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Friday, 15 December 2017

The Most Luxurious Grooming Kit | Murdock London

Err Natalie, you don't have a beard. Yes, I know I don't unless you count the one black hair that grows back on my chin and I have absolutely no clue where it came from. I'm also definitely going to be that old lady who approaches their grandchildren and they grimace when they say the giant long hair hanging from my chin that I can no longer be bothered to pluck.
Murdock London Products
But moving away from my facial hair woes, I thought I'd showcase this luxury range from Murdock London for the bearded men in your life. Christmas shopping for men can be a nightmare, well for me anyway and skincare products are perfect for those who like to take care in their appearance.

Now Sam doesn't really do anything with his facial hair so I think I'll have to give this set to one of my bearded friends. I was sent five products in total which can all be bought separately and would make great stocking fillers. So let's take a look at these Murdock London Gifts...
Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

Beard Shampoo - £20.00

Who knew that you could actually shampoo and condition your beard?! Well, I think it's a great idea because I've always had a fear of beards. 

I often wonder when I see a beard if there's food caught up in there? Or does it feel like your kissing a harsh steel sponge? Well, fear not because this shampoo cleans the hair and will leave it smelling of oakmoss which is much better than...well whatever it might have been before. 

Beard Conditioner - £20.00

To soften the facial hair and to avoid your loved one giving you beard rash, this conditioner goes along nicely with the shampoo. A 250ml bottle is a decent size, considering it's only your beard that you're washing. Murdock recommends leaving the conditioner in for a few minutes before washing out to get ultra soft hair.
Sea Salt Styling Spray and Matte Mud

Sea Salt Styling Spray- £20.00

Give your man those beach wave vibes with this Sea Salt Styling Spray. I'm a big fan of this stuff myself as it adds volume and texture to curled hair or a messy finish to straightened hair. This is a more expensive version that I've ever had but they have a mixture of oils in this one that sets it apart from the rest.

Matte Mud Hair Shaping Clay - £14.00

A versatile clay that gives definition and texture to the hair, the Matte Mud is one of five tinned hair styling products. This one is for those who prefer the texture and control without the sleek, shiny finish.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil - £28.00

Argan and Jojoba oil are two of my favourite oils for providing shine and health to my hair. This luxurious beard oil will target directly at the hair follicles, strengthening the roots and providing some much-needed nourishment to the skin underneath. 

Murdock also recommends wearing the oil overnight to reap the benefits if you're not one for sporting a shinier beard throughout the day.

What do you think of this grooming selection from Murdock London? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - I was gifted these products in return for an honest review. All words are my own.


Thursday, 14 December 2017

Jingle Bell Ball | With Debenhams

When Debenhams invited me to the Jingle Bell Ball, I literally died and went to Princess heaven. What a year I've had with my blog and I'm so very grateful for every opportunity that I've received. 
Sparkly Dress
Getting an invite to the Jingle Bell Ball was just the cherry on top and I immediately responded with an 'OMG YES PLEASE!'. There was a group of around 15 bloggers in total, including myself and we had been invited by Debenhams to lounge in one of O2's VIP Suites. 

It was a very humbling moment for myself. I used to do temping work when I first moved to London and that included working in boxes such as these at the Emirates Stadium. It was definitetly a surreal moment to be the one actually being wined and dined on. We were kindly gifted some Debenhams outfits to kit ourselves out for the Jingle Bell Ball.

I had in mind to get an outfit that was full of sparkles and I think I found the perfect ensemble whilst shopping in store. I spent a good few hours on a busy Thursday night, in the Debenhams store on Bond Street looking through all of the different brands that the store has to offer. From Mango to Quiz, J by Jasper Conran to Nine West, I was spoilt for choice.
Sparkly Dress with Bag
Bag and Shoes
I came across this gorgeous Juliet Sequin Dress from Monsoon which was a part of their party dresses selection and since I was shopping on a Black Friday weekend, the dress just £99.00. I never really shop at Monsoon and in the past have only shopped their bags and purses range. 

What impressed me the most was that the fit of the dress was spot on. It wasn't tight anywhere on my body which is a rarity especially when it comes to my chest size and broad shoulders. The dress doesn't appear online so it may well have been a instore product or limited for just the Black Friday weekend.

