I can do Vlogmas (Christmas Vlogging – every day in the month of December) but so I can also take some beautiful photos of London. I think I’ve already decided that one of my New Year’s resolutions will be to visit as many spots around London and find some beautiful places/landscapes to take photos of. Perhaps it would be a good idea to take a Tube Map and cross off each place I’ve visited? (Vlog idea forming..)

I’ve always been interested in photography but never really got myself really into it, probably because I never had the time with college and university. But now that I’m in the capital of the UK, I’d love to start capturing some fantastic photos. It would also be lovely memory to have a collection of photos that I can look back on and think about when I used to live in London.

As promised, I took a photo of my current style for winter at the moment. I love this coat, it’s so freaking cosy and considering it’s from Primark (£25), it’s a steal! With Primark, I find that a lot of the clothing can feel cheap so when I went in the store to find a coat, I made sure that the quality in material was there. I know a lot of my friends/family hate going into Primark because it always gets too manic or there’s too much stuff in there but for me it’s my idea of paradise. I love rooting through all the average clothes to find the absolute gems. I think that’s why I love charity shops so much. You can find some really staple pieces in charity shops that can make or compliment an outfit. 

The shoes are from New Look (£29, £3 discount off for student *cough* so £26), which Hannah pointed out that she had been after these too, so we could be wearing the same footwear this winter! Obviously we both have excellent taste 😉 

I love these shoes because they have a little bit of a heel but it’s a wedge so 1.) it doesn’t feel like a heel and 2.) they’re comfortable to walk in and don’t hurt your feet walking for a while. They have a lovely sheep’s wool style hem around the top of the boot that adds to that wintery feel. My red knitted leggings are back which I LOVE to pieces and that my mother has sown back a few times due to holes forming and I’ve finished it off with my blush coloured bag from Primark (£12).

I’ve got tomorrow and Saturday at work then I have an exciting few days/week ahead!


Natalie-Ann x

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