Interview And An Afternoon Of Well Deserved Shopping!

How can shopping be so exhausting?! (By the way, look at me being all organised and doing my blog before midnight!)

So today me and Sarah probably hit the snooze buttons on our phones a good ten times before we actually got up. We both had interviews with promotional staffing agencies/companies today which was really bizarre to both have them on the same day for the same line of work! Spooky. 

I had an interview for an agency called Sense. As I’m still getting used to London and finding my bearings, I really need to learn to give myself HOURS of time beforehand to find the places I’m going to because my phone did not help me today in finding this place. According to my phone, a journey that should have taken a 4 minute walk actually turned into a 20 minute walk but I finally found it and was greeted by a lovely woman called Nadia who asked me to take a seat and brought me a glass of water. I also took advantage of the free fruit and nabbed an apple, putting it in my bag and feeling like I just stole something. Perhaps they weren’t free…

OH WELL! So I then met Kelly, who was the person that e-mailed me to offer me the interview and she asked me the basics of what I was doing and why I was interested in promotional staffing. The interview went swimmingly and I’m now within their agency and have already started receiving jobs through the e-mail. The best thing about it is that it’s really flexible and I can choose to either accept the job or not. The best thing is, is that because they can’t always guarantee work, I’m able to freely join other promotional agencies too! The more the better, that’s what I say. Plus Christmas is on it’s way so I need to be earning some serious dollar (pound). 

So interview out of the way and now for my favourite time of the day…SHOPPING TIME!! Winter is coming and jesus has it gotten cold within the space of a couple of days. Now I hate the winter and feeling cold but I love what it brings with it; knitted jumpers and cardigans, big coats, gloves and cosy shoes. It also brings onesies and hot water bottles and not to mention candles of which I do not have any yet…

So firstly I went hunting for some shoes. Now I’m very heavy footed which means shoes with a thin sole are likely to produce holes within the first month of me buying them, so I wanted something durable. I opted for some light brown heeled boots which have a feel of sheep’s wool around the top of the boot. Perfect for the winter and the heel is thick and the sole is extra thick so no wet feet for me! The second item I brought was this damn beautiful coat which took me three trips to three different Primarks to find the right size. The first one I tried on in the first Primark was noticeably too big. I thought it was a size 12 until I read the inside and it said a size 20. I looked as if I were a kid dressing up in my mum’s clothing. Finally, three trips later I found one at Marble Arch and also managed to get a bag to go with it. The coat itself is actually inspired by Kim Kardashian as she wore a similar one (obviously her’s was in the thousands of pounds/dollars), but I love this more sophisticated winter coat. It hasn’t got a hood but that’s what my umbrella’s for! Hopefully I’ll get a more waterproof coat for when there’s days when it’s too wet to wear this one.

Ooooooo a collage of goodies!

Obviously you can probably see the Lush bag poking out there in the collage of goodies and that’s because I also went to Lush! I literally followed the scent to the shop as my ‘trusty’ phone led me to somewhere else that obviously wasn’t Lush. I’m going to do a seperate blog for this probably next weekend as I’ve just filmed a video for a Lush Haul that will be going up next Friday so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Overall, today has been a fun filled day with lots of exciting prospects in the works!

Now to get on with some editing for this Friday’s video —> PART TWO OF FRESHERS! 

Lots of mc’lovin!

Natalie-Ann x

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