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Summer Vacation Skin Protection Guide

Another guest post from the lovely guy that is Peter Minkoff. He’s slowly becoming a resident guest blogger on my site and be sure to check out his last one here. Peter is a beauty and fashion writer for Shlur magazine living in London and occasionally in Brisbane. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a stylist for few fashion events in UK and AUS. Beside beauty and fashion, he loves reading, making DIY cosmetics and traveling around tropical destinations. He plans to create a business for beauty and style advising. His next blog post is about that sought after Summer Vacation and how to protect your skin during those hot, sunny days!

Once we start feeling summer in the air, we get a kind of mad rush that just floods all over us. It’s adrenalin call telling us we’re ready for a new summer vacation. However, with all that excitement, it’s important to remember which steps should be taken when it comes to the sun protection. Try not to be too easy-going when skin protection is concerned, do a little research prior to buying appropriate sunscreens and summer accessories. Only about 25% of all the sunscreens on the market meet the necessary standards, a recent study claims. Sonya Lunder, senior research analyst at EWG says that the vast majority of sunscreens available to the consumer are not as good as most people think they are, but that there are a handful of products that rise above the rest.  So, let’s see what should be taken into account while preparing to spend a lot of time outdoors during your summer vacation.


Important facts stated by the WHO (World Health Organization)


o Prolonged exposure to solar UV radiation may result in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye and immune system;

o All skin colors should be concerned about overexposure to the sun, not just fair skinned people;

o Main factors that predispose to the development of melanoma seem to be connected with recreational exposure to the sun and a history of sunburn;

o Melanoma is the most common form a cancer young people suffer from;

o The sun can also cause serious eye problems (cataracts and pterygium). 


Wise choices concerning SPF, UVB, UVA


A sunscreen of SPF 15 and higher should be used regularly and reapplied every two hours. It should also be reapplied after swimming, sweating and exercising outdoors. Always use a thick layer of sunscreen every time you apply it. Make sure to cover neck and face as well. You can go for Dermalogica’s sun protection with SPF 15+, as it provides good protection for the whole body. Pay attention to the level of protection against not just UVB rays, but UVA rays as well. UVA rays are able to penetrate the skin more deeply and cause more serious damage and the standards concerning this have just recently been set. Avoid buying sprays since they do not provide good protection and there is a serious danger of inhalation. 


A Base Tan – not such a good option!



There is little or no evidence at all to support the idea that getting a base tan can protect you from getting sunburns. A base tan is NOT a substitute for sun protection. SPF of only 4 is the highest protection that can be achieved by tanning under the sun or a sunlamp. Clearly, not enough. In addition, a tanning bed is also a big no-no, according to the WHO! Tanning beds are officially added to the list of top cancer causers, right after cigarettes. Be smart and just don’t do it.

Smart accessories


Being outdoors during the long summer days, whether on the beach, going picking or sightseeing means you should pay close attention to your clothes. Wear clothes that cover legs, back and arms if you spend a lot of time under the sun. Choose a stylish hat with a wide brim to protect your neck and face and pick sunglasses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Contrary to the popular belief, light-colored transparent clothes are not a great option. Wear clothing that is dark, tightly woven and loose – it will protect you more and provide more comfort. 

“Watch your shadow – short shadow, seek shade!”

The most intense UV rays are in between 10am and 4pm – during this period try to stay in the shade as much as possible. 


To sum up…



o Use sunscreen of 15+ to cover the whole body

o Reapply every 2 hours

o Wear a hat/sunglasses/dark clothes

o Seek shade



o Getting a base tan

o Exposing to sun between 10am – 4pm

o Using spray sunscreens

o Using last year’s sunscreen leftovers


Thanks again Peter for another Summer themed blog post and make sure you check out his social media below! Peter is also an Editor In Chief on High Style Life. So go check that out too!


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