I appreciate all e-mails that I receive and I do my best to contact back as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for reaching out and expressing an interest in my work. I am also a freelance writer for London Perfect and examples of my work can be found on their website.

Natalie Redman Contact


For any sponsored collaborations and product reviews please contact here. I always put disclaimers at the bottom of my blog posts with a *Disclaimer which will often state the client I’ve collaborated with unless otherwise suggested by them.


I do offer to advertise through the sidebar of my blog. This is limited so will be discussed further upon request. Please do consider whether my blog will suit the advertisement as this is something I want my readers to engage with. If you’re interested please email me with the subject titled as Advertising.


I absolutely love attending events but sadly I can’t always make them due to other work commitments and running my blog. Please do get in touch though as I’ll try and make the time!

Guest Posts

I used to accept guest posts but for personal reasons and editorial style, I’ve decided to no longer accept them. Unfortunately, I’m unable to respond to any guest post related queries that come through to my inbox.

Press Samples

I love hearing about new products no matter what the genre but I’ll only review samples on my blog if this has been agreed prior to posting. As my blog has grown, I’ve certainly become a lot more particular in what I review and this is mainly to do with what’s enjoyed by my readers.

Any blog posts featuring PR samples will also be disclaimed at the bottom of the post.


Thanks again for taking the time to get in touch!