Tea Tree Facial Scrub

It definitely deserves a blog post on it’s own. Sainsbury’s own brand, Tea Tree Face Scrub has been fantastic to use on my skin recently due to the sudden outburst of spots that have formed on and off round the outer regions of my face, close to my hair line. The reason for this occurring, I do not know but I’ve always considered scrubs to be the best solution in getting rid of spots fast.

Without fail, every time I use this weekly/twice weekly face scrub, I am immediately impressed by the reduction of the spot the following day. I’m a big fan of tea tree oil and believe that it’s a main contribution to evening out your skin tone naturally. I remember buying it in Sainsburys at the time, a little apprehensive as it was a Sainsbury’s own make but I was surprised nevertheless. 

This scrub can be purchased both online and in store and costs the small amount of £2.00

Go get it, it’s fantastic!

Natalie-Ann x

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