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Now I don’t think I’ve actually written a post promoting someone’s music before, so this is a new one for me.

Introducing Alex Tweedie, a lad from Alsager in Cheshire which is not too far away from my hometown of Stoke-on-Trent. I know Alex’s partner from high school, so when Naomi got in touch to tell me about Alex’s music, I was more than happy to give it a listen.

Alex Tweedie plays the guitar, ukulele AND mandolin (show off) and has been playing for around 12 years now. I can’t even play the flute let alone master three instruments, so hats off to him. He actually began playing after watching Drake and Josh (god I love that show!), on Nickelodeon. He noticed that Drake pulled all his women on the show by playing the guitar, so Alex guessed he could do the same! Well if any guy serenades me with their voice or by playing an instrument, I’m theirs. To be honest, I think anyone who has a romantic bone in their body would love getting serenaded. 

Alex’s voice is quite unique, it’s a mixture of James Blunt, Jamie Cullum and I want to say Hozier? I think within the industry now and how competitive it is, you have to have a pretty unique voice to fit into a niche that’s not been already taken. I think Alex’s voice is definitely one that could stand on it’s own!

His music video for ‘Clear Intentions‘ was released in January 2015. He wrote the song after getting friend zoned a lot on nights out (and hey, who hasn’t?!). A song that’s totally relatable and indie shot, is sure to grab a lot of attention, especially now as YouTube is such a great platform for getting your name out there. It’s one of the best forms of marketing yourself as an artist and it’s made even more beneficial when you make your songs into music videos.

The song is available to download from ITunes or Spotify, so make sure you download it. Another song released in July 2015 called ‘Social Screens‘, is a hypocritical view on social media. Alex told me,

‘Obviously I think it’s good for communicating and I use it all of the time, but I’m not sure whether it’s getting all too much, especially with how much kids use it now rather than playing outside with their friends!’

Agreed! It’s actually quite terrifying how much the younger generation know, when it comes to technology. Alex is hoping to gig a lot more over the coming months and I’m hoping to catch a gig if I’m around the area. He’s also working on a new single called ‘Pieces and Signs‘ and will be recording more in the studio over the next few months. I’m sure that with his perseverance and hard-work, he’ll crack the tough industry. Remember the name people! Alex Tweedie.

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