I then headed on downstairs to pick out a bag to go with the dress. I matched the bag with the grey elements within the dress and bought a Carvela 'Dina' Winged Tote bag in a light dusty grey. I really can't do small bags as I have just so much stuff that I carry with me, so this was the perfect in between. This was also from sale which I think was reduced from £69.00 to £43.00.

The shoes I actually got a few days before the event and this was actually the best bargain of all. Reduced from £90.00, they were just £19.00. They are a coppery gold glitter with a thick, medium heel. They rubbed slightly (but then again my feet rub with most shoes) but they felt super comfortable throughout the entire evening.
O2 Venue
I arrived at the O2 fairly early and met up with the Debenhams team near the entrance of the O2. The venue is pretty near to where I live so I had no problems getting there. The suite was a gorgeous room decorated with plush brown sofas, a seated bar island area that looked out onto the arena and we received a yummy selection of food and endless drinks from our host Mohammad. 

I was a sucker for the chips and dip, a typical comfort snack for the Winter along with the Mac & Cheese and delicious Chocolate Filled Doughnuts with extra chocolate for dipping.
VIP Suite
VIP Suite
Chocolate Filled Doughnuts
We were free to come and go as we pleased within the suite and for the majority of the show, I sat down in the viewing area.

There were several acts that I was excited to see, the first up being Rita Ora. She had this incredible yellow tarten outfit on (that only she could pull off) and rocked around the stage, getting the audience on their feet. Others acts like Dua Lipa, Jonas Blue and Niall Horan were incredible and the round up ended with Sam Smith, who was highly anticipated and didn't disappoint.
Performers at arena
Rita Ora on stage
Niall Horan on stage
I also bought from Debenhams, the new Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette whiched I used to create a subtle sparkly eye. I bought a Mac 'Pro' Lipstick called Diva which I've been lusting over and is a deep rich dark-toned red. I finally also got myself the Mac Fix Plus Spray which I'm now in love with, to set the look.

I want to thank Debenhams for inviting me on such a wonderful night out as I truely felt like a Princess.
Makeup Look
Whole outfit look
Be sure to shop the look below and let me know which of these pieces was your favourite in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - I was invited to the Jingle Bell Ball and gifted vouchers from Debenhams in exchange for a blog post. This post also contains affiliate links. All words are my own.


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

How To Have A Cosy Night In This Christmas

We've become a nation of boxaholics, a Netflix and binge society. And you know what? I FREAKING LOVE IT. There's nothing better than curling up on a sofa with your latest binge-worthy series and a cheeky glass of wine. 

Around Christmas time, I love enjoying nights spent watching the telly with loved ones. It's much better than being out in the cold and freezing ya baps off.
Country Home & Interiors - Credit to Tim Young
We all have our ways of making the ultimate cosy night in, so I thought I'd share you mine and perhaps give you some inspiration for your next binge-induced, drowning in throws night in.

It's all about the atmosphere

Setting the atmosphere for your night in is something you should do as soon as you get in. Spoil yourself by putting the heating on full blast. If you have side table lamps in your room or living room, whack them on instead of any ceiling or wall lights that might be a little too harsh.

Music is food for the soul so unwind by playing a few festive tracks, keep it mellow and on low so you can relax.

Decorate your sofa with plush cushions

Your sofa is a part of your life. You'll spend many hours with your bum smushed on a sofa so it has to be perfect. A sofa that's perfect for lounging should come with an assortment of scatter cushions of varying sizes. Make sure to invest in a few festive covers so that you can switch them over for the festive season.

Light a bunch of candles

Candles are a Winter staple and if you don't own a candle, then GO GET ONE. A few recommendations are of course Yankee Candles, I recently got one from Brinley which is a Cinnamon Spiced scent and smells divine. I also personally recommend Roots Candles because these are natural candles made out of beeswax and burn for hours.
Credit to The Future Kept

Invest in several throws

Ever since throws have entered my life, I kind of well - live in them. My favourite one is a cream one made out of the softest material I've ever felt and it was from Wilkos. A bargain at £10. Throws make you feel super cosy and if you can't afford to turn the heating on then this is the perfect alternative. A few places that do amazing throws are Urban Outfitters, Zara Home and John Lewis

Get into your comfy clothes

Whether this a onesie, a fluffy flannel robe or a silk pyjama set, jump into your nightwear so you can feel completely settled. I love wearing my fluffy white robe that I got at a blogger event and my UGG slippers. So branded.

