Have you ever had that awkward situation, when someone asks you what you’d like for you’re birthday? It kind of ends up like this:

Them: ‘It’s you’re birthday soon, so what do you want me to get you?’

You: ‘Nahh. You don’t have to get me anything!’

Them: ‘No, no what do you want because I’m getting you something.’

You: ‘Oh well if you have to then….er….socks?’

OH dear.

No, no no! Haven’t you realised? You are guaranteed to get a life time supply of socks at Christmas anyway so why ask for them for you’re birthday! Everyone loves socks, I love socks but you don’t need MORE socks for you’re birthday?! I realise I’m talking about socks too much now…

To avoid this awkward conversation and to actually ask for something you really want, I introduce you to MrLista. This modern and easy to use website, works like you’re normal wish list, used for weddings, birthdays and one’s personally to Santa 😉 However, MrLista is special. We are all using technology today, those who don’t use it either don’t know how to use it or have an actual life. We are always surfing the big wide web, particularly when it comes to internet shopping. No one really wants to suffer a last minute dash to the shopping centre for belated birthday gifts or forgotten christmas presents only realised on Christmas Eve. MrLista’s genius idea to actually copy and paste you’re link into it’s search bar instantly connects you’re product from the website you’re browsing on, to you’re wishlist. Confused? Reading it back to myself, I am, so here’s a step by step guide of creating your very own MrLista.

1. Sign Up!

The first thing you do of course with any sort of website is to sign up. You can do this simply by filling in the form on the left or let Facebook do all the work (it has all of you’re information on there anyway!). Once you’ve successfully filled this in, let the imagination run wild because this is where the fun starts…

2.  You’re Homepage!

Once you’re signed up and ready to go, you’ll come to the homepage aka dashboard of you’re MrLista account. To the left you can see the Lista’s you have yet to create plus you are given the option to send out invites to people to view your Lista! On the right hand side you’ll see plenty of other custom Gift and Wish Lista’s made by other users. These are the featured Wish Lista’s and are perfect if you’re stuck for inspiration or want something a little different and out of the box.

3. Create Your Lista!

When you first create you’re MrLista, you have two options to choose from. A Gift Lista which is perfect for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions and the Wish List, which is literally everything you’re heart could desire but not necessarily what anyone’s wallet could afford. For this tutorial and because it will soon be my birthday, I went for the Gift Lista. The form is super simple and easy to fill out, you can give it a date (optional) and you can even give it you’re own personalised name. MrLista gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you want!

4. Understanding How It Works.

MrLista is super easy and can be used by anyone (even those who are pretty basic with technology). It has a handy tutorial for those who might struggle and it gives a detailed introduction of how to use it. The search bar at the top is where you’ll copy and paste you’re website url. For example, I really want a piece of lighting that will sit on top of my Olympus EPL-6 to create higher quality recordings. I found the perfect one on Amazon. I took the link from the top of my browser and copied this into MrLista’s search bar and…


Add a new item! You’re chosen item pops up with not just several images that you can choose from to display but the chance to add in the price, label the name of it correctly AND give details on the product. This could be what you want to use it for, perhaps the size of it if it’s an item of clothing and in what colour. The list is endless! Once you’ve added all the information you need, hit the save button and start searching for more of you’re desired items. You may have expensive tastes (like mine) but the list gives you the chance to add on as many items as you want with no minimum or maximum price tag. So if you really want more socks, you can have more socks. I know it’s getting chilly out here in the UK.

5. Complete You’re Gift/Wish Lista.

When you’ve exhausted you’re brain with every single item you’ve ever wanted (Wish Lista) or would like for a special occasion (Gift Lista), sit back and look at what one day, could be in you’re possession. However, just having it sit there is not going to get you those items! You need to share it. 

6. Share it!

This is the best thing about MrLista because you can share it openly to all you’re friends or specific people. For example, if it’s a wedding Gift Lista, you can forward it to all you’re expected wedding guests. A birthday Gift Lista can be distributed to all you’re close friends and family members. Or if you’ve been given the wonderful task of organising Secret Santa at you’re work place, create a Gift Lista based on you’re colleagues favourite things and share to all those involved in the festivities. Whatever the occasion, MrLista is a modern way of sharing you’re hopeful Gift and Wish Lista’s to those who love you enough to purchase one of those items with they’re hard-earned cash.

You’ll also notice at the bottom of you’re wishlist, that you can actually add MrLista to you’re Internet Browser, making it even quicker to add you’re newer items to the Lista. No more forgetting!

MrLista is currently running a competition for all those who use it. If you create a Lista between now and the start of November, whether it be one for a special occasion or a one-off try of the site, you could win you’re wishlist to the equivalent of £1,000’s worth! How awesome would that be? Make sure you try it out today at…

Create you’re wishlist on the above website and then to be in with a chance of winning the competition, enter it here at:

Good luck and enjoy making your first MrLista. Don’t forget to also use the hashtag #DearMrLista for more opportunities and to have you’re wishlists seen by everyone!

Natalie-Ann x

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