Rent-A-Bridesmaid – Jacqueline Wilson

I’ve been a bridesmaid once in my life so far and it was way back when for my Auntie Lesley. It was such an honour and a great feeling to dress up all fancy and be part of someone else’s special day.

Tilly has always dreamed of being a bridesmaid. So when her new best friend, gives her a bridesmaid dress from an Auntie’s wedding, Tilly finds a cunning way of walking down the aisle. With it’s bright neon pink cover and it’s iconic illustrations, Jacqueline Wilson’s books always stand out. I’ve had a Wilson overload this past couple of weeks and I LOVE IT!

Tilly and her father live together alone after her mother walked out on them when she was younger. After moving to a new neighbourhood to start a fresh, Tilly settles into school, finding a new best friend called Matty. Matty has a younger brother called Lewis and to Tilly, the perfect family.  Not much is mentioned about Tilly’s mum at the start, however it soon comes to light that she’d left because she’d had enough of her marriage. It’s one of those things that happens quite a lot in families, where parents split up and the children are left in limbo. I love Wilson’s style of storytelling where the characters aren’t in the best of situations, however they end up making it work.

After Matty reluctantly becomes a bridesmaid to her Auntie’s wedding, Matty gives her bridesmaid dress to Tilly, who falls in love with it. She cunningly (and without her dad’s permission) puts an advert in the local corner shop, advertising herself as a ‘Rent-a-Bridesmaid‘. Much to her father’s shock, and Sid the shopkeeper, Tilly gets a response! This follows with a flurry of adventures and a few surprises along the way.

Wilson’s books are novels that I’ll keep, cherish and read to my children. They capture a child’s imagination perfectly whilst communicating such important morals and messages. I’ll also never grow too old, to not read a JW book myself…

Make sure you check out this unusual tale by purchasing a copy for £6.00 here. The Kindle edition is available for £8.99.

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product for my own honest opinion.

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