Buy ALL of the junk food

A cosy night in is not complete without a feast to keep you permanently fixed on that sofa all evening. I love Doritos with some of my homemade guacamole and salsa. M&Ms - the crunchy ones -  are my favourite and a 1.5ltr bottle of coke is just all of the unhealthy but so good!

What makes a cosy night in for you? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post with GlossyHome. All words are my own.


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A Festive Slice | Bakerdays

I'm going to be good this Christmas when it comes to food....SAID NO ONE EVER
Cake Tin
Who doesn't eat their whole body weight in food during the festive season? You couldn't really avoid it if you really tried and I never try. I give into the food monster in me.

Whether it's savoury or sweet, there's always going to be multiple buffets and food gorging opportunities and I freaking love it. There's a reason why it's my favourite time of the year and it's probably the same reason for many others.

Bakerdays is home to the famous letterbox cake. Yep, you heard me correctly, that's a cake that gets delivered through a letterbox. God, what a time to be alive. I obviously said yes to the opportunity of free cake. Bakerdays produces personalised cakes, cupcakes and balloons so they're the perfect company to go to for all your party and catering needs.
Cake up close
I picked out one of the many designs that Bakerdays offers but if nothing takes your fancy, then they offer a helpful service to find the design that's right for you. I'm easily pleased so I picked out the most festive design and instead of gifting it to someone else like any considerate person would do, I gifted it to myself.

You get to pick your own flavour of which there are many but I went for a classic vanilla sponge. Considering it came through a letterbox, the cake came in one piece - Christmas miracle right here. It also tasted pretty fresh as we didn't eat it until a day later. The cakes are made fresh on the day and their packaging has been developed to handle even the most heavy-handed of postmen. 
I love that you can personalise these cakes and even though they come in various sizes other than their signature letterbox size, this is a great addition to that family buffet or just to give to someone who loves cake. 

What do you think of the Bakerdays Letterbox cake? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - I was gifted this cake in return for my own honest opinion. All words are my own.


Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas For Basic Bitches

I cannot deny just how basic I've become over the past couple of years, which got me thinking. I'm not the only basic bitch out there, I actually believe there's a lot of us out there. 
Christmas Gifts
We love trying out new products, perhaps buying products from the hype of others and if you don't enjoy a Gingerbread Latte during Winter at least 27,467 times, then there's something wrong with you (and you also have a very healthy bank balance so well done). So if you have a basic one in your life then take some inspiration from this gift guide. There's plenty 

- Anything marble, copper or rose gold. If it's covered in this, you're onto a winner.
- A pair of glittery heels. These ones are from Kurt Gieger.
- Eyeshadow palettes, there's so many to choose from. I have a few from Urban Decay and Zoeva to name but a few.
- A designer bag (or just one big enough to fit all our rubbish in).

Naked Heat Palette
Makeup Brushes

- Handmade scarves, gloves and other Winter warmers
- Candles. Any sort of size but the bigger the better. I got mine from Brinley Williams.
- Mac Lipsticks are a staple for any beauty lover. A few shades to look out for would be Velvet Teddy, Diva and Russian Red.
- Gift Sets like this one from L'Occitane En Provence
- A Makeup Brush Set because beauty tools can make such a difference when applying makeup.
- A gorgeous watch from Daniel Wellington. I've been lusting after these for months.


-Anything with the word basic on. I mean, we have to showcase the fact we're so basic.
- The Body Shop or Lush Cosmetics bath treats.
- Motivational wall art, because we basic ones love to be inspired on the daily.
- A portable phone charger. Let's be honest, our phones cannot take the amount of time we spend on it!

Do you consider yourself to be a basic bitch? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - This post contains product samples and affiliate links. All words are my own.



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