Play Up Your Best Features – Four Step Guide

Nothing like a new guest blog post on a Sunday night! Zara Lewis is a designer and a regular contributor to , devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her family and friends. She seeks for beauty in everything that surrounds her. Romantic soul and tech geek in one body. She enjoys hiking, cycling, yoga and cooking. This week she’s talking about playing up your best features with this four step guide! 

Almost everything about looking good has to do with the way
we feel; a smile lights up a room in a second while that Dolce sweater you’ve
coughed up a significant amount of cash for will look like a piece of garbage
if you don’t have the right attitude/mood to match it.

Unfortunately, not every day is rainbows and butterflies and
no matter how hard we tried, we can’t fake happiness; these feelings are
absolutely normal and ordinary, often directly proportional to the vibe we
project. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll look bad if your mood doesn’t fit
the fashionable game. In fact, we bet you’ll do everything in your power to trump up the negatives with positives, and
nail it. Right?

Here is a trick-guide that will manipulate your flaws and turn
them in your best features, or simply – a guide that will help emphasise what’s
already ultra gorgeous about you.

who you are, physically

Not everyone can be a Monica Bellucci and look flawless at
any given moment but we can be us and love us the way we are. The moment you
get real about the way you look you’ll immediately start a journey towards
self-love and improvement. By accepting all the “uglies” about your body and
face you are consciously targeting a future image, a re-built you. Same, accept
that there are so many gorgeous things about you – and emphasise them.

Are your eyes your best feature? Add another layer of
mascara to place accent on them. Are your lips wonderfully pouty? Accent them
with a matte lipstick and pencil that will enhance the pout and put it into focus. Do you
love your straight shape? Give it power by walking like a supermodel. You adore
your legs? Put them in focus by wearing amazing shoe wear. It’s that simple.

A road to self-improvement is the road to confidently
showing the world you love about yourself, don’t you think?

the right fit

What most women (and men) make a mistake with is either that
they hide behind baggy clothing or stuff themselves into something that’s a
little too tiny. On a mission to show off your best self, don’t ever wear a
size too small or a size too big – instead, go for garments that fit closely to
your body. Do you really think your tiny waist will show under a baggy tee? Or
that your awesome derriere will look good in a too tight pair of jeans? That’s
what I thought.

improvement a default

To manipulate your best features into being noticed and
appreciated, you first have to accept them as yours.

Working on yourself may be one of the best investments
you’ll make in life; it’s a never-ending struggle, but a very rewarding one.
From dealing with emotional and psychological issues to physical matters (a few
pounds less/extra
), it’s all a (joy) ride to Happyville. The moment you start
feeling confident, the confidence will show in your relationships, friendships,
your work at the office… everywhere. And you’ll be genuinely happier.

Work on improving things that need improving; commit to the best
workout equipment
that will reshape your figure, pay regular visit
to specialist that will bring back the glow to your face, don’t be stingy when
choosing a hairdresser, invest in a few timeless pieces of wardrobe, go to
therapy (if needed), mediate, eat well. It’s that simple.

it till you make it… with the right accessories

Luckily, these days we can all look great with just a few
style tips included; knowing what to wear at a given time and what accessories
to use is key to playing up your best features. For instance,
if you are chasing a now-popular hourglass shape, yet your physique is
straight, fake it with a belt! Belt a maxi dress, a cardigan or a boyfriend
shirt; add a belt to high-waist pencil skirt, to your A-line knee dress or your
new overcoat. Are your legs too short? Elongate them visually with an elegant
nude heel and/or wear trousers/jeans with a longer leg. Avoid anything that’s
shortening, like Capri pants. Your breasts are too small? Buy a pushup! You
hate your arms? Wear elbow-length or long-sleeve shirts.

The possibilities are almost endless – as long as you
believe you can achieve them, and think them through. You’ll see. 

Thanks Zara for the great post. It’s great to get some motivational posts up on here every now and again. With so much negativity we inflict on our ourselves, we need more love and self-care in the world and I’m glad Zara has given us this little nugget of self-appreciation!

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