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Now I’ve realised that I could never really go on a diet. I love food way too much and I always have done. I was never a fussy child and even got recognition at school for being the most open to trying new foods during a trip to Germany – I know, so extra. This month, Bookatable launched their dining experiences in partnership with the London Restaurant Festival. With budget friendly and Michelin star restaurants taking part, users of the online reservation service can experience all the wonderful cuisine that the city has to offer.

Hawksmoor Seven DialsMyself and my colleague Suzie booked ourselves into the Hawksmoor at Seven Dials. I’ve mentioned going to Hawksmoor before for mine and Sam’s five year anniversary. The food and atmosphere is top-class and they had a very appealing offer on that included two or three courses and a cocktail for just £25/£30 each. I mean, what an absolute bargain.

We headed over after work and having already looked at the set menu, we knew exactly what to go for. What I love about this chain of restaurants is the quality of food and the variety. It’s a place I could take the fussy eaters of our family too because it has something for everyone. It’s also a super swanky place yet it’s affordable which is quite rare for a dining experience in London.

Hawksmoor MenuWe started out with the pre-prandials which was a choice of three cocktails; Palmer & Co Brut NV, French House and the Hawksmoor Collins. We were both inquisitive about what the French House was and turns out it’s a strawberry and gin mix with a hint of tarragon. I mean, they had me at gin.

Shortly after guzzling down half of the cocktail, our starters came out. Again, we both went for the Doddington Caesar which was a more than generous portion. Large, crisp gem lettuce sprinkled with crispy croutons and bacon bits. The salad was mixed with just the right amount of dressing and lavished with Parmesan cheese to finish.

CocktailsFrench House Cocktails
Doddington Ceasar SaladDoddington Caesar

What I was bowled over by with this menu is that the steak was included without any additional charge. Normally with set menus, they don’t tend to have the crème de la crème of dishes but this one had it all. I went for the 35 dry-aged rump with chips and Suzie went with the Hawksmoor Hamburger. I got my steak rare and it was cooked perfectly. I think Hawksmoor are very much known for their great steaks and they really did not disappoint. 

We also both commented on how good the triple cooked chips were. Restaurants tend to to over-cook or under-cook chips but these were fluffy, crispy and I could have eaten another serving of them very easily.

35 Day Rump Steak35 Dry-Age Rump & Chips
Hawksmoor HamburgerHawksmoor Burger

The burger looked amazing too with Suzie going for the blue cheese on the burger. We washed all this down with a bottle of 2016 Domaine du Haut Bourg, Sauvignon Blanc. Very light, crisp and refreshing – I’m not a wine connoisseur so that’s as far as my description goes.

After little deliberation, we both opted for a dessert and went with the sticky toffee sundae. I think I would have preferred this warmed up a little but I realise the aspect of sundae is the ice-cream and cream included. The sundae was incredibly decadent with sticky toffee placed on top of the ice-cream which I loved.

Sticky Toffee SundaeSticky Toffee Sundae

I think our experience at Hawksmoor was a great reflection of what the London Restaurant Festival has to offer and it’s also a great example of the amazing dining experiences that Bookatable has to offer all year round.

Have you ever used Bookatable before? Let me know where you went using the service, in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Bookatable. All words are my own.


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