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Rewind to just last month and myself and Sean had a session at the gym to start off the New Year. The gym pretty much looked like this but with exercise machines dotted about:

Most people decide to make it a New Year’s Resolution to go the gym. Some are doing it to follow the crowd, others are doing it genuinely to lose weight or tone up. A survey that was carried out by XL lifestyle clothing specialists, XL.Pomodoro discovered 72% of Brits started a diet during the first week of January and the average diet would fail after just 1.5 days.

This statistic was definitely something I could confirm with the attendance at the gym on that terrible Monday night. There was literally no space to even do squats, lift weights or use my favourite machines. You had new starters getting to grips with the weighted machines (aka doing a set and then playing on their phone for twenty minutes) and you had every other personal trainer starting their hour classes and basically using ALL of the things you want to use. Convenient. Put all this together, along with it being a Monday evening at 6pm and you might as well have not even bothered.

Reflecting back on the Christmas period, XL.Promodoro said that 83% of people over-ate during the Christmas and New Year period (now that’s definitely the case). Approximately, 29 million Brits began a diet during January and XL.Promodoro took a look at the reasons behind this seasonal trend and why crash dieting might not be the answer.

It’s no secret that most of us tend to eat more during the festive season. With parties and treats around every corner, it will surprise nobody to learn that the average person will consume an extra 10,000 calories in the week between Christmas and New Year. Not to mention all of those naughty nibble and tipples in the few weeks before, so it’s something of a given that almost three quaters of the population (UK) will plan to start a diet in January and for many, weight loss is their primary New Year’s resolution. 

The sad fact is, however that the vast majority of January health jaunts will fail, with many not lasting more than one and half days before the first ‘cheat’. The average number of diets attempted by XL.Promodoro survey respondents in 2015 was a staggering twenty per person. Not only is this method patently unproductive, but it’s widely viewed as detrimental to both the health and mind-set.

While it is understood that carrying excess weight is bad for the health, weight doesn’t necessarily have a direct correlation with fitness. If you exercise regularly whilst eating well, you can still be healthy without worrying about achieving a particular size or shape. More than half (52%) said they felt pressured by the media to lose weight, while two thirds (64%) said they felt that high street clothing brands failed to cater for larger sizes (size 18+) and that this was also an incentive for them to crash diet in the New Year.

Now I think myself and XL.Promodoro understand that everyone is different. My advice is if you want to lose weight then make sure it’s reasons that you believe in. Perhaps it’s because you’re unhappy or feeling unfit. It would be a terrible thing for you to lose weight because you feel pressured by social media or someone else. Change for yourself and not for others.

XL.Promodoro’s new range of 2016 clothing has been tailor-made to suit larger body types for ultimate comfort and improved fit, helping wearers to feel better about the way they look. With XL.Promodoro performance wear, larger sized men and women can get fit comfortably, the designs are flattering and allow those who wear the range to feel confident in their own skin.

Spokesperson Sanna Lory, comments:

‘The survey we conducted highlights the difficult relationship people can have with food and body image. The trick is to be healthy on the inside and confident on the outside, whether you are on a journey of change or a journey of self-acceptance.’

I definitely agree that mai a health routine of food and exercise is crucial to toning up or losing weight. Fad diets like the eating soup or fasting for 3 days on and off will make you lose weight rapidly, but as soon as you go back to your old ways, you’ll be back to square one. The only way you can make a change is by making the right balance of healthy food and regular fitness workouts.

To find out more about XL.Promodoro, make sure you check out their website here.

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